In the Eyes of Gods and Men by Jaagi and Eirik Audunsson

Jan 12th, 2014
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  1. Midsummer. For the tribes of the north, it was a time of growth and new beginnings. It was the time when nature, beast and man was at their most fertile and bountiful, mystical powers and the gods themselves the easiest to invoke. And it was this time that two powerful tribes had decided to make peace. The tribes had been at war with one another for many seasons, why the war started quickly became irrelevant as blood was being spilled and the war became fuelled by the opposing tribes lust for vengeance, rather than a need for land or wealth. And as quickly the war became a war of vengeance, it also became unsustainable for either tribe and peace was sought out mutually by their chieftains.
  3. The two chieftains decided to seal the peace between their tribes in the strongest bond their tribes recognized, marriage. They both had children of the right age and so, a peace was made. Something Eirik, the eldest living son of Audun, chieftain of the Stormborn was less than pleased with. He had lost his brothers to the Frostfangs, and now he was being commanded to marry their chieftains daughter.
  5. Rage was boiling inside Eirik as women from his tribe was dressing him in his marital garb, his father hovering around the tent to make sure everything was done correctly. "I still say this is folly." Eirik remarked venomously as the last few details of his garb was tended too. His father, knowing his sons mood well sent the women out of the tent. "Folly, would have been to continue fighting. Our other enemies would have used that against us." Audun replied cooly. "They are still our enemies!" Eirik spat out, letting his rage come to the surface. "The Frostfangs killed my brothers your sons! And now you expect me to marry the whore daughter of their chieftain?! You shame us-..."
  7. Eiriks wrothful rant was interrupted by Audun striking him across the jaw, the older mans face twisted in annoyance. "Do not think you can lecture me, boy! I am painfully aware of what they took from us!" Audun interrupted his sons further complaints by seizing him by Eiriks jaw, forcing his mouth shut. Auduns tone was low and threatening. "And that's why you will do this, to prevent us from losing anything more. You will marry Jaggath's 'whore' daughter and you will make her with child." Eirik looked back at his father with disgust and defiance mixed in his eyes.
  9. After a few moments of staring, Audun released his son and Eirik spat out a "Fine. Let's get this sham over with." as he left the tent out into the feast area. The marriage was being held outside a trading post from one of the southern empires, Eirik had forgotten its name. But this place was the closest to neutral ground the local tribes agreed on. The biggest part of the guests were made up of tribesmen and women from the Stormborn and Frostfangs, the largest elven and human tribes in the area, althought representatives from several other tribes were there as guests aswell. Even the Orcs of the Red mountains had sent an envoy. Despite the tension beneath the surface, the feast was full of revelry and happy faces.
  11. Eirik sighed and tried to still his rage as he walked towards Old Father, the shaman that was going to perform the marriage rite. The marriage garb he was wearing was simple, consisting of a multi-coloured loose skirt of various fine cloth and his muscular, powerful body was adorned by mystical patterns drawn with goatsblood, to bless the marriage with many strong children. Finally, his head was crowned by a woven circlet of leaves and flowers and his long, blonde hair was braided with decorative beads and carved bone.
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  13. "My lady, is that a face a bride should be wearing on her wedding day?"
  15. The bride grunted and frowned harder in response to the chiding of Breta, one of her father's trusted concubines and the one tasked with helping her dress for the ceremony. Breta, a half-orc, was actually a couple years younger than Jaagi. She had been bought from slave traders who hocked their wares to customers needing cheap labor. She was not treated unkindly and, being close to the same age as Jaagi, found friendship in her owner's daughter.
  17. "My father has betrayed me and sells me to our enemies' bed. What face should I make for such an occasion?" She ran her tongue over her pointed teeth in annoyance as Breta cheerfully put the finishing touches on her make-up and garb. A mixture of dyes and oils had been applied to her forehead and under her eyes, reminding her of the warpaint that she wore when going into battle. She'd rather be facing down a dozen of the men with pointed ears right now with a sword in her hand. Instead she'd be meeting with just one. And it wouldn't be a sword she'd be meeting him with.
  19. "Well if your groom is as vigorous in bed as your father..." The half-orc grinned. It was one of her favorite pastimes to torment her friend with details regarding her and Jaggath's relations. Jaagi was not a woman of fragile sensibilities but some things were beyond the pale. Where her father's manhood had been the night before was not news that was well received.
