Grab Bag

Aug 30th, 2019
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  1. Froggo:
  2. Catapult [Action/3/1-2] - Melee Attack 2 @+1. Reinforce Drone (x1) in targeted Area. Catapult cannot be used again until Drone ends movement in your Area.
  4. Drone
  5. -Float (-1 to be hit by shit)
  6. -Homing Jets (move 1 toward [Doll Name Here])
  7. -Tackle (Charge but reusable)
  8. -Pigeonbrained [Auto/None/Self] - Maximum AP equals [Doll Name Here]'s Current AP-1.
  10. CHAAAAAAINGUUUUUUN [Action/4/2-3] - Shooting Attack 2 + Area + Chain Attack 1. "Support" Maneuvers do not effect this attack.
  12. T3 ENH Sentry Gun [Auto/None/0-1] When you make an attack check with a shooting or blast attack, declare an additional Shooting Attack 1 or Blast Attack 1 against a target at range 0-1. No other maneuver nor Critical Hits can increase the Damage of this attack. This part cannot be activated on the next count.
  14. Shuriken [Rapid/2/0-1] Melee Attack 1 + Dismember + Area
  16. Assassinate [Auto/None/Self] +1 damage to the first attack made against a target that you have not attacked before.
  18. Smoke Bomb [Rapid/2/0] Stagger, you may also use a Move 1 on yourself.
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