Lucas x Eileen S?

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  1. [13:59:12] <Eileen> It's a beautiful day outside.  And if anybody tries to follow up with the birds are chirping thing I'll kick them.  But the sun is shining and the ex-maid spends all this time talking to a palm-sized jewel containing the embodiment of living fire who does nothing but listen to her troubles and tell her that he doesn't care because the LAST pilot he had was also an emotional trainwreck who got in relationships that were so steamy it actually gets its own light novel spinoff that is later made into its own anime which becomes more popular than this game, mainly due to the fujoshi audience.
  2. [13:59:32] <Eileen> That whole line was literally just an exaggerated way of saying 'she's still in her room' by the way.
  3. [14:16:17] <``Lucas> Aight
  4. [14:16:19] <``Lucas> I just wrote a whole fuck ton
  5. [14:16:21] <``Lucas> For like
  6. [14:16:24] <``Lucas> Absolutely no reason
  7. [14:16:29] <Eileen> but that's why we love you
  8. [14:16:38] <``Lucas> Well, here goes nothing then.
  9. [14:16:41] <Eileen> drop that bomb like it's hiroshima
  10. [14:17:57] <``Lucas> His determination would lead him well as he made for the inn, stopping for nobody. When he arrived, he made his way towards Eileen's room....and prompty walked past to go back to his own and write another letter. Nice. This time however, his thoughts were clear and he finished everything he needed to say in it, before casually slipping it underneath her door. The message was as followed, and boy is this about to get
  11. [14:17:57] <``Lucas> embarassing to write.
  12. [14:17:57] <``Lucas> "To Eileen, a message for your eyes alone.  I wish to start off by apologizing for my behavior the other day. Though I was admittedly acting in the moment..I must have caused you a great deal of pain. I cannot forgive myself for this...but hopefully you might see things differently than I.  I'm writing to you now, because I'm simply too much of a coward to face you directly.  When I am around you..I find it
  13. [14:18:00] <``Lucas> impossible to keep face for very long. My words might not mean much to you anymore..and if you've moved on already then I can understand why, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive a foolish man such as I.
  14. [14:18:04] <``Lucas> In truth...I wished so badly to hold you that day...there hasn't been a moment since where I wasn't thinking of you. I promised to give you an answer, and I intend to uphold that, but first I believe an explanation is in order. To think that I'd not give you the explanation you foolishness knows no bounds it appears. If it is to your interest..I'd like for you to come meet with me directly. I'll be
  15. [14:18:09] <``Lucas> waiting for you at [Insert Random Location with a Balcony] until the sun rises. If you decide not to come...well, just know that my thoughts will always be with you, and your continued happiness."
  16. [14:18:12] <``Lucas> Now that we have that out of the way, time to set the scene. If Eileen were to respond (Which, hopefully she did), then she'd fine Lucas upon the aforementioned balcony, staring out into the moonlight (Because who doesn't want that to be the setting)  as he leaned against the railing. Surprisingly enough, for quite possibly the first time, he was not wearing his usual cloak, and instead wore some rather plain black
  17. [14:18:17] <``Lucas> clothing. Just some Acaian rags it seemed.
  18. [14:18:19] <``Lucas> (That long enough for ya?)
  19. [14:18:22] <Eileen> 8 lines.
  20. [14:18:27] <Eileen> new record achieved
  21. [14:18:30] <Eileen> have this star
  22. [14:18:33] <Eileen> ☆
  23. [14:18:39] <Eileen> see you in 20 minues, i'm writing 9
  24. [14:19:17] <``Lucas> Are we having a contest now
  25. [14:19:46] <Eileen> no but can you imagine?