  21. "That will be enough, Breta. Perhaps you seek to start the war anew by having me vomit all over my bastard of a soon-to-be husband? The crimson haired woman cracked a smile for the first time that day. She hadn't had much to say besides angry shouting ever since her father announced to her that she was to marry into the Stormborn tribe. It meant so much more than taking one of their men as her husband. She would be expected to let him touch her, allow him inside her. She'd be expected to bear him a child. A Stormborn child, not a Frostfang one...
  23. "You're frowning again. You go to your wedding, not to your funeral!" The half-orc paused and dipped a hand down the back of Jaagi's decorative loincloth that was half of her wedding garb. The barbarian jumped at the cold hands that fished at her rear and growled as the hidden weapon was found and stolen away. Breta clicked her tongue as she inspected the hidden weapon. A tiny sharpened sliver of bone. Small enough to hide in a loincloth and sharp enough to puncture the jugular of an unsuspecting foe. "Who was it that was worried about renewing the war, miss Jaagi? Got any more in there? Gonna make me search you?"
  25. "I've no more!" Jaagi pushed her friend's groping hands away before they could start fishing deeper. "And it was for my own protection in case those elven dogs think to turn on us during the ceremony. If I am not allowed a weapon at my side then what shall I do when the Stormborn decide to attack us?" She pulled a furskin shawl, the other half of her ceremonial bridal outfit, over her shoulders. It flowed like a cape down her back, brushing against the back of her legs when she moved. The forepaws of the grey-white direwolf skin draped over her naked breasts.
  27. Breta gave the crimson haired barbarian a once over. "You still have feminine wiles in there somewhere. Let that be your weapon. It cuts a man much deeper than any weapon..."
  29. And with that the barbarian was given a swat on her rear, and shoved out of the bridal tent. A thin leather strap was tied around her wrist. A length of it hung slack. It would be tied to her groom as a show of their bond. Before she knew it she was being pulled by her father down the lane by the tether to meet her fate. She could see the shaman that would wed them and the man to whom she was to be wed.
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  31. Old Father, was like his name suggested, old. Very old. Some say he was as old as the Frostwood, the largest and eldest forest in the north. Though, that would be strange, as he appeared to be human. His age though, had not clouded his mind and he commanded a great respect from all the clans, his wisdom or blessing being sought by all of them for war, peace, trade and farming. Despite that, he looked old and frail. He was a small man, with a thin build that leaned on his gnarled staff and a beard so long it nearly touched the ground.
  33. And Old Father looked even smaller as he stood next to Eirik, who despite his displeasure over the wedding, stood tall and proud. He knew the eyes of both his kin and his enemies were upon him and he would not show them any weakness. Especially not his bride to be. He beheld his bride as she approached, his icy blue eyes staring at Jaagi cooly. So this was his bride? While he did not show it, he felt a tiny bit of satisfaction bubble next to his rage. Her childbearing hips, ample bosom and fierce beauty being something that almost instantly tugged at Eiriks baser desires.
  35. A slight smirk crept upon his lips as he was distracted by Jaagis appearance and the thought of conquering a Frostfang warrior in the bedroom. Perhaps he could salvage some ounce of vengeance out of this sham. As Jaagi approached and took her place next to Eirik, Old Father took to word. He spoke in the old tongue. The language of rivers, forests, spirits and wise men. All important ceremony was held in that tongue and very few outside of tribal wisemen and shaman actually understood it.
  37. The ritual itself was short and to the point, Eirik having only given Jaagi the occasional sneer as they were required to speak their vows to eachother. Something he tried to hide his true feelings of, but had no real success with. The ritual ended with the leather strap being tied around both Eirik and Jaagis wrist, their bond now formed in the eyes of the gods and their kin, with death the only way to break it.
  39. As they stood, facing eachother before their kinsmen lifted the couple up and carried them in a great revelrous cacaphony to their shared tent to consumate their marriage, Eirik stared into the eyes of his wife. It was not a gesture of love, or affection. It was a threat, a challenge.
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  41. Jaagi felt her blood boil as the shaman carried out the ceremony. Spite flowed through her veins as Old Father recited the words that would bind her to the elven man. Her red eyes answered his sneers with glares that could kill lesser men on the spot. She held nothing but contempt for the man as he was bound to her. Unfortunately, despite her wishes, he did not suddenly expire in the middle of the ceremony. Nor did the Stormborn clan interrupt the proceedings with a surprise attack. The gods did not even care enough to smite him where he stood, if only to wipe that look off his face.
