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  40. Three men and a woman called Circe politely call on the country home of Steed's friends, married couple Bill and Laura Bassett. Unfortunately their visit turns sinister as they plan to implant explosives into the throats of the couple and send them off to destroy a nearby peace conference. Happily for the Bassetts - and the conference - Steed is coming to visit for the weekend, and he knows what to do.
  41. Steed and Tara are due some holiday time so she decides to do a spot of sailing in the Channel while he is planning to visit some old friends in the country and get some shooting in… of course things don&#39;t go quite as planned. A group of criminals have taken over the house of Steed&#39;s friends and placed small explosive devices in their necks… if they don&#39;t do what they are told the charges will be detonated. The group, consisting of three men and a woman have not stated why they have taken over the house but it is clear that it they intend to remain there for some time. When Steed arrives he wishes everybody a happy Christmas, which is a little odd as it is February… the reason is explained though. He soon senses that there is something wrong with his friends&#39; other guests but nothing he can put his finger on. They are keen to get rid of Steed so it isn&#39;t the local pheasants that will be in danger when a morning&#39;s shooting is proposed!<br/><br/>This is a fairly atypical episode; there isn&#39;t the usual campness and for most of the episode Tara in nowhere to be seen. Instead we get a very claustrophobic feel as Steed&#39;s friends, Bill and Laura Bassett are held prisoner in their own home and after their servant is killed they realise their captors aren&#39;t to be trifled with. The tension rises further when Steed arrives and when they go out for their shoot Steed looks genuinely concerned for his safety and even a little ruffled. The villains are frightening; not because they are always yelling at their captors; indeed they are frightening because they are almost polite… I say almost as it is clear that they are contemptuous of the Bassetts… after all what sort of person drinks instant coffee?! Tom Adams is suitably unpleasant as Fenton Grenville, the leader of the villains and Hilary Pritchard in memorable as Circe Bishop; the inventor of the &#39;throat bombs&#39;. When we learn of their intentions it isn&#39;t too far-fetched… a plan to assassinate various dignitaries at a site visible from the Bassett&#39;s upper windows. Overall I really enjoyed this episode although people hoping for a typically surreal episode may be a little disappointed.
  42. &#39;Take-Over&#39;, written by Terry Nation, is without doubt one of the finest episodes of the Thorson series, even though poor Linda hardly features in it! It begins with a Rolls Royce moving through open countryside. No, it is not Steed&#39;s, but belongs to one Fenton Grenville ( Tom Adams ). Also in the car is a man with a gun trained on him. The car stops, both Grenville and the driver leave. The man tries to get away. Grenville casually takes a lighter from his pocket, and flicks it on. The running man stops, clutching his throat in agony. A wisp of smoke pours forth. He drops down dead. Looking pleased with themselves, the villains drive off.<br/><br/>Steed is planning on spending a weekend in the country with a pair of old friends - Bill Basset ( Michael Gwynn ) and wife Laura ( Elisabeth Sellars ). He arrives to find Grenville in residence, along with two other men ( Garfield Morgan and Keith Buckley ) and a strange young woman called Circe Bishop ( Hilary Pritchard ).<br/><br/>Grenville shares Steed&#39;s love of music and art and hunting. Steed suspects something is wrong. Searching the house, he finds Sergeant Groom ( John Comer ) - the Basset&#39;s manservant - dead inside a cupboard. Grenville has planted phosphor bombs in the Basset&#39;s throats, which can be detonated by the gadget contained within his lighter. He has taken over the house as he wishes to assassinate foreign Ministers at a conference soon to take place at a nearby house...<br/><br/>The first thing to be said for &#39;Take-Over&#39; is that it does not feel like your typical &#39;Avengers&#39; episode - it is dark, claustrophobic, and lacks the camp humour the series was known for. The villains are a cultured lot - Grenville is as charming and sophisticated as Steed himself - and their verbal jousting is a joy to watch. Its hard to imagine them as Russian spies, one presumes they want to carry out the assassination out of misguided patriotism. Tom Adams is excellent as &#39;Grenville&#39;; he had played British agent &#39;Charles Vine&#39; in three low-budget Bond spoofs, and later appeared in &#39;Spy Trap&#39; and &#39;The Enigma Files&#39;. But stealing the show is the lovely ( and alas deceased ) Hilary Pritchard as &#39;Circe&#39;. The woman is a genius, but also psychotic, not to mention rather vain. Pritchard gives Circe a beguiling child-like quality; for instance, when she overhears the Bassets plotting to escape, she sings: &quot;I&#39;m going to tell on you!&quot;. Later we see her cutting letters out of a newspaper so that when it is held up the word &#39;BANG!&#39; can be seen. It is a shame the actress - used mainly as crumpet fodder in shows like Frankie Howerd&#39;s &#39;Whoops Bagdad&#39; - did not get more roles like this.<br/><br/>Robert Fuest lets his imagination run riot, coming up with some extraordinary visuals, some of the best in the show&#39;s history.<br/><br/>&#39;Take-Over&#39; is a tour-de-force, brilliantly written, acted and directed. A pity the costume department did not find Garfield Morgan a better wig though. At times he strongly resembles Bernard Bresslaw.
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