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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <osm version="0.6" generator="CGImap 0.0.2">
  3.  <bounds minlat="54.0889580" minlon="12.2487570" maxlat="54.0913900" maxlon="12.2524800"/>
  4.  <node id="298884269" lat="54.0901746" lon="12.2482632" user="SvenHRO" uid="46882" visible="true" version="1" changeset="676636" timestamp="2008-09-21T21:37:45Z"/>
  5.  <node id="261728686" lat="54.0906309" lon="12.2441924" user="PikoWinter" uid="36744" visible="true" version="1" changeset="323878" timestamp="2008-05-03T13:39:23Z"/>
  6.  <node id="1831881213" version="1" changeset="12370172" lat="54.0900666" lon="12.2539381" user="lafkor" uid="75625" visible="true" timestamp="2012-07-20T09:43:19Z">
  7.   <tag k="name" v="Neu Broderstorf"/>
  8.   <tag k="traffic_sign" v="city_limit"/>
  9.  </node>
  10.  ...
  11.  <node id="298884272" lat="54.0901447" lon="12.2516513" user="SvenHRO" uid="46882" visible="true" version="1" changeset="676636" timestamp="2008-09-21T21:37:45Z"/>
  12.  <way id="26659127" user="Masch" uid="55988" visible="true" version="5" changeset="4142606" timestamp="2010-03-16T11:47:08Z">
  13.   <nd ref="292403538"/>
  14.   <nd ref="298884289"/>
  15.   ...
  16.   <nd ref="261728686"/>
  17.   <tag k="highway" v="unclassified"/>
  18.   <tag k="name" v="Pastower Straße"/>
  19.  </way>
  20.  <relation id="56688" user="kmvar" uid="56190" visible="true" version="28" changeset="6947637" timestamp="2011-01-12T14:23:49Z">
  21.   <member type="node" ref="294942404" role=""/>
  22.   ...
  23.   <member type="node" ref="364933006" role=""/>
  24.   <member type="way" ref="4579143" role=""/>
  25.   ...
  26.   <member type="node" ref="249673494" role=""/>
  27.   <tag k="name" v="Küstenbus Linie 123"/>
  28.   <tag k="network" v="VVW"/>
  29.   <tag k="operator" v="Regionalverkehr Küste"/>
  30.   <tag k="ref" v="123"/>
  31.   <tag k="route" v="bus"/>
  32.   <tag k="type" v="route"/>
  33.  </relation>
  34.  ...
  35. </osm>
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