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  1. {"fields":[{"name":"**1.** Hi. We are on Discord. ","value":"The UwU, OwO, I'm a girl and he is too type of platform that has a ToS you agreed to when creating your shit account. Follow it. This ToS is not limited to the platform itself, but also to the bots you will find here. Follow their ToS at the same time. Like you're walking and chewing bubblegum *you got this* [ToS Pages Here](\n\n","inline":false},{"name":"**2.** For the love of all things worldly and beyond, DO NOT PING MODS","value":"This includes, but is not limited to, <@363785301195358221>, anyone in the <@&618246683054047247> role, as well anyone you think may be a mod, even if it's your grandmother and she's really friendly and brings you cookies or what the fuck ever - don't do it. You can instead use our report feature by typing`!report`. Our buddy <@235148962103951360> will ping us in a back channel, and help will be on the way to hear about how you slotted off 98k or some bullshit. You can even follow up that command like \n> !report Kable is being a toxic prick in <#604477934207500299> and I need someone to pad my insecurities pl0x \nWe want to help. We watch logs, and steer this ship as needed. We are busy. We are not at your beck and call (is it beckon call?). Please use this feature, or watch others grind while you sit in mute purgatory because you pinged for something completely useless. ","inline":false},{"name":"**3.** We got bots of all flavors. From the cancerous OwO, to the toxic Dank Memer, to Pokemon, and like Unbelievaboat *whatever that is*","value":"These bots were made by real people. These bots are not colluding to take over the world and defeat Will Smith in a 1v1 fite me irl at walmart parking lot. Do not abuse them. Abuse can/will be considered as the following; \n — repeated triggering autoresponses, or spamming the bot to a point of extreme lag\n — repeatedly overrunning programmed cooldowns\n — exploiting of any kind or sharing exploits of any kind\n — a 3rd item indicating abuse that which covers any future or potential notions of abuse deemed as such by the staff team. Respect the bots for what they are, and their intended purpose, or you will receive the <@&623211505919328266> role which bars you from every bot in here even noticing you exist, just like your significant other. ","inline":false},{"name":"**4.** Punishment thresholding sounds cool so let's start this topic with this sentence containing those words. ","value":"4 warns grants you a 5 minute mute. Warns can be automatically given by the house Turtle (Carl) by Kronos, or by OmniKron. They are programmed to look for varied things that we have deemed unwarranted within this server. Granular listing of these items is unimportant, but one key factor is **3 messages/ 1 second** is the spam warn trigger. You can blame lag, you can blame your shitty fortnite stream, you can blame roblox - none of this will change my mind that 3/1s messages are not spam. Slow down, pls use chill, and wait for your messages to load in before sending a new one. Seek <#604626219538972672> if you need to exhibit typing tendencies of Michael J Fox in the late afternoon. Carl ignores that channel. \n","inline":false},{"name":"**5.** Kontent Matters. ","value":"Been my slogan for years so let's re-engineer it to suit here. <#604477934207500299> is NOT for your genitals (as that's for <#606362642998624266>) nor is it for bot commands of any kind as that is for <#604626371611983902> or any of the channels below referencing specific bots accordingly. Dank memer doesn't belong in OwO and no OwO'ing in Marriage Bot when I'm trying to make a m!tree bigger than a redwood of incest that would make Alabama blush. Keep kontent where it belongs. Mods may use bot commands in any channel as a means to run the server, and tough titty. \n","inline":false},{"name":"**6.** All inclusive \"say when\" rules that states ","value":"Any mod, or person of perms, can add/rescind/append/change/delet dis/etc any rule previously mentioned or failed to mention within this embed. I would say you're all adults but I know that's not true being the median age on Discord is seemingly younger than half the pair of blue jeans I own. Use common sense. It's as simple as that. This is by no means a rules heavy server, as it is more of a *don't be an annoying idiot* type of server. Grind hard, win big, win often, stay in drugs and don't do school. \n\nTLDR - ~~I promise not to partake in admin abuse~~","inline":false}],"title":"Server Best Practices and Other Nuances You Won't Read","thumbnail":{"url":"{server(icon)}"},"image":{"url":""},"author":{"name":"Dank AF Giveaway - Kollective ","url":"","icon_url":""},"color":5198940,"footer":{"icon_url":"","text":"— Kable "}}
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