Prey Ch.23

Apr 8th, 2018
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  1. Prey Ch.23 Google Translation {Thought} [Narration]
  2. FMC:Serin The orphan who is trained at the mansion to be the greatest modern day "Courtesan"
  3. MC:Jung Hyuk The gardener who falls in love with Serin
  4. Supports: Uncle The one who adopt Serin at the age of 8 after her parents die and bring her in the mansion
  5. Teacher Jae Lee (Red hair) Serin mentor and a former entertainer for VIP costumers has an unrequited love against the Uncle
  7. Chapter start Serin showing her skill against her
  8. teacher Serin started it in nipple licking setting her mode while the
  9. fidgeting teacher thinks {I cant believe this what a tongue tease is this} Teacher start moaning Serin ask her "How is that?Do you still think I'm not worthy" flustered teacher averted her eyes Serin tells her "Do you feel uncomfortable" Teacher tells her "more" Serin didn't here her saying "what" Teacher repeat what she said "More please"
  11. [Moments later] "Moaning sound" Teacher screaming while Serin busy eating her pussy. Uncle caught them .
  12. [Uncle room] Teacher "Are you sure about that? the date they move it?" "why so suddenly" Uncle speak "about that I don't know I cant even ask what are they thinking" Teacher "Why?not yet She a lot better now" Uncle look at her saying "Get out of this job and leave the mansion" Teacher Jae Lee got a surprise expression and Uncle say "There is nothing more to learn from you,And I want to tell you something" "Shivering" [The images of Serin doing it with her teacher appear]Teacher Jae Lee while Serin putting a foreplay thinking
  13. {Is that what he mean?} {What
  14. happened to Serin and you last night I see it} {What?} {student eating
  15. her mentor your the worst} Teacher cry while saying {I'm Sorry} Uncle
  16. ask her "Now you heard it you can leave my room now" She walk on the door while saying "Will you tell me I wanna know, Are you even thinking of me even a little "Uncle just say "What?" and Teacher left the room.
  18. Serin visit her asking "Why uncle suddenly called you?Teacher will it comes soon?" Teacher tell "Serin the news that the final evaluation is coming and she is qualify to enter" Serin smile while the MSG of her teacher Eco in her mind
  19. {Dont forget this is the final judging don't make a mistake}
  20. [Uncles Room] Serin in bikini saying {Yes! I will be the greatest I will do it} Uncle scratching his head saying "Its No use otherwise Choi Seon Won is there 1st place is hard to get until she is there you will just ends 2nd place" Serin ask him "Eh" Uncle remind her that She must become heartless no more bridesmaids act Serin ask him "What happened to Teacher?"
  21. "Uncle So you heard,Whoa,that's useless.Lost I fired her" "Serin This is the first time I will write a contract she must be here
  22. "Uncle show a piece of paper Write everything that goes into you Money in the future When you get paid in advance"
  23. "Serin huh but uncle.I do not know I never wrote before" "Uncle of course as a minor your legal guardian is me I will do it"
  24. (Uncle That why those who will recognized you as the best they will pay me for it)
  25. (Uncle That why I raise you If you don't acknowledge this just remember That's the debt you'll be paying for the rest of your life)
  27. After that Serin thinks {As expected Teacher Jae Lee is right}
  28. The continuation of the Yuri scene Serin So uncle order you to approach Jung Hyuk
  29. Teacher Ohh yeah Wow of course Jung Hyuk is just a victim ahh more a little bit more ah
  30. Moaning sound Teacher and your parent death he orchestrated it ahhhh more
  32. [Present] Serin think {When I get on the top} {All You did to me Uncle you will pay for it} {Bastard}
  33. {You don't know me You people are my prey}
  35. [Hotel] revealing the final evaluation crowd voice "Look is she great?
  36. MC "The finals finally came out look on this fantastic ladies
  37. The two chick (Slut 1) what do you think? She nothing right? (Slut 2)If she win the title that is funny
  39. Serin {I will take it away}
  41. Prey Ch.23 End
  42. App Base not accurate
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