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  1. >Play WFRP2e
  2. >Roll a Strigany mystic
  3. >Learn that they're Warhammer's gypsies and worship vampires
  4. >Decide to play him as a weasely, cowardly worm that is wholly incompetant
  5. >Found himself as a camp follower for a group of mercenaries marching through the Border Princes, an inhospitable land of petty warlords and diminutive villages that call themselves kingdoms.
  6. > Camp grounds of mercenaries falls under attack by the undead in the night
  7. >My Strigany and the other players flee into the night to avoid death
  8. >Along with my Strigany, the other key characters is an elf, a not-Italian human priestess of a war goddess, a dwarf miner, and a bald human mercenary.
  9. >The pecking order is quickly established as we move through the wilderness, with my Strigany being the most incompetant.
  10. >The most my Strigany can do is read fortunes from cards.
  11. >Find our way back to the mercenary camp to find it completely ruined. Go in to salvage what we can.
  12. >Find the written contract the mercenary company received for a job and that they would be rewarded several thousand gold crowns and the banner of the mercenary company.
  13. >We hatch a plan to go find the client and claim the reward of the gold.
  14. >I plan to steal all the gold and form a group of Strigany to found our own border principality with the money in secret.
  15. >Our journey progresses with our faux mercenary company growing in number, people joining and dying, slaying monsters and toppling border principalities for our quest for this hefty payment of gold.
  16. >Eventually, the elf that joined our party leaves the company and says they're returning home in the Empire, but we think nothing of it at the moment.
  17. >Soon find that my Strigany actually has mystical powers, as his fortune telling turns out to be disturbingly accurate, and begins to practice witchcraft and further hone his magical powers.
  18. >Soon find we must pass through Black Fire Pass, a dangerous highway between the Border Princes and Empire where much trade and mercenary forces pass through that is constantly beset by monsters.
  19. >Make it through the Pass, arrive at the destination of the owner of the contract, and make to claim our payment.
  20. >Find out that we do not have the contract, and remember that the elf that left the party had the contract.
  21. >Send a small contingent of pursue the elf, asking each town we pass if they've seen an elf.
  22. >From this event, my Strigany develops a deep seated resentment for elves for the trouble they put him through.
  23. >On this pursuit, we encounter a giant that comes charging at us, causing our mercenaries to flee in terror.
  24. >Only the Priestess and myself stand our ground, with the priestess charging headlong toward the giant.
  25. >My Strigany conjures two lightning bolts and crits the giant -- but not without setting my Strigany on fire from the sheer power in the lightning bolts, ruining his clothes.
  26. >My Strigany starts to get a big head -- he now has money, soldiers to order, and powers no one else does.
  27. >Contigent finally catches up with the elf and gets the contract back without incident.
  28. >Meanwhile, during our entire time in the Empire, I was finding and recruiting Strigany caravanss to join us, with the purpose of founding our own principality and away from the bigotry of the Empire.
  29. >Make our way back to rendevous with the rest of the mercenary company and collect the payment.
  30. >Plan to make our way back into the Border Princes, with everything looking like smooth sailing.
  31. But it never goes that well.
  32. >While going back through Black Fire Pass, encounter an encampment of greenskins and wipe them off.
  33. >Find amongst their spoils a chest of clearly dwarfen make.
  34. >My Strigany, in his eagerness, opens the chest
  35. >Gets stung by a contraption hidden in the chest, and falls over comatose.
  36. >In the chest is thousands of gold crowns worth of heirlooms and gems
  37. >other Strigany apothecaries following the mercenary company deduce that the vial contained manticore venom, and it wouldn't be likely that I would survive.
  38. >In a coma for several days that the venom wracks my Strigany's body and the medicine women of the other Strigany tend to him.
  39. >He miraculously survives, but becomes very frail.
  40. >We find a dwarf hold along the pass and return the gems to the hold, and learnt it was sent as a dowry with a dwarf bride to head to another hold. Let them know there were no survivors.
