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  1. *June 2018*
  2. Was in Atlanta, GA for a month doing an internship. Had no friends with me, was all alone. Wake up on my birthday to a message from a girl on Tinder. She's like perfectly my type so I actually talk to her instead of just not reply. We spend a week flirting then I ask her out. We go out. Easily the best date of my life. She's perfect, we click on every level, except we like our burgers cooked differently. I invite her back to the place I'm staying and she says yes. We watch Shrek and I ask if I can kiss her. We kiss for a while then oops we're naked. We're going at it and I decide to ask if I can tie her to something and then things get kinky. Best sex I've ever had. Made her breakfast in the morning and kissed her good bye. She says she really likes me and that I shouldn't ghost her because she wants to keep me around.
  4. *Mid June 2018*
  5. We've been talking during the day and hanging out on weekends. She spent the night with me once and I spent the night with her once. She introduced me to her best friend and her other friends. We all hung out together, it was fun. Things were going great. It felt super gay and stuff. I helped her install an air conditioner and move in to her new apartment. We continue going on dates now and again.
  7. Our second big date was a simple restaurant to ice cream to my place for sex, but again it was one of the best dates I've ever had. We were so similar it was scary. And the differences were pretty miniscule.
  9. *Early July 2018*
  10. She starts to text me less and being too busy to hang out, doesn't really give me any solid reason. Tells me she's busy or doesn't feel like doing something on a given day, but then she'll tell me the next day how she did something on that same day. Started to notice she really wasn't paying me any attention anymore despite saying she still liked me. Didn't see her for like two weeks.
  12. *Mid July 2018*
  13. I finally nail her down and I spend the night at her place. We go out drinking with her friends and then go back and pass out because we were so tired. We barely kissed or had sex that night but it was a great night with her. We woke up around 8, well she woke up around 8, and kept trying to get up. I kept her in bed till noon cause I didn't wanna move. We finally get up and she takes me to her favorite breakfast place that I fucking love and miss. All in all, a really good morning and I went home that night feeling amazing and good about our future. I didn't know that'd be the last time I'd ever see her.
  15. *Endish of July*
  16. She starts straight up dodging plans. Like, we'll have confirmed a time and date and she'll cancel last minute or literally just not talk to me when our plans were coming up. It got to the point where even though we had plans, I wouldn't get ready or go out until she confirmed she was on her way. So many plans fell through without her telling me.
  18. One night I say I'm feeling down and miss her and if she would like to go out for dinner (It was a Friday night), she says sure she'd love to. An hour later she says her friend invited her somewhere and if I wanted to go. I said I did. I never heard from her again that night. I cried and then went to a gay bar and got wasted. Ended up in a threeway with 2 random girls who picked me up. That's another story though.
  20. Texted her the next day and she said she was sorry. I wasn't a little mad but i stayed collected and said I wanted to meet for dinner and just talk about what we're going since I'm leaving after the summer's over. She said she wasn't feeling up to it and told me she'd get back to me. Something inside me told me that she had just spoken the last words to me she'd ever say.
  22. I didn't wait around to see if she would come back. I cancelled my internship (I hated it anyway), left Atlanta, and went back home. She didn't talk to me for 2 months
  24. *September 2018*
  25. I'm trashed and lonely in a bar and I text her asking what happened. To my surprise she replies immediately and starts apologizing. Says she got scared because she liked me so much and was afraid i wouldn't come back after the summer. I tell her I understand and that I'm not mad. I ask her if she still likes me cause I like her, she says yes. I say okay and then I drop it. I got closure and I was ready to move on with life even if I seemingly lost the perfect girl. I was ready to move on.
  27. *Two Weeks Later*
  28. She sends me a random text of a meme and I reply with something along the lines of "okay, why are we talking again". She says she didn't know why she texted me, but she missed me. I humor her. We talk every few days for the next couple weeks. We got sorta closer again.
  30. At some point she says she wants to make it up to me and visit me in my town, 4 hours away from Atlanta. I say that if she wants to come down, I would forgive her and love to see her. She said she'd try within the month.
  32. *October 2018*
  33. Haven't heard anything about her visiting, but I know she doesn't make a lot of money and works 2 jobs. So I'm not too mad, sometimes shit happens. She's just bad about communication...like really bad.
  35. I get an interview in Atlanta about 20 minutes from her town coincidentally. Ask her if she wants to get dinner, she seems excited and says yes. I get there the night before my interview and let her know I'm at my hotel. She says she's running errands till 8 or 9 and she'll text me when she's done. By the time 9:30 roles around and I've heard nothing, I figure she's disappeared again and I get dinner. Now I'm really mad. When I woke up the next morning, I still had no text.
  37. I sent her a pretty irate text and then did my interview. She tells me her phone died so she went home and went to sleep instead of waiting 2 minutes for her phone to power on and to send me a text saying she's too tired to make it. I would have understood, I'm literally so understanding. At this point I decide she's fucked me over twice now and I'm not letting her in my life again.
  39. *JANUARY 2019*
  40. This bitch 'accidentally' likes an instagram photo. She sends me a message and says she didn't mean to because she knows I hate her. I take the bait and start talking to her. We start talking again. That brings us to now where she's supposedly coming down Saturday night to spend the weekend with me.
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