  43. The barbarian looked into the eyes of her new husband as they were carried by the crowds in celebration. His eyes did not bear the look of a man in love, or even in like. In his eyes was the same look she had seen on the battlefield a hundred times. It was the eyes of barely restrained hate, anger. A cold rage that preceded an act of violence. Her friend Breta was a fool for taking away her weapon. Maybe she herself was more of a fool for not finding a way to hide another weapon somewhere on her body. The war between the Stormborn and Frostfang was over, yet she had no illusions that a battle wasn't about to take place.
  45. They were set on their feet at the threshold of the newlywed tent. They would be expected to consummate there while the others went off to feast. People cheered and waved and sang songs of good fortune and chanted prayers of virility. In the back of the crowd, her friend Breta smiled and waved. Her father and her mother stood, watching her. She hoped they were proud of themselves. If the man at her side dared to so much as touch her she'd kill him. Then she'd kill her father for marrying her off in the first place.
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  47. Conflict roiled inside Eirik. He was angry, enraged at the shame he's been made to bear. Being married off with one of his enemies against his own will and the all sense. But at the same time, he wanted to be the dutiful son. He could feel his fathers stare at his back, his expectations burning a hole into his back. And the fact that they were bound in the eyes of gods and men did not make his conflict any simpler to resolve.
  49. As he stood, weighing his options he watched his 'wife'. Outwardly he wore the same cold stare he had the entire rite, the Frostfang woman seemed just as displeased with the situation as he was. He could see the tense motions of her muscles beneath her skin. He knew those movements well. He had seen it on warriors at the eve of battle a score of times before: She was prepared to fight. His lust weighed in on his inner conflict, on any other day he would not have given a second thought to conquering this woman, and now that basic animal desire was making itself known as his rational and emotional minds were embroiled in battle.
  51. The elf let out a sigh, which came out sounding far more like a growl than he intended and he pushed Jaagi forward, forcefully and intently. His hand placed between her shoulderblades, so the motion would force her forward, out of balance. Eirik pulled the tents opening close as he stepped in beside her, with a confident, eager to fight stride. If this was to be a battle, so be it.
  52. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  53. Jaagi grunted as she was pushed through the threshold of the tent. The crowd cheered furiously, taking the elf's strong-arming as a show of his desire to begin the consummations. The barbarian bristled at the sounds of merriment coming from outside. Those stupid bastard-sons had no care in the world for her utter disgust at the situation.
  55. She straightened her furskin to cover herself up as Eirik came in behind her. The bridal garments were made to be quickly removed so that the groom could take his wife as swiftly as he surely desired. However the Stormborn dog had to be daft if he thought she would just throw her legs open for him like a tavern whore. She quickly movd herself to the back of the tent, keeping him in her line of sight as he closed up the tent behind him.
  57. The barbarian scans the tent, looking for something to fend off her new 'husband'. The tent had been furnished with everything a couple could think to want. A bedroll large enough to fit a small harem sat on the ground next to a stand that held a platter of food; fruits, meat, bread, water and even a cask of wine that must have cost a good handful of coins. A small firepit in the center of the room kept it toasty and an opening in the top of the tent allowed the wisps of smoke to funnel away. The tent had everything but a gods-damned weapon. There wasn't even a knife for eating. She wondered if a servant was privy to the possibilities of assassination and purposefully neglected to put one there.
  59. Meeting the eyes of her life-mate she snarled, staring him down as if daring him to come any closer. "Take some food and water and get out. I do not know about your clan but we do not keep dogs in our tents. We do not lay with them either."
  60. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. Eirik took a quick glance around the tent, he made no show off hiding that he was looking for objects that could be turned into weapons. Though, he was not looking for weapons for his own use, rather so that he was sure his 'wife' wouldn't have the advantage of being armed. The elf returned Jaagis stare, his glacially coloured blue eyes as unflinching as the ice it bore the colour of. A slight smirk crept up on his lips as 'his' woman spat venom at him. She had fire, that was good. Such women bore strong sons, even though the thought of consumating his marriage with Jaagi aroused and disgusted him at the same time.
  63. "The only dogs here are your kin outside, Frostfang." He replied as he stepped forward, his voice equally confident and assured as his steps as he stopped barely a knifes length away from the frostfang woman, still holding their gaze. "And it surprises me not that a Frostfang woman would be so eager to dishonor the most sacred of vows in the eyes of gods and men." Eirik was intentionally stoking the fires of her rage, she was undoubtedly a formidable woman, but if he got her to throw the first blow he could seize the iniative and cow her into place.
  65. The elf leaned forward, using all of the height difference between them, small as it was, to give the impression of being far larger than he was. He only stopped leaning when their faces risked brushing into eachother. "And you will learn your place, woman." While he made his best to obfuscate it, he was expecting Jaagi to throw a blow towards him. He doubted she'd appreciate his invasion of her personal space.
