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  1. “I’m so bored,” muttered the young teen in a low grumpy voice as he slouched on his bed.
  3. An overly dramatic high-pitched gasp came from the other side of the room. Out popped a head from the corner of his vision. “What are you talking about? There is so much to do in this world that the possibilities are endless! With all the different options you could do, how could you possibly be bored?”
  5. The question floated up in the air for a few moments. He sat up to face her and held up his right hand in the shape of a ball. He said as he pulled up finger after finger, “Well first off, this world isn’t the same world that you and I are accustomed to so we have no idea what dangers there are waiting for us. Second, I hate to move around a lot so I’m extremely exhausted. Third, there doesn’t seem to be any form of electrical technology meaning I can’t play video games or watch anime.” She rolled her eyes at that. “And fourth and final, you and I are completely different!”
  7. She sighed, “Well yeah. I’m female and your male.” She squinted at him. “What’s the big deal?”
  9. Putting his hands up in defence, he denied, “No no no no! That isn’t what I meant!”
  11. “But other than that though, I can’t think of what would be so different between the two of us.” She tilted her head to the side and looked up in wonder.
  13. In a more aggravated tone, he said, “Of course you know what I’m talking about. It’s our roles!” He grabbed a card from his pocket. “When we entered this strange world, we had to go and apply to a guild.”
  15. “And of course you knew that since you said it was like every generic anime you’ve seen when people fall into another universe.” She smirked, “I told you to not watch so much anime or play video games. It all goes straight to your head.”
  17. “Well, my head allowed us to get some food and a place to sleep.” Her smirk quickly changed to a pout that he founded absolutely adorable, but made sure to not show it. “Back to what I was saying. My role in this world is a freaking worthless Blacksmith and you’re an all mighty Reaper!”
  19. Starting to whistle and avoid eye contact, she twiddled her thumbs. “They aren’t that different from each other. They both are a long stick with a piece of metal a at the end to hit things with.”
  21. Felling a migraine coming on, he rubbed his forehead. “That may be true, but for completely different things. The things I can hit with my mallet are different weapons to make them better. If I hit a person with one, the mallet will instantly shatter into nothing for whatever reason. Your scythe can cut through tons of stuff. Be it for grass while gardening or a monster that wants to eat you, they both are effortless like a hot knife though butter.
  23. She tried to think of something. “But–”
  25. Cutting her off, he said, “And take a look at my stats.” Pointing at his card while waving it around making it too hard for her to see. “These stats are complete crap! They said that the average stats for starting off are 10 for some with a select amount being a few points higher depending on the class.  My freaking stats are not even at 10! They were very surprised about it as well to the point that they said they never knew that could happen.
  27. I can’t even handle a weapon that can damage a monster if I tried. The weapons that correspond with our class ignore the Strength stat and we can wield just about anything. As long as my Strength stat is high enough though, I can carry a different class’s weapon.” He threw his hands up in the air with the most exaggerated shocked expression he could muster up. “My Strength stat is 1. One fucking point! You know where that can get me? I can pick up a stick as a weapon.” Her head hung low as she listened to her friend continue to make himself sound like the most worthless being on the planet. At least that isn’t the case for her. “What the hell am I supposed to do with a stick Louise!?”
  29. She took a moment and tried to think up a solution. Nothing useful came to mind. “Well…how about just using those to attack monsters?”
  31. “Excuse me? I don’t think you heard me. Sticks are the weakest weapon known in this world. At least that is what the residents of this town have told me anyways. They only do one point of damage while the basic monsters level one monsters can have at the least 200 hit points. Not only that, but a stick will break into nothing after one hit. That means I would need to get about 200 sticks to take down one enemy. It is possible, however, those enemies will only give minimal experience. I can’t go around and collect a million sticks and hope to level up while not dying in the process.”
  33. “You don’t have to.” He looked at her as she paused.
  35. “Go on” he said while gesturing her.
  37. “I was looking through my skills and found something that could really help you,” she said in delight. “Since Reaper’s are such a rare class, almost unknown by some of the villagers here, it comes with a ton of unique characteristics. One of which are the skills I can learn.”
  39. “What is this skill that can help me out?”
  41. “One sec,” she said as she pulled out her stats card. She skimmed down the card. “Here it is! The skill is ‘HANGING ONTO DEATH’. The description is ‘DOES A LOT OF DAMAGE TO FOES, BUT AT THE COST OF LEAVING THEM AT 1 HP’. What I can do is hit the enemies with this skill and you can leave the finishing blow with your stick! How’s that sound Ignatious?”
