CS273 Blood tidychat

Silverlining33 Jul 21st, 2017 308 Never
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  2. CS273 Blood tidychat July 21st, 2017 Live chat
  3. Karl Brautigam​Sound and Fury...Signifying Nothing...Song and Dance...Exercise In Futility...Nothing REAL Will Change
  4. Your Brother​USA Campus' punish pro-palistinians
  5. Johnna Beuerlein​Don't underestimate President Trump
  6. Kurtis Gaskin​check out the photoshopped pics of Trump on msm ...totally fake...breaking infowars.
  7. paradise pete73​Trump may also be concerned it possible he could have been involved, in some way criminally with the CF folks..(when he was buddies with the Clintons)?
  8. AGENT 99​That is against the law to release med info on a private citizenmHIPPA ?
  9. janet alvarez​Trump said he wouldn't allow peeing on him cause he is a germ freak
  10. Kathy Randall​They can release any thing on judge but not seth Rich?
  11. Nicholas Tucker​@Dog Mother I wake up every morning with a smile on my face that Hillary is not President. As a country we would be past the point of no return
  12. Nicholas Tucker​as planned
  13. Dan Halen​Al Martel Bubbles lmfao
  14. drewp831​George looks irritated
  15. patricia faulkner​I don't think that Judge was not suicide
  16. PolitiKellyRite​There were Twitter comments saying that she was recently married (not sure if that's true)
  17. pjmanbar​Another zero credibility report, BULL!
  18. Sam Wise​@Joe Napoli my user on fackbook group is basel brush
  19. Tonia Rayfield​Everyone knows about the radiation - George is a smart man- I'm sure he can discern his own body situation
  20. Quaerite Vera​I agree, I think Trump is putting on his own school play, just my opinion
  21. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Trish, you are rocking it today. GREAT input. Thanks for speaking up
  22. Contrarian21 Bootcamp​judicial watch kicking A
  23. Michael Zeedick​Trump interview with NYT likely intentional disinformation concerning Sessions.
  24. Truth Maximus​Suicide the catch all answer for any crime that doesnt or wont get investigated
  25. Bill Milford​All stooges pass through Yale: Bush Klinton Rodham
  26. Ginger3855​this dead judge swore her oath ob the koran
  27. bob rogers​47 hard drives the key
  28. AGENT 99​I read this article its really good
  29. patricia faulkner​He was set up to look like it was suicide
  30. Joe Napoli​Thx Sam
  31. Al Martel​@Dan Halen yup
  32. Joseph Abbenda​The deep state will crash the economy to distract us
  33. jenna peter​Kellyanne Conway told Fox news special prosecutor's investigation has "stalled"
  34. Dan Halen​Al Martel I think Bubbles may be able to do more than Sessions
  35. Sean Oliver​@Dan Halen You're right! But you know what? there are so many people that have thos 650,000 emails now its crazy! Anybody with some savay can get them out but I guess its one way to hold Gov accountab
  36. Bill Milford​Prescott Bush sup[plied III reich with steel
  37. Karl Brautigam​Slight of Hand..Magic Show...When You See It On The Right...We Will Switch It To The Left
  38. Susan Huffman​Love you guys; but must ask why Jason keeps interrupting George?
  39. Contrarian21 Bootcamp​how about J for a distraction
  40. Marina Meadows​Must independent media collecting on keeping truth conceal by Silencing #truth-tellers thinking that w/ that leverage they are protected but they are fools .... soon enough will be them.... you...
  41. Holly Engel​The 23yo committed sucide....unlikely, how about, he became aware of the BS, Ratline & Corruption, & was taken out, before he talked. Folks what do you think?
  42. Nicholas Tucker​WH Anon: look at Mueller's team hard.
  43. Contrarian21 Bootcamp​OJ
  44. Kathy Randall​They wanted protection for 200 people
  46. thaboy26​@JASON GOODMAN @GEORGE WEBB does george know about former director of Miami police Robert Parker who shot himself in the head?
  47. paradise pete73​@Bill Milford..well Haaavahd does have the Dunsters..
  48. Kurtis Gaskin​photoshopped pics of Trump...infowars
  49. Darryl Snow​I suspect you are right @Joseph Abbenda
  50. Joseph Abbenda​When are George and Jason heading to Florida ???
  51. Al Martel​Ricky too @Dan Halen
  52. Kurtis Gaskin​breaking
  53. Joanna​And in Germany they just passed a bill that will allow to put people to prison for "hate speech", as defined by the corrupt government. The NWO makes a big censorship push
  54. Stephen Tice​Caribbean Corridor
  55. Karl Brautigam​OJ Simpson granted parole 33 days before the Solar Eclipse
  57. Johnna Beuerlein​Art of the deal will hammer 🔨 down on deep state
  58. Holly Engel​Isn't D.W. Schultz brother a judge in that case?
  59. Spooge Youtube​@Susan Huffman - they make a really good partnership! George is very patient though
  60. Ray Sumler​The bodies pile up .....suicides of people in high places
  61. patricia faulkner​I heard the email take several years that a lot of email someone say 500 words take some like one day
  62. Joe Napoli​@Karl Brautigam ahhhhhhhh
  63. Al Martel​@Dan Halen Trump needs Ricky's clearing stick LMAO
  64. Dr. S Taylor​SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST Republican US Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai TODAY for June 2005 arrest and charges for assault and domestic battery on his live-in then-40-year-old girlfriend.
  65. thaboy26​@JASON GOODMAN @GEORGE WEBB does george know about former director of Miami police Robert Parker who shot himself in the head. ?
  66. patricia faulkner​I don't know what type of computer
  67. Tonia Rayfield​Yuck
  68. Dan Halen​Sean Oliver yeah many can release them, but then what? Your expected life span would be shortened dramatically. They are all afraid obviously.
  69. Joe Napoli​FOllow the art, follow the bodies...
  70. Anna Pussy​💕 🌷
  71. Jennifer Madison​can someone check OpenSecrets org and look under FARA they are foreign requests like to do business in other countries i
  72. greg kyle​Get conceal carry permit before heading into the SWAMP :-) :-) :-)
  73. Joe Napoli​that was in 2015 @Jason Goodman ??
  74. Ginger3855​when are you going
  75. Dire Straights​got locked out...said no connection for Comments
  76. Dan Halen​I need a clearing stick too Al ;)
  77. Al Martel​Ridicule is a powerful weapon against NWO
  78. Investigate Racine​@Joe Napoli The art leads back to Racine and the beginning of Art in Embassies
  79. me oh yeh its ME​Yeh Anna!!!!
