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Smogoon Feb 15th, 2013 71 Never
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  1. Soul_Fly: So topic of the day is rmance? ugh
  2. Shadow Lugia ✄: gl tctony
  3. ~Zarel: you like being single and doing not-sex things with a girl
  4. Shadow Lugia ✄: it's tony vs me
  5. Audi97: Modest or timid Starmie?
  6. ~Zarel: I think that's called friendship
  7. %MikeDecIsHere: .
  8. KittyStar: i have 4 teams
  9. Shadow Lugia ✄: I'm using misty
  10. ▲Legend Fla▲: I finished Pokemon Colosseum a while ago.
  11. Shadow Lugia ✄: modest
  12. DesmondtheMoonBear: just find someone online named Lennae and hook up
  13. %Great Mighty Doom: he did that spammy stuff eralier too
  14. %MikeDecIsHere: Zarel
  15. %MikeDecIsHere: we do shit
  16. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4
  17. +Diatom ⌫: 5
  18. DesmondtheMoonBear: online ofc
  19. Audi97: ok thanks
  20. Shadow Lugia ✄: 2
  21. %Great Mighty Doom: 7
  22. Elite Four Kozman: Don't be so reasonable here.
  23. %MikeDecIsHere: just not actually sex
  24. ~Zarel: lol, I'm teasing you, relax :P
  25. Shadow Lugia ✄: 2.5
  26. %MikeDecIsHere: lol
  27. ▲Legend Fla▲: I also beat Mt. battle a few times - but do you have to purify all the Pokemon for Shaodw Ho-Oh?
  28. Understudy Val: The interwebs is basically free pleasure, and its FREE!!!
  29. %MikeDecIsHere: meanie >_>
  30. BackgroundGuy: ho-oh is too busy chilling on top of mount battle to be a shadow ho-oh
  31. Soul_Fly: wtf
  32. Elite Four Kozman: 3.5
  33. DesmondtheMoonBear: 1.54895748972345546
  34. &Hugendugen: didnt wanna know about your scat fetish
  35. MudcrabDL: he just hasn't taken a swizzle in her swazz yet, god
  36. • %MikeDecIsHere cry
  37. Shadow Lugia ✄: lol
  38. %MikeDecIsHere: .
  39. %Great Mighty Doom: no desmond
  40. BackgroundGuy: it's just a normal hooh
  41. %MikeDecIsHere: Hugen
  42. Shadow Lugia ✄: but we made him shadow anyway
  43. @MJB: wtf is a scat?
  44. • +Smogoon pet MikeDecIsHere
  45. Shadow Lugia ✄: scatman
  46. %Great Mighty Doom: we don't want ur decimals
  47. +Smogoon: scat
  48. +Diatom ⌫: scat
  49. Shadow Lugia ✄: shoobie doobie
  50. Understudy Val: There is nothing better than FREE pleasure!
  51. ~Zarel: You don't want to know
  52. %MikeDecIsHere: why are you telling us about your scat fetish man
  53. %Great Mighty Doom: unless it's pi
  54. %The Captain: MikeDecsHarem
  55. +Diatom ⌫: damnit smogoon
  57. DesmondtheMoonBear: 1 and 1/35325436344645635
  58. %MikeDecIsHere: that's gross
  59. %Great Mighty Doom: I'm hungrey
  60. DesmondtheMoonBear: its fraction
  61. megaman266: one the meanings of scat is eating your own poop iam not lying
  62. %MikeDecIsHere: the fuck is a harem?
  63. %Great Mighty Doom: smogoon less caps
  64. %Great Mighty Doom: and stuff
  65. &Mikel: can you guys stop linking shit pics
  66. Audi97: I hate mathematics!!!
  67. &Mikel: thanks
  68. %The Captain: harem
  69. %The Captain: there you go mike
  70. %Great Mighty Doom: .
  71. ~Zarel: Who mentioned harems?
  72. +Diatom ⌫: harlem shake
  73. Understudy Val: With real women you have to 'Interact' and 'Care' and SPEND MONEY
  74. Delcatty<3: #pokemon
  75. Understudy Val: terrible
  76. %The Captain: I did
  77. ▲Legend Fla▲: At the top of Mt Battle in Colosseu, is it a Shaodw Ho-Oh?
  78. &Hugendugen: lol Diatom
  79. Understudy Val: never do those things
  80. %MikeDecIsHere: Oh
  81. gqqg: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/randombattle9879297 \m/
  82. MudcrabDL: what the crap is a blue waffle
  83. DesmondtheMoonBear: stop asking questions people, i need to finish making this team
  84. %MikeDecIsHere: no, it's not that many
  85. +Smogoon: Okay, ewwwwww
  86. BackgroundGuy: no, it's a regular ho-oh
  87. %MikeDecIsHere: only like two
  88. Elite Four Kozman: I thought I liked math, but as it turned out I am only good at arithmitic.
  89. ▲Legend Fla▲: Ahh.
  90. Dragonmaster255: good bye guys?
  91. Chaos Dragon: Dragonmaster, give me like a couple minutes to make a team ok?
  92. Press: you get ho-oh for beating mount battle in both modes
  93. +Diatom ⌫: I love math
  94. ▲Legend Fla▲: How do I encounter it?
  95. Press: and purifying everything
  96. Dragonmaster255: good bye!
  97. %Great Mighty Doom: mudcrab you don't want to know
  98. +Captain Striations: Hello all
  99. ▲Legend Fla▲: I've already beaten Mt. Battle.