  43. He looked into Louise’s large blue eyes. It was almost like they were glowing. “Alright alright. I’ll give your idea a try. Just one thing I’d like to clarify.”
  45. She questioned him, “What is it?”
  47. “Doesn’t this sound too much like the move False Swipe from Pokémon?”
  49. She sighed and walked to the door. “Let’s just go already.”
  51. Ignatious hurried to follow his close friend out the room. They greeted the innkeeper, told her they were going to go off and try to level up, and headed out.
  53. As they walked, he decided to hold a conversation. “Don’t you think that innkeeper is suspicious?”
  55. Louise looked at him in confusion. “What makes you say that?”
  57. “Because in every anime or video game, the innkeeper is always this extremely important character that does a ton of stuff behind the scenes that causes the story to drastically change and progress,” he answered as if it was something everyone should know.
  59. She sighed once again. “You really got to get your head out of the gutter already.” He grumbled at that. “This isn’t an anime or video game is it?”
  61. Despite being an obvious rhetorical question, he still answered. “It kinda is when you think about it.”
  63. She opened her mouth, and then closed it when she couldn’t think of anything to counter his statement. She turned away and mumbled’ “idiot.”
  65. Not hearing her, he said, “But thanks for everything.”
  67. She turned back to him in surprise. “Thanks for what.”
  69. “For helping me. You have always been there for me in the past and now in the present. I don’t know what I would do without you. Please continue to stay with me.”
  71. Not looking her way, Ignatious missed out on Louise stopping. Her face was beat red as she blushed up a storm. Wait a second. I didn’t do much. I was just trying to help. Stay together? Does that mean he likes me? Wh-what am I thinking!? There’s no way he is in love with me, is there? Gah!
  73. “What’s the hold up?” Ignatious called from a distance.
  75. “N-nothing! Coming!” I really need to get a hold of myself. I can’t let him misunderstand anything. I can’t let him think that I’m in love with him. But that wouldn’t be a bad thing though… “Argh!” She started to smash her head against the closest tree.
  77. Ignatious came running back. “Louise! Is everything…okay…?” He became silent when seeing her bang her head against a defenseless tree. “Um…Louise?”
  79. She turned around wide-eyed apparently not noticing him calling her till then. “Ahhh¬–” She screamed in panic, but then hit the back of her head against the same tree that did nothing to her and fainted.
  81. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Louise!” He put his ear to her breasts that he would usually be happy about, but not in this situation. Hearing a heartbeat, he breathed a breath a relief.
  83. He checked the back of her head and found a spot in her hair where blood was coming through. He quickly ripped off a large piece of his shirt and tied a tight knot over the wound to stop or at least hopefully slow down the bleeding.
  85. “Maybe I should give her CPR. Wait a second, how the hell would CPR help her. Hmm…oh! I know!” He grabbed her by the feet and slowly lifted her upwards.
  87. Her skirt slowly started to roll upwards and reveal her panties, which were seemingly white. He looked away from her with his face a bit red. No dirty thoughts! I need her to wake up! He once heard that doing this would help people who have fainted since it lets blood rush up to their head. He only hoped it would work on people who fainted from trauma to the head and not only from fainting from nothing.
  89. After about a couple minutes of this, Ignatious noticed Louise’s eyes start to crack open. Ugh…my head hurts. What happened?”
  91. He pulled her close to him. “Thank god your okay. I thought I lost you.”
  93. She blushed from the sudden closeness. “Wa-wait! Wh-what are you doing? Wh-what if someone sees us?”
  95. He pulled his head back and smiled. “In the middle of the forest? I find that to be highly unlikely.”
  97. She continued to stutter. “Y-you have no idea about–” She was silenced as his lips met hers. She was completely still, not knowing if the cause was her head injury or the kiss, but she decided on the latter. She slowly closed her eyes as she inched closer to him.
  99. As they sat on the soft grass still deep in their kiss, Louise started to pull Ignatious’ body down to hopefully start a new saga in their lives.
  101. “Hello there! …Um…s-sorry about this! I didn’t mean to interrupt you both!” The oddly familiar woman ran back behind a tree barely peeking her head out. “Carry on!”
  103. Ignatious was quickly up trying his hardest but ultimately failing to hide the blush on his face. “W-wait! We were just kissing! Nothing else was going on!” He turned back to face Louise, “Right?”
  105. She looked away while pouting. “Yep…we were only kissing and nothing else. At. All.”
  107. He turned back to the woman. “See?”
  109. She gave out a small chuckle. “I do see,” she said as she gave Louise a small wink causing her to blush a bit, “indeed.”
