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  1. A Life Orb set containing Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Knock Off, and Superpower with a 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe (Naive) spread can be used for an attack boost without having to waste a turn, but the Nasty Plot set is generally preferred because it doesn't put Simipour on a timer, and Nasty Plot gives you a bigger boost than Life Orb anyway. In addition, Life Orb's recoil makes Simipour easier to revenge kill, and mixed variants still suffer competition from Floatzel. Grass Knot can be run for alternative coverage, hitting things like Silvally-Water, but this comes with the cost of either being walled by things like Regice and Abomasnow or making it harder for Simipour to set up. Taunt can be used to improve Simipour's matchup against stall, rendering things like Bronzor and Pyukumuku worthless, but this hinders Simipour's matchup against offensive teams. If you choose to run Focus Blast, Fightinium Z can be run to OHKO Lickilicky without rocks, but Hydro Vortex provides more valuable OHKOs, and Hydro Vortex already OHKOs Lickilicky after rocks anyway. Hyper Beam with Normalium Z can be run to break bulky Water-types like Silvally-Water, but it's missing out on valuable OHKO's that Hydro Vortex provides, in addition to +2 Hydro Vortex 2HKOs most of the things you would use Hyper Beam for. Scald can be used over Hydro Pump for added accuracy and a shot at a burn, but it's much weaker, hindering Simipour's wallbreaking abilities. Salac Berry and Gluttony can be run with Substitute to make Simipour harder to revenge kill, but Simipour misses the one-time nuke that Waterium Z provides.
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