  26. [14:21:12] <``Lucas> Probably
  27. [14:25:53] <Eileen> As it happens, the inn/safehouse you're at has a perfect location for that, and it happens to be the very same balcony where Arche was called by the BBEG to meet and then promptly nearly killed.  But morbidness aside, you probably don't know that that's where it was unless you intentionally asked around, so suffice it to say that the location just happens to have a perfect view for moonlit meetings.  If you REALLY want to go overboard on the romance, Sirrolant is the technological capital of the world, so this city has a bunch of weird-ass architectural experiments like Leaning Tower of Pisa wannabes and extremely tall buildings that, in another world and if they had more windows, may come to be called 'Skyscrapers'  But let's assume you picked the inn for now because I already have that made on a map just in case you get attacked by lunatic mode bandits in the middle of the meeting and it turns out the bandits are all dragons so you have to get in your robot in the middle of the city to fight them, where all the civilians notice and all the media covers it the next day, leading to you becoming famous superstars and then celebrities as people everywhere ask you to pilot a giant robot for them and do stuff like rescue their cats from trees until you get sick of it and become the villain for the sequel.  But good thing that's not the plot of this campaign, huh?  Regardless, Eileen does indeed answer your request.  She was even kind enough to deposit Erst in the Underground hangar, meaning she's actually alone.  This time, however, she's not wearing a plain dress OR a maid outfit, but peasant rags accompanied by a red scarf- in other words, exactly the same thing I sprited her as the other day but without the armor.  And that does mean, of course, that she took her sidetail out and wears her hair down, perhaps of some way of showing her resolve?  Instead of a greeting, she appears and wordlessly leans against the railing next to you.
  28. [14:26:24] <Eileen> all of that without a single word of spoken dialogue, i've become genshuku
  29. [14:35:39] <``Lucas> Okay, he'd prepared for a sudden voice maybe, but just appearing like that. Hell no. He'd turn his attention just a bit to the side, noticing the girl, and jumping back in a slight panic. This only got a bit worse once he stumbled back just a little further, and managed to fall down a bit of stairs in the same few seconds. Wow, talk about ruining the mood. "Ah..." His shortened breaths were made apparent as he walked back up, by the slight gash on his head now. (Though it was likely to be just fine in the next scene for..reason). "You decided to come...I uhh...damn that kinda hurt." He'd walk over to her now, attempting to lean back on the railing, but making it seme more like falling if anything. "Well, I guess that setting is ruined...I'd intended to create a scene straight out of a fairly tale you might've read but..." He'd turn to give the country girl a smile. (Hopefully there wasn't any missing teeth) "Perhaps it's better if we stick to reality with this one."
  30. [14:39:34] <Eileen> "... Just comin' on this journey with y'all in the first place was a fairy tale," Eileen responds by smiling a sad smile, while reaching for her Mend staff... but realizes it's a better idea to not ruin the mood even further by bringing game mechanics into things so she just looks you over to make sure you aren't fatally bleeding and continues.  "I... wanna hear ya out, though.  I felt real pathetic after what happened... but no use cryin' over spilt milk, right?  Nothin' is gonna happen if we don't move forward."  Finally, she leans over the railing, staring off into the moonlight, and waits for the promised explanation.
  31. [14:51:30] <``Lucas> "I suppose you're right..." He'd stare once more out at the moonlight, it made it easier for him to think. With the added benefit of not having to stare at her directly while he opened up. "A while back...I made a, a promise with my brother. There was a girl...a friend of mine, whom we were competing with for affection. It was childish really, but at the time we really were just children..." He'd pause for a moment and let out a deep sigh. "That girl...I used to hold feelings for her..I still might even, unfortunately it's been years since I'd last seen her. My brother left on a journey you see, he wanted to the best swordsman in the world...but he was also seeking answers for our missing parents. The girl, she...well, it became apparent which one of us she favored..and not long after he left, so to did she." His voice carried a faint sadness to it now. If you were to look over, there might even been a tear or two. "The promise I made...was for me to come find him out there in the world...he knew how I felt, and he told me that I found him, we'd have a duel to decide which one of us would confess. You may find it foolish that I'm even speaking of a promise made years ago...but I honestly still wish to honor that promise even now.
  32. [14:51:35] <``Lucas> Be it just for the sake of closure..that's something I want to see to the end before I think about pursuing any romance for myself...but.." He'd turn to face Eileen once more, with a face both tearful, and joyful. "The circumstances have changed...I told myself to not think about it until I'd settled my debt with him but..there's no ignoring the things I feel right now. Eileen, you may no longer think highly of me for dragging you into my own personal issues but...I wanted to give you my answer as soon as possible. I couldn't stand to wait any longer."
