Golden Opportunities VI

Dec 26th, 2016
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  1. >You were in Sunset’s bedroom, sitting on her bed
  2. >For the last twenty minutes or so you had been hiding in here, quietly going over what the hay you had just done while looking around your friend’s room
  3. >Sunset’s bedroom was a little smaller than yours back home, but just like the rest of her house what it lacked in size it more than made up for in coziness
  4. >There were posters of half-naked men hanging on the walls, along with little nick-knacks and doo-dads that were sitting on shelves that had been placed around the room
  5. >A great big wooden bookshelf, filled with books of all kinds, sat in the corner of the room
  6. >The closet was partially opened, revealing dirty clothes and all manner of other things
  7. >Then there was the bed
  8. >It was a big one--queen-sized if you had to guess-- with Wonderbolt bed sheets and a springy bounciness to it that made you want to jump around on top of it like you used to do when you were little
  9. >...
  10. >But you couldn't do that...
  11. >That was a fun thing
  12. >Only good fillies could do fun things
  13. >You weren't a good filly
  14. >You had done a bad thing
  15. >A very, VERY bad thing
  16. >You stole the breath of a stallion that you barely knew
  17. >And that was bad
  18. >VERY bad...
  19. >Sharing a breath with someone back home was one of the most intimate things that you could do with another pony
  20. >It was only reserved for that special somepony that you loved more than anyone else
  21. >It was for soulmates; the stallion or mare that you KNEW you were going to spend the rest of your life with
  22. >And you...
  23. >You had up and put your mouth right next to his
  26. >Which, you knew, would only dig you deeper into the dung pile that you now found yourself in
  27. >There were laws about stealing a stallion's breath back home
  28. >SERIOUS laws
  29. >Laws that would see you were thrown in a very deep, dark jail cell for a very long time
  32. >And accident or not, it would be VERY difficult to explain away you breath-raping a stallion like you had
  33. "Oh sweet Celestia forgive me..."
  34. >You were bundled up in the Wonderbolt blanket that had been on the bed
  35. >The clothes that Sunset had brought to you not that long ago were still sitting a few feet away from you on the edge of the bed
  36. >You hadn't had time to put them on
  37. >No...
  38. >You were too busy staring at the bedroom door, your heart pounding in your chest
  39. >You didn't care what Sunset said about it not being "a big deal", you were going to take responsibility for this
  40. >You were a Princess of Equestrian darnit!
  41. >Ponies were supposed to look up to you!
  42. >You were supposed to personify all of the best traits of ponykind!
  43. >You couldn't dust this under a rug!
  44. >You couldn't run away and pretend that this didn't happen!
  45. >As scared as you were, you were going to lay yourself at Anon's feet and let him decide your punishment
  46. >And whatever punishment he gave you you'd go along with it
  47. >Jail time, a public apology, bits, you'd do it all without a second thought
  48. >It was the right thing to do
  49. >The only thing that you could do and still call yourself a princess...
  50. >You wiggled deeper into your blanket cocoon, your heart pounding in your chest with such force that you swore you could feel it tapping against your sternum
  51. >...
  52. >Come on then...
  53. >Get up...
  54. >Go and be a big mare...
  55. >Go and own up to the bad thing...
  56. >You tried to get up, tried to make your way over to the door so that you could go and find Anon, but you were rooted to the bed, shaking like a leaf
  59. >You were scared...
  60. >Really scared...
  61. >As scared as you've ever been in your life...
  62. >...
  63. >But that didn't matter!
  64. >Get up, Sparkle!
  65. >You can’t hide in this room for the rest of your life!
  66. >You made a big mistake, and you were GOING to go and make it right!
  67. >You were going to do downstairs and TALK to Anon!
  68. >You BUCKING sissy!
  69. "Come on... GET. UP..."
  70. >Taking a deep breath, you squared your shoulders
  71. >Your brown furrowed, and you set your mouth into a thin line
  72. >Slowly but surely, you began to beat down the fear that was making your stomach do flips
  73. >You then summoned strength from deep within yourself
  74. >Shrugging off the blanket, you quickly stood up and puffed your chest out
  75. >Even though it was FREEZING in the room you ignored it, staring hard at the door
  76. >ALRIGHT!
  78. >Your chest puffed up a little more and your hands balled into fists
  79. >With a grim sense of determination, you took your first step toward the door and--
  80. >"Um... Twi? Are you still in there?"
  81. >...
  82. >...
  83. >...
  84. >That sounded like Anon…
  85. >...
  86. >...
  87. >...
  88. >That was Anon...
  89. >Anon was standing on the other side of the door
  90. >He was standing there and he was about to open the doorandyellatyouandyouweregoingtogetthrowninjailandrapedbyabigfatcrosseyeddonkeyandtherewasn'tanythingthatyoucoulddoaboutit!
  91. >There was a soft knocking at the door
  94. >You barely stifled a yelp, covering your mouth with both hands
  95. >OhmybuckingCelestiahe'srightbuckingthere!
  96. >"Twilight?"