  80. Dire Straights​eh..
  81. Marina Meadows​@thaboy26 I think his wife spoke recently Robert Parker everywhere was good talk about him,
  82. paradise pete73​ "Still Life?"
  83. Sean Oliver​@Dan Halen IKR
  84. Displaced CosmoNOT​whats up with operation solar shield(chemtrails) they live they spray
  85. Terry Ambrose​LOL
  86. Your Brother​NPR stands for Nazi Propaganda 📻 Radio
  87. AGENT 99​The tentacle reach far
  88. TurtleIsland Publications​All who have worked in the freedom and truth world, including alt media have experienced targeting, sometimes on a daily basis..
  89. Kip Marko​I think we need a Electrofied blood ,drink the kool aid test from Tommy Wolfe
  91. Jas 4all​yes, jason to busy trying to talk to listen
  92. AGENT 99​Your doing a great job Jason, amazing
  93. janet alvarez​Michael Rupert was hounded to death
  94. Joe Napoli​FIU leads the nation in hazing too I think
  95. patricia faulkner​KGB - kind of good boy
  97. Stephen Mcclarence​Your art work for the show is very good
  98. Al Martel​@TurtleIsland Publications True dat
  99. Ian Treloar​i think George has an urchin-like humor happening today.
  100. Dorothy Sterling​George and Jason, please re d ource for the becks to secure any type of protection for them and their staff, if able to solicit from anyone able to provide these services, as well as for ya'll too.
  101. Darryl Snow​The ability to be 'not distracted' is a very precious gift
  102. Johnna Beuerlein​My son couldn't get n med school had the grades good on med cap yet illegals get n
  104. Joanna​NPR sucks, they sounds just like CNN
  105. Investigate Racine​By air into Privately Controlled Intl Airport in Racine, WI
  106. Andrea DiSanto​Dammit. No notification again
  107. thaboy26​@marina meadows more metadata to connect the dots
  108. janet alvarez​He wrote books about everything
  109. Karl Brautigam​Disney: Counterfeit Art...Make Believe
  110. Dana Rosales​You guys are doing fantastic work! Please all good government officials come forward!!!! #draintheswamp
  111. Investigate Racine​Look at new Hyperloop from Philly to Baltimore
  112. greg kyle​Ever since Trump has been in office, Chem Trails have almost stopped in SOCAL.
  113. patricia faulkner​have anyone hear Kim
  114. Displaced CosmoNOT​hitler went up against the jews and lost. know hes the most lied about man in history. Herr Wolf RIP
  115. Joe Napoli​1091
  116. Jas 4all​get help
  117. Anne​@truth brown don't remember, I'm trying to find it now, not much luck - I think it was assault, I know Jake Jabs has a bad rep!
  118. Terry Ambrose​By Trish
  119. janet alvarez​Drugs, fracking, deepstate
  120. SeriousBusinessMusic​Jason is telling George to quit breakin his ballz
  121. Jason Goodman​Joule
  122. Marina Meadows​@Jason Robert Parker in my opinion was a great person, I tried very hard to contact him but I fail at every attempt then he suddenly passed, very sad 😭
  123. sweep 2
  124. Live chat
  125. Karl Brautigam​Fusion GPS and CloudStrike...The Art Of STORE
  126. Al Martel​@chicky rogue I hope HRC's orane DOC pantsuit is made of thick scratchy wool
  127. Dan Halen​Investigate Racine wtf is up with that btw? Musk is everyone's hero. I grew up near the NUMI plant they took over and they put a lot of peeps out of work.
  128. Investigate Racine​@Spooge Youtube Elon Musk is working for the Pilgrims Society
  129. Al Martel​orange*
  130. Kathy Randall​What about Molly??
  131. Your Brother​After reading and listening to David Duke on Twitter and Periscope, I realize I agree with him on many issues.
  132. CaliCarLover​Tony Podesta will steal Jason's art and then pass it off as the original
  134. Nicholas Tucker​lol
  135. Joe Napoli​I
  136. patricia faulkner​I watch Hannity and other Danger something
  137. Stephen Tice​Ratlines 101
  138. Spooge Youtube​@Investigate Racine - Ahhh! I see. Thank you
  139. N8​That 1 VK guy, NICE
  140. Chris Lohman​Bergdorf Goodman LOL
  141. David Cooley​Trish on the streets
  142. SanZero​
  143. Joe Napoli​I'd love to beat Pedo's ass then RDS right after that
  144. Silvia Claros​philly boston miami what do they have in common #democRATS where are the RINOs in this??? We know they are GUILTY as HELL too #DC #SAMETEAMDIFFERENTJERSEY
  145. Donna Summers​hey at least you're living up to your name Jason :)
  146. Σελήνη-Celini​Marina. Facebook was horrible yesterday!  Freezing and it is not my internet.
  147. chicky rogue​you mean her YSL CHEETER pj's
  148. Mathew F Blackman​Dave Hodges's had Liz Crokin on EPIC
  149. Peter Mikula​@Karl Brautigam Crowdstrike
  151. Alice Carnes​George, please show the back of your shirt.
  152. Investigate Racine​Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Zuck, Google and others are part of Pilgrims Society
  153. chicky rogue​make that CHEATER
  154. diana nichols​These diamond revelations make the deep state chat that leaked with one of the screen names being 'Jewel' gain credibility.
  155. nywvblue​LOL Jason!
  156. Duckluvnmom​George, during the DAPL protest coverage, many were asking," Where are our missing women?" You had mentioned DAPL before.
  157. Colleen Fitz​@AGENT99 Definitely!!!
  158. Joseph Abbenda​Will we see John McCain again ???
  159. Doug Atherton​did GEORGE see SEAN STONE interview on GLADIO 1 & 2 on RT
  160. Rebecca Makara​What is pilgrims society?
  161. Karl Brautigam​I
  162. Johnna Beuerlein​JASON DID U GET GIFT 🎁 I SENT U
  163. Mathew F Blackman​Check out Liz Crokin
  164. patricia faulkner​they are different kind of colour diamond I forget where I heard this
  165. helen edgar​corporatism = communism
  166. Σελήνη-Celini​My Messenger so stuck, hanging there as a picture.
