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Jun 5th, 2014
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  1. In a small 30 mile wide area, there are people who possess different forms of ESP, being capable of unexplainable and impressive feats. A small group of like-minded scientists set up ESPRA (ESP Research Association) to investigate these individuals, about 20 years ago, in secret.
  3. The story follows Adrian Saxon, who is with ESPRA and is placed in the accommodation and observation program when he joined. He must live alongside subjects who have volunteered for research by ESPRA, to help relations, research, and monitor them. Over time, he learns more about these people, what they can do, and uncovers the truth behind ESPRA.
  6. ESPRA was a small group of scientists who collectively decided to investigate the series of strange births in the area. Over time, with funding from Jordan and Patricia Marlowe, they grew to a sizeable research facility. They tried to keep their operations as secret as possible, to remove the possibility of outside interference. Their workplace operates under the cover of being a pharmaceutical research lab as part of a real company owned by the Marlowe family.
  8. The cause for the strange births is still unknown. No one has any idea what the cause is, so an investigation at this point is impossible.
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