Behind the Bleachers

Aug 5th, 2018
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  1. >"Come on, babe."
  2. "No, Dash."
  3. >"Please? Pretty please? Just this one time?"
  4. "We have like two more weeks at school. I don't want us getting kicked out before I get a diploma, than you very much."
  5. >Dash's face scrunched up, her nose cutely crinkling
  6. >She looked both ways down the thankfully empty hallway before leaning toward you
  7. >"It's not like I'm asking you to fuck me in the bathroom," she whisper-shouted.
  8. "Not this time at least," you replied, putting your books in your locker
  9. >There were just two periods left for the school day
  10. >Thankfully, due to some luck and because you knew that taking a language was worthless--fuck you guidance counselor it was-- you had two study classes
  11. >What was even better was that your teachers for these periods didn't give half a shit, which meant that you could go pretty much wherever you wanted until final bell rang
  12. >Usually, you'd spend the time in the library, finishing up with homework so that you could enjoy the rest of your day
  13. >Rainbow, of course, didn't have this same luxury
  14. >She was supposed to be in her math class right now, and after than she had english
  15. >The speedster, as a matter of principle, never went to these classes of course
  16. >She insisted that she didn't "need" them
  17. >She had already been recruited to the Wonderbolts, and THEY didn't do stupid math or english
  18. >You had no idea why she hadn't gotten in trouble for it yet
  19. >If you had to guess though, it was because of the whole her-helping-to-save-the-school-and everyone-in-it-more-than-once-thing
  20. >So most of the time she'd cut class and hang out with you in the library, where you'd try to help her with any of her homework, as well as pretty much teacher her the classes she ditched so she didn't just up and flunk them
  21. >Unfortunately, there was absolutely no work for either of you to do today
  22. >The end of the school year was just a few days
  23. >All of your testing was pretty much over, and everyone was kind of just on cruise control
  25. >Which was why your wonderful girlfriend, ever the innovator and tryer of new things, was floating out "really cool shit we should do before we ditch this dump"
  26. >Aka, things that would probably get you expelled, saving the school or not
  27. >Closing your locker, you turned around and stared down at your girlfriend
  28. >She was staring up at you with her big rosy eyes, hands clasped together, elbows pressed against her chest
  29. >She was bouncing in place on her heels, causing her rainbow hair to bob
  30. >"Come on, just for a little bit. A few minutes. We could go up to the stadium and do it behind the bleachers. There's no one there right now, so it'll be perfect," she begged
  31. >Before you could say anything, Rainbow pressed her body against you
  32. >Your back tapped against your locker as she gently pinned you in place, her lower lip quivering
  33. >Opening your mouth, you were about to tell her no for what must have been the thousandth time today, but it turned into a sigh
  34. "I..."
  35. >Rainbow let out a whine that would have made her friends make fun of her until her dying day
  36. >You clicked your tongue, looking away from her
  37. "You're not gonna stop asking me until I do it, huh?"
  38. >"I'll take you to that movie you wanna go to," Rainbow said. "Hell, I'll even take you to that stupid nerd store. I'll buy you all the dumb plastic models you want!"
  39. >She grabbed your hand, placing it between her breasts
  40. >"Come on big guy. Live a little."
  41. >...
  42. >With your free hand, you covered your face
  43. "Alright. Alright. FINE," you said
  44. >Rainbow's eyes lit up
  45. >"Really?"she said, visibly becoming excited
  46. >You nodded
  47. "Yeah, I'll do it. But I swear to horse-god if we get caught I'm blaming everything on you."
  48. >Hopping back, Dash leapt up into the air
  49. >"Yesh!" she said, pumping a fist. "You're the fucking best, Nonny!"
  50. >She grabbed your hand
  51. >"Come on, let's get outta here before the hallway patrol catch us."
  52. >Even though you were a good foot taller than her, Dash was actually a hell of a lot stronger than you
  54. >She was able to half carry, half drag you through the hallways, around any cameras, wandering teachers, or hallway patrol toward the back of the school
  55. >There was no camera there, which allowed the two of you to slip out of the school and into the parking lot
  56. >After that it was just a matter of keeping an eye on the windows while you both races from car to car as you made your way toward Canterlot High Starswirl Stadium
  57. >It was a pretty dumpy building, kind of run down and rusted
  58. >The whole area was gated off unless the gym teachers wanted to use it to make the students run laps or something like that
  59. >Thankfully, there was no razor wire or anything like that--you didn't live in a fucking ghetto after all--which allowed the two of you to climb the fence to freedom
  60. >"Oh girl, I can't believe we're doing this," Rainbow said, practically skipping along as you followed behind her. "This is gonna be SO AWESOME!"