  167. Jas 4all​whats alpha bay
  168. Your Brother​ZOG ZioBigBrother
  169. patricia faulkner​bye
  170. Peter Mikula​ök 😃
  171. Marina Meadows​@JASON the post was about United Nations pursuing criminal charges against Journalists
  172. Tonia Rayfield​@Jason Goodman Hey- just thought I'd make it #2001 :)
  173. AGENT 99​@Joe Napoli 👍 there are many that would be right there with ya
  174. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Jason - Brillian picture - well done.... 😃
  175. Investigate Racine​@Rebecca Makara Pilgrims Society is who rules the United States
  176. Lo K​Your Brother, Duke has been deamonized by the deep state. Most people default to the KKK thing and never listen to him. search jeff rense and david duke videos
  177. SnowBlind​@Your Brother Duke speaks truth Why he's demonized
  178. Candace Wagner​Anything connected with Damien Hirst's For The Love Of God (diamond skull)
  179. Duckluvnmom​George, DAPL?
  180. Mathew F Blackman​Liz Crokin
  181. SeriousBusinessMusic​WHO SHARDED?
  182. Banana Man​Alpha Bay is a Deep Web Marketplace. Drugs , Guns anything.
  183. Eitan Ziv​jason needs lunch guys
  184. Joseph Abbenda​When are you going to Florida ?
  185. Joe Napoli​George i'd love to go to silk road
  186. Karl Brautigam​Hey Hey...You You...Get Off Of My Cloud
  187. Linda Hull​I love all this!!!
  188. Truth Shrugs​George- @Jason Goodman is there anywhere in Arizona that you guys want checked out? Orbital ATK, etc.?
  189. John Juan​almost lunch time
  190. CaliCarLover​Trish has a life
  191. me oh yeh its ME​Yes Flynn for FBI head!!
  192. Evelyn Pringle​FB blocking my posts for your live stream
  193. Spooge Youtube​@Σελήνη-Celini - I regularly have to refresh the page. Youtube can't cope with more than a few hundred watchers!
  194. Doug Atherton​** JASON ** did GEORGE see SEAN STONE interview about GLADIO 1 7 2
  195. Patter Grey​over an hour with a laptop in your body
  196. Merwin Abbott-Artist​lol
  197. Σελήνη-Celini​Jawl? Jallow? Jewel? Joul?
  199. Rebecca Makara​Racine any YouTube videos on topic?
  200. chicky rogue​we could discuss her $12,000 armani she wore to an economic disucssion of classes and limitations there in she so sensative scrunchy
  201. phi 0318​Buzz kill Jason, lol
  202. PolitiKellyRite​George.. Please tell us what you know about Tavistock
  203. Lo K​Your Brother it is like they use the words "conspiracy theorist" to deflect from truth
  204. AGENT 99​Trish is brave
  205. R H​Sweep the Leg Trish ..
  206. Your Brother​It is Joule
  207. Peter Mikula​JOULE
  208. Dr. S Taylor​Ports across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the (UAE) are closed to ships from Qatar in June after the countries severed diplomatic relations with the country. Is this a cover story of a RAT LINE issue?
  209. SnowBlind​Duke destroyed Alex Jones in debate
  210. Merwin Abbott-Artist​Trish on the move! 👍
  211. bob rogers​Nancy P goat hill pizza is in the Little Brother book
  213. Σελήνη-Celini​Joule?
  214. Momma Skadi​what will you ALLOW him to cover
  215. Stephen Tice​Thailand?
  216. Johnna Beuerlein​Not alone
  217. Dan Halen​83 rogers st
  218. Σελήνη-Celini​Yule?
  219. Peter Mikula​yes JOULE
  220. Matthew Miller​George what do you think of the guest last night and his talking about Albert Pike?
  221. Tim Johnson​public library
  222. Peacock​Trish is going to get her CCW😀
  223. Joe Napoli​I tolllllll u mang
  224. Your Brother​joule ⛈
  225. Marina Meadows​A report from @ The New American it give details abt the despicable treatment of Journalists at United Nations
  226. Matt​Tony!!!! Sweetie!!!! The man is here!!!!
  227. Will Guerra​shes safer when we follow her♡
  228. Alice Carnes​George, please show the back of your shirt.
  229. Darryl Snow​What's Tavistock? I'll google. Any other search terms to attach?
  230. jenna peter​Not a fan of AJ, like a few on Infowars though.
  231. chicky rogue​they force bostoneers as mayors on nyc for years something to that
  232. Kip Marko​how about the kid in jail for life? silk road bust that went totally corrupt? He is just a kid and the gov cooked him alive?
  233. Tim Johnson​public library is where he worked from
  234. Al Martel​@georgwebb Please cover G4S/Serco Tavistock roots
  235. Merwin Abbott-Artist​Any Pot holes in the silk road
  236. Lo K​SnowBlind did you see my post yesterday in the deep truth video? You should check it out lots about Jones
  237. me oh yeh its ME​Is Flynn not still out there somewhere???
  238. Dan Halen​George Webb - Joule Biotechnologies Inc is at 83 Rogers St
  239. Eitan Ziv​drive safe trish
  240. R H​Be Safe Driving & streaming
  241. Robin Mead​I believe that would be Canada.
  242. Kathy Randall​CIA protecting ports.  What a joke
  243. Tim Johnson​was also busted at library
  244. Weofthe People​@AGENT99 TY
  245. Doug Atherton​GLADIO 1 & 2 , training terrorists in the USA . SEAN STONE interview on RT
  246. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman "if it were up to me, i'd take a flaaaaaaame throwah to this place!"
  247. Tonia Rayfield​Would rather talk about her teeth than George's balls
  248. Matthew Miller​Yes what about Tavistock?
  250. Foe Hammer​wonder woman on the move
  251. David Cooley​deliver a pizza
  252. Anna Pussy​😿 😘
  253. AGENT 99​Everything you need to know, is that they are investigating Trump with no evidence, but not investigating Hillary with tons of evidence
  254. CaliCarLover​Trish needs an adventure movie music track
  255. Anita David​Do not put Trish in danger
  256. Jason Goodman​which place big Joe
  257. chicky rogue​protecting THEIR interests hell yeah!
  258. Σελήνη-Celini​: 83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  259. Spooge Youtube​Count De'Money needs to start making a few more calls George.
  260. drewp831​GO TRISH GO!!
  261. merigprn​Crowdsource a fleet of drones with cameras for onsite visual during broadcasts...........