  111. He tried to wipe off the tiny specs of dirt that covered him then looked back at the woman. “Wait a second. Aren’t you the innkeeper?”
  113. “Why yes I am. You don’t have to call me innkeeper though. Charlotte is fine.”
  115. “Okay…Charlotte. Why are you here in the forest and not looking after the inn.”
  117. She smiled brightly. “I was just going out to do some hunting. I seem to have found my prey.”
  119. He looked around briefly. “Really? I don’t see anything…” He stopped talking when he heard a thud.
  121. He looked back to see Louise’s body lying on the ground with her head rolled over on it’s face a couple feet away. “L-L-Louise!” Ignatious ran to her body as blood poured from her neck. It was a wound that she would never wake from.
  123. Tears started to flow down his face like a river stream. “L-Louise…” He turned back to Charlotte. “What the fuck did you just do!? Why did you kill her!?”
  125. She stood there and watched him with her same deceptively innocent smile. “I said I was out hunting. Just wanted to make sure that my prey was well preserved. Couldn’t have it become all mangled could I?”
  127. He bit down on his lip with enough force that he was able to taste a bit of blood. “I’ll kill you…”
  129. She mockingly held her ear up in his direction. “Hmm? What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you.”
  131. His voice rose, “I said I will kill you. I will make sure you die for this you bitch!”
  133. She laughed, “What do you think you can do to me? You can barely hold a stick.”
  135. He rose up with his fist clenched. “I don’t care! I will kill you in any way I can! You will die to my hands!” He ran at her throwing wild punches.
  137. She dodged each and every single one of them effortlessly. “Ohh. Such anger. Such rage. You must have loved her a lot.”
  139. He continued to throw weak punches at Charlotte. “Shut up! Just shut up and die!”
  141. She yawned, “This is starting to get boring. I guess it’s time to get on with the next stage.”
  143. He continued to cry in immense pain. “I won’t let you get away!”
  145. With a snap of her fingers, a puff of smoke appeared in the air. Something came out of the small cloud.
  147. And of course, fell right on top of Ignatious. Specifically his face.
  149. The last thing that he saw was something white before his vision was covered. For some reason, whatever had knocker him over and was still on his face felt strangely soft.
  151. He heard a familiar scream come from above. His vision returned, but not long enough for him to make out what was on him before being slapped in the face. The impact was so strong that Ignatious was out cold quicker than a simple flick of a switch to turn off a light.
  153. “I-I seemed to have made it back for whatever reason. Why am I being teleported all over the place?” The figure that came out of nowhere said in confusion.
  155. Charlotte groaned with her head in her hands. “You’ll see. This may take a bit longer now though.”
  157. *****A few minutes later*****
  159. Ignatious lied on the grass when he started to come to. “What the heck just happened? Why does my cheek hurt so much?” He started to rub it trying to relieve the pain.
  161. As he tried to open his eyes, his vision was blurry and was still getting put back together. Along with his blurry vision came his foggy memories of what just transpired. His memories were quicker to become unscrambled and he wished it wasn’t.
  163. One of the happiest memories he ever had was turned into one of the saddest of his. Kissing his childhood friend Louise always seemed like an impossible goal. He had somehow managed to reach that goal, but at the cost of losing her. Tears started to flood his eyes making his already terrible vision to be completely clouded.
  165. He brought his arm up and attempted to wipe away the endless streams of tears. He choked out, “L-L-L-Louise… I-I’m s-s-so sorry f-for not being a-able to p-p-protect you…” He continued to cry. The only thing he cared about in the new world was gone. He didn’t have anything else to live for.
  167. A hand was placed on Ignatious’ cheek. “There’s no need to cry. I’m here with you and will never leave your side for all of eternity.”
  169. He rejected the voice. “That’s impossible. You’re dead now. And it is I that left you.”
  171. “You never left me and I never left you. It is possible for us to live together forever.”
  173. He was about to once again reject the voice, “But…what a minute,” he said confused. “Whom am I talking to?”
  175. The voice giggled, “Jeez Ignatious. We’ve known each other since we were kids and you still can’t recognize my voice? Why did I fall in love with you again?”
  177. He franticly rubbed his puffy bloodshot eyes to see Louise above smiling down on him. He almost thought for a second that it was a goddess who was staring at him. “Y-you’re alive.”
  179. Her smile shined bright. “Yes. I’m alive.”
  181. “But I saw you die. Your head was chopped off!” He used a lot of his energy to sit up only now noticing his head had been lying on Louise’s thighs.