  100. Elite Four Kozman: arithmetic*
  101. +Captain Striations: i'm lagging like craaaazy
  102. BackgroundGuy: given to you for reasons
  103. %Great Mighty Doom: no one talk about it please
  104. +Diatom ⌫: no lag for me
  105. DesmondtheMoonBear: I love math, but i hate it at the same time
  106. Press: The game just gives it to you and puts it in your box
  107. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4 and that's the team ill battle u with
  108. Chaos Dragon: nevermind Dragonmaster :/
  109. Soul_Fly: high actibity period
  110. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4 and that's the team ill battle u with
  111. ▲Legend Fla▲: owut?
  112. Dragonmaster255: ok chaos, I have to go eat. I am hungry .I will find you sometime in the future.
  113. MudcrabDL: is it like, blueberry waffles? because that sounds delicious
  114. bobsaget1300: 3
  115. %MikeDecIsHere: Captain, does two girls count as that?
  116. Understudy Val: Restart that browser girl
  117. hoodralts: Wat's harder? maths or comepetitive pokemanz?
  118. ButteredToast: /avatar 80
  119. Dragonmaster255: Bye Bye everybody!
  120. %Great Mighty Doom: less spam kitty star
  121. jacaldwell: n
  122. omoiuchiha: pre calculous :|
  123. +Diatom ⌫: try /avatar 80, no space before the /
  124. Understudy Val: Women, hardest hing i know
  125. Elite Four Kozman: mash seems harder to me...
  126. %Great Mighty Doom: depends on what maths it is
  127. ajhynson: differential eqs is harder than this
  128. hoodralts: also best avatar is /43
  129. +Diatom ⌫: I love calculus
  130. %MikeDecIsHere: lol
  131. ~Zarel: MikeDec, do the girls know each other?
  132. %Great Mighty Doom: school maths is easier than mons easy
  133. %MikeDecIsHere: diff eq
  134. %MikeDecIsHere: that's easy math
  135. omoiuchiha: algebra2 and precal (/_\)
  136. +Diatom ⌫: precal is so easy
  137. hoodralts: diatom teach me algebra!!!
  138. Benevolence: modern algebra
  139. %MikeDecIsHere: and no, they don't (at least I don't think so)
  140. Elite Four Kozman: math*
  141. ~Zarel: See, if the girls compete for you, that's a harem. If they don't know about the other's existence, that's just sleazy, man.
  142. ajhynson: still harder than pokemon
  143. +Diatom ⌫: x+x=2x
  144. DesmondtheMoonBear: Factor 8x + 8, ok 8(x+8) but when it's like factor completyl assmung x = 3 is a factor 12x^6765 + 23432x -12 i just say no
  145. +Diatom ⌫: that's your algebra lesson
  146. hoodralts: i get my ass kicked everytime i even get near a math book
  147. Understudy Val: Girls are gross, internet is soooo much better
  148. %Great Mighty Doom: by school mathsI also mean senior assements
  149. +Captain Striations: lol diatom
  150. Brandon070241: vagina
  151. marble3: youuuuuuuuuu
  152. Elite Four Kozman: I am terrible at algebra
  153. hindoongi: lasso?
  154. %Great Mighty Doom: less stretchman
  155. %MikeDecIsHere: Please
  156. DesmondtheMoonBear: x+3 not x=3
  157. %MikeDecIsHere: it's not sleazy
  158. +Captain Striations: Maths isn't all that hard guys
  159. Brandon070241: vagina
  160. %MikeDecIsHere: it's just being single
  161. marble3: 3x+33=9x+11
  162. +Diatom ⌫: I love integration by parts
  163. +Captain Striations: ^
  164. Kings Spirit: how do i change my character?
  165. Kings Spirit: thingie
  166. megaman266: math is really freaking easy
  167. +Diatom ⌫: !avatars
  168. Want a custom avatar?
  169. - How to change your avatar
  170. DesmondtheMoonBear: whats infinity + 10?
  171. %Great Mighty Doom: that plus suits you captain striatioons
  172. Kings Spirit: and my name colour
  173. Soul_Fly: i HATE integration by parts
  174. Kings Spirit: thanks!
  175. MudcrabDL: If they both enjoy sex and enjoy single life then sure, why is that sleazy
  176. flareblade26: people enjoy forfeiting in OU matches
  177. %MikeDecIsHere: also, anyone here taking graph theory?
  178. • +Smogoon was truck with fatigue...
  179. +BlackShadowWave: Abstract math gets a LOT more difficult
  180. Eisenheim: wtf? a lot of nerds...
  181. hoodralts: being single sux! unless u got mad game and u go clubbing every other day
  182. Understudy Val: Girls are sleazy, but act like they arent, internet is honest, except Trojans.....lies
  183. ~Zarel: I AM
  184. marble3: inifinity +10 is
  185. hoodralts: in which case, its great!
  186. marble3: undefined
  187. flareblade26: the farthest I've gotten was 2 oppenents down
  188. +Captain Striations: it's still infinity
  189. %MikeDecIsHere: really?
  190. Benevolence: tsk tsk showdown's still taking scrub math classes v_v
  191. ~Zarel: I'm taking graph theory! :D
  192. %MikeDecIsHere: what you think of it?