  66. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. Jaagi growled in warning, glaring into her husband's cool eyes with her own burning ones. Her fists clenched hard enough that her nails threatened to break the skin of her palms. The sound of the crowd had faded to the distance, the people having moved not only to give the newlyweds their space but also to feast till every belly was full of food and wine in celebration.
  69. "How dare you, you disgusting, motherless, knife-eared dog?! I am Crimson Jaagi! The blood of a dozen of your best men has stained my blades. Dozens more not even worth the air they breathed were sent to the afterlife with my name on their lips. It was only for mercy that we agreed to stop slaughtering your gods-forsaken kind and it was only out of pity for your near-exterminated tribe that this union even took place."
  71. The red-haired warrior lurked back, cranking her fist as far as it would go. "My place is none of your concern. You and the rest of your clan are beneath me." With that she sends her knuckles rocketing towards Eirik's smug face.
  72. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. It was good that Eirik had planned on attacking Jaagi, or counterattacking rather, as her words stung enough that his suppressed rage bubbled up to the surface again with enough fury that his icy look turned into something more akin that of a berzerker. Eirik weaved out of the way from Jaagis fist, he had been expecting the blow but it still practically brushed against his face.
  75. With a snarl, he gave his reply to her punch, his arm flew up as he sidestepped, making frightfully good use of the reknowned quickness of elves, his hand grasping at her throat as his offhand grasped the hand she lunged at him with. And with his weight and strength combined, he pushed Jaagi backwards, one of his legs acting as a pivot to force her off balance as he flung her at the ground.
  77. "Beneath you?!" Eirik snarled out, undoing the belt that held up the skirt around his waist, he still held the belt as it dropped to the ground, revealing his naked form and large manhood. "I'll show you what it means to be beneath someone as I fuck you, frostfang whore!" And with those words, he threw himself at Jaagi.
  78. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. Jaagi was a trained warrior. She had been raised since she was old enough to walk in the ways of violence and war. Despite her own size and strength she knew that speed and grace would kill more than brute power. It was only due to her trained perceptions that she was able to see the elf's liquid movements.
  81. For her it was like a dance happening in slow motion. She knew the movements, the steps, and the rhythm. She knew as soon as he dodged that she was getting put into the dirt. It was almost an out of body experience as the hand clenched around her throat. She moved her other arm to loosen the tight clench on her neck but it was ceased almost as fast as she could think to use it. Next thing she knew she was momentarily floating in mid-air before coming to a crashing drop on the bed. It was a perfect toss. It was also so basic that she couldn't believe she let it happen.
  83. The barbarian was stunned, her lungs flattened as the wind was knocked out of her. She could see her fur cape just as it collapsed to the ground where she stood only a fraction of a second ago. She could only stare agape as her husband disrobed himself and pinned her down with his body. Nobody so large should move that fast... "Go fuck your mother if you need a whore, Stormborn dog!" She clenched her sharp teeth and put her own hand on his throat, muscles bulging as she attempted to wrestled him off.
  84. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. Steely fingers grasped at his throat as he let out an angry snarl. She really should've left his mother out of it, Eirik had always been sensitive about her since the winter she died. His heart pounded like a war drum in his chest as he struggled with his wife. It excited him, she wasn't meek or giving up despite being at a disadvantage, it excited him in all the right ways and he was half aware of how his manhood was becoming erect.
  87. While Jaagi put up a challenge for him, she was stunned and at a disadvantage and Eirik was quicker than her, he eventually seized her arms and used them as leverage to twist the barbarian onto her stomach. A deed that would have been remarkably unimpressive with any other woman, but with Jaagi it left him bruised and scratched. He bound her arms behind her back, his belt tying her forearms together painfully tight and removing what Eirik considered the most dangerous parts of her body from the fight.
  89. He flipped his wife onto her back again, far more pliable without her arms but she still managed to land a kick in his face, his split lip complimented the bruise her fingers had left rather nicely. The elf let out a low snarl as he pinned Jaagi down with his weight and his strength, his fingers grasping the thin leather thong and tearing it off her body, removing the only thing left that gave her any form of modesty.
  91. Eirik stared fiercely into the red gaze of his wife, his face coming at a stop barely a hairsbreadth away from hers. "Before this night is over... I will have put a Stormborn child in you and you will be begging for more." He spat out, his heart still beating like a war drum.
  92. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. Jaagi fought tooth an nail as she wrestled with her husband, thrashing out with each and every limb that wasn't pinned down. She punched and scratched. When her arms were bound she kicked and kneed at him with all her limited might and mobility. Finally she bared her teeth at him and attempted to bite his nose off after hearing what he promised to do.
