Scorpion Girl Quest List of Characters

Nov 24th, 2013
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  1. Hunzuu - You. Orphan turned abomination.
  3. The Great Priests - the leaders of Ligish's priestly caste, the masterminds behind your transformation.
  4. * The Blood Priest - The unofficial leader, trusts sorcery more than people, carefully hides his vices. His real name is Ubar-Sin.
  5. * The Bronze Priest - Doting father, powerful but disliked by the other priests.
  6. * The Gold Priest - Takes a long view of things, survives by avoiding attention
  7. * The Rain Priest - very old, probably the most reasonable of the bunch.
  8. * The Sand Priest - Acts almost comically sinister, might be a woman disguised as a man or a man disguised as a woman disguised as a man.
  10. Friends
  11. *Nakurtum, your combat instructor. Member of the Adventurers' School. Owed a debt of service to the Blood Priest after he saved her from a mortal wound and regrew her arm. Sees you as like family.
  12. *Nergal-Edir - The cook. Sullen hunchback, pretty cool toward you.
  13. *Tabni-Ninsun - The Bronze Priest's daughter. A little overweight, kind of a brat. Possibly upset that she's just lost two of her best friends.
  14. *Mr. Clicks - your pet scorpion. Likes locusts. Dislikes your hissing. Can be a naughty scorpion.
  15. *Dadanum - a guard in the pyramid. Son of an important member of the Archers' School, who hates him. Acquired an ancient set of leather armor. Afraid it might not look manly enough.
  16. *Soul-of-Lightning - centaur. Lived before the Great Flood, recently resurrected by the priests. Enjoys simple pleasures, mostly drinking. Left you to be with his kin in Turtak.
  17. *Ettu - blind nursemaid who helped raise you in a city poorhouse. Fell in love with a Footman while being held hostage, or so they say.
  18. *Meluku - 8 years old, a boy from your old poorhouse. Was subjected to some kind of magical transformation that turned his body gray and "half-created."
  19. *Kullaa - a blood acolyte. Nearsighted, good with children, hopes to master blood magic without becoming evil
  20. *Hillallum - A young scorpion-buy, the only one of your kind alive in the world. Son of two heroes on the ruling Council of Heroes in Zagros, and trained for greatness even before his transformation. Younger than you, and shy, but quite attractive in hos own way.
  22. Acquaintances
  23. *The King - 18, skinny, beardless, not a public speaker, considered weak by nearly everyone. Has a serious memory problem, which his advisors keep secret. Real name is Appan-El
  24. *Fancy Man - Member of the Archers' School. Flirty. Very fancy.
  25. *Rabi-Tammuz - A slave you purchased. Trained as a tailor, caught practicing amateur surgery.
  26. *Sharo - kind Footman who turned on Iltani when she beheaded his brother-in-arms.
  27. *Patience - A "heartless giant" created by the Charioteers. Has a man's head growing out of her chest. Can sense the evil influence of Pazuzu.
  28. *Mannuqappu - A ruling hero from the city of Zagros. Lost an eye, possibly to your mother.
  29. *Nur-Sin - A boy of 15 with the lower body of a centipede. The de facto ruler of Turtak now that Ligish has taken Turtak's prince hostage.
  31. Enemies
  32. *Ku-Aya - Spy, probably for Turtak, who tricked you into leaving the city while she robbed the priests' workshop and killed some guards. 10 years old, or at least looks 10. Has a piece of Pazuzu inside her. Currently a captive in the pyramid.
  33. *Iltani - "Farmer's daughter" with a strange amount of power in the Footmen's School. Might see prophetic visions of an attack by a monster called Pazuzu. Freakishly strong and skilled with blades. Currently free in the pyramid as you attempt to reform her. Has a piece of Pazuzu inside her.
  34. *The Wasp-woman - A monster recently awakened from hibernation beneath the earth. Lost a leg and some of her compound eyes in a fight with you. Has a piece of Pazuzu inside her.
  35. *The Lizard-man - a warrior of Turtak with four reptilian legs. Has sworn vengeance on you for killing his wife. Practices in Turtak's great fighting pits.
  37. Dead People
  38. *Your Mother - deceased. Alcoholic prostitute who was probably executed for gouging out a man's eye in a brawl.
  39. *Pazur-Ea - deceased. A promising young acolyte of the Blood Priest. Killed in battle with a giant mole-woman.
  40. *Buth-Shamash - commander of the Archers' School. Ancient, unsophisticated, almost blind, but respected by his fancy peers for his practical skills in combat and commerce. Killed in the siege of Turtak.
  41. *The Lammasu - envoy of the city of Turtak, recently attacked and demanded reparations from Ligish. Killed by you.
  42. *Ninurta-Nasir - Commander of the Footmen's School. Hot-tempered war hero. Killed in the siege of Turtak.
  43. *Ninlil - A mason's daughter turned into a half-lion monster. Has a roar that can carry for miles or influence the weak-minded, but has trouble speaking when not roaring. Slain in battle with the lizard-man.
  44. *Lady Amata - a leader of the dead scorpionfolk in the underworld. Enormous even by the standards of her people. Devoted to Ishtar because she believes the goddess may break open the gates of the underworld and give her people a new chance at life.
  46. The War Schools of Ligish
  47. * The Footmen's School - the most populous and powerful school, have effectively declared martial law, answering to no other force in the city. Patrol the streets at night.
  48. * The Charioteers' School - loyal to the king, even guarding the king's palace, even though it doesn't involve chariots.
  49. * The Archers' School - small but fabulously rich. Rivals of the Slingers' School. Made a deal with the priests to help guard a dig site where magic relics are found.
  50. * The Adventurer's School - loyal to the priests. Train small units of scouts, assassins, treasure hunters, thieves, and kidnappers. Scattered and broken in a giant maggot attack, but now being rebuilt.
  51. * The Petty-Wizards' School - loyal to the priests. Train magic-users. Lose more members to madness than war.
  52. * The Slingers' School - considered low class and ineffectual, consider themselves champions of the people. Recently made a truce with the Footmen and agreed to lift the curfew and share the streets.
  54. The Gods:
  56. Enlil: Air and storms. A leader of gods. Very Zeus-ish. Started the Great Flood.
  57. Anu: The highest heaven. Called father of them all, but usually not highest in authority.
  58. Shamash: Justice and the positive aspects of the sun. Judges even the other gods.
  59. Aruru: Life. Creator of humans.
  60. Sin: The moon and vigilance against evil
  61. Ereshkigal: The dead
  62. Nergal: The hot dry season, manhunters, and the negative aspects of the sun. Consort of Ereshkigal.
  63. Ninurta: Beast hunters and honorable warfare.
  64. Ishtar: Sex and total war.
  65. Tammuz: Rebirth. Husband to Ishtar.
  66. Ea: Earth and fresh water.
  67. Tiamat: Salt water. Mother of monsters. Killed by Marduk.
  68. Apsu: Former consort to Tiamat and primal god of fresh water. Dead.
  69. Marduk: Kingship and heroism. Not universally worshiped, because the cities that worship him are very antagonistic against the ones that hold other gods higher.
  70. Pazuzu: "The monster all other monsters fear." Tormented humanity and destroyed their cities in the troubled times before the Great Flood. Dead, but tends not to stay dead. Aruru has hidden pieces of him inside mortal creatures to weaken him.
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