  193. +Diatom ⌫: infinity + 10 = ∞
  194. DesmondtheMoonBear: its just infinity + 10 :P
  195. marble3: undefined
  196. vileman: a friend tried to convinve me that its possible to divide by 0
  197. ~Zarel: It's fun :D
  198. %MikeDecIsHere: Yeah
  199. a lek lek: a
  200. megaman266: i don't care that iam a nerd
  201. flareblade26: the person I just faced quit almost immedeatly without picking a starter
  202. vileman: i never spoke to him again cause of his stupidity
  203. Spongebuddy: im not single. but it helps that my bf is as much a nerd as i am
  204. DesmondtheMoonBear: no infinity isnt an integer, so 10 cant be added
  205. +Light Mew☆: Hi Zarel! :D
  206. Soul_Fly: Showdown chat is a cocktail of sex, math and fetish
  207. %Great Mighty Doom: lol
  208. marble3: anything divided by 0 is
  209. marble3: inifnity
  210. %Great Mighty Doom: dividing by zero
  211. %MikeDecIsHere: It's actually the easiest theoretical math course I've taken imo
  212. ~Zarel: benevolence so judgmental
  213. marble3: aka undefined
  214. %MikeDecIsHere: but it's cool
  215. +Captain Striations: LOL soulfly
  216. ~Zarel: I know
  217. Houser's Rapist: anyone wanna play a custombattle?
  218. ~Zarel: it's fun though
  219. +thattroll: this chat has nothing on 4chan :P
  220. hoodralts: NERD! Pokemanz is onry for us jocks
  221. The Zororoaster: Yes
  222. hoodralts: ;)
  223. +Diatom ⌫: 4chan sucks
  224. The Zororoaster: Custombattle me
  225. ▲Legend Fla▲: Guys look what I made in Photoshop :DF
  226. ▲Legend Fla▲: http://puu.sh/23fSm
  227. %MikeDecIsHere: I am a jock :v
  228. DesmondtheMoonBear: no u cant devide by 0
  229. Subject 18: 4chan blows
  230. Understudy Val: I will never date women, how disgusting
  231. DesmondtheMoonBear: its not infinity
  232. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  233. +thattroll: 4chan makes me feel normal
  234. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  235. Kings Spirit: !avatar 293
  236. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  237. +thattroll: i like it haha
  238. megaman266: dividing anything by zero is zero
  239. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  240. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  241. +IceyCold: Legend, really nice.
  242. hoodralts: lol mike
  243. DudeFightin: http://xat.com/PokemonShowdownOnline
  244. DudeFightin was muted by MikeDecIsHere.
  245. DudeFightin was banned by MJB.
  246. DudeFightin was banned by Zarel.
  247. ▲Legend Fla▲: Thank ya
  248. DudeFightin was muted by Great Mighty Doom.
  249. +IceyCold: Dude, please dont spam...
  250. Soul_Fly: WTF
  251. Dandizzle: wow
  252. +Smogoon: oh shit
  253. %MikeDecIsHere: I win
  254. vileman: its not like infinite 0's are going to complete a number
  255. +Diatom ⌫: *EVERYONE TYPE /CLEAR*
  256. %Great Mighty Doom: lol
  257. carlll008: anybody wanna do monotype?
  258. Dandizzle: you just jumped on that guy
  259. ~Zarel: At least I ninjaed Doom.
  260. Dandizzle: so quickly
  261. Elite Four Kozman: yes carll
  262. ~Zarel: I was in the middle of typing something
  263. The Zororoaster: What is the point of having an xat chat for a site with a chaat feature?
  264. +Smogoon: http://i.imgur.com/epNlMs5.gif
  265. hoodralts: anybody else here gonna watch the hell out of that renan barao fight 2mm?
  266. Elite Four Kozman: carlll088*
  267. • +Smogoon flees
  268. hoodralts: good stuff guys
  269. @MJB: i was alt tab'd
  270. %MikeDecIsHere: excuses
  271. %Great Mighty Doom: I jus needed to make sure muted if ban evade y/n
  272. %MikeDecIsHere: okay
  273. Dandizzle: you guys should work for the secret service
  274. DudeFightin was muted by The Captain.
  275. Soul_Fly: PS! has an irc lobby
  276. +Captain Striations: does clear make you lag less?
  277. %The Captain: oh
  278. %Great Mighty Doom: o I'm a bit drunk btw
  279. +Flares: bit late there captani
  280. %MikeDecIsHere: LOL
  281. %Great Mighty Doom: lol captain
  282. %The Captain: im a tad late
  283. %The Captain: :/
  284. Soul_Fly: LOL
  285. @Exeggutor: mikes a n00b its ok
  286. +Smogoon: a bit?
  287. @MJB: everyone congradualte the craptain for FINALLY muting that spammer
  288. ~Zarel: lol Cap
  289. megaman266: XD she got hit with a stop sign! XD
  290. @Exeggutor: gmd is too
  291. Soul_Fly: congrats!
  292. +Smogoon: lOL
  293. hoodralts: anyone wanna battle me b4 i knock out for the day
  294. +Diatom ⌫: someone should force rename captain to craptain
  295. +Smogoon: Lol
  296. Understudy Val: anybody ever use chatroulette?
  297. Subject 18: lol
  298. %Great Mighty Doom: exeggutor
  299. • +Flares claps, or at least would if fire could clap
  300. %Great Mighty Doom: stop
  301. %The Captain: congatulate MJB for spelling congratulate right
  302. Understudy Val: is it fun or lame
  303. Understudy Val: ?
  304. %Great Mighty Doom: hammer time!
  305. @MJB: bs
  306. @MJB: ;rn2english bro
  307. DesmondtheMoonBear: congrats
  308. %The Captain: fuck I spelt it wrong too
  309. Soul_Fly: how was your momentous experience on using /m?
  310. %Great Mighty Doom: can't touch this
  311. @MJB: lrn*
  312. Bertie: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ubers9879709
  313. %MikeDecIsHere: congrats!
  314. %The Captain: ;_;
  315. +Smogoon: gj mjb
  316. hoodralts: mjb? mary J blige?
  317. +Smogoon: no
  318. @Exeggutor: im superior in every way
  319. @MJB: why is m,ary j blige the first name that comes to everyone?
