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Pokemon URPG

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  1. Pokemon Ultra Role Playing Game (URPG)
  3. If you're reading this, you went searching for information about URPG. A lot of information is no longer accessible. The initial hostings for InfoHub, UltraDex, and the backup for the BMG forums are now with Elrond, replacement webmaster for URPG.
  5. The Bulbagarden Forums removed URPG entirely from BMG after reports revealed "a clear pattern of favoritism and sweeping major problems under the rug, including several incidents of sexual harassment, revenge porn and similar some years back."
  8. The validity of these reports was denounced by Staff, and a set of responses was drafted by staff members HKim (Harry), Monbrey, Mikey57, SwiftGallade46, and K'Sariya.
  10. This response was in turn denounced by ex-moderator Elysia, who had previously revealed that she was a sockpuppet for Kai-Mei. She highlighted specifically one of the conversations she'd had with Monbrey and other members as a child, in which they had sexually harassed her over AIM. She also provided logs of how Staff had opted to cover up and protect Monbrey. Staff realistically can no longer deny the validity of these accusations. In her retirement post, which was initially only in the Staff subforum and was later leaked with her consent by retiring member Seppe, she cited a historic string of abuse, favoritism, and inability to protect community members. She hinted at the exchange above and also referenced that Monbrey had been unrepentant in his actions toward her even in the present day. The unnamed member in her post who sexually harassed her as a child was Monbrey; the unnamed member in her post who had cheated in the game and then enabled a side server to lead toxic brigades against other members is weirlind120.
  12. Mikey and K'sa were instrumental in convincing Staff to unban Weir, who at the time had cheated aggressively in the game, threatened other users who were friends with Elysia, and cultivated a side server (the "Zoo") known for convincing its members to join in on toxic attacks on other members of the URPG. They were also the key Staff members who attempted to defend Monbrey and Harry after allegations that they were guilty for sexual harassment or cover-ups, and continued to protest even after additional evidence came to light.
  14. Zoo continues, despite what has been said in the public. Staff is aware of it but cannot combat it because so much of Staff is already Zoo. Mikey57, K'sariya, Felly/Mistral, Ash K., Monbrey, Dash, Gray Nine, weirlind120, and Ralin. Weir and Monbrey's membership in particular goes directly against the agreement brokered between PXR and URPG. When the Staff members in Zoo were confronted about refounding, they refused to believe that they were guilty of any crime. Their newest toxic server is responsible for Staff's ardent defense of Weir, Staff's attempts to defend Monbrey until they had created their BMG backup and prior to PXR banning him, or the most recent hate brigade on Smiles. The only thing that's changed is how they present their public image.
  16. If you are a tentative new member and you see anyone mentioned in this post still on the Staff team, know that they will only protect you if they like you, if they feel like it, or if it benefits them. They have previously defended the sexual harassment of minors, r/incel-level vitriol and hate toward the female moderators of the game, and pressuring members into cutting all ties with members that the Zoo does not like. In each case they din't act for justice, but instead to defend their own. Most importantly of all, they have defended their own hypocrisy and have repeatedly told URPG that there is no more Zoo, while at the very same time using it to identical purposes.
  18. This message is in the void. Hopefully it won't be found because no one else will fall into the trap that is URPG, but if you're reading this, be careful.
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