Ivory Chapter 1

Apr 18th, 2018
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  1. Ivory Chapter 1
  2. Mc:Shin Yoo Min (25) Department of Construction Engineering
  3. Fmc: Jung Sang-ah (20) freshmen in Architectural Engineering (Ivory)
  4. Douche: Park Jun-Kee (26) Department of Construction Engineering
  5. App.base TL not that Perfect {Thinking} [Narration]
  7. Chapter start a Lady washing herself while humming and a Guy who is just waking wondering {This is..Where am I? An unfamiliar place Motel}
  8. {Wait!Why am I at the motel?} The Mc wake up saying "Ah my head hurt I drank so much that I blacked out?,Definitely at MT There was?" Then Mc try to recall it{In the welcoming bar for freshmen I eat then I feel something so I get some fresh air.I remember coming out 4 a while}
  9. And Mc goes saying "Ugh Beyond all reason I don't know! I don't remember!" And then a door open Mc notice it and say "Huh? who is it" A Lady fresh from the bath say "Oppa? did you just wake up?" Mc try to remember her {Huh!Hold it this voice!! No Way} Mc tell her Yes it You
  10. "wait look at you what are you doing?" The Lady tell him "Huh what? bloody nose just seeing my sexy body huh Do you think you'll be back?"
  11. {Did she bring me here I don't think that's gonna make any sense} Fmc tell him "What is it do you want to do something on me?" flustered  Mc averting his eyes saying "Ah!really Ugh put something on"  "What are you really thinking? Go! don't get closer from me!!!" But the Fmc slowly climb the bed while laughing "Hehe" She goes near him and say Why would I do this without knowing you? Let's just have a little fun. We could have a little mistake don't you think? {Just for that?} Mc kinda notice something and say goes sweating saying "Huh Huh U crazy" "She said that even if you tell me that too many times I cant do that you know?" The Fmc tease him saying "Oh I didn't even started yet"{Ah shit her breast This is really dangerous I make a mistake} Fmc touch his crotch using her legs and say "Okay I wont eat it Let's do it with our eyes closed" "Because Our department is the same I will do it for you Oppa" flustered Mc say "Hey this is" and Fmc tell "what about it? No one will know.Haha" then her towel fell off Mc think {Ooh Just the two of us.Between you and me a secret well then I closed my eyes} And the images of them doing it appear {Then I just have to do it?} {Ah No! come on Shin Yoo Min wake up please} Mc run faster to get out of that motel leaving Fmc {Doing it with you?} {Jung Sang Ah is not normal one} {I hate Woman Like that}
  13. [Motel] Fmc "Jung Sang Ah" in the corner of the bed releasing a dark aura while saying "You Shin Yoo Min Kukuku You dare hurt my feelings"
  14. "Then Yes! Lets do it" While running at the stairway Mc think {Ah really That's not what happened}{I need to get out and get a taxi first}
  15. {Sigh if they find out what will they think} {Pursued by one's juniors I'll be damned} {No for now I don't need to worry}
  16.  {I don't feel she pursuing me} {lets get back} And suddenly Fmc jump on the top of the motel that surprises the Mc {What happens here} Mc while looking up say "What at that height that is just crazy?" "No way fuck"  {Until yesterday I was thinking I will never see her again}
  17. {Its started at that simple text} {As peaceful as day The day before M.T.}
  19. Mc just finish his bath saying "Ah feels good" and pick his phone saying "What time is it? "If you're going to be late"
  21. Scene change on the signage its says "Experience Teaching" [Hyeon Bo Yeon] there you can see some panting sounds and reveal a guy and a lady doing a fellatio the guy was introduce [Park Jun-Kee (26) Department of Construction Engineering] Douche tell her "Student doing this in this kind of place thinking about it.Its so marvelous" Woman tell him "Shut up! Today's Stress It was awful" Woman lick and deep throat his "D" Douche goes "Ugh! Noona"  and a phone rings Douche notice it and pick it up. He read the text and it comes from Shin Yoo Min (MC) The Noona goes Fuha! after tasting some semen and say "What!you're arouse already I cant believe you" Douche say Huh!Sorry Noona and smile saying "This is a rush I need to reply on him" The Noona smile and say "You look so cute" Douche goes "Haha cute sorry" Then the Noona say Okay! and continues on the Fellatio. Douche reply on the text came from the Mc.
  23. On the place where Mc is He quickly pick his phone after hearing the text sound and say "WTF Did he doing it again? Mc read the Douche reply and on the message Douche say [I'm still at school I will be late] Mc after reading it say "So his doing advancement huh his lazy anyways" Mc text Douche [Huh? Are you working on it?] (O O) [OMG! Let me get it straight] (What you will do It's all like) (this but) (I'm dying I am busy so do you want to go?) After reading it Mc say "Whoa Now your gonna say that you want me to do it" Mc texted him again [Why? Aren't you going?] Mc read his text (It's because of alcohol Hehehe) Mc got pissed because of his answer and after seeing the emoticon he thinks {What, this emoticon I so Upset!} Mc lay on the bed saying "Damn Him! his all talk"
  24. "It's not just the alcohol!" Mc received a text and read it [I will pick you up tomorrow night.1004 Girl] After reading it Mc say What this? {I should have noticed then.The meaning of the message}
  26. TBC...
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