  262. Dr. S Taylor​@Jason Goodman do you DIRECT in your sleep as well!? 😃
  263. trafferazabu​like a Charlie's Angel episode
  264. Joe Napoli​SILK ROAD
  265. Your Brother​Glenn Greenwald oh brother!
  266. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  267. Investigate Racine​Podestas and Emanuels are middle men to Pilgrims Society
  268. Dan Halen​google com/maps/place/Joule+Biotechnologies+Inc/@42.4365738,-71.2322628,12z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sjoule+boston+ma!3m4!1s0x89e370bb38999421:0x9722f86c1c977d68!8m2!3d42.366515!4d-71.0810149
  269. Marina Meadows​For similar outlet of raw truth coverage please review @ INNERCITYPRESS
  270. Mathew F Blackman​Any relation to Tom Clancy ?
  271. Sam Wise​@Joe Napoli remember my user on fackbook group is basel brush, remember "art base"l, what do you paint art with?
  272. highwaytoSerfdom​Todashev AAron McFarlane FBI murder on Boston bombing murder in Fl hitting today
  273. Matt​This aggression will not stand man...
  274. Stephen Tice​Silkroad Servers were in Iceland
  275. Investigate Racine​Emanuels = Run DC, Chicago and LA
  276. Douglas Mc​Molesta has blood oaths
  277. Edward Griffin​Driving while using headphones is illegal in some states. Using only one of them is probably OK.
  278. Σελήνη-Celini​Joule Technologies? : 83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  279. Your Brother​Anyone here know Gilad Atzmon?
  280. Kip Marko​treasury
  281. Jane Morvan​Σελήνη-Celini​: 83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  283. SnowBlind​@Lo K Didn't see it can you post a link?
  284. Investigate Racine​That is why it is called "Secret" service
  285. bigfish trebillion​reykjavik Iceland was where server was
  286. Peacock​Funny how the the new democrat slogan is a rip off of Papa Johns PIZZA
  287. chicky rogue​join us at reddit r/truthleaks
  288. Weofthe People​@AGENT99​ BIG PROPS FOR Everything you need
  289. Joe Napoli​@Sam Wise got it thx my man
  290. AGENT 99​Yes Jason you guys go!
  291. Merwin Abbott-Artist​lol
  292. Johnna Beuerlein​Lord please put podesta n prison
  293. BLACKSTAR​the same day of the Boston bombings there was a massive explosion check this out
  294. Spooge Youtube​@Jason Goodman - You're doing a bloody good job Jason! You're tech mission is just as important as George's!
  295. Ed Kurtz​Jason - Can somebody in Boston be bodyguard for Trish?
  296. Investigate Racine​Also see Knights of Pythias - see Racine, WI
  297. no deduv​@Your Brother oyvey!
  298. merigprn​rogers st
  299. Kathleen Elder​Lol
  300. Ian Treloar​i think george is feeling cute today
  301. Gramp Torino​LoL
  302. Joe Napoli​Iceland and the US?
  303. Shelly DeVous​83 Rogers
  304. Brand Gardner​CAMBRIDGE MA ?
  305. Karl Brautigam​In Pizza Shops Around The World... They Are Now Known As The Knights Of Malted
  306. Candace Wagner​I noticed that @Peacock funny/not funny
  307. 2JOHNNYT​Please come to Boston...she just said no...
  308. Anita David​George is out of control
  309. chicky rogue​so many podestas to pick from lets put them all in
  310. jenna peter​Podesta still mute on twitter
  311. Pan-Galactic Plenipotentiary​Trish is Frozen
  312. Linda Copping​LOL GEORGE
  313. R H​Driving and screwing around with phones is not safe ..
  314. Doug Atherton​SEAN STONE on RT , exposes terrorist training in USA , GLADIO 1 & 2
  315. Matthew Miller​Yes cover Trish please
  316. Investigate Racine​Knights of Malta = Timothy Dolan
  317. helen edgar​georg was teasing jason
  318. Jennifer Madison​i am at the doctor lol told him about CST lol blank stare👀
  319. Hillary Warton​Rogers Street
  320. Marylynn Caldwell​wasn't the Secret Service originally under the department of the treasury? if so are they still?
  321. Marina Meadows​I am feeling terrible, hard to open my eyes and focus. Lots of #RFDE radiation hurting me
  322. Spooge Youtube​1,117 watchers for me!
  323. Robin Mead​Under the ospices of Globalism US the policemen for the world. Great cover, eh?
  324. BLACKSTAR​same day of the Boston bombings there was a massive explosion check this out
  325. Linda Copping​all 3 go to BOSTON
  326. Dr. Pamela Marcum​She's a GIRL. Protect her
  327. Matthew Miller​Get some cover for Trish please
  328. Bird Tweets​Ask Naomi Campbell about blood diamonds...
  329. Mathew F Blackman​Dave Hodges interview with Liz Crokin was incredible. Can you look up Liz Crokin?
  330. Investigate Racine​They work for Knights of Malta
  331. SeriousBusinessMusic​im not saying the secret service is the knights of malta
  332. Michael Zeedick​SS still part of Treasury Dept.
  333. Deep South​jOULE uNLIMITED, 18 cROSBY dRIVE, bEDFORD, ma 01730?
  334. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman Tom Drape of Draper Fisher Juverston Investments bought most of Silk Road's bitcoins. Drapers dad was a US ARMY Secretary??
  335. Spooge Youtube​Ha!
  336. Brad Ray​Anything on Mike Gill Jason???????😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  337. Your Brother​Hey @R H Driving and screwing is not a good idea
  338. highwaytoSerfdom​Boston CGI Partners in Health Hatti
  339. Joe Napoli​Draper
  340. Johnna Beuerlein​83 Rogers street
  341. Investigate Racine​The Pope is in the United states - it is Timothy Dolan
  342. Spooge Youtube​Not alone Trish!
  343. helen edgar​secret service investigates credit card fraud from what I know
  344. Σελήνη-Celini​83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142(617) 354-6100
  346. Joanna​To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire
  347. Karl Brautigam​I am willing to bet that Trish could take many so called men in this country with ease
  348. chicky rogue​malta is the templars
  349. R H​LOL
  350. victrola13​Vatican connections
  351. Investigate Racine​It is PILGRIMS SOCIETY
  352. Odile Gagnon​what's Roger's, is actually , Trefflee's.
  353. Edward Griffin​CIA = Catholics In Action
  354. Matthew Miller​If something happens to her we are going to feel terrible
  355. Pan-Galactic Plenipotentiary​Sir Skippy, the Blight of Malta!
  356. DOZERS10​...You come home to me.
  357. Red Canoe​Joule Biotechnologies Inc
  358. Your Brother​@Investigate Racine I have met Timothy Dolan
  359. Mathew F Blackman​VATICAN
  360. Beverly Hindersman​all of you need body guards
  361. Mrs. Pan​Marina Meadows: You need to get a cover on you smart meter. W
  362. helen edgar​malta = giants?