  33. [14:51:43] <``Lucas> (It was so long I didn't feel like checking it for errors)
  34. [14:53:13] <``Lucas> (To which I find there are a few, but whatever)
  35. [14:59:36] <Eileen> "I see."  Eileen stifles her drawl and leans further onto the railing, taking in the whole tale as it is told.  She doesn't immediately speak up in response, or even soon- it's a good while of staring out into the sky and pondering before she finally responds, and she does so by standing up straight and looking into your eyes.  Her blue orbs- man fuck can you imagine if I actually started doing that?  'Orbs?'  Or even worse 'optics?'  Cerulean optics from the fair maiden's visage gaze 'pon your toned musculature, expressing a- yeah nah.  Okay I can't believe you just read all that, good work.  Anyway more importantly she fixes herself into an upright posture and makes eye contact, that's the whole significance there.  And she opens her mouth to speak: "It... must be tough, huh?  Havin' siblings, friends, and a whole life in your past leadin' into your present and future- I wouldn't know how that feels, just bein' a country girl who lived with a buncha shut-ins so many years.  And the story sounds like something out of a book, so... s'hard to believe it's real."  Now she's REALLY looking at you with fierce resolve.  "But I'm the one who has to apologize, not you- I was selfish, and let my heart run wild.  Just wanted love, didn't care who from- even Lady Nihi's motherly kind a' love didn't do it for me anymore.  There's..." She wipes a tear from her eye, voice becoming shaky, "... no reason ta try an'" there's the accent "abandon yer dreams an' childhood for li'l ol' me, y'hear?"
  36. [15:01:14] <Eileen> "Wantin' ta fight yer brother like that and doin' all that stuff sounds real reckless, but," Tears fully wiped, she smiles so big that she closes her eyes.  "You're a man, right, Lucas?  Men should always follow their dreams."
  37. [15:09:34] <``Lucas> "My dreams..." He'd meet her gaze for a while, staring deeply as he'd come to his conclusion. Taking a step forward, he'd embrace the girl, strongly, but not enough for it to hurt. "I will follow my dreams dreams to be with you." He wouldn't give her the time to respond. "I wasn't planning to fight for her sake...I wanted it to be for yours. I wanted to fight my brother...and to tell him about all the things I've accomplished...the journey I've taken..the people I've met..and the girl I'd fallen for. I speak of you, of please, don't apologize. I won't blame myself any longer..and neither should you, alright?"
  38. [15:12:25] <Eileen> "B-But the-" Her eyes go wide, but you cut her off and she can do naught but listen to your reasoning.  Afterward she looks overjoyed, but that smile gradually shifts into a frown.  Her gaze shoots down to your feet, but she tries with all her metaphorical might to pick it back up and actually look at you while giving a clear response.  "... It makes me real happy to hear that.  I mean it."
  39. [15:15:05] <Eileen> Her eyes scream wild fantasies that she probably wants to go 'TAKE ME NOW' and have you throw her down on the balcony, rip off her clothes, and fill her with your sweet love juices until her eyes roll back in her head and she can no longer think of anything but the pleasure and about how she's a slave to your cock.  But this isn't an ERP campaign so the Treehouse localization would probably have that be 'Her eyes show that she returns your affection, but with a worry within them."  Yeah, that works.  So instead of the aforementioned actually happening in any capacity, Eileen returns to the railing, looking out at the moon once more.  "But... our journey ain't over.  We still gotta fight- what if there's no time for love?"
  40. [15:25:51] <``Lucas> "You may be right..but." He'd follow back to the railing. Man this place was really good for opening up. "There will be time..I'll make sure of it. I..don't want you to have to worry I won't force your hand if it seems too hard to decide upon..." He'd continue to his eyes fixated on her, if he were to shy away now...he might not live it down for the rest of his life. "Eileen, I can't promise you the happiest of lives..I'm a simple tactician who leads no army of any sorts...there's bound to be hardships, and our journey really is far from over..." There was a moment of silence in between. It was kinda hard to hear, but it appeared he was shuffling about in his clothes for a moment. "The only thing I can promise.." He'd hold out a shiny rock. Damn that looked expensive, and yes, Lucas is the type to formally propose. "Is that my love for you will never fade. I'd wait an eternity just to be with you..and I hope you feel the same. So if you can find it in take that sort of'd make me the happiest man alive."
