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Mar 26th, 2013
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  3. qtactiveqt 7f394bc Doc: corrected snippet issues
  4. qtbase 6786000 Doc: Changed title of Qt Print Support's C++ Classes page.
  5. qtbase f28b6f8 Doc: Added the missing example snippets
  6. qtbase c816a33 Doc: Update image in QPainter class reference docs
  7. qtbase 2cb22c6 qdoc: QML Inheritance is not resolved correctly.
  8. qtbase a595ac1 Doc: Document example manifest files in QDoc manual
  9. qtbase 5d6916b Doc: Removed reference to deprecated \badcode command.
  10. qtbase 3c65738 Doc: Fixed value descriptions for enum QAbstractSocket::SocketError.
  11. qtbase abb8beb Doc: Fixed typo "pragraphs" -> "paragraphs"
  12. qtbase 284958c Doc: Support for meta-content in manifest XML files
  13. qtbase 57953e0 Doc: Added margin to the QML API description.
  14. qtbase cd84491 qdoc: inherited members do not show up for QML components
  15. qtbase 4866fcf qdoc: Missing links to qRegisterMetaType()
  16. qtbase 10d5b24 Doc: Make QDoc/HelpProjectWriter always add member pages to .qch files
  17. qtbase 09e9728 Doc: Made QDoc Manual use Qt 5's qdoc
  18. qtbase 41dfd25 qdoc: Fix translation contexts.
  19. qtbase 1d98636 Doc: Fix filenames for nested classes generated by qdoc
  20. qtbase 85b2ba2 doc: Fix QPixmapCache size default value in doc
  21. qtbase 52a3170 Doc: Fix references to Qt Test
  22. qtbase d485343 Doc: Fix description about Qt::UniqueConnection
  23. qtbase 22550ed Doc: Fix broken \keyword link
  24. qtbase dac925a Doc: Fix very minor typo
  25. qtbase 8a0a09f Doc: Add a note for QDesktopServices about deprecated functions
  26. qtbase 9ccd007 Doc: Widgets/Tools examples: fix group and missing images
  27. qtbase 63569a6 Doc: Fix module name format
  28. qtbase d94ac55 Doc: Fix documentation for devicePixelRatio() functions
  29. qtbase c72cbfc qdoc: Fix problem of missing inherited members
  30. qtbase d208c8b Doc: corrected typo "the the"
  31. qtbase 700363c Doc: cleanPath also normalizes separators
  32. qtbase ef83806 qdoc: Fix some old links and references to Nokia
  33. qtdeclarative 9565fb9 Doc: Fix paths and add missing project files for QML and Quick examples
  34. qtdeclarative 06378ac Doc: Update QtQuickTest documentation
  35. qtdeclarative 7726da2 Doc: Correcting typo "without with"
  36. qtdeclarative cf3327c Doc: Removed reference to deprecated \badcode command.
  37. qtdeclarative 5b8f779 Doc: corrected reference to snippet in imageparticle.qdoc
  38. qtdeclarative 530b30a Doc: Removed reference to QAbstractItemModel::setRoleNames()
  39. qtdeclarative a74a2e9 Doc: Fix "Command '\li' outside of '\list' and '\table'"
  40. qtdeclarative d442531 Doc: Fix uses of \since
  41. qtdeclarative be456a3 Doc: correcting typo "the the"
  42. qtdeclarative 888a02e Doc: Updated docs for examples and etc
  43. qtdoc 5fdaa2b Doc: Changed link to Qt Print Support's \module page.
  44. qtdoc 870bcb0 Doc: Correcting link to Qt Script Tools landing page.
  45. qtdoc ac0ffe8 Doc: missing qmake functions
  46. qtdoc 3df76d3 Doc: split qmake functions to categories
  47. qtmultimedia 9ea9d57 Doc: Fix faulty snippet in Video Overview page
  48. qtmultimedia 28ee5b1 Doc: Fix module name format
  49. qtmultimedia 51334d2 Doc: Fixed random QDoc warnings
  50. qtquick1 cf8ef16 Doc: Removed reference to deprecated \badcode command.
  51. qtquick1 4b0c632 Doc: Remove duplicate consecutive words
  52. qtscript 1955079 Doc: Fix module name format
  53. qtsvg 4c53116 Doc: Fix module name format
  54. qttools d4f66be Doc: Edited Qt Help page and clarified .qhp file location.
  55. qtxmlpatterns 2bddbd5 Doc: Fix "Class QXmlNamePool has no \inmodule command"
  56. qtxmlpatterns 6921188 Doc: Fix module name format
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