  320. Soul_Fly: Mary Jame Batson
  321. +Smogoon: Martin Juther Bing
  322. BandannaWaddleDoo: cough
  323. %Great Mighty Doom: I'm soup
  324. DesmondtheMoonBear: no ur jsut a measly NU poke
  325. %Great Mighty Doom: ear
  326. hoodralts: wait, mary Jay Blige plays pokemanz!?!!?
  327. @MJB: come on man! be original!
  328. %MikeDecIsHere: Also, Eggy, I know you're mad I didn't get you flowers, but calling me names won'y do anything babe
  329. +Diatom ⌫: MJB stands for master jailer bro
  330. %Great Mighty Doom: ore
  331. +Smogoon: am I right, MJB?
  332. %MikeDecIsHere: *won't
  333. @MJB: think of something new
  334. tonyg88: i'm reading the deo-d suspect thread on smogon...my eyes are bleeding
  335. @MJB: no smoggon
  336. Soul_Fly: My Justin Bieber
  337. +Smogoon: *Smoggoon
  338. +Smogoon: fuck
  339. %MikeDecIsHere: lol
  340. +Captain Striations: this chat is almost like modchat
  341. @MJB: sorry
  342. @Exeggutor: gmd did you win last week in spl
  343. %MikeDecIsHere: fail
  344. Rochster: *smogon
  345. @MJB: mah bad
  346. hoodralts: "in a heavy japanese accent" I can't berieve et
  347. +Smogoon: I can't even spell my own name right
  348. @MJB: its late
  349. BandannaWaddleDoo: Justin Bibarel
  350. +Smogoon: 9.9
  351. Soul_Fly: so many auths
  352. %Great Mighty Doom: nah I lost
  353. @MJB: im falling asleep lol :P
  354. +Diatom ⌫: justin bibarel...
  355. Cammy's Alt: one direction sucks.
  356. +Diatom ⌫: no
  357. Dragon Flyerz: Hi.
  358. %Great Mighty Doom: really bad team matchup lol
  359. hoodralts: haha diatom
  360. %MikeDecIsHere: there aren't that many of us on
  361. %Great Mighty Doom: I had a small chance of win but I missplayed
  362. %MikeDecIsHere: only 12 of us
  363. @Exeggutor: im disappointed !
  364. kevin dumico: wit all da mods spend they saturday nites on here
  365. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4 and that's the team ill battle u with
  366. Bertie: Justin Bidoof
  367. Shadow Lugia ✄: woot
  368. hoodralts: i want a bibarel now just to name it that
  369. %Great Mighty Doom: at the end
  370. Tee03: 1]
  371. +Smogoon: Justin Timburrlake
  372. +Smogoon: :D
  373. Tee03: 1
  374. %The Captain: just the 12 of us
  375. Tee03: 2
  376. +Flares: lol
  377. %MikeDecIsHere: It's Friday night...
  378. Tee03: 3
  379. Tee03 was muted by The Captain.
  380. Tee03's alts were also muted: PotatoHeady
  381. Tee03 was muted by Great Mighty Doom.
  382. Tee03's alts were also muted: PotatoHeady
  383. Tee03 was muted by MikeDecIsHere.
  384. Tee03's alts were also muted: PotatoHeady
  385. @MJB: its saturday mornign for me >.>
  386. Shadow Lugia ✄: nice one smogoon
  387. omoiuchiha: one dugtrio :|
  388. +Flares: good one smogoon
  389. %The Captain: well
  390. %Great Mighty Doom: yuss
  391. +Diatom ⌫: enough mutes?
  392. +Smogoon: OH SHIT
  393. Shadow Lugia ✄: whoa multiple mutes
  394. %The Captain: I got that one
  395. %Great Mighty Doom: mikeistooslow
  396. +Captain Striations: lol
  397. %The Captain: :D
  398. kevin dumico: dey friday nites
  399. Shadow Lugia ✄: Quick
  400. Mienshao is Pro: Triple mute
  401. %MikeDecIsHere: fuck
  402. Mienshao is Pro: Lol
  403. Shadow Lugia ✄: add 1 more
  404. Soul_Fly: +Smogoon: Justin Timburrlake ... 9.9
  405. %MikeDecIsHere: I lost to GMD
  406. megaman266: OH CRAP!
  407. %Great Mighty Doom: mikedecobvisn'therebecauseslow
  408. +Smogoon: The Captain is 2 fas
  409. megaman266: 10 more mutes jk
  410. tctony: The Kanto Leader Tourney moves to the final round. Misty will face Brock for 1st place, Giovannia will face Blaine for 3rd http://challonge.com/lfx1tfub
  411. Shadow Lugia ✄: Justin Beedri---wait, JB is bad
  412. hoodralts: friday night on pokechat baby!
  413. Soul_Fly: Captain beat Deo-S in a 100mt Sprint
  414. +Flares: 2 and a half Mence?
  415. Shadow Lugia ✄: lol
  416. %Great Mighty Doom: LOL
  417. Shadow Lugia ✄: nice one captain
  418. %Great Mighty Doom: ROFL
  419. Shadow Lugia ✄: Oh yeah
  420. Shadow Lugia ✄: guess what
  421. %MikeDecIsHere: /
  422. %MikeDecIsHere: .
  423. +Captain Striations: look at this modchat ;/
  424. %Great Mighty Doom: that is the best joke
  425. Shadow Lugia ✄: I'm in the finals of tctony's tourney
  426. MeGustaLePwnda♥: Well bye i guess
  427. YOUKNOWWHO!: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu9879832
  428. Panda Bane33: noo moar scissors!
  429. +Diatom ⌫: practically modchat
  430. Shadow Lugia ✄: Bye lepwnda
  431. +Light Mew☆: nice
  432. +Light Mew☆: Go Misty!!!
  433. %Great Mighty Doom: I've read while drunk in a very long time
  434. YOUKNOWWHO!: clutch
  435. kole was unmuted by V4.
