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  1. Welcome to the (x) channel. This channel is for information on how to trade safely, warning signs to watch for and ways to protect yourself. from getting scammed.
  3. > **__The main rules__**
  4. ```The most fundamental strategy to avoid being scammed here is to always insist in trading face to face without the use of boxes, the football pitch or any other tactics.```
  6. > **__How to Trade__**
  7. When you want to make a trade the method is generally common sense, but to help illustrate, this is the general procedure to follow.
  9. `1. First you negotiate a trade via DMs or in-game chat.
  10. 2. You arrange to meet in-game at whichever user's base is more convenient, yours or theirs.
  11. 3. Once you have formed a party it's time to start recording - this step is very important to protect yourself both from scams and false accusations.
  12. 4. Once you're in the game the user with lower level drops the items they agreed to trade.
  13. 5. The user with higher level collects those items and makes sure they match what was agreed on.
  14. 6. The user with higher level drops the items they agreed to give in return.
  15. 7. The user with lower level collects the items given in return and makes sure they match what was agreed on.
  16. 8. You can stop recording now.`
  18. > **__Why you should always record every trade__**
  20. ```If you don't record a trade, and your trading partner scams you, there will be nothing that the staff can do to help - it'll be your word against theirs. Recording trades allows you to prove that a person was dishonest - and anyone who scams you will be banned if you can give us this proof.```
  22. > **—— Reporting a Scammer ——
  24. When reporting a scammer, make sure to include all the proof below
  26. 1. Send ONLY 1 SCREENSHOT of the scammer saying their in game name from Discord DMs
  27. 2. Have a 30 second to 2 minute video CLEARLY showing the scam and the scammer’s name.**
  29. > **__Middleman trading__**
  31.  ```This is THE **__safest way to trade__**! A middleman is a person that you and the player you want to trade with can both trust, and who carries out the trade for you. ```
  33. > **__How so I spot a scammer?__**
  35. ```1. Most scammers are members with very low level.
  36. 2. Scammers will refuse to drop first, no matter what.
  37. 3. Scammers will refuse to use a middleman, or insist on a middleman who they are __already friends with.__
  38. 4. Scammers will often offer deals that are far better than what you can get elsewhere.
  39. 5. Scammers often want to trade in a box or a goal post, at their homebase, where they will give you edits.
  40. 6. Scammers may have a friend hanging around while you trade.
  41. 7. Scammers often ask might ask for a 'trust' item before trading.
  42. 8. Scammers often promise valuable items for free, but first want to 'see' one of your guns.```
  44. > **__I got scammed, how do I send the proof?__**
  46. ```When you get scammed, head to #🎫make-a-ticket and make a scam ticket. The channel will be located at the very top, above all channels.
  47. Then, either send the proof on discord or upload to YouTube for the staff team to check it out.```
  49. > **__How do I check if someone is on the #💀scammer-list?__**
  51. **__Please read the steps below:__**
  53. 1. ```When the user says their epic name, copy it and paste it into the search bar, located at the top right of your screen.
  54. 2. If you see their epic name in #💀scammer-list, this means that they have previously scammed. **__Do NOT__** trade with them.
  55. 3. If the person is on the scammer list, you may report this to staff members to get the user banned.```
  57. I’ve attached a small tutorial on how to do it 👇
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