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  1. T1 P1 ;lh carbide grizz
  2. T2 P2
  3. T3 P3
  4. T4 P4
  5. T5 P5
  6. T6 P6
  7. T7 P7
  8. T8 P8 X-0.974285 Z-0.415016 ;hss cutoff
  9. T9 P9 X-0.780428 Z0.234182 ;grizzly carbide cutoff
  10. T10 P10
  11. T91 P91
  12. T92 P92
  13. T93 P93
  14. T94 P94
  15. T95 P95
  16. T96 P96
  17. T97 P97
  18. T98 P98 X-1.5434 Z-0.610179
  19. T99 P99 X-1.31816 Z0.52056
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