  41. >They thank us, give the company a small pittance of the chest, and we move on.
  42. >Finally make it through the pass at the beginning of winter.
  43. And it is here that everything goes from back to worse.
  44. > Arrange with a principality right by the Pass to hire us as extra guards for the winter.
  45. > My Strigany tasks the Strigany caravans who followed the mercenary company through the pass to go into the town and get taught in local trades, so we can be self-reliant when we move out to found our own principality.
  46. > During our stay in the principality, discover Skaven up to some shenanigans in the sewers
  47. > Do everything we can to stop them as my magically-sensitive Strigany and the Priestess can sense something foul being conjured.
  48. > All the while, mishaps with the sewers and with the local town guard get us in the bad graces of the Border Prince ruling the town.
  49. > Days before the new year night, a night the Priestess and my Strigany are positive something will occur, a member of our company fucks up and pisses off the Border Prince, and gets our contract disolved -- something incredibly dangerous as we know we haven't got the funds to keep the mercenary company afloat for the winter.
  50. > But the day is saved when a charlatan who joined our company, posing as a noble from the Empire, convinces the Prince that this was all an elaborate ploy by the captain of the town guard to usurp the Border Prince and take his place -- and the Border Prince buys all of it.
  51. > Arrange in secret with the Border Prince to apprehend the Town Guard Captain and execute him in that very same hour. The Priestess is made Marshall of the town, the dwarf is named the castellan, and my Strigany is made Steward of the keep.
  52. > Plans formulate in my Strigany's head, that perhaps founding our own principality won't be needed, as my Strigany can use his political clout to get a town district set aside for all the Strigany to reside in.
  53. > Our party continues to delve into the sewers, still desperate to thwart the skaven, now with no longer the fear of keeping within the good graces of the Border Prince, but now with his full support.
  54. > We prepare our final assault deep into the skaven warrens to stop the Skaven
  55. >The bald mercenary who is our longest standing veteran, opts out
  56. >claims he and other mercenaries will go stand watch at other exits to the sewers we've found to keep the skaven from escaping.
  57. And what a mistake that was.
  59. > We are forced to retreat out of the warrens, due to the sheer number of the skaven underneath the principality.
  60. > While on the surface, we feel the earth quake and shudder and watch the skies turn an ominous green.
  61. > The cries of people echo out through the town as an entire quarter of the town sinks beneath the earth and into the river that ran through the town.
  62. > A pillar of noxious gas strikes into the town, covering most of the inhabitants.
  63. > We keep expecting to see the skaven come out from the sewers and attack the town now that their ritual is complete
  64. > But they never do.
  65. > We soon find that the majority of the town and the mercenary company are infected with the most terrifying of plagues -- the Neiglish Rot.
  66. > The Strigany Caravan my Strigany led to the Principality was entirely spared of the disease.
  67. > Go to the sewer exits that our bald mercenary veteran claimed he would stand guard and found the entrance entirely caved in, with some of the mangled bodies of our mercenaries found
  68. > Assume that they all died from the cave in.
  69. > Formulate a plan to quarantine the town and try to save as many people as possible
  70. > A new plan formulates in my Strigany's head -- with a majority of the town dead, the Strigany caravans are no longer a minority, and can move in to occupy any trades and jobs lost from all the death.
  71. > As a precaution, move all the burgeoise towns people to a camp outside of town, and we begin to heal and treat them with the combined efforts of the Priestess, the surviving town physicians, and the medicine women of the Strigany caravans.
  72. > With the wealthy townhouses of the burgeoise vacated, task the unskilled and more sticky-fingered Strigany to loot the townhouses of anything of value in case we choose to evacuate the town.
  73. > Everyone, my Strigany included, struggles to ward off the wracking pain of the disease.
  75. It's then a mircale descended upon my Strigany and his people.
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