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Jun 8th, 2017
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  1. >You and Anon sit on the couch, both grinning and high as hell.
  2. >It is Friday night, after all.
  3. >"Oooh, guess who has Boardwalk now, motherfucker!"
  4. "Oh fuck off! I've had nothing but shit luck this whole game!"
  5. >"Preachin' to the choir, honey!"
  6. >You shake your head and blow on the dice in your hands.
  7. "Come on, gimme some good shit, here!"
  8. >You vigorously shake them, then toss it on the board.
  9. >They glide off of it and roll under your TV stand.
  10. >There's a moment of silence between you.
  11. >"...Way to go, dumbass."
  12. "No you."
  13. >She glares at you.
  14. >"Y-you too, faggot."
  15. >You both share a small grin, before she hops off of the couch and moves to the TV stand.
  16. >She bends over and looks around.
  17. >Hind legs propped up, her rear in the air, and her head down.
  18. >You can't help but stare.
  19. >An opportunity like this rarely presents itself, you know.
  20. >You take note of those perfectly round hips.
  21. >Excellently plump, due to a mix of both Earth pony genes and not much exercise.
  22. >Not enough to make her fat- but plenty enough to make it more enticing.
  23. >Past her tail, you can see just a bit of that puffy horsepuss.
  24. >Sure, when she was a filly, it was kind of weird.
  25. >But since she's been with you, she definitely has grown.
  26. >Now she's practically a mare- not yet there, but definitely enough so that it's less weird.
  27. >More like a teen filly, if anything.
  28. >"Hey cumdump, go grab a flashlight, I can't see shit!"
  29. >You take your phone out of your pocket, then have a shameful idea.
  30. >Take the flash off, focus the camera a bit, aaand.
  31. >Got it.
  32. >Nice, this'll do for a few decades.
  33. >You stand up and walk on over to her, never taking your eyes off of that rump.
  34. >Like an art masterpiece, man you can't look away from it.
  35. >It's just so perfect, so smackable...
  36. >You peel your eyes away and peek under the stand with her.
  37. >Turn on the flashlight, and oh lovely, they're back up against the wall.
  38. >There are very few things that could reach that, and you're too high to want to look for them.
  39. >"G fucking g, I guess."
  40. >She stands back up and walks back to the couch.
  41. >You catch a quick glimpse of that puffy pony puss, too-
  42. >-No, stop it, man!
  43. >It's weird!
  44. >Sure, she may be a filly now, but you knew her human side just as well.
  45. >That really makes it weird.
  46. >She hops on top of the couch, and you follow.
  47. >You flop down and sigh.
  48. >"Man, you did that shit on purpose, didn't you?"
  49. >Confusion and fear spreads across your face as you think she may have seen you staring.
  50. >"You fucking tossed the dice under there just because you suck at Monopoly."
  51. >Relief washes over you, and a playful glare replaces it.
  52. "Hey, play me at anything that isn't a board game, and I will fucking destroy you."
  53. >She holds her hooves up.
  54. >"Yeah 'cause it's easy winning against a cripple, you faggot! Give me fingers and you're fucking dead, kiddo!"
  55. "Just wait until I get Risk, I'll wipe the fuckin' floor with ya."
  56. >"Wow, I didn't take you for such a fucking comedian! That's the funniest thing you've said yet!"
  57. >You pause, wondering how exactly to respond to that.
  58. >She watches with a smug smile, probably knowing that she already won.
  59. "No you!"
  60. >She raises an eyebrow, then slowly shakes her head.
  61. >"Tsk tsk, beaten by a filly in IRL shitposting. Your parents would be so proud."
  62. >You stand up from the couch.
  63. "Whatever, I'm grabbing a beer. Ya want one, or is it too much to handle for your frilly filly body?"
  64. >She glares again.
  65. >"Fuck off cunt, my liver mey be smol, but my vill to drink is still strong!"
  66. >You open the fridge and grab two beers.
  67. "That was the shittiest Russian accent I've ever heard in my life."
  68. >Two beers in hand, you walk on over to the couch and sit down.
  69. >You pop them open on your table and set them down.
  70. >Grab the remote, then flip through the channels.
  71. >Big surprise, it's all shit.
  72. >You swap over to Netflix, but there's really nothing you can think of watching, either.
  73. >With a sigh, you drop the remote and on your side.
  74. "Man, TV fucking sucks now."
  75. >"It's because you have shit taste, mate. Here, I got this."
