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  1. Rarity rounded the corner, taking up the majority of the sidewalk with her bulk, humming to the classical music she was piping through her earbuds. She always turned on a calm string piece whenever she was nervous and needed to calm down, and considering the outing she was about to go on, she felt the butterfiles were justified. Applejack, her close friend, had invited her out to a buffet, and a very specific one at that; La Viet Pros, a classier and more regal affair than your usual eatery, and one that Rarity had been eyeing going to for months but had never expressed an interest in to Applejack.
  2. She sighed, twirling her purple hair in her chubby fingers. Applejack was such a good friend, but lately it always felt like there was a tension between them, not of friction or repulsion but attraction. Every once in a while she saw Applejack staring at her stomach, or found her with an extra snack she offered, but more than anything else their talks just felt more... intimate. THey talked about their dreams, their hopes of owning businesses, the fear of putting careful effort into something that goes unseen... She felt she could talk to Applejack in a way she couldn't anybody else, and in return Applejack confided things Rarity would never have known. Rarity found herself looking forward to their chats, late at night imagining them going on a walk in Paris, discussing food and art, laughing in the cool night air, hands touching...
  3. She squeezed her eyes tight and opened them again, breathing in deeply. Rarity couldn't risk this with her, she can't lose such a good friend. They just chatted, they weren't making out or anything, and they still called each other friends. Wasn't it a betrayal of their trust to think of her like that?
  4. ...Isn't it?
  5. She sighed and adjusted her jacket, warm zipup covering her short top. Whenever she went out to eat with a longer shirt she inevitably burst the seams, so with this outfit she could at least let out some of the pressure. Her lilac skirt fluttered in the breeze, butt just barely indenting in the fabric. Rounding the corner, stomach preceding her, she found Applejack sitting on a bench, reading her phone. "Hey, AJ!"
  6. Applejack's head shot up, twisting around nervously. Her surprised expression softened once she saw her caller. "There you are, Rarity!" She got to her feet and walked over to the door as Rarity met her there. "You ready for a meal?" She said, holding open the door and gesturing her in.
  7. "Always~" Rarity said, curtsying slightly and waddling past her with a giggle, thighs brushing across Applejack's front. She paid her way in and found a table, positioning two chairs next to each other for her to sit on before going to the wells to fill up her plate. Steak, chicken, flatbread pizza, she got as much as she could, bringing it back to her seat and beginning to chow down on it as Applejack arrived with a substantially smaller plate.
  8. Applejack smirked at Rarity as she dug into her food. "Enough for ya?"
  9. Rarity smirked back and turned up her nose as she pushed another bite of steak into her mouth. "Actually, no, but I can only bring so much at once!" Her eating started to increase in pace as she got into a pattern, alternating between food items in order to get the maximum taste out of each morsel. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Applejack staring at her stomach, growing gut inflating with food almost visibly with each swallow, but she tried to dismiss it. "How's your food?"
  10. "Wha? Oh, its, uh, fine!" AJ went back to her food, eating at a much slower rate, obviously distracted as Rarity finished off her plate. Before she could stand up, AJ shot to her feet. "I'll get the next plate!"
  11. "O-oh?"
  12. "Yeah! You, uh, look tired, and I can probably carry more!"
  13. "Well, in that case... You know what I like, I'd love some of the carbonara, if you could grab it, and maybe some of the breaded chicken?"
  14. "You got it!" AJ rushed off to the tables, leaving Rarity alone to herself. She fiddled with her jacket, making sure it was covering all of herself, accidentally noticing AJ's plate. She had barely touched it, and yet she was so enthused by getting more for her?
  15. The thought hadn't yet settled when AJ came back with a heaping plate of food that she set down in front of Rarity. Taking a chair closer to Rarity, she almost grabbed for her fork before stopping herself and zipping her hand back embarrasedly, for some reason. Rarity furrowed her brow and looked at her but found no malice, just a nervous but grinning woman. Sighing, she almost dug into her next plate when AJ coughed. Rarity stopped, looked at her, got no response except the same grin, then tried to start again. Another cough, another stop, another look, another false start. This time Rarity asked, "Is there something going on?"
  16. "Well, its just... you paid for our food, which was super generous, so I was wonderin' if maybe I could make it up to you by helping you eat! I'm real good at shoveling, so I could probably do it even faster than you can!"
  17. Rarity tilted her head, taking in the words. The request was strange but no ill will was detected, and if there was anybody she felt comfortable with feeding her it was Applejack... "I don't see any issue with it, so sure, let's try it out." Rarity leaned back in her chair closer to Applejack as she got a big forkful of pasta together, bringing it to her mouth. Rarity closed her lips around it, taking it in and swallowing it quickly as Applejack reached for the next.
  18. The farm girl wasn't lying, she was very quick with the food, so quick that even the eating contest champion Rarity had trouble keeping up with her at points. She still forced all of it down, even as two plates became four became eight, her jacket beginning to strain to contain her stomach. Her gut was almost spherical at this point, packed full of protein and pasta, the heaviness sending her head alight with joy. As the feeding went on she fell closer and closer to Applejack, chairs moving in until they were on top of each other, Rarity almost leaning onto AJ's shoulder while she steadied herself by putting her hands on her massive thighs. AJ smelled so sweet, a little apple scent to her, though sweeter than usual...
  19. Are you wearing perfume?" Rarity said between bites.
  20. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I, uh, figured it would make me smell nice for our outing together..."
  21. "I love it~" She purred out as the final plate finished off. Rarity didn't want AJ to get up this time, even if she was still hungry, she just wanted her close and tactile... When she left for the dessert, she frowned, wondering whether they could maybe just lay together sometime, just touching...
  22. What AJ came back with restored the smile to Rarity's face. An entire sheet cake, four feet by four feet, already cut up into squares. AJ winked as Rarity's eyes opened wide, unsure how she snuck that past the attendants. "For the sweetest girl, I got the sweetest thing~"
  23. When AJ sat down, Rarity sat up before lying down right in her lap, eliciting a blush from the orange-skinned woman. Smiling innocently, AJ smiled back before grabbing the first slice and bringing it to Rarity's mouth, beginning the feeding again.
  24. A timelapse video would show the cake methodically disappearing and Rarity's gut growing in radius, inches added to her already huge circumfrence. With the final bite Rarity beamed at AJ before loudly belching and apologizing profusely to a laughing Applejack. They stood up, AJ helping Rarity to her feet and helping support her bulk as they waddled out of the door, and the thoughts from before returned. She was so warm, so trusting... so loving. They exited into the cool night air and crossed the street to a small park, walking across the grass.
  25. They were too busy appreciating each other's touch to notice the tree root that tripped both of them.
  26. While Rarity naturally was cushioned by her mass, Applejack almost hit the hard ground when Rarity grabbed her head and pulled her to her stomach, softening the fall as much as she could.
  27. They laid there in the night, the dark and stars staring back as a hundred thoughts ran through their minds, minutes passing before they spoke again.
  28. "Applejack?"
  29. "Yeah?"
  30. "I love you."
  31. "...I love you too."
  32. WIth two smiles they held each other close, enjoying the warmth they shared.
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