  95. Of course she wasn't near quick enough to do so. Their struggles had left her with mild bruising (most of them from her own thrashing) and tussled hair but she was aware that it could have been much worse. Eirik had gone through a lot of trouble to bind her, seeming to do his best to subdue instead of harm her. It disgusted her to some degree that he had gone out of his way to not hurt her. He could easily have incapacitated her and fornicated with her unconscious body. She told herself that it was because a battered womb was useless to him and the alliance between their people. Perhaps he wanted to see her suffer.
  97. The barbarian frowned and felt her face grow warm as she felt her body respond to the presence of the naked man resting on top of her. Their fight had clearly aroused him. She could feel his manhood thump against her inner thigh like a cudgel, growing even more with each moment. The betrayal of her body was a greater disgust than the mercy of him binding her. "Go on and do it then, bastard-son. I won't beg you not to like some stupid, sobbing wench. Do your business and then get the hell away from me..." She raised her chin defiantly, glaring at him as if daring him to go through with it.
  98. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. Eirik grasped his wife by the throat as she raised her chin in defiance, it provided too tempting a target to not use it. While her words were fierce, to him they rang hollow, he could feel as Jaagi grew warmer beneath his body. Had he been of a less foul mood, he may have acted a bit more gently. But he was angry and he was aroused. He jammed his cock into Jaagis moist womanhood hard, plunging his thick manhood into her until he had fit his entire length inside her sex.
  101. Eirik had always enjoyed bedding humans, and Jaagi was no exception, her pussy giving his cock a warm, wet embrace he knew he'd enjoy immensly. "Such fire, you spit woman." He began rocking his hips, pumping his cock slowly into her, teasingly. He had no intentions of being gentle, but he was going to make Jaagi enjoy this wether or not she said. And it reflected in how he moved his body on top of her. While he was forceful and cared not wether it was painful for her, his rythm and his thrusts were obviously as much for Jaagis pleasure as his own.
  103. A slight grin began playing on the elfs lips "But what your lips may deny, your body confirms. All daughters of mankind want their wombs filled with elven seed." And then he kissed her, which stood in stark contrast to his forceful, violent ravaging. It was the kind of kiss a husband would give his wife, affectionate, loving and passionate. He had intended it to be something more of an attack on her lips, but something compelled Eirik to kiss her that way.
  104. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  105. Jaagi looked him in the eye as his hand curled around her neck, refusing to show any hint of fear or trepidation. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. His sharp insertion of himself into her body was met with little more than a grunt of discomfort and a momentary baring of her teeth. He was larger than he had first appeared when he disrobed. She could feel the head of his manhood knock against the end of her as he hilted himself between her legs.
  107. Despite her size the crimson-haired woman was quite tight. As the elf atop her slowly dragged out she hissed softly as it felt like the head of his cock might invert her. Of course he didn't. His next plug went in easier as her body responded against her will, growing hotter, wetter, at the actions being done to it.
  109. Clap...clap...clap...
  111. His sounds of his body rutting between her thighs was like the rhythmic beating of a drum. Her body had little choice but to dance to his tune. She continued to glare at him with all the dignity she could muster, quietly doing her best to smite him with a look. The effect seemed to be lost upon her husband as the occasional clenching of her body gave away the pleasure she was feeling.
  113. Eirik's words made her burn and she tried to snap the bindings that held her arms behind her back so she could continue to throttle him anew. However her efforts were interrupted as he leaned in to give her a kiss. It caught her off guard and in instinct she kissed him back, brushing his lips with the tip of her tongue as their lips met. The barbarian, once she realized what she was doing, turned her head to break the kiss and vainly tried to buck her hips to throw him off her.
  114. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. Jaagi's bucking didn't throw him off, instead it seemed to have the reverse effect, her movement causing him to slam into her harder as she moved. Eiriks grin widened as he spoke. "I know you're enjoying this woman, stop trying to hide it and give in to your lust." He had managed to calm somewhat, releasing his grip on her throat, his anger having largely been replaced with lust. Instead he leaned down to kiss her neck and his kissing quickly turned to biting. If they were going to be married, he may aswell mark her as his.
  117. Eirik continued his relentless pounding of his wife, filling her sex with his entire length with each thrust, stretching her tight hole to accomodate him each time. He let out the occasional grunt of effort and pleasure as he rutted against her, she was far tighter than he expected and part of him thought it to be a very satisfying prospect to be the one that claimed her maidenhood.