  183. He tried to scan the area, but his head was pulled back down by her soft hands. “Please continue to rest. I’ll explain briefly what happened. After you and I kissed, the innkeeper Charlotte appeared.” He nodded. “When she winked at me, I all of a sudden was teleported back to the inn. I was extremely confused, but amidst my confusion, I was teleported back here. I fell on top of you and you passed out.”
  185. It confused him from his perspective, but made sense when looking at it from her perspective. There was a hole in her story though. “How did I pass out from you falling on me? I thought I was hit by something. The last thing I remember seeing was something white.”
  187. Louise’s cheeks were tinted red. “You must be imagining things. Your memory is probably just a bit jumbled is all.”
  189. Her quick answer made him suspicious, but he decided to let it go seeing as she didn’t want to talk about it. “So…what was it I saw die if it wasn’t you?”
  191. “I’ll answer that.” Ignatious tilted his eyes downwards to see a silhouette appear in the distance. “Sorry about earlier. It was kind of necessary.”
  193. Seeing Charlotte’s form appear started to make his blood boil. Trying to keep his voice low to avoid startling Louise, he asked, “What makes you think it is so necessary to make something think that their loved one was killed in front of their eyes?”
  195. Charlotte took a short step back. “Wow. You are super mad right now. I can even feel your aura from here.”
  197. “Who wouldn’t be? I think it’s very appropriate that I want to come and strangle you right now.”
  199. Louise yelled at him. “Ignatious!”
  201. “S-sorry.”
  203. “If you are both done, I will get to explaining myself.” They both turned their attentions back to her. “You and I Ignatious are very alike.”
  205. He gave her an annoyed face. “What? Is that all? I highly doubt me and you are alike.”
  207. “Oh, but we are. All three of us in fact.”
  209. “Oh yeah? Prove it. What makes us all so similar?”
  211. She chuckled, “Well, we are all from a different world.” Ignatious and Louise froze from that. “Would you look at that? I was right!”
  213. “Wait wait wait. How do you know we are from a different world?”
  215. “It was easy. You two just come into town one day with weird clothing for this time and not knowing anything about this world.”
  217. Trying to wrap their heads around this, Louise asked, “But why reveal that now? Why go through the trouble of scaring Ignatious half to death before telling us?”
  219. “Because me and Ignatious share something special.”
  221. He was getting increasingly frustrated. “Can you stop being so cryptic and tell us what we share?”
  223. “Okay okay. I’ll tell you.” She took a deep breath then began. “About a year ago, me and my lover came into this world for unknown reasons. I was extremely weak while my lover was very strong. We would go hunting together a lot, but I would usually be of no help. One day, we got ambushed and my lover protected me, but had succumbed in the process. I was built up with rage and sorrow for a couple weeks, until I discovered something. My abilities that originally consisted of nothing had one slot available. It was called the ‘Class Change’ ability. Considered to be the rarest ability in this world. It is a one-time use ability, but will automatically change the user into their class of choice once. I chose the Runaway class since I was still trying to escape from the past. It allows me to teleport and create realistic illusions like the one I made of your girlfriend Louise there.”
  225. It was all hard to take in, but they managed. Ignatious asked, “But why make me think that Louise was dead?”
  227. “It was the requirements of the ability. As a hidden ability, it wouldn’t appear till the requirements were already met. It seems that the requirements are to have maxed out the anger and sadness meters at once.” She hesitated, “The ability I’ve discovered has only been accessible to people who have come in pairs and had lost one of them in some type of tragedy, most of the time that is. All pairs have been recorded as being lovers before or during they’re times here.”
  229. Louise asked, “So you suspected who we were and tried to help us so that a tragedy wouldn’t happen in the future?”
  231. Charlotte looked at them with her smile, but also her sad eyes. “Yes.”
  233. Ignatious was the first to respond. “Oh. I’m so sorry for your lose and for wanting to kill you.”
  235. She said, “Don’t worry about it. All of that was in the past. Now for the present. Frist, I need you to get off your girlfriend’s thighs.” He did. “Now, I want you to ‘command shift ability’.”
  237. He nodded, “Command shift ability.” The second he finished those three words, a holographic box came up in front of his face. “Whoa!” He scanned it to notice it was mostly blank except for a small rectangle on the top. He looked closer and it ‘Class Change’ was written on it.
  239. Charlotte said, “You can take your time. You don’t need to choose right away.”
  241. Ignatious replied, “I already know what class I want to be.”
  243. Louise asked, “You sure?”
  245. “Yep!”
  247. Charlotte clapped her hands together. “Great! Now to activate it, you must press on it then think about the class you want. Make sure not to say it.”
  249. “Why?”
  251. “Because it will say ‘ability failed, please try again’ over and over and over till you only think about it.”
