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  1. Hi there, this is Pat Nat and I'm part of a Minecraft group called Cakecore. We aim to make our seasons resemble the Mindcrack ones as much as possible. We are hosting our 7th UHC season (UltraCakeCore Season 7) to utilize 1.13 and we want to invite you. Here is the match info:
  3. -Current aimed date: September 8th at 11:00am pacific (6:00pm/18:00 UTC)
  4. -Session length: 220 mins minimum, about 130 mins for game and about 90 for debrief + end discussion
  5. -Version: 1.13
  6. -Players: Likely 12
  7. -Teams: set/random to2 or lafs to2
  8. -Border: 2000x2000, honor rule meetup
  9. -PvP: after the first 20 minutes, be considerate even after 20 minutes
  10. -Day cycle: normal
  11. -Portal trapping: banned
  12. -Portal camping: banned, except at 0,0
  13. -Regeneration pots: banned
  14. -Notch apples: can only be found
  16. Special:
  17. ~Everyone starts with a trident.
  18. ~Nether portal at 0,0 but portals can also be made elsewhere. Going back to the overworld can take you to 0,0 so use nether at your own judgment.
  19. ~Because the game will be in the update aquatic, there will be more ocean than usual.
  20. ~Everyone must use the new default resource pack by JAPPA from Mojang.
  22. WARNING: Please read this whole paragraph. This round is very different from most other RRs and usually requires more patience and abiding to rules than what you may be used to. The most important things about UltraCakeCore is uploading your perspective and being respectful to the other players. These two things are mandatory and not following them may lead to removal from rounds. Quality of content is also important which is why we ask that your videos be at least 30 frames per second with minimal background noise. We will also be asking everyone to use the new default resource pack with no visual adjustments made outside of vanilla options menu and optifine. There will be a debrief before we start where I will go over all the rules and allow people to ask questions. This takes time and patience is appreciated. Our group chat, the in game chat, and game introduction must be kept family friendly. We take our rules very seriously because we want to make a great round and everyone to have a great time!
  24. Hope you can make it! Here is the group chat link: https://discord.gg/qEpGPrX
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