Psychic Kay FAQ

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  1. .,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,. -v-  Psychic Kay   -v- .,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.
  2. `'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'` -^-    F.A.Q.      -^- `'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`'~:,.,:~'`
  4. Originally created by EquestrianCitizen978
  6. Modified by Geno_Blast
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  10. Q: Who is Psychic Kay?
  12. A: Psychic Kay is an old hag on the internet who hosts a show on Blog Talk Radio, where listeners call in, and request advice, or psychic readings (both of which she has explicitly claimed on air that she is incapable of doing). The show usually consists of her screaming at both legitimate callers, and fake ones.
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  16. Q: Why her? What makes her so special? And who started all of this?
  18. A: Most people of heard of Ghost, from True Capitalist Radio (if not, lurk more). Some time in the middle of his broadcasting career, he took a week-long hiatus. In this time, the caller known as EquestrianCitizen978 created a Steam group (along with Jeffers, Capercom, EnixSquared, and a few others) known as the Blog Talk Pirates, who would fill in the void of trolling by looking for other BTR hosts. Eventually, the group stumbled upon Psychic Kay, and they have been calling in and trolling her for about a year and a half now. BTP has changed its named from Blog Talk Pirates, to Equestria Sector Zero, to Blog Talk Crusaders, and it is now called "Everfree Bandits".
  20. Later, a group comprised of True Capitalist Army members created a group called the "Kay Gallagher Brigade", or KGB for short. The KGB has been calling since as early as march, and has also conducted other raids in Kay's name to draw negative attention to her. The Kay Gallagher Brigade is currently the major group raiding Kay, and those who call kay will be raiding her show alongside them.
  22. If you're wondering why she is being targeted specifically, just tune in to one of her shows. You'll learn very quickly why many trolls want to personally throttle her to death.
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  26. Q: Oh? So where can I listen to their calls?
  28. A: I'm afraid that is now impossible, at least for the Blogtalk Pirates-era trolls. The channel has been suspended because a bunch of faggots DMCA'd the videos. See for yourself here:
  31. The Kay Gallagher Brigade's stuff is still up on youtube. A simple search for "Psychic Kay" will yield results, and KGB member Geno_Blast has a youtube channel full of raids.
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  34. Q: I have additional questions about Kay. Who are the members of BTP/ESZ/BTC/EFB or the KGB I can contact and ask for assistance?
  36. A: The members can all be found in EFB's Steam group, which has a chatroom that is almost always occupied by at least one member. These guys have been going at Kay for a while now.
  38. The Kay Gallagher Brigade doesn't meet in a specific chatroom at the moment, though they usually have their own skype calls. If you wish to contact one of them, your best bet is twitter.
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  42. Q: What if I want trolling tips RIGHT now?
  44. A: No problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  46. - Be original. Open up Notepad beforehand, and write down a few ideas. What are you going to say? What is your dilemma? Will she buy it? Remember that she is expecting trolls, so don't use a stupid voice.
  48. - Be creative. You get bonus points if you can somehow incorporate MLP characters into your story (eg, Your best friend 'Diamond Tiara' was caught sucking off the fat kid in the back of your class, and you don't know what to do.) Kay doesn't mind talking about sexuality, but if you're going to call in and talk about you fucking horses, she wont put up with it.
  50. - Don't use a soundboard. Or any sort of sound clip, for that matter (at least during the first half hour of the show). If you personally made a high-quality soundboard, and wish to use it, make sure you use Stereo Mix, and fine-tune it to provide the maximum quality possible.
  52. - Don't be a stumblin' mumblin jerkdick. If Kay gets too many fail calls in a row, she will put on one of her old-ass songs, and you'll be the cocksucker getting the blame for delaying the lulz.
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  56. Q: Alright, so now I know what to do. When does she come on?
  58. A: Normally, she is on Thursday to Monday (so no Wednesday shows) at 9PM Eastern Standard Time, but these timings are subject to change without prior notice. Keep an eye on her upcoming broadcasts by watching this page:
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  62. Q: Anything else I should know?
  64. A: Yes. Whatever you do, do NOT say the word "pony". This is a major buzzword for her, and the moment you say it, she will hang up the call. Also, make sure you don't act too friendly. Shocking, yes, but she thinks flattering comments, or over-politeness, is a troll. The call will be terminated.
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  68. Q: Not Your Personal Army, faggot.
  70. A: No one is forcing you to do shit, you dick-eating dolt. Hide the thread, report it, fuck off, and die.
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  74.  *** Additional questions? Do NOT ask in the thread. Join either the TinyChat, or the Steam group, and ask someone there.
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