  436. +Captain Striations: inb4 drunkmelts
  437. %Great Mighty Doom: I am so naming all mencews that now
  438. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4 and that's the team ill battle u with
  439. +Light Mew☆: Im drunk :s
  440. Shadow Lugia ✄: The Fiinal Countdown~ Misty vs Giovanni! Me vs Nolanator! http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-ou9880124
  441. MeGustaLePwnda♥: 3
  442. +Light Mew☆: ...
  443. Bertie: http://i.imgur.com/epNlMs5.gif
  444. Soul_Fly: you're underage
  445. +Light Mew☆: Im not
  446. +Light Mew☆: :/
  447. +Flares: what, 2 and a half mence?
  448. %Great Mighty Doom: loool
  449. Soul_Fly: yes you still go to school
  450. Arcosus: 1 pokemon vs 3 pokemon. I still won
  451. %MikeDecIsHere: LMFAO
  452. +Light Mew☆: so
  453. +Light Mew☆: ...
  454. Thunderblunder: hi
  455. Subject 18: lol
  456. Soul_Fly: I will not believe you're over 21
  457. Thunderblunder: its ya
  458. Thunderblunder: kendrick
  459. +Light Mew☆: let me drink
  460. +Light Mew☆: :(
  461. %The Captain: wow GMD you are smashed
  462. %MikeDecIsHere: thunder
  463. %The Captain: x_x
  464. %MikeDecIsHere: lame
  465. YOUKNOWWHO!: 1poke vs 6 i still won
  466. %Great Mighty Doom: I can't stop laffun
  467. %jdarden: GMD is what now
  468. YOUKNOWWHO!: boom
  469. %The Captain: drunk as hell jd
  470. kole: scarf salamence or life orb?
  471. YOUKNOWWHO!: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu9879832
  472. %Great Mighty Doom: laughingg*
  473. +Diatom ⌫: great mighty doom is doomed
  474. %Great Mighty Doom: shit
  475. +Light Mew☆: *laughing
  476. Chief the Master: http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou9863844
  477. +Light Mew☆: gj lol
  478. hoodralts: i didnt even start the fight. simulator glitched. I won
  479. Soul_Fly: I'm drunk..... on water such a badass
  480. YOUKNOWWHO!: aurzial clutch
  481. joker said: 1 vs 11 i still won BOOOOOM!
  482. DesmondtheMoonBear: how do u do suspect laddering?
  483. asdfg: dude
  484. %Great Mighty Doom: hhaha
  485. %MikeDecIsHere: I wish you could show gifs in chat
  486. +Light Mew☆: GMD, are you drunk? lol
  487. Sooooo Crispy!: 21 wins 9 losses gxe 49.... how does that even makes sense
  488. YOUKNOWWHO!: just stop joker
  489. DesmondtheMoonBear: do u need to have a deo d to batle?
  490. +Diatom ⌫: ladder on the Oususpecttest ladder
  491. %MikeDecIsHere: but that would be dumb as hell
  492. +Smogoon: yes, he is Mew
  493. joker said: garados moxie earthquakes in doubles
  494. asdfg: azumarill is the best pokemon
  495. %Great Mighty Doom: lil bit
  496. +Light Mew☆: Ikr
  497. +Diatom ⌫: you cannot have Deo-D
  498. +Smogoon: very drunk
  499. Legend Of K: who wants a mono battle
  500. asdfg: in the world
  501. +Captain Striations: lol
  502. +Light Mew☆: I am :(
  503. asdfg: no joke
  504. asdfg: azumarril is good
  505. asdfg: as crap
  506. +Light Mew☆: sorry guys
  507. asdfg: no lie
  508. +Light Mew☆: love sucks
  509. Soul_Fly: He has said nothing meaningful apart from lol
  510. +Light Mew☆: :(
  511. +Diatom ⌫: well, crap is pretty bad
  512. hoodralts: hey can u do doubles in here with 4ppl?
  513. Sooooo Crispy!: i agree. I use azu. He is the bomb
  514. %Great Mighty Doom: nah I've only had 1 or 2 or 8
  515. DesmondtheMoonBear: i just azu swept
  516. %The Captain: mike leaders can do that
  517. asdfg: ikr
  518. +Captain Striations: ^
  519. %The Captain: iirc
  520. +Captain Striations: man, my internet sucks
  521. +Captain Striations: some of my messages are lagging so much, they don't even come out
  522. Darth Casus: Hello peeps, I'm back
  523. asdfg: azumarill op
  524. Kings Spirit: YO GUYS
  525. %MikeDecIsHere: oh
  526. asdfg: huge power passive
  527. DesmondtheMoonBear: it was cool
  528. Kings Spirit: how do i change my name
  529. Kings Spirit: colour
  530. asdfg: is destruction
  531. Soul_Fly: you cant
  532. +Diatom ⌫: you can't change color
  533. Kings Spirit: ohh
  534. %Great Mighty Doom: midkedec I'm not battling seasonal
  535. DesmondtheMoonBear: people thought i was goimng to lose then i won
  536. Kings Spirit: =[
  537. • +Smogoon slaps some sense into Light Mew
  538. Kings Spirit: i dont like green
  539. %MikeDecIsHere: lame
  540. %Great Mighty Doom: it reminds me too much of seasoned chkick
  541. +Light Mew☆: :/
  542. DesmondtheMoonBear: the besst part was azu was last guy so i only used aqua jet
  543. • +Diatom ⌫ slaps smogoon to mars
  544. +Smogoon: :<
  545. +Light Mew☆: smogoon pls
  546. %Great Mighty Doom: I'm reallyhungry
  547. iwaschosen: yo guise any tournaments goin on?