  76. >She climbs onto your lap and reaches over to grab the remote in her mouth.
  77. >Right in front of you, that glorious flank.
  78. >Just a few inches away from the mark, stopped by small bits of clothing...
  79. >-No, stop that!
  80. >She retreats back to her side and sets the remote down.
  81. >Then she works the controls by holding it down with one hoof, then using the buttons with the other.
  82. >It looks pretty retarded, honestly.
  83. >She uses the keyboard and awkwardly types something in.
  84. >But you immediately know what she's searching for before she even finishes.
  85. >Definitely a favorite of yours.
  86. >You grab the remote and quickly type in the rest.
  87. >She just looks up at you.
  88. >"Fuck you, and your hands."
  89. "Maybe later."
  90. >She rolls her eyes, and you start the movie.
  91. >You set your beer on the table by your arm rest, then give the other to her.
  92. >Then you unconsciously sit her on your lap.
  93. >"Woah, what are you doing, faggot?"
  94. >You freeze, then take note of what you just did.
  95. >React quickly!
  96. "Oh fuck, I forgot you're not a cat."
  97. >"...Wow, I would say this is the weed talking, but I've always known you were retarded."
  98. >She takes a swig from her bottle, then lies down on your leg.
  99. >You kind of just stare longingly at her hips, sitting right on top of you.
  100. >With a swift hand, you put your beer by Jr, concealing him slightly.
  101. >Then Anon looks back at you, slightly annoyed.
  102. >"Well? You gonna pet me or what, faggot? Is this how you treat your cats?"
  103. >You blink, and open your mouth.
  104. >Nothing comes out, though.
  105. >She's actually giving you an opportunity, here.
  106. >Better not fuck it up by saying something retarded-
  107. >-Wait, what the hell are you talking about?
  108. >This isn't an actual grill, Anon!
  109. >She's your bro, remember?
  110. >You shake your head and silently do as you're told.
  111. >Just scratching your buddy's back- literally.
  112. >That's it.
  113. >Nothing more, nothing less.
  114. >You drink half the bottle in one sitting, then reach your hands over.
  115. >Hesitantly, you place them on her coat, and gently pet her.
  116. >Your focus isn't even on the movie, but the absolutely poundable ass sitting right next to-
  117. >-NO, STOP!
  118. >You shake your head clear, and continue to pet her.
  119. >Instead of looking down, you focus on the movie in front of you.
  120. >But really, all you do is stare at it.
  121. >Your mind is left elsewhere, and you wish you could stop it.
  122. >-Fuck it, she won't mind if you just take a peek...
  123. >Your gaze lowers again, and all your attention moves over to her haunches.
  124. >You can see both sides of her Cutie Mark right here, resting perfectly on your leg.
  125. >Oh lord, imagine just taking her to the wall and-
  126. >-Take a breath, Anon.
  127. >It's fine to look, but the last thing you'd want her to see is the dick fully activated.
  128. >-And the blush on her face, the half lidded gaze she'd give you before gently licking-
  129. >-Oooh man, you can't help it.
  130. >You gotta do something.
  131. >Just... just a small feel.
  132. >SOMETHING.
  133. >You continue to pet her back gently and firmly.
  134. >Then you slowly, ever so slightly, move a bit lower.
  135. >Right to her hips, then back up.
  136. >Just enough to feel her curves slightly.
  137. >And oh man, it felt wonderful.
  138. >You go for it again, maybe just a bit lower.
  139. >She doesn't seem to notice much, her eyes still fixated on the movie in front of her.
  140. >Her tail flicks slightly, moving from under her to give you more to see.
  141. >And now, you can just see the top part of her ponut.
  142. >Just right there, almost shining with the dim light of the TV's glow.
  143. >Against your wishes, the dick activates, threatening to knock over the bottle between your legs.
  144. >You pet again, holding your hands on her hips for just a little longer.
  145. >"-God, you fucking faggot! What is wrong with you?"
  146. >You freeze at the sight of Anon turning back, glaring at you again.
  147. >Like a fish, your mouth opens, but to no avail.
  148. >Then she holds the beer in her hooves and chugs the whole thing right there.
  149. >She places it on the table, then sits right on your lap, facing you with a big blush on her face.
  150. >"Fucking trying to tease me during a movie? That shit won't fly, you know."
  151. >She blows a bit of mane out of her face, then holds her hooves on your chest.
  152. >"Now you're either going to give it to me now, or you're going to be stuck taking pictures of my ass for the rest of your life."
