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  2. Average Warlock
  3. Black Hair
  4. Green Eyes
  5. Pale complexion.
  6. Scars / Fel Runes
  8. Guild has connections to the guard and the nobility of Stormwind, confirmed by someone in her group (A councilwoman.) The same guild is most likely covering for her to cover her ass, and may have tried to lead Zeke into a trap to silence him. Their connections may be how Karou keeps getting away with it. ((Postpone using this info.))
  10. Plays victim / plays coy, purposefully sly and cunty.
  12. Planned attack on Cathedral, murdered Caleronn and fought a paladin friend of his.
  13. Hangs around the lamb, murdered a priest.
  15. Has runes on her body that will unleash nether portals upon Azeroth and or Stormwind, made pointless with the Illidari so accessible in the city.
  17. Succubus blood, will possibly use charms upon my person but will most likely fail due to the fact I am a feller's feller.
  19. Apparently eats magic.
  21. Evidence found: Night Elf Canines, Green Hair, Rotted Purple Flesh
  24. __________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. Pictures Taken:
  27. A Fel ritual circle near a long since dried pool of blood, it trails off some ways off photo to the left. A good ways away from the ritual circle is a mark of necromantic magic. The trail doesn't go up the stairs to the main Lamb floors.
  29. The deepest part of the catacombs show a repeated series of pools where the victim was most likely bludgeoned to death via the floor, pictures of missing teeth and strands of green hair have been taken.
  31. Pictures of Cookie Crumbs long since stale. Death scene, resurrection scene, and tavern itself.
  33. Two new pictures. A masked rogue sort and masked Warlock sort surrounding a simply clad Night Elf. Followed by a picture of the rogue friend that hangs around the omega bitch, same armor set.
  34. ________________________________________________________________________
  35. "Victim (Neveren Leafvein) has confirmed killer was a warlock. Victim is a priest. The grumpy necromancer was actually correct. Question... further."
  37. "My soothesayer was being manipulated when aiding you. I could sense it. I believe that... someone nearby was manipulating things. I can not go into further detail, beyond to say that... I believe your notations to be accurate." -Unknown Name, Connection with the criminal, does not wish to be associated with her. -((Tracey, Figurehead of Nobility, OOC info))
  39. "Your man there was indeed murdered in a rather terrible fashion... and then forcibly resurrected. Considering he is a man of the Light... needless to say that was... a most painful experience. There also seems to be a spell on his tongue. It is not gone, just made to appear that way." Gabreyl Dawncast's Post-Mind-Scry Testimony
  40. vvvvvvvvvvvvv
  41. (Karou holding her hand over his mouth and chanting in demonic was clearly this spell, she said he was mute and it was just a game they played. Bullshit. Zeke and others witnessed this.)
  42. ________________________________________________________
  44. Neveren's Further Testimony: "He was very kind." "Pain and I know the necromancer's face. He gave me life, even if it is cursed now." "I do not remember who had the cookies. I was given a cookie, it tasted of blood. I could not see well."
  46. "I recall he was a human man. I do not remember another necromancer. I was put upstairs with people at a table and my face returned."
  48. "There was a druid at the table. Maybe she healed?"
  50. Kind man, human, gave out cookies, resurrected Neveren even if it was risky and it was bad. Brought him upstairs to be healed. He had a second caster helping him.
  52. Druid helped heal Neveren and restore his face.
  55. __________________________________________________
  57. Neveren was kidnapped by two individuals and seemingly had his memory erased, one of which a warlock and the other the rogue creep hanging around Karou, with a mask on, but the same build and armor.
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