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Dec 20th, 2014
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  1. [21:34] <DBN006> City N doesn't sleep. Even at night the city is alive with activity. Businesses legal and otherwise light up the downtown buildings, a neon glow that makes the shadows that much darker. Agent Cho has you looking into reports of a gang moving through downtown committing acts of violence in what some have described as costumes.
  2. [21:36] * Jamie_Knapp wasn't often one for investigating crimes, but the gang in particular held some interest to another one of her employers. Getting two paychecks for one job was more than worth the risks involved.
  3. [21:42] <DBN006> The initial crime scene was outside of a nightclub, the area taped off with people gathering to gawk and take take pictures. Two dead and covered, one survivor being examined in the back of an ambulance.
  4. [21:42] <@Mr_Rage> Ai wasn't exactly a brainiac, but she was patient enough to lurk on stakeout, especially to catch criminals. Tails twitching in anticipation, the younger Overed kept alert, occasionally casting a glance towards the others.
  5. [21:50] <Jamie_Knapp> Catching a glimpse at one of her 'partners,' Jamie suppressed a shudder. Even though she knew better, she still wasn't quite able to put herself in the same group as them. She turned her attention to the crime scene, trying to absorb every detail.
  6. [21:51] * Katrina_Farron was no stranger to investigating. However, she usually worked alone. More people just meant more chance of getting caught. Still, it looked like she was working with Ai again. She wasn't sure why, but she felt somewhat protective of the girl.
  7. [21:52] <DBN006> You could see an officer approaching the ambulance with an evidence bag, the living victim flinching as something was plucked from him. At this distance it was almost invisible, catching the light for just a moment to reveal a needle as this as a hair.
  8. [21:55] <Jamie_Knapp> If only they were closer! What kind of gang fights using needles?
  9. [21:58] <DBN006> Once the Cop leaves with his evidence one of the paramedics breaks off and approaches the three ladies.
  10. [22:08] <Jamie_Knapp> "What do you have for us?"
  11. [22:11] <DBN006> He glanced over his shoulder and then back to them. "Two dead from stab wounds, third took a shallow hit. All three were also hit with what at first look like needles." He holds one up, gripped between two fingers. "Hair. You're looking for Overed or Gjaum."
  12. [22:13] <DBN006> "Last seen heading sound, according to a witness."
  13. [22:18] <Katrina_Farron> "Well let's get looking, then," She frowns, turning to the others, "before things get any hairier."
  14. [22:18] <@Mr_Rage> Ai reaches for the hair, without much respect for the chain of evidence, her nostrils flaring as she tries to get the thing's scent. At Katrina's prompt, the little Overed nods. "Yes!"
  15. [22:20] <Jamie_Knapp> "Your lead then."
  16. [22:21] * Katrina_Farron seems about ready to just head south when she notices Ai sniffing the hair, "Woah, you can track by scent?"
  17. [22:21] <@Mr_Rage> "Probably?" Looks like she's going to give it a shot, taking off towards the South.
  18. [22:22] <Katrina_Farron> "Great!" Katrina bolts off after her.
  19. [22:22] * Jamie_Knapp follows after the two of them.
  20. [22:23] <DBN006> Ai can smell...something. It doesn't just stay in her nose but also clings to her tongue. The coppery taste of violence. A scream in the night, down the street. Better hurry.
  21. [22:25] * Katrina_Farron picks up the pace, bolting int he direction of the scream as fast as she can (and since she's Hanuman, that's pretty fas) without another word.
  22. [22:27] * Jamie_Knapp draws her pistol and follows, unable to keep pace but still running outright.
  23. [22:28] <DBN006> This attack doesn't look to have been deadly at least, some folks plucking needles out of a woman with a gash on one arm. One of them points further down the street.
  24. [22:30] <@Mr_Rage> Ai drops to a sprint, teeth bared, on the verge of transforming almost before they chase down their prey.
  25. [22:31] * Katrina_Farron heads off in the direction she's led, her cybernetic visor ejecting over her eyes to help her get a better look around her, in case the perp was hiding.
  26. [22:33] <DBN006> They can
  27. [22:34] <DBN006> They can't be too far ahead, you can here people shouting in surprise and alarm.
  28. [22:39] * Jamie_Knapp follows as well as she is able, following the sounds of excitement.
  29. [22:41] <DBN006> Looks like it's one of those little movie theaters now, people running out screaming, some bleeding.
  30. [22:53] <@Mr_Rage> Ai, never one for deep thought, lurches into the theater against the tide of people, bellowing out a note that parts the waters for the other Overed.
  31. [22:55] * Katrina_Farron leaps and dodges her way through the crowd, looking to get into the theater. As Ai makes the way clear, she nods to her, then bolts on in, looking for whoever was doing this.
  32. [22:56] <DBN006> Indeed the people seem to part almost instantly, still desperate to get away though. The lights inside the theater have gone dark, the screen lit up with movie previews. There are three hunched forms inside.
  33. [22:59] <Jamie_Knapp> It isn't long before Jamie has caught up behind them. She levels the gun at the three in the theater.
  34. [23:05] <LeahofCherem> Was she even there before? Through the crowd of people, there's occasionally a glimpse of silver hair. One step after another, Mary passes through the throng towards the open theater. "Aah, how fun, how fun~."
  35. [23:34] <LeahofCherem> Shaking her head with disappointment, Mary looks at the three figures, "Um, you three wouldn't happen to be scaring the village folk, would you?" As she speaks, her hair shimmers a little stronger than normal, as she takes a careful stance.
  36. [23:36] <DBN006> The group looks up in unison, light from the movie projector glinting off their knives. Those faces, the costumes witnesses reported...they aren't costumes at all. These three overed have become Gjaum.
