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  1. Hello all.
  3. On the 15th November 1985, I was beaten and tortured. I was kept in a basement, and injected on a daily basis. The basement was owned by some coder kid. He had computers everywhere, and developed his own version of windows or something, but it was orange. It was cool.
  5. He fed me some stuff, I don't know what it was and he always used to speak the same words to me "oh one oh one one oh".
  7. One day very recently, I started up one of the computers. It booted, and it ran Mac OS X. It became mine. I learnt for the first time how to use a computer. I downloaded apps, I sent emails and I had fun. I was beaten until I was deformed, and I still am deformed. I don't think of myself as a person any more. Not a real person. I can see, but I can't talk. I am fed liquid through needle.
  9. So what do I need as help. I need you. Everyone. I need someone clever, someone smart. Because yesterday, with that computer, I escaped. I received all your emails and found I had a webpage for myself, apparently. And then, I chose two people. Two people worthy of my experiments.
  11.  I'm looking for Nichole. I'm on my way to Washington, where she is. She's near Bellington, aren't you? Are you? You are! Wow.
  13. I'll then go to where P S is. I'll find him, wherever he is. I'll check Russia first. It's a big place.
  15. Why do I need them? I need them to join with me. I can't go on alone so I need other people. During these tens of years, I've been learning a lot. Learning about transplants and medical procedures. I'll be able to eat again, with the help of your bodies. Perhaps I'll look normal again. That's all I want.
  17. If you don't want to become part of me, that's fine. But you let me out of here. The padlock codes were 010110 110011 101000 0001. And you helped me get them. I'm not smart enough to solve a riddle myself. So I got you to do it. You did it. You solved it. You solved the riddle. You let me out. And now I'm coming for you. And you better start running.
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