  153. >She just...
  154. >I-is...
  155. "-What? Are you- huh?"
  156. >She quickly nods.
  157. >"I've been in heat for a goddamn good while, and I'm not taking a cold shower in the middle of the night. Just fucking fuck me."
  158. >She hiccups.
  159. >"N-no homo, of course."
  160. >You nod, maybe feeling you should have more thought into this.
  161. >But she's giving you a fucking green light, and this is all you've ever wanted.
  162. >You grab your beer, down the rest of it, then move your hands down to your pants.
  163. >She lifts herself up, allowing you to unzip and pull everything down.
  164. >The second you do, she wraps her hooves around your neck and pulls you in for a kiss.
  165. >It immediately becomes sloppy, and you both battle each other's tongues in your embrace.
  166. >While you're focused on that, you can feel her slowly sliding onto you.
  167. >"Hahh, oh, fuck..."
  168. >You hilt inside of her and lean forward a bit.
  169. >Her hind legs wrap around your waist while you both continue to kiss.
  170. >Instead of stopping, you both share your breaths with each other.
  171. >You slink one hand around her back, and another over to her tail, where you lightly tease her dock with a finger.
  172. >She pushes you back onto the couch and breaks the kiss, planting her hooves on your chest again.
  173. >"Man, you're s-such a fucking f-faggot."
  174. >She glances down at herself, and you move your hands over to her rump.
  175. >Finally, the moment you were waiting for.
  176. >You feel around her curves, her plush backside being everything you imagined.
  177. >You squeeze them slightly, rub around her Cutie Marks, just enjoying the feeling of having two handfuls of filly ass.
  178. >And it's all for you.
  179. >You move her hips around and grind her.
  180. >She bites her lip in response, giving you that lusty, half lidded gaze you wanted to see just a minute ago.
  181. >Only it's much, much hotter.
  182. >You thrust into her while you're still completely inside, and she lets out a tiny squeak.
  183. >She brings you in for another kiss while raising herself up, now resting about halfway up your length.
  184. >It's not difficult to see how hesitant she is, the way she slowly goes back down on you.
  185. "What, too much for you?"
  186. >Panting slightly, she manages to give you a glare.
  187. >"Fuck off, this is technically my first time..."
  188. >Adjusting herself on top of you, she looks your way again.
  189. >"Plus I kind of expected you to have a chode or something..."
  190. >You squeeze her flanks again, getting a yelp out of her.
  191. "Don't worry, you're in good hands."
  192. >She opens her mouth to speak, but you interrupt her with another thrust.
  193. >You've been waiting a long time for this.
  194. >And you're going to get everything you've wanted out of it.
  195. >Holding onto her ass, you continue to thrust at a decent pace.
  196. >But you make sure to push her down, and hilt every time you do you.
  197. >"H-ha-oh-hmm, f-fuck!"
  198. >The sound of flesh against flesh quickly changes, as the addition of more fluids come into play.
  199. >The feeling of her tight filly snatch hugging around your member is fucking heaven.
  200. >With the impact of every thrust, you can feel her rump jiggling in your hands.
  201. >Her legs start to twitch and shake lightly, and her tongue lolls out of her mouth.
  202. >"H-oh, f-fuck me! H-HARDER!"
  203. >She leans against you and rests her head on your shoulder, breathing heavily while she tries to control herself.
  204. >"Hmm, ohhh, fuck y-yes!"
  205. >You just continue to ram into her into jelly, while she lazily hugs you and pants.
  206. >Losing control of her hind legs, they fall to your sides, moving up and down with no resistance.
  207. >Slowing down, you decide to change the positions up a bit.
  208. >You also decide to lower the TV, so you can better hear her cute, high pitched panting.
  209. >Then you pick her up slightly, spinning her around so that she's facing the same way you are.
  210. >And now, you get the perfect view of those exceptional, super-breedable hips.
  211. >She turns back, giving you a loving, needy gaze.
  212. >She crosses her hind legs together and desperately grinds into you, letting a out a small whine in the process.
  213. >Choosing not to let her suffer further, you grab those two handfuls under her rump, pull her up just a bit, and start thrusting again.
  214. >The hard slapping and schlicking noise between you both fills the room, no doubt reaching the neighbors, as well.
  215. >But fuck the neighbors.
  216. >"AH! HAH! FUCK ME!"
  217. >Even her voice sounds needy, as she no doubt nears the end.
  218. >But you're much further behind.