  61. >You couldn't help but smile
  62. >While this was a bad idea, an awful one really, there was just something about her enthusiasm that was contagious
  63. "Yeah, yeah. Just know that you're spending a pretty penny on me this weekend," you say, giving her hand a squeeze
  64. >"It'll be worth every penny," Rainbow answered, leading you into the bowels of the stadium
  65. >She had been in every square inch of this building from soccer, so she knew it like the back of her hand, which meant that she was able to find you both a very nice, very quiet spot that no one would ever find
  66. >With that finished, Dash let go of your hand, taking a few steps away from you
  67. >Chewing on her bottom lip, she spun around on her heels to face you
  68. >"So..." she said, placing her hands behind her back, which just so happened to jut her chest out toward you. "How do you wanna do this, babe?"
  69. >You put your hands on your hips, looking her up and down
  70. "First. Gimme your phone. I don't want you recording this like last time."
  71. >"Oh, come one!" Rainbow complained
  73. "Hey, I got burned on that recording of me eating you out already."
  74. >Sunset still wouldn't look you in the eye after Dash showed her and the girls that fucking video...
  75. >While you were in the same fucking room...
  76. >Sitting right next to Rainbow...
  77. >"But!-- I--"
  78. >Groaning, Dash pulled out her phone and handed it to you
  79. >"Fine. No cellphones. I promise."
  80. >You smiled, taking the phone and putting it in your back pocket
  81. "Thanks, hon. Now..."
  82. >You took a step toward your little, fiery, beautiful girlfriend
  83. >Reaching up, you ran both hands through her hair
  84. >Before the two of you had stared dating it was messy, knotted, and all around unkempt
  85. >Now, after a hell of a lot of coaching, it was still wild and messy, but at least she put a comb through it every morning
  86. >You separated the different colors in her hair, carefully undoing any knots that you might have found before placing it all behind her shoulders
  87. >You then cupped Rainbow's face, leaning down to kiss her nose
  88. "You know, if you weren't so damn beautiful I wouldn't let you talk me into doing this shit," you said
  89. >Rainbow, a blush spreading across her face, wrapped her arms around your neck
  90. >"You're the best, 'Non," she said, getting up on her tippy toes to kiss you
  91. "I know."
  92. >"I mean it. You're the best boyfriend in the whole wide world."
  93. "Don't I know it, sister."
  94. >The two of you continue to banter and tease in between kisses
  95. >Your hands begin to wander over the athlete's body
  96. >She was a muscle bound, wiry girl
  97. >Strong arms, slim waist, with a pair of thick legs and an ass that you had fallen in love with the first time that you had seen it
  98. >Rainbow let out a groan as you grabbed this backside, your fingers digging into her cloth-covered flesh
  99. >If you were at home, you would have taken your time for a bit before getting on your knees and "tasting the rainbow" as it were
  100. >But the end of the school day was almost here
  101. >As much as you'd like to play, you needed to get down to business
  103. >Breaking the last of many kisses, you leaned into the speedster's ear
  104. "You're gonna need to take that shirt off. Bra too."