  37. [23:45] <LeahofCherem> "Oh. That's a shame." She casts them a regretful look, hands tracing a careful, practiced motion in the air. A light blossoms behind her like the petals of a silver flower, before the petals begin snapping off and launching themselves as silver bolts at the enemy.
  38. [23:51] <DBN006> They strike with deadly accuracy, piercing their twisted bodies but not yet killing them. Their attention turns to Mary in full now.
  39. [00:02] <DBN006> It's hard to say where exactly they fire it from but they shoot needle-like hairs from their bodies aimed right for Mary!
  40. [00:04] <LeahofCherem> Attempting to jump back and dodge, Mary stumbles and runs right into a barrage, wincing in pain and letting out a pained gasp. Vivid red spots show through her white clothing, and she grabs hold of her arm, where a particular needle punched through. "Aitatata..."
  41. [00:13] * Jamie_Knapp was momentarily surprised by the entrance of the new overed. But when she attacked their enemies, Jamie took the hint that she was on their side. She took the distraction provided and dove for cover as the gjaums shot needles at the new girl. Jamie returned fire with her pistol.
  42. [00:14] <DBN006> The return fire was just what they needed, bullets striking down one of the trio and taking him out of the game.
  43. [00:34] <@Mr_Rage> "Ragh!" Reacting sharply to the presence of Gjuam, Ai's body transforms mid-leap, pouncing monster still breathing, thrashing and lashing out at them, handily knocking theater seats from their brackets, teeth snapping only at the open air.
  44. [00:34] * Katrina_Farron raises an arm, a long, dagger-like blade ejecting from the side of her wrist. It was some manner of cybernetic augmentation. Quicker than the eye could see, she lunges at one of the beasts' throats. The unmistakable sound of a slash is heard and a shower of blood is let loose from one of the Gyaum's major arteries.
  45. [00:39] <LeahofCherem> Ah, only the one left! Mimicking the symbols she drew in the air before, Mary cuts off her motions faster, and a single bolt of light flashes by the last gjaum, missing by a few feet. "Ah, curses..."
  46. [00:45] <DBN006> The remaining Gjaum lashes out with his knife, aiming to cut Katrina!
  47. [01:00] * Jamie_Knapp tried to get a couple shots in but between the rapid movements of the combatant and her trying not to hit her own teammate the bullets went stray.
  48. [01:08] <@Mr_Rage> Those glacial-ice blue claws finally find home, Ai bounding across the theater to tackle the remaining Gjuam into the popcorn-covered floor, adding yet another ambiguously sticky substance to its surface.
  49. [01:11] <LeahofCherem> Mary lets out a sigh, "May their spirits find peace." Her hair loses it's otherworldly lustre as she winces, holding her arm. "Well... Nice to meet you all."
  50. [01:14] <Jamie_Knapp> "You too. It's good you showed up when you did. Though I'm curious to know where you came from and why you're here."
  51. [01:14] <@Mr_Rage> Picking herself back up the evolutionary ladder, Ai plopped herself down on the back of a theater chair, tails swishing back and forth.
  52. [01:18] <LeahofCherem> "Of course." Mary smiles and bows her head a little. "I was passing through the area and I chanced to hear that some children were being very, very rude." Gingerly, she pulls a long quill from her leg. "As it was once my duty to protect, I thought it would be prudent to intervene." She smiles at the others, wiping a thin line of blood off her pale arm.
  53. [01:19] <@Mr_Rage> "UGN?" Ai asks bluntly, the horned Overed leaning in.
  54. [01:22] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well, either way, it was good she was here. She helped a lot." She said. She turned and walked over to the bodies, inspecting the gjaum. She cocked her head, wondering just how much her employers would pay for dna samples.
  55. [01:23] <LeahofCherem> "No," Mary responds pleasantly but firmly. "Should I presume you are?" Her eyes almost close with her smile, hands held in front of her. "My name is Mary."
  56. [01:31] <@Mr_Rage> "Ai," the little Overed responds, nodding to the other question.
  57. [01:32] <LeahofCherem> Mary reaches up to cover her mouth as she giggles a little, "Ai see. And you, miss...?" She looks to the woman with a gun, "Did you two come here together?"
  58. [01:34] <Jamie_Knapp> "We did, but I'm not UGN." She said without looking over her shoulder. "Independent contractor. Names Jamie."
  59. [01:35] <LeahofCherem> "Oh, so you are akin to a Ronin."
  60. [01:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "You mean like an ancient, lordless samurai?" She scoffed softly. "Hardly."
  61. [01:37] <@Mr_Rage> Ai tiiilts her head slowly.
  62. [01:38] <LeahofCherem> "Ah, so a sword-for hire!"
  63. [01:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "That's pretty close, actually."
  64. [01:40] <LeahofCherem> "Tsujigiri?" Mary smiles a little and waves her hand, "Nevermind, nevermind. In any case, I am grateful that you were both here." She turns to Ai and tilts her head to match the other Overed's incline, "Do you have somebody to report this to?"
  65. [01:40] <@Mr_Rage> "Yes!"
  66. [01:43] <LeahofCherem> "Ah... How will they explain..." Mary looks over at the three bodies, the marks on the floors and the walls, the mess that they made. "A random shootout?"
  67. [01:45] * Jamie_Knapp got up, deftly pocketing a bloody cloth behind her back. "That, is their problem." She holstered her weapon. "I did my job."
  68. [01:46] <LeahofCherem> Mary nods a little, "I suppose..." She looks at the door, "I will take my leave then. I'm sure we will meet again." She bows to Ai and Jamie, before stepping out of the theater, out of sight, and out of mind.
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