  219. >"AH- I, I- HAH!"
  220. >You can feel her contracting around your member, but you don't let that stop you.
  221. >More fluids add to the pile, and she takes to panting heavily in between moans.
  222. >"OH PLEASE, MMMH!"
  223. >Boy, you sure didn't take Anon to be the screamer type.
  224. >With her cute, feminine voice, it does nothing but invigorate you.
  225. >Now, you move your hand under her hind legs, keeping them in place and crossed, while your other hand dips between her legs.
  226. >There, you feel the little nub that's been pressing against you every so often.
  227. >And now every time it does, you rub it as much as you can.
  228. >She squirms and shivers under your touch, one of her hind legs twitching often.
  229. >Never ceases to be cute, this one.
  230. >She leans her back against your chest, then moves a hoof around your neck.
  231. >Mustering a bit of strength, she turns and brings you in for another kiss.
  232. >You feverishly twist your tongues around each other, enjoying the extra sounds of sloppy sex filling the air.
  233. >Her breathing quickens, another whine interrupting her high pitch panting.
  234. >"HMMPH!"
  235. >She grinds you in a circle while her marehood clamps down on you again.
  236. >You can feel her climax, and pick up the pace just to get a reaction.
  237. >Her tongue lolls out of her mouth while you slam into her, and you figure it's time to swap positions again.
  238. >One that wouldn't exactly be comfortable on the couch like this.
  239. >You pick up the remote and turn the TV off, then flip her around again, hugging your chest.
  240. >She wraps her hind legs around your waist, you get off the couch with her in tow, and you walk over to your room.
  241. >She decides to pull you in for another makeout session while doing so.
  242. >Man, you sure didn't expect her to be this passionate, too.
  243. >Swinging the door open, you kick it closed and lie her on the bed.
  244. >Still panting heavily, you swear you can see hearts in those eyes of hers.
  245. >She puts her hooves on your shoulders.
  246. >"Take me, you fucking faggot."
  247. >You can't help but smile, and watch her expression as you plunge right into her again.
  248. >Her legs immediately lose their grip, and that desperate, needy look of hers slowly comes back.
  249. >You notice now that her mane is pretty messed up, hairs sticking out and losing the neat comb you've always seen to it.
  250. >It's... beautiful, to say the least.
  251. >In fact, to see the sarcastic, snarky little filly, reduced to a mess of sweat, cum and lust...
  252. >Man, it really is something special.
  253. >Now comfortable here in your room, you decide to slow things back down.
  254. >Which she seems to have no problems with.
  255. >Her panting slowly steadies into a normal breathing rhythm, and her loud moans turn into soft hums.
  256. >You can feel her hind legs moving with your hips, then have a great idea.
  257. >Sitting on your knees, you hold her sides and bring her hips towards you.
  258. "Just like that Cadence flash."
  259. >She looks at her position, then rolls her eyes.
  260. >"You're such a faggot, I swear."
  261. >And true to the game, you work at a slow pace, simply enjoying the sight of Anon being plundered by you.
  262. >So long, you've waited for this.
  263. >So very long.
  264. >Now without the panting, the only sound in the air is her moaning, as well as the slick, soft noise of you hilting inside of her.
  265. >"Hmmm..."
  266. >You hold both of her hind legs, rubbing the bottom of her hooves in hopes that it's sensitive.
  267. >"W-whoa, I- keep doing that!"
  268. >Jackpot.
  269. >You make sure to push all the way in her with every thrust, earning another moan every time you do.
  270. >Her eyes close slightly while you do, and she keeps them locked onto yours.
  271. >She winks every so often, adding to the constant pleasure you've been feeling.
  272. >And once again, you decide to swap positions.
  273. >Just for a different view.
  274. >You flip her on her stomach, and inch off of the bed.
  275. >Pull her hind legs back a bit, just so that they're hanging off the edge.
  276. >And, your bed being just the right height, her backside is perfectly aligned with your length.
  277. >She holds her legs together, and you get to enjoy the very, VERY arousing sight of her amazingly plush, heart-shaped lower half.
  278. >It truly is a sight to behold.
  279. >And hopefully, after today, it will be one you can see regularly.
  280. >Lining yourself up with her entrance, you hold onto those flanks, and slowly guide yourself in.
  281. >You watch her vulva spread apart for you, slick and glistening with her own excitement.
  282. >She holds her tail up and out of the way, allowing you to smash into her without any interference.
  283. >Her marehood caresses and holds on, yet allows you to easily glide in and out of her.
