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  1. <align="center"><size=200%><color=##00ff00ff>Protocol 19</color>|[FF-<color=#ff0000ff>Off</color>]
  3. <align="center"><size=200%> Server Rules</size> <size=100%><align="left">
  4. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Don't be an ass.
  5. <color=#0094ff>•</color> No Spamming/Caps.
  6. <color=#0094ff>•</color> No Advertising/Self-Promotion. (Unless you have streamer role)
  7. <color=#0094ff>•</color> No Racism/Harassment/Discrimination.
  8. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Respect the Staff's Decisions and Policies.
  9. <color=#0094ff>•</color> No Mic Spamming
  10.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> Music is fine at a appropiate level, but just don't do it the whole round
  11.     <color=#0094ff>-</color> We will tell you if anything is loud
  12. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Have fun!
  13. <color=#0094ff>•</color> Don't break TOS
  14. <color=#0094ff>•</color> If you ever wonder if this would break the rules, always ask before you do it
  16. <align="center"><size=200%>Other Notes</size><size=100%><align="left">
  18. <color=#B93227>ServerMod</color> is enabled, and will stay like that unless posted on discord.
  19. <color=#0094ff>-</color> There is a tutorial (#announcements, and pinged) on how to play the server even when the versions don't match.
  20. <color=#00ff14>[Friendly fire is Off]</color>
  21. <color=#7289da><link="">[Discord Link]</link></color>
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