  105. >Rainbow, breathing hard and red-faced, nodding, though she didn't pull herself away from you for another minute or two
  106. >Shaky hands tugged at the bottom of her shirt
  107. >"Come on y-you stupid," she mumbled to herself, wiggling back and forth in place, rubbing her thighs together
  108. >You watched as she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a sports bra
  109. >This was another thing that Rainbow had forgone until very recently, but something she now wore with pride
  110. >Her boobs strained against the stretchy fabric
  111. >During your sophomore year, Dash was below average in the chest department
  112. >High A cup, very low B cup
  113. >This had irked her something fierce
  114. >More than one fight occurred because someone had called her "itty-titty Dash"
  115. >But when the two of you had started dating, Rainbow had seen something on the internet about growing boobs through constant stimulation
  116. >Dash had begged you to play with her chest after soccer practice for at least an hour every single day
  117. >You had thought that it was complete bullshit, but hey, you weren't turning down fondling boobs
  118. >To your surprise though, after months and months of groping her chest you noticed them start to get bigger
  119. >They grew bit by bit until they were a mid C-cup, where they seemed to taper off
  120. >Dash, while she'd never be as big as Pinki, or Sunset, or Fluttershy--though, to be fair, you were pretty sure the only one that could stack up with yellow quiet with Principal Celestia and her sister--she now had a very respectable rack
  121. >Grunting, Dash tugged at her bra
  122. >It took some fiddling, but she was able to pull the thing off, tossing it away and revealing her top half in all of it's naked glory
  123. >Tanned, flawless, perfect skin
  124. >A pair of boobs that fit your hand just right
  125. >Perfectly sized areolas with a pair of cute little nipples that no sane man could keep himself from playing with
  127. >You let out a whistle, which brought a great big smile to Dash's face
  128. >"Heh, you never can get enough of me, can ya?" she asked
  129. >You spread your arms out wide
  130. "Never ever. Now come over here and let me have a taste."
  131. >Dash, needing no other prompt, did just that
  132. >She leapt toward you
  133. >Powerful legs hooked around your waist as her arms wrapped around your head, pulling it toward your chest
  134. >You let out a hum as your cheeks connected with tit flesh
  135. >Wrapping your arms around Dash's back, you nuzzled your chest, taking in her warmth and the smell of sweat and the soap that she had used this morning
  136. >Her skin was as soft as it looked, and you couldn't help but begin to plant little kisses over away every inch of flesh that you could reach
  137. >Dash's breathing hitches
  138. >"Oh fuck yeah~" she says breathlessly
  139. >You hummed to yourself, gently biting down on her boob
  140. >Rainbow's hips jerked and her grip around your head tightens
  141. >"Oh fucking fuck yeah. Oh I love you so fucking much, Nonny..."
  142. >Your lips brushed against a nipple
  143. >Without a second thought, you took is into your mouth and started sucking
  144. >Rainbow's groan grew louder as you ran your tongue around the sensitive little bundle of flesh
  145. "F-Fuck..."
  146. >After sucking for a few seconds, you let the nipple go with a pop, turning your head and latching into the other one
  147. >Minutes passed by as you did this, just switching back and forth between breasts
  148. >Soon, both of her boobs were slick with your spit and Dash was shaking and covered in sweat
  149. >She was panting, grinding her groin against yours as your lips, tongue, and mouth played
  150. >You could feel the heat coming off of her
  151. >No doubt if you slipped a hand down her shorts she'd be soaked
  152. >Your hands, which had been playing with the speedsters butt, squeezed the rump hard at the thought
  153. >Rainbow's legs clamped down on you almost painfully as she let out a hissed
  154. >"O-Oh you sexy fucker... I'm gonna fuck you stupid when we get home..."
  156. >You laughed to yourself, reaching for her other nipple when a thought came to you
  157. >How long had the two of you been up here?
  158. >Ten minutes? An hour?
  159. >The thought brought you back to reality, which allowed you to pull your face from your girlfriend's tits
  160. >Pulling out your phone, you saw that time had indeed gotten away from you
  161. >School would be out in like fifteen minutes
  162. >Barely enough time to get back before anyone noticed
  163. >"What's wrong, hon?" Dash asked
  164. "I think times up, Rainbow," you said, putting your phone back into your pocket. "We gotta head on back."
  165. >Rainbow let out a whine
  166. >"Fuck, really?"
  167. >You nodded
  168. "Yeah. WE stay here any longer and the track team is gonna find us," you said, giving her chin a kiss
  169. >Though she grumbled, Rainbow hopped down from you
  170. >"Fine. I don't like it, but I don't wanna get us in trouble..."
  171. >You smiled, kissing her again
  172. "Thanks, hon
  173. >She cracked a smile, hugging you tight
  174. >"When we get home I'm sucking your dick SO hard," she murmured
  175. >You chuckled
  176. "Oh, I think we're gonna be doing a hell of a lot more than that," you said, giving her ass a squeeze.
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