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Mic Stream Rules

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  1.     Extended Rules List
  2.     For Mic The Microphone’s
  3.     Stream Chat
  5.     Mic’s Official Rules (Word of God):
  7.     No Advertising.
  8.     ***Linking is fine, but no advertising or self promotion without Moderator consent.
  9.     ***If Mic is streaming you’ll need his personal consent.
  10.     No Chat Effects.
  11.     ***This means Bold, Underline, or Italics. These are reserved for the moderators.
  12.     Respect Others.
  13.     Respect the moderators.
  14.     ***Mods, respect the users and don’t abuse your powers unless it is really, really funny.
  15.     No Spam-baiting.
  16.     ***This is defined as anything which causes the chatroom to join into spam.
  17.     No starting pointless drama or potential debates that could lead to drama.
  18.     No Spoiling.
  19.     No Roleplaying.
  21.     Moderators Rules (Can be struck by mods or Mic at any time):
  23.     No discussion of suicide or depression.
  24.     ***If you are joking, this is incredibly offensive and tasteless. It’s never funny and always annoying.
  25.     ***If you are actually suicidal, no one in chat is a licensed psychologist and we will not tolerate anyone giving advice they haven’t gone and gotten a degree for. Please visit http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/. We mean no offense when we ban you from chat: We only mean to prevent ourselves from harming you.
  26.         If you need help, please immediately call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).
  27.     Rape jokes will be immediately banned.
  28.     ***Seriously? Do we even need to have this here?
  29.     ***I mean come on, seriously.
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