  253. Looking at her dead expression, all he could say was, “Oh.”
  255. Louise said, “Come on! I want to see what you become!”
  257. “Okay. Here I go!” He pressed the rectangle and watched it light up. Closing his eyes, he thought about one thing.
  259. Arch Mage!
  261. A few seconds after he thought that, wind started to pick up around him forming a small circle. It reminded Louise of the air sphere from Avatar The Last Airbender.
  263. The sphere engulfed Ignatious and lifted him about two meters in the air. From the outside, the air creating the sphere became so thick that Charlotte and Louise could no longer see him.
  265. Worried, Louise asked Charlotte, “Will he be alright?”
  267. Charlotte had a mixture of emotions on her face. “Yes and no.”
  269. Louise was even more worried. “Wh-what do you mean? Will he get hurt?”
  271. Charlotte tried to calm her down. “Nothing like that. It isn’t anything too bad. You’ll understand when you see.”
  273. As Louise began to contemplate, Ignatious started to go through his transformation.
  275. He started to shrink. Tons of mass was disappearing from his body as he shrank inch-by-inch leaving him at a cute size of 5’3”. The skin all over his body became soft and lost any traces of hair except what was on his head. Speaking of which, his hair started to lengthen past his neck stopping at only a few inches down his back. When the hair was done trailing downwards, the color stayed mostly the same, but darkened a bit giving it an additional shine while also making it smoother and silkier. His face became softer as his skull shrank making his head more proportional with his smaller body. His eyes became bigger making them look more innocent. His irises changed color as well becoming a beautiful crystal like red. His eyelashes lengthened and eyebrows thinned then both became darker to match his new hair. His mouth plumped up making them kissable as his nose shrank becoming small and adorable. All of a sudden, what made him biologically a male changed and flipped her gender to female. Her neck shrank becoming thinner while also shrinking her Adam’s apple to almost nothing giving her a cute and feminine voice. Her shoulders were simultaneously shoved inwards by an invisible force helping give her a smaller frame. Any muscles she once had on her arms and legs vanished without a trace making them smooth and soft. Her hands and feet went along with what her arms and legs did and became smaller as well. Her fingers and toes thinned, but at the same time elongated a bit making them dainty and more fragile. Her fingernails and toenails became well manicured and lengthened a bit. Her waist had a couple bites taken out of it, one on each side respectively giving her small frame an even more petite look. Two small bumps appeared on her chest and grew a tiny bit stopping at about A-cups. Her thighs gained a bit of mass making them slightly plumper, but at the same time more elegant. Her hips cracked out giving her childbearing proportions needed by any female. To finish off the transformation, her butt swelled a bit to help complete her new female body.
  277. All her now baggy clothes completely disappeared leaving her starch naked. Luckily for her, she was in a sphere that no one could see through. A red materialized over her body going from the bottom of her neck to just below her butt barely hiding it and her womanhood. Black panties appeared over her womanhood fixing one of her issues. A huge belt wrapped around her waist loosely. One black thigh high sock appeared over her left leg while a long white bandage wrapped around her right leg covering some of her skin. Two brownish orange boots formed over her feat while two black fingerless gloves formed over her hands. A black cloak attached itself to her tunic and a chocker wrapped around her neck. A huge black witch hat with what looked like a face made out of string and buttons materialized on her head and it ended with a bright yellow feather at the end that looked like a flame. To finish it off, a long stick that looked like a wand appeared with a bed crystal at the end that complemented her eyes.
  279. With the transformation done, the sphere slowly lowered to the ground and dissipated upon impact. What emerged was a cute girl standing with a bright smile on her face.
  281. Too bad that Louise couldn’t join in. “Ignatious…wh-what happened to you?”
  283. She raised her new staff with enthusiasm. “I turned into…an Arch…Mage…” She was confused by her voice. “Why is my voice so high pitched?” Then she noticed something else when asking Louise. “Why are you taller than me?” She felt something tickling her neck and tried to hit it away assuming it was a bug only to get a fistful of smooth and silky hair. “Whose hair is this?” She pulled on it only to feel someone pulling on the back of her head. “Ouch! Who pulled my–” Her mouth snapped shut when she finally realized what was happening. She looked down and almost fainted. “Wh-what happened to me!? Why am I now a girl!?”
  285. Louise could barely manage out her words. “That’s my question.”
  287. “I may be able to explain.” They both turned their heads to Charlotte who was still standing there with a nervous grin on her face.
  289. Ignatious asked with a smile on her face while the rest was shaded by her hat, “Why did I become a girl?”
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