  548. Darth Casus: No one missed me? thats cool too
  549. • +Smogoon dies of no air!
  550. +Light Mew☆: this is your fault
  551. +Light Mew☆: ....
  552. %Great Mighty Doom: but I triwed to get up for food before and fell over
  553. the-ever-kid: kings : you should prolly change your name
  554. +Light Mew☆: :(
  555. %The Captain: im starting to think GMD is also high
  556. %MikeDecIsHere: LMFAO
  557. %MikeDecIsHere: gj spaz
  558. %Great Mighty Doom: she takes me higher
  559. %Great Mighty Doom: higher
  560. • +Captain Striations slaps Diatom to youranus
  561. +Light Mew☆: lol
  562. +Smogoon: LOL
  563. %Great Mighty Doom: higher than ever b4
  564. Zombie Monkey: herro
  565. +Light Mew☆: Im not high
  566. • +Diatom ⌫ has suction cups
  567. +Smogoon: Bingo!
  568. +Light Mew☆: only drunk
  569. +Light Mew☆: :P
  570. Zombie Monkey: :p
  571. @MJB: right im off to bed
  572. @MJB: ngiht al
  573. %The Captain: seeya MJB
  574. +Diatom ⌫: bye MJB
  575. @MJB: night all*(
  576. %Great Mighty Doom: nigfhty
  577. @MJB: **
  578. %MikeDecIsHere: lata
  579. +Light Mew☆: Bey <3
  580. %Great Mighty Doom: ugh
  581. Subject 18: night MJB
  582. +Smogoon: drugs are illegal missy! Now go to your room!
  583. daylan: ohayo gozaimassu
  584. +Captain Striations: sorry diatom, no offence intended :/
  585. KittyStar: pick a number between 1 and 4 and that's the team ill battle u with
  586. %Great Mighty Doom: spelling
  587. Darth Casus: Bed? This is the only time to get online
  588. %Great Mighty Doom: nighty*
  589. Zombie Monkey: why is there no one ever on CAP
  590. +Light Mew☆: I dont do drugs
  591. +Light Mew☆: lol
  592. MrBammer: anyone want to have a ou battle ?
  593. Legend Of K: 3
  594. Dragon Flyerz: Is Krookodile usable in OU?
  595. +Light Mew☆: Fuck that
  596. seila: a
  597. @MJB: its 5:30 am where i am lol
  598. +Captain Striations: i can't believe mew is drunk
  599. +Diatom ⌫: krook is outclassed by mence
  600. flareblade26: Why you should always have an option to force people out: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou9879878
  601. StaraptorUU: p much no
  602. +Light Mew☆: MJB pls
  603. +Smogoon: eh
  604. +Light Mew☆: go to sleep
  605. %Great Mighty Doom: it's 6:35 pm
  606. +Light Mew☆: I am :(
  607. StaraptorUU: its barely usable in uu
  608. %Great Mighty Doom: ovrhere
  609. +Diatom ⌫: krook is good in UU
  610. +Smogoon: aw
  611. Dragon Flyerz: Hi Captain Striatons.
  612. +Smogoon: Zarel left
  613. +Smogoon: :c
  614. +Light Mew☆: so is gdm lol
  615. Nolanator: Shadow Lugia (Misty) is the winner of the Kanto Tourney.
  616. StaraptorUU: only againt weaker teams
  617. Nolanator: That fucking Quagsire.
  618. +Light Mew☆: Misty <3
  619. +Captain Striations: what do you call a drunk mew?
  620. +Captain Striations: a high one.
  621. Panda Bane33: (+175 for winning) Swag BYEEe PS!!!!!
  622. +Light Mew☆: Drunk Mew?
  623. %The Captain: oh shit
  624. %Great Mighty Doom: wait wait
  625. Drunk Mew: Hi :)
  626. %The Captain: drivers outnumber mods
  627. %Great Mighty Doom: I'm going to get up again for food
  628. %The Captain: Revolution!
  629. Drunk Mew: Love the color :)
  630. %Great Mighty Doom: wish me luck
  631. +Diatom ⌫: voices outnumber you all
  632. +Smogoon: lol
  633. Elite Four Kozman: Misty was a tough leader back in red/blue and leaf green/fire red
  634. seila: aa
  635. +Smogoon: ikr
  636. Subject 18: dont fall over GMD
  637. UltraZap: He wasnt
  638. Darth Casus: Misty was hella easy with ym pikachu
  639. Drunk Mew: is it pink?
  640. %Great Mighty Doom: if I dontg come buck then youll know why
  641. Drunk Mew: lol
  642. +Smogoon: Shall we stat he uprising, Diatom ⌫?
  643. UltraZap: One bite and she's down
  644. +Diatom ⌫: y
  645. +Captain Striations: voices outnumber drivers and mods combined
  646. Elite Four Kozman: depends what level the pika was
  647. +Smogoon: k
  648. +Espeon7373: voices ftw!
  649. UltraZap: Haha Captain
  650. Drunk Mew: I suck at being a voice :(
  651. +Captain Striations: Rebellion!
  652. +Smogoon: Voices, prepare to fight!
  653. budokai77: what do i do if someone isn't responding in rated?
  654. Drunk Mew: Sorry friends
  655. Darth Casus: I also bought that 500 magikarp and got a gyarados for that misty fight
  656. Elite Four Kozman: Starmie can 2HKO with water pulse
  657. +BlackShadowWave: Eh, too lazy.
  658. +Diatom ⌫: *cue epic battle scene*
  659. UltraZap: LOL WTG
  660. +Smogoon: spam the chat with our over powered !'s!!
