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  1. 1. low-consume efficient : based on the advanced soft-switch technology (Zero-Voltage-Transition / Zero-Current-Transition PWM Converter), a novel design realized with no radiator
  2. 2. uninterruptible light supply : with backup battery, the design works fine at fieldwork, and brings bright when power failured.
  3. 3. adjustable : only single illuminating system is needed, adjusting illumination according to the requirement, and trade-off can be sleect between brightness and batt
  4. ery-time
  5. 4. novel single key control mode : only one normal bell button is needed to adjusting the illumination, simplified the installation, and easy to add the wireless switc
  6. h
  8. technical target
  9. 1. power supply voltage : 12v to 48v
  10. 2. delivered power: 0 to 70w
  11. 3. working mode : H-bridge PWM, completely separated ; 25 kHz to 250 kHz
  12. 4. energy efficient : 95%
  13. 5. battery solution: lead-acid battery, nickel-cadmium battery works fine; lithium battery is NOT suggested for security consideration but can be used.
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