  119. The sounds of their lovemaking became far wetter as his wifes body had become wet and willing to his attentions and the precum that had begun to drip from his manhood lubricated her sex further as their sexual juices began to form a small pool beneath them. His manhood throbbed dully as Jaagis sex clenched and gripped him tightly, something that felt like it was trying to suck him in deeper inside her than was possible. "Your body is practically begging me to release my seed in you..." He grinned slightly, meeting her eyes. "You will be moaning so sweetly when I breed you." His words were going to drive her wild one way or another.
  120. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121. The barbarian was caught off guard once again when his lips returned to her throat. She continued to turn away but it did nothing but open up the sensitive spot to more of his assault. "S-Stop it... Sto...ah...ahhh!" Her whispered words sounded pathetic in her own ears but the unexpected moan that burst from her lips was far, far worse. The elf continued to attack her throat with tongue and teeth, marking her from just beneath her ear to her shoulder blade.
  123. And gods help her, his relentless rutting was picking her apart by inches. Each thrust was like another brick being knocked out of a wall. He was too heavy, too entrenched within her to be thrown off. The bastard was taking his time, playing with her. She bared her teeth at him, loading a scathing remark about his mother. When a soft, pleasured whimper trembled from her throat she felt defeated.
  125. In the next few minutes she would be defeated when she found herself unable to control her breathing. Another defeat when she found her muscled thighs locked down around his hips. Defeated again when he witnessed her muscles seize, heard her bestial moans, and felt her clamp around his pumping manhood is blissful, gushing, vibrating climax.
  126. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127. The elf felt every quiver and tremble from the woman, as his efforts finally got to her. He grinned triumphantly as he pumped himself harder, more vigorously into her, her legs locking around his hips spurring him on to fuck her with more fervour. He had claimed her, he had conquered her now and he had only one thing left to do to fully consumate their marriage.
  129. And like it was planned, Jaagi reached her climax, her sex clamping around his manhood like a vice as he rutted on her. The sensation drove him over the edge and without warning he let out a low moan as his manhood felt like it would burst at the seams, as it began pumping his thick, virile seed into her fecund womb. Eirik pressed his manhood as deep inside his wife as he could as he came, not wanting a single drop of his seed to be lost outside of her.
  131. As he lay pumping his seed into her, he pressed his lips against Jaagis in another kiss, thick with passion and lust as he practically attacked them.
  132. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. Jaagi's back arched as her release was followed shortly by the sensation of white-hot warmth spraying inside her like a geyser. She could feel his manhood pry into her cervix as he hilted into her, coating her womb in thick viscous ropes of cum. It didn't stop until she was full and there was no doubt in her mind that she would bear his child.
  135. In her lust she kissed him back and parted her lip so that his tongue could dance with her own. After almost a minute she finally had to pull away for a breath. Her face burned as a swirl of emotions bubbled within her. It was a bit late to be embarrassed with her husband balls deep inside her...
  137. She bit her lip, still heady with afterglow yet aware of what just transpired. What she let transpire. For the love of her ancestors, she fucking loved it. She would not dishonor herself with lies, let alone lies to herself. "So... I guess we are married now..." She tried to scowl but it lacked the proper venom. It was incredibly hard to scowl minutes after a mind-crushing orgasm.
  138. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. Eirik remained on top, as his cock still twitched within Jaagi. He replied by giving her a short, sweet kiss as he slipped an arm around her to unbuckle the bonds he had put on her before. As he broke the kiss he lifted his head up, to look down on his wife. His face was equally as flushed as hers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, he also had a very strange mix of emotions bubbling inside of him.
  141. "Yeah, I suppose we are." He responded after a few moments of silence, shifting slightly on top of her. Eirik looked into her eyes, partly to see what they looked like when not full of rage and because he wasn't entirely sure of what else to do. He was sure he had just impregnated her and for now there seemed to be peace between them. A peace he'd rather keep, atleast for the rest of the evening.
  143. And that's when a thought occured to him. "You were forced into this too, weren't you?"
  144. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. Jaagi, for reasons beyond her understanding felt a sense of calm that she hadn't felt in... longer that she could remember. Her husband was still buried inside her and she was reminded of a wild dog, how it held itself inside the female after it was finished breeding. It felt good to her. It felt right and the reasons as to why was not something she wanted to think about just yet. It would ruin her buzz. When he kissed her again she reciprocated. Not because she was driven to by lust. She just wanted to.
  147. When they broke their kiss she found herself staring into his eyes again. They were still the same cool blue eyes that she wanted to slap out of his skull during the ceremony. They lacked the boiling hatred and rage though. She wondered to herself if she looked the same way.