  661. +Espeon7373: kick them budokai77
  662. UltraZap: Who wants to battle me
  663. Drunk Mew: espeon
  664. Legend Of K: me
  665. Drunk Mew: ...
  666. +Captain Striations: the funny thing is
  667. Shadow Lugia ✄: Great news.
  668. +Captain Striations: ...voices can't do shit
  669. • +Smogoon spams !data
  670. Shadow Lugia ✄: I won tctony's tourney
  671. +Smogoon: exactly
  672. Drunk Mew: commands
  673. +Diatom ⌫: all we get are !commands :(
  674. Drunk Mew: pls
  675. Shadow Lugia ✄: and I won in a great fashion too
  676. Drunk Mew: lol
  677. Drunk Mew: Ikr
  678. Drunk Mew: :/
  679. +Smogoon: making a voice revolution impossibru
  680. Shadow Lugia ✄: with an awesome 6-0
  681. Shadow Lugia ✄: with quagsire.
  682. Darth Casus: Shadow Lugia and I are best pals
  683. +Captain Striations: oh yeah, apart from that
  684. Axrz12: replay?
  685. Shadow Lugia ✄: Yes we are
  686. Subject 18: How do you get Voiced?
  687. Shadow Lugia ✄: challenges
  688. +Smogoon: !staff faq
  689. +Diatom ⌫: be a good presence in the chat
  690. +Espeon7373: !faq staff
  691. Staff FAQ
  692. +Captain Striations: LOL smogoon
  693. Shadow Lugia ✄: or being a super awesome user
  694. +Smogoon: FUCCK
  695. yoshiemon: I think I found a way to break a Pokemon.
  696. Drunk Mew: good job
  697. Legend Of K: ultra zap ill battle you
  698. Drunk Mew: haha
  699. +Captain Striations: !staff faq
  700. Darth Casus: You get voiced when you stop talking about it.
  701. Drunk Mew: smogoon, are you drunk? lol
  702. Shadow Lugia ✄: I'm trying to be a super awesoem user
  703. +Smogoon: no
  704. Shadow Lugia ✄: awesome*
  705. +Smogoon: I haz kipotitus
  706. • +Smogoon hiccups
  707. +Diatom ⌫: !data smogoon
  708. No pokemon, item, move, or ability named 'smogoon' was found. (Check your spelling?)
  709. Drunk Mew: lol
  710. +Smogoon: !data Diatom ⌫
  711. No pokemon, item, move, or ability named 'Diatom ⌫' was found. (Check your spelling?)
  712. Drunk Mew: :/
  713. Shadow Lugia ✄: smogoon - smogon's dragon
  714. +Smogoon: Yes
  715. tigerku: avatar/214
  716. Drunk Mew: You need to be voiced to broadcast this command's information.
  717. Shadow Lugia ✄: either that
  718. Drunk Mew: fml :(
  719. • +Smogoon breathes fire unto the chat
  720. +Diatom ⌫: try /avatar 213
  721. +Captain Striations: time to spam !data's on the chat
  722. +Diatom ⌫: *214
  723. +Smogoon: try /avatar 214
  724. Shadow Lugia ✄: or smogon has found the egg dragoon
  725. +Captain Striations: there's safety in numbers guys
  726. Shadow Lugia ✄: yep
  727. Shadow Lugia ✄: too bad I can't join ya
  728. +Captain Striations: :)
  729. +Light Mewღ: Hello
  730. +Light Mewღ: :)
  731. +Light Mewღ: How are you all?
  732. +Smogoon: oh no!
  733. tctony: Shadow Lugia has won the Kanto Leaders Tourney, playing as Misty! Nolanator finshed second playing as Brock, and tctony finished 3rd as Giovanni http://challonge.com/lfx1tfub
  734. Ninja Warrior: Hey Stria
  735. %Great Mighty Doom: fkjnvbkjg
  736. Shadow Lugia ✄: :D
  737. +Espeon7373: sobered up huh LM?
  738. docxy: avatar 209 master race
  739. %Great Mighty Doom: sorry
  740. tctony: Congrats to Shadow Lugia!
  741. +Smogoon: Mew is back!
  742. +Smogoon: D:
  743. %Great Mighty Doom: I scored some pepsi
  744. +Smogoon: everyone hide!
  745. +Light Mewღ: Hi
  746. Shadow Lugia ✄: It was a pleasure playing in the tourney, tony.
  747. KLiang: hey mods can you mute Troubles? He keeps on typing "GeeGee" into the chat every turn
  748. Axrz12: Is there a replay of the match?
  749. +Light Mewღ: Im back
  750. +Light Mewღ: :)
  751. %Great Mighty Doom: but laughed
  752. Ninja Warrior: gj Lugia
  753. Shadow Lugia ✄: yes
  754. +Light Mewღ: Long time no see
  755. Shadow Lugia ✄: the final match
  756. Supreme Cashier: i love finding ten bucks on the ground
  757. Shadow Lugia ✄: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou9880124
  758. %Great Mighty Doom: coke on snot all over keyboard
  759. Shadow Lugia ✄: there ya go.
  760. Kings Spirit: Lugiaaa
  761. Kings Spirit: sup
  762. %Great Mighty Doom: tried to clean
  763. Shadow Lugia ✄: I swept
  764. Axrz12: Thank you.
  765. tctony: The Quagsire sweep
  766. %Great Mighty Doom: sticky
  767. Shadow Lugia ✄: yep
  768. +Captain Striations: hi ninja
  769. +Light Mewღ: lol GMD
  770. Ninja Warrior: Hello
  771. +Light Mewღ: are you ok?