  284. >The sound you both make is now only louder, with the addition of her thighs being pounded into.
  285. >And with this sight, you think you should.
  286. >Still stroking her whole rump, you slowly pick up the pace.
  287. >"Mmm, oh, here we go!"
  288. >Now in a more comfortable position, she pushes herself against your thrusts, resulting in an even harder impact.
  289. >And with it, an even louder noise.
  290. >You keep the pace growing steadily, enjoying once again the sight of her ass jiggling with every slap.
  291. >"Ohh, oh please, harder!"
  292. >Harder, eh?
  293. >Alrighty!
  294. >With one hand, you steady her rump, and you pull her tail with the other.
  295. >Not enough to hurt, but enough to add that bit of flare.
  296. >Besides, she asked for it.
  297. >You really ram into her, the soft clapping noise quickly becoming the loudest thing in the whole house.
  298. >"Yes, please! Give it to me!"
  299. >She spreads her hind legs apart, giving you another view that you very much enjoy.
  300. >Her breathing quickly becomes more erratic, and her tongue lolls out again.
  301. >Instead of holding her head up, she rests it on the bed while you keep going.
  302. >"Yes, yes! Y-YES-AHH!"
  303. >She climaxes again, her left leg twitching again.
  304. >When her walls tighten up around you, a different feeling finally arises.
  305. >You're close, now.
  306. >And while you love the sight of her like this, you want something different.
  307. >You want to see her face when you finish.
  308. >Flipping her on her back again, you climb up and loom over her for a second.
  309. >Her hooves all wrap around you, like you're gonna fly away at any moment.
  310. >You quickly stop, then pull out of her.
  311. >She looks super confused and disappointed for a moment.
  312. >You quickly take the rest of your clothes off, then jump back in.
  313. >Now everything just seems to be amplified.
  314. >You can feel the warmth of her coat, as well as how soft it is against your skin.
  315. >And despite really having no interference earlier, now you feel like a barrier's been lifted.
  316. >Pressing your chest against hers, you bring her in for another kiss.
  317. >Not wet and sloppy like the others, but nice and pleasant.
  318. >Your own climax finally nears, slowly rising to the surface.
  319. >With renewed vigor, you slam your hips into hers, grinding every so often to make it last longer.
  320. >Anon breaks the kiss, nothing but carnal desire plastered on her face.
  321. >"Y-you better cum inside!"
  322. >That throws you off.
  323. "Wait, wh-wha-"
  325. >Her words give you an even bigger boost of energy, and you work towards doing just that.
  326. >While her breathing becomes more erratic, so does yours.
  327. >"OHHH, FUCK!"
  328. >Her pants become higher pitched and quicker, and you both share your final kiss.
  329. >The feeling quickly rises to the surface, and her hind legs tighten around you.
  330. >"CUM IN ME! D-DO IT! DO-AHH!"
  331. >With one more thrust, you charge into her and let all of it out.
  332. >Pleasure surges throughout your body at an alarming rate, and you grind into her while you completely fill her up.
  333. >You've never cum this much in your entire goddamn life.
  334. >"Hmmph..."
  335. >You slowly push in and out of her a few more times, just until you're completely out of it.
  336. >When you break, she looks up at you, fucked silly and looking super exhausted.
  337. >With this dopey smile on her face, she gives you one small peck, before relaxing her whole body.
  338. >Wasting no time, you hop onto the bed and rest your head on a pillow, holding Anon right on top of you.
  339. >You also keep yourself inside of her.
  340. >Gotta keep the little man warm.
  341. >She rests her head on your chest, still smiling.
  342. >"I've waited a long, long time to do that."
  343. >You match her own smile and sigh.
  344. "Well, now it can become a regular thing, right?"
  345. >She nods.
  346. >"It damn well better be. And you better be ready to do the same in the morning- this damn heat is terrible."
  347. >A soft, content sigh escapes her as well.
  348. >"No homo, though... Faggot."
  349. >A silence looms for a second, then you both laugh.
  350. >You pull a blanket over, and she makes herself comfortable on top of you.
  351. >"Goodnight, nigger."
  352. "Night, cumdump."
  353. >She snorts and softly shakes her head.
  354. >"Yeah, if only YOU were the filly."
  355. >You smile and slink your arms around her back, hugging her close to you.
  356. >Man, what a great way to end Friday night.
  357. >And while you drift off, you think, tomorrow will probably be much better.
  358. >All because of her.
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