  149. "My father, the leader of our clan offered me as a peace treaty to the Stormborn. It was meant to be a duty of honor, something that he entrusted in me to carry out. I did not go quietly, nor gracefully. But I did go. And here I am..." The barbarian's mouth began to curl into a frown but turned into a sneer that lacked her usual venom. She wrapped her arms around his neck, tentatively, as if testing the gesture of affection for the first time.
  151. "My father is not here now though. It is not his hand that keeps me in your bed. It is not by his hand that I carry your seed inside me."
  152. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. Red. Her eyes were red. Eirik was surprised he hadn't noticed it before, it was the same shade as her hair. A bright, crimson red that would not have looked out of place gushing out of a wound. And he just could not stop looking into them, the colour mesmerized him with its familiarity and exoticness at the same time. Coupled with the sensation of his wifes warm body beneath him and the snug fit her sex provided his manhood, he wanted to remain like this for as long as possible.
  155. As Jaagi wrapped her arms around him, a smile crept upon his lips. It wasn't an involuntary action, but it was unconscious, genuine. And he reciprocated the gesture by holding her in his arms. Frostfang or not, he was beginning to like his wife.
  157. "I see." Eirik looked contemplative as she explained, his ears perking up as she reached the last part. There were so many things he could say, so many things he wanted to say. He knew the reason his seed was inside her was because he fucked his wife into submission. But, he decided to play it safe. Saying such a thing may simply break the peace between them and he was enjoying that peace. "Oh? And by whose hand then?" He was rather curious to what she'd answer and he hoped his expression would convey that he's not completely ignorant, but would rather hear her say it.
  158. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159. Jaagi blinked but then lips curled up in a closed lip smile when she realized her husband was teasing her. To think she'd ever suffer the wit of an elf! His warmth and weight and the way he wrapped his arms around her was... It was nice, she finally admitted to herself. She felt a strange sense of comfort and protection that she wasn't entirely familiar with but wouldn't mind getting used to.
  161. "By the hand of a wild dog named Eirik, a mongrel who wandered into my bed... However I think I will keep him..." The elf's wife dragged the tip of her tongue over her fangs and lifts her head so that she could nibble at his neck. "So long as he keeps his wife... satisfied." She clenched her lower muscles, squeezing around the manhood that was still embedded inside her for emphasis.
  163. "And if he does so..." Her lips traced up and down his neck as she let the warm breath from her words flow over his skin. "...she will repay him with as many sons and daughters as he dare put inside her... But if he thinks he will always be on top then I fear he has sorely underestimated his lifemate!" Her lips found his again to meet in an affectionate kiss.
  164. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. The elf closed his eyes and let out a pleased sound as his wife began nibbling and kissing at his neck, the sensation of her fangs being somewhat unexpected, but pleasant and he could not help but press his manhood deeper into her as she squeezed around him. "And you think I would not leave you satisfied?" Eirik flashed a confident grin before her lips touched his.
  167. He returned the kiss eagerly, deepening it as he sent his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers and broke it off only several moments later, when he was about to become short of breath. His grin returned as he stared back into her crimson eyes as she boasted. While he'd probably never say it, the fact that she was proclaiming that she would not be satisfied with only lying beneath him, and that he knew she could back it up, satisfied him immensly. Strong women bore strong children afterall.
  169. "Perhaps you should mind your words, woman. Lest I bend you over and breed you like the dog you claim I am." He grinned, leaning into her, his forehead resting on hers. "Or perhaps that is your plan? So that you can indulge your human urge to get as much elven seed inside of your womb as possible." It may break their peace, but his mood and he suspected Jaagis mood were equally high that she would only respond well to his teasing. "Because I will slake my urges with you every night that we are together."
  170. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  171. Jaagi blushed at his comment about her human urges. She couldn't very well argue against him, what with her womb filled to seeping with his elven seed and his still erect manhood poised to give her more. The barbarian grinned at his promise to lay with her every night. "How do you know that it is not I who will slake my human urges with you every night? By the gods, Stormborn and hubris go hand in hand!"
  173. The red-eyed woman teased her husband and gave him another kiss, using it as a distraction to roll him onto his back. Her lips were still locked with his when she was straddling his hips. She gave his lower lip a gentle bite before sitting up over him.
  175. "But truth be told, your vows are much more delightful than the ones at the ceremony..." She braced her arms on his chiseled torso and began to bounce atop him to slake her thirst. Soft wet sounds of his seed churning inside her accompanied the pleasured grunts of her rhythmic impalement.