  364. Judy Anderson​83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142
  365. Σελήνη-Celini​83 Rogers St, Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 354-6100
  366. Sam Wise​@Joe Napoli Joe tell Jason to check his pm on facebook group, from basel brush
  367. drewp831​MALT LIQUOR @@@
  368. AGENT 99​What is a rogering?
  369. Kat Rogers​watch it, lol
  370. Ian Treloar​everyone likes to have a knighthood and be called sir larry
  371. Investigate Racine​@Your Brother So have we. Timothy Dolan is evil.
  372. Pan-Galactic Plenipotentiary​Blight of Malta, more like it
  373. chicky rogue​templar
  374. Darryl Snow​Maltese Cross is very Catholic. Very symbolic
  375. sweep 3
  376. Live chat
  377. Brand Gardner​GEORGE IS RIGHT ON HERE
  378. SnowBlind​Act of 1871
  379. Stephen Mcclarence​Knights of the Golden FLEECE
  380. R H​This Jesuit Pope is Podfather's Pedo Brother...
  381. Investigate Racine​The Pope is no Jesus.
  382. Joe Napoli​CHEMRING AND ORBIT ATK IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK??????????????????????????
  383. C sam​Podesta - delusions of grandeur
  384. David Cooley​HQ is on Crosby road in Bedford Ma.
  385. Radioactive Banana​Pope on a rope Frances, is this your doing?
  386. Your Brother​Planned Parenthood is evil @Investigate Racine
  387. Dire Straights​And their blood related
  388. Anne​George spicy
  389. Dan Halen​Why would the Catholics ever give up any power if they didnt have to?
  390. atwitsend​Knights for the Jesuits now knights of malta ..
  391. PolitiKellyRite​The pope has NO humility
  392. Karl Brautigam​Juan Carlos..."King of Jerusalem"
  393. Candace Wagner​it happens @Anita David the human ego/pride before the fall~Ipray not:) Check it!
  394. Investigate Racine​@Your Brother True about that.
  395. Sam Wise​though this pope is a jesuit as well so no the black and white pope are jesuits
  396. Truth Maximus​Catholic/Vatican/Pope is utter BS, everything about all of it is, BS
  397. AGENT 99​The pope is a fraud that swindles billions out of well intended people
  398. Mrs. Pan​Black jesuit Pope not demonic. Lol.
  399. Douglas Jones​Joule Unlimited - 18 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730
  400. Al Martel​Pope and Queen are fake parasitical entities
  401. Chris Lohman​Knights of Malta/Jesuits/CIA/Georetown
  402. paola 1st​Lol joe napoli
  403. Marina Meadows​Review my pages for more @ MEADOWS_MARIN because #RFDE will #SlowKill you, your friends, your families.....
  404. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman Tom Draper of Draper Fisher Juverston Investments bought most of Silk Road's bitcoins. Drapers gpa(?) worked at National City Bank in NY and was a US Undersecretary of War
  406. Kathy Randall​Why is Jack Keane saying all this shit about Russia?
  408. AeRiaLryDer​The Catholics never gave up power. It is covert through the CIA. Remember the Reformation
  409. R H​Also this Pope ran the Pedo ratlines in Argentina before he went to Rome...
  410. Jennifer Jensen​kings of the pedo business.
  411. SnowBlind​Act of 1871. We're all Vatican commodity
  412. Investigate Racine​@Chris Lohman - See Racine and Marquette Mafia
  413. highwaytoSerfdom​Frankie pedo protector not my pope
  414. Linda Copping​Knights Hospiteller use to be Knights of Malta, who changed their name lots, that's you clue, change name, confuse people
  415. Stephen Tice​Isn't King of Jerusalem Filipe these days?
  416. Mathew F Blackman​But Freemasons are OK - right?
  417. Red Canoe​BITCOIN better than gold
  418. patricia faulkner​Trudeau sell some airport in Canada from China
  419. Foe Hammer​ask me about george s balls
  420. Radioactive Banana​See Muzak's channel on all things NWO and the Jesuits.
  421. bob rogers​classified weapons supply and training program run by CIA known as Timber Sycamore that allied the US with al-Qaeda terrorists.
  422. atwitsend​Black white dualism, white is black back is white...
  425. Sam Wise​the knights of malta are the knights templars
  426. Candace Wagner​@Jason Goodman READ Joe's comment he seems to feel it important
  427. Sean Oliver​You're making me laugh so much George
  428. SeriousBusinessMusic​feel the rage
  429. John OLoughlin​Pontifficating--pun!
  430. Marina Meadows​Strong storm ⛈ here in Miami
  431. Foe Hammer​good tshirt right?
  432. 2JOHNNYT​YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION 2 ME - why dont you 2 guys get married already!
  433. Douglas Jones​Joule Unlimited - 18 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730
  434. Mrs. Pan​I thought CIA stood for Catholics in action.
  435. Kathleen Elder​Simmer down
  436. AGENT 99​George seems like he drank too much coffee today. A bit intense
  437. Spooge Youtube​Trish should be careful driving and streaing!
  438. Darryl Snow​Catholic Freemasons in the Jewry and pedophilia in the CIA/FBI needs a bit of simplification.
  439. Anita David​Candace. Know it well
  440. Radioactive Banana​Muzak
  441. pete sagate​girls girls
  442. Johnna Beuerlein​I want to buy t shirt
  443. Red Canoe​83 is the empty lot
  444. Spooge Youtube​*streaming
  445. Brand Gardner​NO
  446. Chris Lohman​Forgot the Freemasons
  447. rkl08551​segwit FTW
  448. Anne​@Mathew F Blackman I think so - last night's stream was on this subject, pretty good
  449. Dire Straights​They say all ruled by answer to the BLACK POPe
  450. Al Martel​Sharp as tack Jason
  451. Sean Oliver​Did you drink a little bit to much covfefe?
  452. Brand Gardner​NO BEDFORD IS FAR
  453. patricia faulkner​she driving down there?