  41. [15:30:48] <Eileen> Eileen gasps, tears streaming from her eyes.  She looks like, any second now, she might jump over the railing and run away, never to be seen again, but she stays her ground and closes her eyes for a bit.  Eventually, she wipes her tears and opens them.  "I-If..."  There's an unusual wavering to her voice, as though she can't even articulate her country drawl if she wanted to. "If I'm... really the one who can make you happy..."  Her face looks blubbery, like it's about to spew waterfalls again, but she holds it back.  "Th-Then... I wouldn't want anything more than that.... either.  I-I don't wantcha to ruin your past for me, but... I l... I... I l-l..."
  42. [15:31:09] <Eileen> She closes the gap in between you, preparing for another assault.  Is it time for an all-out attack?  Y/N
  43. [15:31:20] <``Lucas> Yeah sure
  44. [15:33:00] <Eileen> Well you did the man's side of the job, so instead of putting it in words she kisses you full on the lips again.  Her tongue goes completely nuts the whole time, like she's never experienced this kind of passion before- I mean partnering up with an ancient dragon that's literally the element of passioni and hearing stories about mortal love over the years from him probably helped it out a bit, but it's probably safe to say there's more love than lust in her actions.
  45. [15:36:15] <``Lucas> He'd only stay still and give in to her whims. There was no need to fight it at this point. Hopefully though, if she'd ever finish, he'd try to get a few more words in. "I love you Eileen, that will never change...mmmphff" And so on and so forth.
  46. [15:38:40] <Eileen> Well, eventually she's done, because even she has enough restraint to not do it in the middle of the balcony- I mean, look at that map, it's literally RIGHT next to the road, people and caravans walk on there.  Sure, it's not like there wouldn't have been any moments in the past where some old guy would be riding a donkey and look up and be like 'oh, two young people goin' at it,' but this is not one of said moments because that's just unsanitary and she's a healer.  That said, when your heads finally pull apart, "I love you too.  If... it's what makes you happy, then... please make me happy as well."
  47. [15:41:32] <``Lucas> "Of have my w-word.." Seems he was a bit light-headed from all that sweet love, but at least he managed to utter a few more words.
  48. [15:41:51] <``Lucas> (Looks like a wrap)
  49. [15:42:37] <Eileen> At this point, she puts herself at your mercy.  You can either stare out into the moonlight all night or go into one of your rooms and FTB 1,1or we can ERP but I dunno if you'd want to with me, I like to use food puns for sexual organs, at this point she's happy either way.
  50. [15:42:44] <Eileen> But while you two are done...
  51. [15:42:47] * Eileen is now known as Giantree
  52. [15:42:49] <Giantree> ... I'm not.
  53. [15:43:20] * ``Lucas is now known as DevaliousL
  54. [15:43:23] <DevaliousL> I see.
  55. [15:43:23] <Giantree> Meanwhile, far below the balcony, and the whole city itself:
  56. [15:43:54] <Giantree> 6"So?" Noa's projection sits in the hangar, grinning and looking very pleased.  6"You really knew that was how it was gonna turn out all along?"
  57. [15:45:01] <Giantree> 4"I did."  Erst's projection has its eyes closed and doesn't look affected by the atmosphere at all.  4"You're too reliant on your power sometimes, Noa.  All I did to move it along was tell her the truth- that she didn't need to do anything.  Humans don't understand their own emotions, but they all come around in the end."
  58. [15:45:27] <Giantree> Noa responds to him with a giggle.  In the center of the room, Nihi sits with her mess of cloaks pooling around her, her face aimed straight at the ceiling.  She's smiling.
  59. [15:45:31] <Giantree> "Congrats... Eily."
  60. [15:46:25] <Giantree> Eileen and Lucas may or may not have achieved a support rank of S?!
  62. [15:46:44] <Gustav> Just get down to it already
  63. [15:46:45] <Raitaki> (exual reproduction)
  64. [15:47:00] <Raitaki> <dev> rai kill yourself
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