  176. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. Eirik did not mind or struggle against Jaagi rolling him onto his back. He quite liked it when women rode him, the way their breasts bounced and bodies writhed looked so incredibly erotic to him. The fact that her kiss did serve as an adequate distraction was just a bonus as he loved the feeling of her lips against his. He made a silent note to himself that he needed to get her lips around his manhood before the night was over.
  179. "Stormborn, hubris? I don't know what you speak of woman!" The elf chuckled slightly as his wife rose to straddle him, giving him a pleasant view of her curvaceous, muscled body and the way his manhood impaled her slick nether regions. His grin widened as she continued to speak. "Of course they are, they promise you more of what you want."
  181. Eiriks hand rested firmly around her hips as she began to rythmically bounce atop him, his hips rolling up to meet her every time Jaagi impaled herself on his manhood, pleasured grunts and moans escaping from his lips every time he was hilted fully inside of her.
  182. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. The barbarian bit her lip, smiling impishly at the chance to throw her own weight around. The way the head of his cock dragged along inside her made her shiver. It was hardly from any chill though. With him she found herself burning, nearly on fire. With his hands on her hips she was able to ride him with speed, lifting herself up and burying the man inside her again and again.
  185. Her red eyes swam behind fluttering eyelids as she pounded herself into a frenzy, riding her husband with a fury that might have broken a lesser man. Eirik was not a man easily broken though. She was thankful for that as orgasm ripped through her. Her nails pressed into his chest and clawed down, leaving patterned welts as she bared her fanged teeth in almost bestial pleasure. A mixture of a groan and a frenzied whine bellowed out loud enough that it might be heard over the music and songs at the feast.
  187. As her convulsions finally faded she lulled to the side as if she were a rider who had fallen asleep on his horse. Fortunately her husband's grip on her kept her firmly in her 'saddle' and she smiled down at him, somewhat love drunk while the thrusts beneath her bounced her like a leisurely ride down a trail. "Oh Eirik, what if my father heard?"
  188. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. aagi had a body that Eirik could not help but admire fully as she rode him like a horseman trying to break in a wild stallion. His eyes followed every bounces of her breasts, every shiver across her body as she drove his manhood inside herself again and again. His manhood throbbed hard and eager against the tight insides of the barbarians sex, each bounce atop him just made him more and more eager to fill her with more of his seed.
  191. The sting of her nails clawing at his chest and the tight convulsusions of her orgasm was all that he needed to be driven over the edge of what he could take. Driving his manhood as deep as he possibly could into her sex, its tip practically exploded as he began pumping even more of his seed into her already full womb, he let out a low moaning noise as thick, virile ropes of his cum was pumped inside his wife.
  193. With Jaagi lulling to the side atop him, both of them pleasarubly exhausted, he pulled the furs of the sleeping blanket around them and held the barbarian tight in an affectionate hug as she rested atop him. "So what if he heard?" He placed a quick kiss on her lips. "He can not stop me from breeding my own wife, can he?" A confident grin flashed on his face after he finished the last sentence and he let the implications of his words simply hang in the air.
  194. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195. She kissed her husband back, smiling as she admitted to herself that she was growing fond of him. Her Frostfang pride nagged her, trying to come up with a reason why she should hate him, perhaps kill him in his sleep. But as she lay atop him, cozy and secure in his embrace and still very much attached to her husband she decided she could be angry later. She was much too satisfied to be angry.
  197. "No, he cannot. Let it not be a Frostfang who... how did you put it, my mate? '...dishonors the most sacred of vows in the eyes of gods and men..." Jaagi smirked and rested her head on his shoulder. "Wake me when it is time to greet our families at the feast. And if you see my friend Breta have her bring me some spare garments. A wild dog seemed to have shredded my ceremonial loincloth..."
  199. With another goodnatured smile and a soft sigh she closed her eyes to succumb to the dreamless, exhausted sleep that was calling her name.
  200. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  201. Eirik blinked slightly. Did she just? Oh yes, she did. He had many more things he wanted to do with Jaagi on their wedding night, but the damn woman hade cheated him out of it most slyly. And he loved her for it. No meek little girl indeed! On the other hand, her warm, rather soft form resting against,his manhood still buried deep inside of her did feel good. Very good even. Even if she was a Frostfang, he could certainly get used to spending each night of their marriage like this.
  203. Eirik adjusted himself beneath Jaagi, so that they would both be comfortable to lay like this for a good nights sleep. And even Eirik fell asleep after a short while of contemplating his "woes".
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