  454. Investigate Racine​The Knights answer to the Pilgrims Society
  455. Joe Napoli​HEY MCCAIN IN UKRAINE!!!!! IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK???????????????????
  456. helen edgar​harvard = fabian communists major geo racey jordan tells us and the 6th floor of state department = cutting labels off classified documents
  457. Truth Maximus​There is a reason why up until JFK, everyone thought of Catholics un-electable. Being at the behest to a foreign government, is not good for the US
  458. Doug Atherton​GEORGE ** SEAN STONE @ RT , interview /expose on GLADIO / terrorist training INSIDE the USA
  459. pete sagate​al martel lol
  460. Mathew F Blackman​Anne my point
  461. Candace Wagner​@Anita David 😉
  462. sweep 4
  463. Live chat
  464. Dan Halen​me too
  465. Radioactive Banana​So are their secret oaths above the US constitution?
  466. Truth Maximus​@Joe Napoli I believe that is of latin decent? Perhaps Italian hahaha
  467. Donna Summers​French, right?
  468. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​TRUMP NOT Mason
  469. Anita David​Candace not my ego
  470. Holly Engel​(3/3) Joule applicants Sr. Buyer/PlannerJoule – Burlington, MA. Mechanical Design EngineerJoule – Wakefield, MA. Production OperatorJoule – Chelmsford, MA
  471. Ed Kurtz​Are we there yet?
  472. Anne​@freemasons are? So they are bad guys?
  473. Investigate Racine​Quad Cities Corruption is directly tied to Racine, WI corruption.
  475. Truth Wins​morning all. I'm late. how long you been live?
  476. Linda Copping​YES BOSTON next destination after Florida
  477. Joe Napoli​@Truth Maximus HAHAHAHAHA
  478. atwitsend​my family fled France into Germany then to the US. this is a very old war against the people. my family was of the Waldensers
  479. Jennifer Jensen​how is tulsi controlled opposition? shes the only on trying to stop arming terrorists.
  480. Spooge Youtube​Putin still holding live Q&A with school children on Youtube. The kids have made a freaking satellite to show him?
  481. Hillary Warton​No Trump is not a Mason
  482. Brad Ray​Anything on Mike Gill Jason???😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  483. Brand Gardner​I'M IN BOSTON
  484. Holly Engel​Their is a list of Joule jobs around Boston
  485. N8​Are you saying we want to get "order" out of "chaos"... heard that before. All roads lead to Rome... research went there from some of the Haiti investigation
  486. Anne​@investigate racine freemasons are bad guys then?
  487. Simplify 0007​hour 15 min
  488. Investigate Racine​TRUMP IS A MASON - STOP LYING.
  489. me oh yeh its ME​Fallout is set there so I kinda been....
  490. Laura40AA​True, Turtle
  491. Karl Brautigam​Dear John Podesta: A Message From Bill & Ted: They are on to you ... "SO-CRATES" the art up and disappear to a deserted Japanese Island!!
  492. C sam​Opsec News dot com has Aaron Russo's America, Freedom to Fascism & may have TAVISTOCK AGENDA, info, too
  493. Linda Copping​I've been to Boston twice, great city
  494. Robin Mead​Silk Way utilizes a network of servers all over the world.
  495. SnowBlind​There are Two constitutions!! Act of 1871
  496. Fat Pauly​4 hours later
  497. Your Brother​Gay 💩 Marriage is illegal in Israel yet most jews I know promote it.
  498. Investigate Racine​Freemasons are deceivers. @Anne
  499. Radioactive Banana​Trump said he was a mason ON TV during the black business meeting- go see it on White house youtube.
  500. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman Tom Draper of Draper Fisher Juverston Investments bought most of Silk Road's bitcoins. Drapers gpa(?) worked at National City Bank in NY and was a US Undersecretary of War
  501. highwaytoSerfdom​Miter in bedford
  502. Truth Maximus​@Joe Napoli Probably someone at ellis island screwed it up, it may have been whorecate'
  503. Sound An Alarm​She should have taken the T
  504. Truth Wins​thanks simplify
  505. jenna peter​Tulsi won't get nominated, and dems won't win even if she did, party hasn't changed.
  506. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@Joe Napoli jurveston is a huge investor in Tesla and SpaceX
  507. Simplify 0007​😊
  508. Joe Napoli​@Truth Maximus i agree
  509. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​We need facts on UN and EU people and their involvement in all of this corruption.
  510. Σελήνη-Celini​Joules Technology IncAddress: 2001 N York St, Denver, CO 80205Phone: (303) 355-8234
  511. atwitsend​vatican is really the old roman Cesar families look at the BOd for the Jesuits. very old war!.
  512. R H​@Karl Brautigam  ... Excellent ....
  513. Doug Atherton​JASON & GEORGE ** see SEAN STONE @ RT ... EXPOSE / interview on GLADIO 1 - 2 .. TERRORIST training INSIDE the USA ( still ) !!!
  514. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@Joe Napoli also good friends witih musk
  515. Johnna Beuerlein​I am lost @Joe
  516. Joe Napoli​@Joeys Cleaning Lady up he sure is
  517. XBOPanda​Greece
  519. SnowBlind​Israel Hub of NWO
  520. Dire Straights​What's the addy? on Map?
  521. Shelly DeVous​yes
  522. Dan Halen​Jeff took that down a weird road
  523. Joe Napoli​@Johnna Beuerlein how come?
  524. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@Joe Napoli a lot of AI startups he is invested in as well
  525. Joe Napoli​can i help?
  526. Your Brother​Zio-left and Zio-right
  527. Investigate Racine​FREEMASONS ARE EVIL & INVOLVED
  528. helen edgar​No to Masons No No No No No No no
  529. Marina Meadows​Hey guys keep 👀 on me if anything happen to me, don't have a doubt on reporting that it was done to Silence me, before I can speak the truth! Thanks much love ❤️
  530. Shredding Gnarly Harley​JASON GOODMAN WHAT MASONIC THING! I GOT THEM TOO. My think started out with the masons, then It lead to direct links. Masons Are involved. But I agree... Don't bring it up.
  531. me oh yeh its ME​Thankyou well said Jason!!1
  532. Ed Kurtz​God can use Masons to his good too.
  533. Annastacia McConnell​CIA is full of masons. BE CAREFUL
  534. Candace Wagner​Oh? Sorry if I insulted you/or bruised your ego by discussing the nature of humanity. Sincerely.
  535. Johnna Beuerlein​Just lack of knowledge lol
  536. Holly Engel​Above (1/3), (2/3) & (3/3) are Joule locations for Jobs openings, around Boston. Sticking closed its doors as reported yesturday.