  772. Subject 18: lol GMD
  773. Shadow Lugia ✄: Quagsire FTW
  774. The Zororoaster: @kliang, ignore it
  775. %Great Mighty Doom: lm
  776. +Espeon7373: hi Ninja Warrior
  777. Kings Spirit: roserade ftw
  778. Shadow Lugia ✄: OH
  779. %Great Mighty Doom: I keep missing pm window with mouse
  780. +ABfloww: hi
  781. Ninja Warrior: Oh hey again
  782. Shadow Lugia ✄: hey king
  783. Ninja Warrior: :)
  784. Kings Spirit: lol better then expecteed
  785. +Smogoon: LOL
  786. tigerku: shadow lugia i challenge you!!!
  787. +Light Mewღ: LOL
  788. The Zororoaster: budew ftw
  789. %Great Mighty Doom: soz
  790. Shadow Lugia ✄: Okay then
  791. Shadow Lugia ✄: what tier?
  792. +Light Mewღ: get your sh.. right lol
  793. +Captain Striations: lol smog
  794. Darth Casus: Shadow Lugia is obviously going to win.
  795. • +Smogoon maked Great Mighty Doom a coffee
  796. Shadow Lugia ✄: ;*
  797. +Smogoon: *makes
  798. %Great Mighty Doom: ha
  799. +Smogoon: gfdi
  800. +Captain Striations: ima be lagging
  801. +Captain Striations: but i'm afraid of being blocke dout :/
  802. Shadow Lugia ✄: Listen
  803. tigerku: i already sent the challenge
  804. +Light Mewღ: I <3 Cofeee
  805. Ninja Warrior: Espeon, gj from that battle earlier
  806. %Great Mighty Doom: you spell mistaked too
  807. Shadow Lugia ✄: I'm not a god in here
  808. %Great Mighty Doom: shit
  809. Shadow Lugia ✄: I fail at OU
  810. tigerku: yea i am gonna lose
  811. Ninja Warrior: It was a close battle
  812. %Great Mighty Doom: why is d so close to e
  813. Shadow Lugia ✄: everyone do /rank shadow lugia
  814. Shadow Lugia ✄: I'm bad
  815. +Espeon7373: ...i lost to a metapod and a kricketot
  816. tigerku: its doubles
  817. Darth Casus: Coffee stains your teeth, gives you bad breath and stunts your muscle growth.
  818. BandannaWaddleDoo: fudge coffe
  819. Shadow Lugia ✄: Oh
  820. • +Espeon7373 hides in shame
  821. Shadow Lugia ✄: doubles?
  822. %Great Mighty Doom: and grammar was all wron
  823. tctony: Coffee is amazing
  824. +Light Mewღ: :(
  825. +Captain Striations: lugia, lets fight
  826. Shadow Lugia ✄: Oh lololol
  827. tctony: All other arguments are invalid
  828. tigerku: yea
  829. +Smogoon: *wrong
  830. Shadow Lugia ✄: check my ou current
  831. %Great Mighty Doom: weasly
  832. +Light Mewღ: but I love coffee :(
  833. Ninja Warrior: You still did a good job, you were very close
  834. Shadow Lugia ✄: glicko
  835. drgkng: valentin
  836. Shadow Lugia ✄: 1337.
  837. %Great Mighty Doom: lolol
  838. Subject 18: I tried coffee once
  839. • +Smogoon pet Great Mighty Doom
  840. Subject 18: it was awful
  841. Shadow Lugia ✄: seriously
  842. +Captain Striations: !rank shadow lugia
  843. Shadow Lugia ✄: it's 1337
  844. Shadow Lugia ✄: 1337 ± 261 (provisional)
  845. +Smogoon: Coffee is great
  846. +Light Mewღ: PM me! Im bored :s
  847. axmurderer: I had some coffee earlier today
  848. UltraZap: Come on anyone wanna battle
  849. Shadow Lugia ✄: k brb
  850. Bueno: !rank shadow lugia
  851. Seven Eagles: i love how putting incredibly minor tweaks on your pokemon can cause people to ragequit
  852. BandannaWaddleDoo: use /rank
  853. UltraZap: Im trying to make a fun video
  854. %Great Mighty Doom: I hcoughed on my coffe once
  855. BandannaWaddleDoo: Bueno
  856. +Smogoon: try /ranks shadow lugia
  857. +Smogoon: -s
  858. %Great Mighty Doom: I laughed for nearly 2 hours
  859. UltraZap: For my youtube...
  860. BandannaWaddleDoo: hah, Goon
  861. Elite Four Kozman: like HP ice on Mienshao
  862. Bueno: wut
  863. %Great Mighty Doom: coughed*
  864. Subject 18: I personally find it too bitter to drink
  865. Elite Four Kozman: at least on the scarf
  866. UltraZap: Nope
  867. Elite Four Kozman: trolls dragons
  868. Darth Casus: I'm never going to drink coffee, lest I get addicted. Plus, you know why people are so upset when they go without it? Yup, caffeine addiction.
  869. Bueno: alrady did
  870. Noxnoctores: ill battle
  871. %Great Mighty Doom: coffeee*
  872. UltraZap: Get that milk coffee rollin
  873. • +Smogoon sips on coffee
  874. BandannaWaddleDoo: Coffee's taste is unbearable...
  875. +Smogoon: oops
  876. Shadow Lugia ✄: whoever just challenged me
  877. Shadow Lugia ✄: not right now
  878. +Smogoon: that was GMD's
  879. %Great Mighty Doom: does anyone have logs of my talking tonitght?
  880. +Smogoon: am I gonna go nuts like him now?
  881. • +Smogoon panics
  882. %Great Mighty Doom: I'm sure I would laugh lots at them tom
  883. +Light Mewღ: Mikedecisdrunk...
  884. UltraZap: ...
  885. axmurderer: ShadowLugia, are you referring to black coffee or all coffee?
  886. Noxnoctores: ultra zap, you want to battle?
  887. UltraZap: Dark Mew
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