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Malignant Melanie 1.05

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  1. Malignant Melanie [+Special Defense]
  2. Prerequisites: Begin by ending
  3. Static
  4. Your Black Medium and Dancer classes are replaced with the Gestalt Class Ouroburos (Black Medium + Dancer).  Whenever you take a feat in Ouroburos, you gain both a feature in Black Medium and in Dancer.  This only takes one class slot.  If you run out of feats in one class but not another, you gain the remaining feat and a General Feat.
  6. Segmentation Fault [+Special Defense]
  7. Prerequisites: Get glitchy as fuck
  8. Static
  9. You learn the moves Data Drain and Disrupting Wave.
  11. Lethargy[+Special Defense]
  12. Prerequisites: Readings on energy draining
  13. Special
  14. Whenever you inflict a given Volatile Status effect the first time in a scene on a given enemy, you gain 1 Drain stock.  Whenever you inflict a Persistent Status the first time effect on a given enemy, you gain 2 Drain Stocks.  You lose all Drain Stocks at the end of a Scene.  Stocks can be burnt in the following ways:
  15. -2 Stocks can be burnt to substitute for 1 AP on a Hex Maniac feature.
  16. -As a Swift action, whenever you inflict a Status effect, you may burn 2 Stocks to inflict Infatuation or Enraged.  Inflicting either of these with this effect does not qualify you for a new Drain Stock.  You may only use Drain Stocks you had before inflicting the status to use this effect.
  17. -As a Swift Action, you may burn a single stock to have you or an adjacent ally gain a tick of HP.  You can only spend one stock at a time for this.
  18. -As a Full Action, you may burn 5 Stocks to use the move Dark Void.
  19. -As a Swift Action, you may burn 1 Stock when using a damaging move to regain half of the damage dealt in HP.
  20. -As a Standard Action, you may burn 4 Stocks to give you or a single Ally the Chaos Aura for the rest of the scene.  If you use this effect again, the original target loses their Aura.
  22. Cycling Circle [+Special Defense]
  23. Prerequisites: See your end, and understand what your beginning begat
  24. Scene - Standard Action
  25. You place down a 3x3 Runic circle on the ground, with its center on any square within 4m of you.  You may place this circle underneath where combatants are standing. Whenever an enemy tries to move through the circle, they are slowed, and if they end their turn on the circle (they must be touching the ground, so Sky or Levitate movement is exempt), they suffer an AC 6 Status Attack with effects on hit depending on the Circle.  Additionally, any allies standing on a Circle at the end of their turn gain a tick of Temp HP.  Circles are treated as Hazards for the purposes of moves that interact with them.
  26. Circle types:
  27. Burning Circle: Burn
  28. Chaos Circle: Confusion
  29. Anger Circle: Enraged
  30. Snare Circle: Tripped
  31. Sleep Circle: Sleep
  32. Chain Circle: -2 Evasion
  33. Hood Circle: -2 Acc
  35. Bad Pointer [+Special Defense]
  36. Trigger:An ally or enemy makes a roll.
  37. Scene - Interrupt - Free Action
  38. Effect:
  39. Accuracy Roll: Swap the result of this roll with the result of the last roll made of this type.  If it would change a dependent damage roll (IE, by making a crit not a crit) reroll that.  Both rolls go off and do their effect, even if the earlier one would KO the user of the later roll or otherwise normally prevent the later one from going off, although you can still use this to make a move outright miss, you just can't prevent the attack from happening.
  40. Damage:  Swap this roll's base (IE damage base or skill rank) with the last roll of its type, then reroll both rolls, retroactively reapplying the previous roll.  Do not change attack and if an attack is a crit it stays a crit.  Both rolls go off and do their effect, even if the earlier one would KO the user of the later roll or otherwise normally prevent the later one from going off.
  42. Example:
  43. Tenebrae uses Storm Throw on an enemy, which is DB8 (normally 2d8+10), rolling 4d8+20 damage because Storm throw is always a crit.  The enemy counters with Blast Burn, which is DB17 (5d12+25), which hurts like hell and will murder Tenebrae.  Melanie uses Bad Pointer to swap the rolls.  Blast burn becomes DB8 and instead does 2d8+10, which is much more survivable, and Storm Throw becomes DB17, rolling 10d12+50 because Storm Throw is always a crit.  Tenebrae would normally KO the enemy and prevent it from using Blast Burn to begin with, but it still goes off and does damage before the enemy goes down.
  45. Anomaly [+SDf][Apotheosis]
  46. Static
  47. You gain the Apotheosis Samsaric Storm.
  49. Apotheosis: Samsaric Storm
  50. Type: Glitch
  51. AC: -
  52. Class: Status
  53. Range: Field, Free Action
  54. Effect: Gain 10 Drain stocks for Lethargy, plus an additional 1 stock for every injury you've inflicted on an enemy this fight.  All these added stocks disappear at the end of your turn.
  55. Special Modifiers:
  56. -There is no range limit to applying stock effects.  
  57. -Stock effects are all free actions for this turn, except for Dark Void.
  58. -The healing stock effect may burn as many stocks as you like, although it may only target one ally.
  59. -You may burn 3 stocks to give an ally a single at-will action.  You may not target the same ally for this multiple times.
  61. Apotheosis: Essentially a manifestation of the divine power that stems from a given human's subconscious.  Apotheosis moves are always Daily, and they Crack the AP bar of all allies, reducing it to half its max for the rest of the scene.
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