  537. Matthew Miller​Right George
  538. Amy Beachluver​He was a BSer
  539. Joe Napoli​@Joeys Cleaning Lady that's the next latest and greates investment idea =ai
  540. Mrs. Pan​You guys do a great job. No need to apologize.
  541. Brand Gardner​DISTRACTION
  542. Investigate Racine​Quad Cities Freemasons are linked to the mafia and criminal corruption in Racine, WI
  543. Pan-Galactic Plenipotentiary​So what if Pat was a mason, though? he said as much.
  544. Dan Halen​mind controlled reason for being
  545. Ed Kurtz​Repent!
  546. Matthew Miller​It's ridiculous
  547. me oh yeh its ME​Honesty is all that matters
  548. Mimi Miller​1871 treaty ...
  549. Simplify 0007​Jason, Follow your "Heart" !!!!!!!!!
  550. Investigate Racine​Freemasons work for Pilgrims Society
  551. Jennifer Madison​will mark be back on tonight
  552. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Investigative Racine - true!!!!!!
  553. Spooge Youtube​Damn Right George
  554. Mathew F Blackman​Marina is from FL
  555. Linda Copping​he went on about the Pike letter but things change LIFE is not static, things CHANGE
  556. Joeys Cleaning Lady​that free mason hack from iowa was horrible yesterday
  557. drewp831​MIND FU*K
  558. C sam​Thin blue line
  559. thaboy26​@joe napoli ross ulbricht was set up in silk road case they admit the silk road had multiple admins and ross never haf any1 killed =no bodies
  560. Investigate Racine​Secret Societies are Terrorist Organizations
  562. me oh yeh its ME​Masons are secretive not good.
  563. Simplify 0007​💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
  564. Dan Halen​a lot of judges and religious leaders too Jason
  565. Graham 95​not a bad thing to sometimes air controversial things. It's what conspiracy theory accusers rely on for labelling. Avoiding it adds weight to their ideas
  566. Cherilyn Monroe​yes true
  567. Eitan Ziv​big in the army too
  568. Mimi Miller​thin blue line is right
  569. Linda Copping​PEOPLE hang onto all this past stuff and its stagnating
  570. Anita David​Candace wow
  571. Brand Gardner​NO SECRET SOCIETIES IN U S
  572. Joe Napoli​@thaboy26 very true, yet HE'S doing life without parole
  573. Eitan Ziv​especially ampng the very tan soldiers
  574. R H​Morals & Dogma Real Book ...
  575. Matthew Miller​Very good George
  576. Investigate Racine​There are many levels. Low levels do not know the truth.
  577. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Lets me honest - Mason is demonic and dark - nicely wrapped in doing "good stuff" -
  578. SnowBlind​There's many sects of Freemasonry. Trump is in a good sect. All european sects are evil
  579. Darryl Snow​Yeah, I am a firefighter. The masons were big but not evil. They worked with non masons and Catholics
  581. Mathew F Blackman​SEND TICHIE FROM BOSTON!
  582. Linda Copping​live now, not in the past, things change,
  583. Red Canoe​dead end
  584. Investigate Racine​The TRUTH leads to Racine, WI and Pilgrims Society.
  585. Sean Oliver​It's all Basil
  586. Spooge Youtube​🌋 George is on fire at the moment! 🌋
  587. Doug Atherton​*** george ** Gladio 1-2 , TERRORIST training INSIDE the USA . SEAN STONE @ RT interview / expose
  588. Mathew F Blackman​Send Richie From Boston!
  589. SurfinServer​secret society should have open rosters
  590. Matthew Miller​That letter from 1871 is ridiculous
  591. Dire Straights​IRobot is on Crosby
  592. drewp831​@Brand Gardner HAHAHA YEA RIGHT
  593. Linda Copping​meat and potatoes left
  595. Johnathan Deckard​secrecy is not good for the country unless it's military intel.
  596. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Trump not Mason - stop spreading lies
  597. Donna Summers​I don't think it gets dark until the higher levels 33 and there are a few steps over that from what I hear.
  598. Shredding Gnarly Harley​"The word "secret" Is repugnant in an open society"- (or something like that)JFK
  599. Marylynn Caldwell​Thank you George for your discernment.
  600. Mrs. Pan​Honestly, the show was kind of boring last night, until Mike came on. I wad glad I stuck with it. This episode was awesome!
  601. Mathew F Blackman​I love Richie From Boston!
  602. Danise Shaffer​there is a reason he ignores you Jason ha ha Ha
  603. me oh yeh its ME​Why need a secret club anywho?
  604. Dire Straights​keep getting taken off..
  605. Mimi Miller​there is a treaty of 1871....
  606. Cherilyn Monroe​hmm..
  607. ditsylilg​iRobot is doing a lot of advanced robotics.
  609. Truth Maximus​Susan Rice refused to testify before Congress claiming she was being target as a, "minority woman."
  610. SnowBlind​History Repeats. Those who dont learn from history repeat it
  611. Joeys Cleaning Lady​George as the 13 yo bj tape on his laptop
  612. Mimi Miller​Dire me too ..
  614. John Galt​JFK: "The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society"
  615. Linda Copping​MIKE was Great last night!!!!!!!!!!!!
  616. Investigate Racine​It is an agenda for GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT.
  617. Shredding Gnarly Harley​Grant, Then esinhower.... well a bit of woodrow before he left, then JFk then it was over. well , Now trump. Jason goodman
  618. atwitsend​fraternal order of police . another closed secret club.
  619. Sound An Alarm​President's take the oath on George Washington's Masonic Bible
  620. highwaytoSerfdom​Grant civilians in war
  621. SurfinServer​it's like be a dual citzen
  622. Joe Napoli​@Jason Goodman Tom Draper of Draper Fisher Juverston Investments bought most of Silk Road's bitcoins. Drapers grandpa(?) worked at National City Bank in NY and was a US Undersecretary of War.
  623. Mathew F Blackman​SEND RFB - then loop him in - he has a huge following!
  624. Investigate Racine​The Police are corrupt - see Racine, WI.
  625. Brad Ray​Anything on Mike Gill Jason???😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  626. Dan Halen​Its building a team
  627. Joe Napoli​Draper now investing HEAVILY IN AI
  629. Linda Copping​keep bringing their secrets out into the open
  630. Donna Summers​someone on YouTube keeps saying that Trump is Knights Templar. I hope that isn't true.
  631. Shelly DeVous​Grant was a drunk
  632. Stephen Mcclarence​The letter was made public in 1917 and ended up in a musem
  633. heidi moulton​Interview Leuren Moret she knows a lot about the Jesuits,
  634. Candace Wagner​As a CSTT sponsor, I'd like to thank Mike for his work on Truthleaks
  635. Brand Gardner​GLADIO C
  636. Ed Kurtz​RFB RFB RFB
  637. me oh yeh its ME​JFK knew the dangers of secret society
  638. Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor​I respect the structured learning by degrees, but why the secrecy?
  639. Renee Hinkle​don't give them more credit than they deserve
  640. Investigate Racine​Corrupt police are in the Masons and other secret societies in Racine.
  641. SurfinServer​hidden conflicts of interests
  642. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@Joe Napoli and SPACEx
  643. Cherilyn Monroe​get liz crokin on
  644. Mathew F Blackman​RFB
  645. Mimi Miller​AI programs
  646. Karl Brautigam​Freemasonic Royal Order Of The Jesters...The Joker's Art
  647. Shredding Gnarly Harley​Jason goodman, I can't believe you guys are fucking talking about this.... Lol, I mean, Its good, It's real, I just never thought the day would come.....
  648. Sean Oliver​What better way to communicate than secret symbols and shit
  649. C sam​Obama's 1030 Program provided that cohesiveness btwn local police w/military and equipment
  650. Louise Nieder-Heitmann​Secret societies sometimes starts as a good idea... not long it is evil. Be careful it sucks you in with their "sweet" talk
  651. Robin Lent​SPICER RESIGNED
  652. Elizabeth Anthony​There's mason lodges everywhere. Just look
  653. Charlotte Grove​Your right Ron
  654. Joe Napoli​@joeys yuuuuup
  657. Dan Halen​I'm pretty sure it is true Donna Summers, just based on hand-shakes and associates
  658. Ed Kurtz​RFB RFB RFB!!
  659. Conspiracy Farm with Pat Miletich & Jeffery Wilson​Sorry if Pat or I offended anyone. CLEARLY wasnt our intent!
  660. Odile Gagnon​Jacko Point,,,in my blood, of the St.David parish
  661. SnowBlind​The act of 1871 is a legal document---Two Constitutions
  662. helen edgar​I am glad Pat disclosed he is a mason but NO NO NO to free Masons No to Hiram and being reborn in to the spirit of Hiram NO NO NO
  663. Cherilyn Monroe​Interview liz crokin she knows
  664. Johnna Beuerlein​Not true @donnasummer
  665. Joeys Cleaning Lady​@Jason Goodman anytime you mention mason again you must take a shot
  666. Linda Copping​Knights Templar are not bad, Knights of Malta are, slander and confusion are a tactic deep state often use
  667. Investigate Racine​Pat Miletich is friends and Freemason brothers with Rodney Blackwell = TIED TO MAFIA
  668. R H​RFB ???? No it's OPP
  669. Ian Treloar​you don't want to be mean to the masons so you didn't film it?
  670. Robin Mead​Silk way uses servers all over the world. It's the Tor protocol.
  671. Ed Kurtz​Richie from Boston!
  672. Mauny Kaseburg​Doesn't FBI have a bunch of Bitcoin?
  673. AnkhRising8​Sandusky ohio is masonic hq
  674. Investigate Racine​Pat Miletich is also tied to Ari Emanuel through UFC
  675. Mathew F Blackman​Chat went ballistic when he said "I am a Mason"
  676. Doug Atherton​SEAN STONE @ RT .. EXPOSE /interview about GLADIO 1 - 2 .. TERRORIST training inside the USA STILL
  677. CaliCarLover​They're not destroying documents. They're creating new art for Tony Podesta
  678. Jason Goodman​I don't drink liquor Joeys CL
  680. Linda Copping​Knights Templar like Cathars
  681. Cherilyn Monroe​brutal
  682. Donna Summers​thanks Linda
  683. Spooge Youtube​@Joeys Cleaning Lady - He's probably keeping it as a dead mans switch!
  684. Joe Napoli​A frggin MACHINE
  685. Andrea DiSanto​Scaramuchi GEORGE
  686. Edward Griffin​NYT reporting Spicer resignation
  687. AGENT 99​Dont blame him thats a tough job
  688. Rand mccullough​TRISH jason cut your comment on Boston bombing yesterday. I wanted to know if you were aware of the presence of CRAFT INTERNATIONAL? They were all over the spot where the bombs were detonated
  689. Red Canoe​you fools
  690. Joe Napoli​JOE BAGODONUTS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  691. Mike Fletcher​Free Masons are good true people that are willing to put it all on the line for truth. They are the last line when everyone else is drinking the Kool aid. George please.... lets have some truth.
  692. Andrea DiSanto​GEORGE, SCARAMUCHI
  693. highwaytoSerfdom​you need to talk to me when in Boston
  694. Shelly DeVous​right....they gave Direct of Communications to someone else
  695. Kathy Randall​Anthony Scaramuchi head of comm
  696. Candace Wagner​Scaramucci will replace as communications
  697. Blondie 95​He's still going to work at the White House
  698. Douglas Mc​Path of the Fool ; goodnight
  699. Shredding Gnarly Harley​Good. shes good. Jason goodman Huckabee I mean... Actually, I've only seen her a few times, maybe it wore off.
  700. Mathew F Blackman​NO SECRET SOCIETIES!
  701. Duckluvnmom​Iowa peeps, how far back do Masons go in Iowa? (Familial research)
  702. Investigate Racine​@Joe Napoli We know the real truth about Pat Miletich
  703. Karl Brautigam​Hidden In Plain Sight..In Your Face and With Malice
  704. Brad Ray​Anything on Mike Gill Jason???😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
  705. Joeys Cleaning Lady​how much does it cost to mine a bitcoin?
  706. Carlos Ramírez​Sell low buy high, perfect formula /lulz
  707. Spooge Youtube​Has Trish gone?
  708. Joe Napoli​Investigate Pat from last night?
  709. Mrs. Pan​If Spicer is gone, I HOPE TO JESUS that Priebus is next!
  710. Kay B.Texas​Scaramucci... New Guy
  711. Mike Fletcher​George that is BS and you know it...
  712. Mathew F Blackman​Karl B 👍🏻
  713. Investigate Racine​@Joe Napoli YES
  714. Eff!! lost half of it
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