  97. >You jumped, your knees knocking together
  98. "Y-Yes Anon?" you squeaked
  99. >"Can I come inside for a second? Please?" the stallion asked, nervousness as clear as day in his voice
  100. >You tried to gulp but couldn't quite manage it
  101. >Shit!
  102. >Hewantedtocomeinside!
  103. >Youweren'tready!
  104. >Youweren'treadyatall!"
  105. >Your head snapped back and forth, looking around the room
  106. >The window was right there!
  107. >If you went ahead and jumped through it then maybe--
  108. >"Twi?"
  109. >You jumped again, this time with a rather unmarely "eep" escaping your throat
  110. "I, um, um, I mean, well--"
  111. >You bit your thumb, tensing up
  112. "...You can come in, Anon. If you want," you forced yourself to say
  113. >Anon was quiet for a few moments
  114. >"...Are you sure?"
  115. >No...
  116. >But there was no running away from this...
  117. >You had to take whatever was about to come your way like a big filly...
  118. "Y-Yes. I'm sure."
  119. >"Alright then, I'm going to come in now."
  120. >There was a click as the door knob was turned
  121. >At that exact moment, you found yourself looking down at your completely nude form
  122. >...
  125. >You were naked
  126. >Humans had a nudity taboo
  127. >There was no time to get any clothes on
  128. >...
  129. >You should probably get that blanket wrapped back around you...
  130. >As the bedroom door began to open, you leap over to the bed and grabbed the blanket
  131. >Nearly punching yourself in the face--TWICE!--you wrapped the thing around your bed and sat back down on Sunset's bed
  132. >Just as your butt touched the mattress, Anon poked his head into the room
  133. >"Twilight?"
  134. >You nestled yourself into your cocoon, trying to hide your face
  135. "I-I'm right here, Anon," you called
  136. >This was it...
  137. >This was how you went from a Hero of Equestria to one of the most hated ponies in all of Equis...
  138. >Anon's eyes snapped toward you
  139. >You flinched, not able to look him in the eye
  140. >You couldn't...
  141. >You had no right to...
  142. >The door creaked as it was opened a little more
  143. >Anon stepped into the room, quietly closing the door behind him
  144. >You pulled the blanket around your frame a little tighter when you heard him making his way toward you
  145. >He was going to start off with a punch or slap...
  146. >Then the yelling was going to start...
  147. >The yelling, the accusations, the demands...
  148. >The crying...
  149. >Closing your eyes, you pulled your head out from the cocoon
  150. >If he was going to hit you you may as well give him a clear shot...
  151. >You deserved it after all...
  152. >Soon Anon was looming over you
  155. >Even though you couldn't look into his eyes you could see that his hands were reaching out toward you
  156. >You tensed
  157. >This was it...
  158. >Get ready Sparkle...
  159. >"Oh shit; you have a bruise on your forehead."
  160. >You jumped when you felt Anon's hand on both of your cheeks
  161. >His touch wasn't harsh however, like you had been expecting
  162. >It was tender, gentle, like he didn't want to hurt you
  163. >...
  164. >Wat?
  165. >Anon squatted down so that the two of you were eye-to-eye
  166. >"That's a big one too," he continued, looking you over with genuine concern in his eyes. "At least it doesn't look like you got a bump on your head or anything..."
  167. >His fingers delicately slid across your nose and cheeks
  168. >One of his hands went up and lightly touched your forehead
  169. >Anon made a face, regret and worry mixing in with his concern
  170. >"That probably hurts like a son of a bitch though," he murmured, before looking into your eyes. "I'm sorry about messing up your head, Twi."
  171. >...
  172. "W-Wat?"
  173. >"Do you need anything?" Anon continued, squatting down a little more. "An ice pack for your head? Or maybe an aspirin? I can get you some water if you want."
  174. >...
  175. >Why wasn't he yelling?
  176. >Why did he looked concerned?
  177. >Why in Celestia's name was he asking if YOU needed anything?
  178. >YOU were the one that breath-raped him!
  179. "I-I'm okay, really," you mumbled, not knowing how to feel at the moment
  180. >"Are you sure?" Anon pressed, leaning forward until your noses were nearly touching. "We did hit our heads together pretty hard."
  183. >...
  184. >You finally found the courage to look into Anon’s eyes
  185. >There was no anger in them...
  186. >No disgust or rage...
  187. >Just concern, and that same affectionate warmth that he had in his eyes when he saw you that morning
  188. >...
  189. >W-Wat?
  190. >You blinked, surprised to find that you now had tears in your eyes
  191. "A-Anon?" you whimpered
  192. >Anon leaned a little closer
  193. >So close that, if you wanted, you'd be able to share breaths again...
  194. >"Yeah? Whatcha need, Twi?" he asked
  195. >A sniffle escaped your throat
  196. >That sniffle turned into a sob
  197. >You tried to blink away the tears but they kept coming and coming until they were streaming down your face
  198. "I-I'm... I-I'm... I-I'm..."
  199. >You let go of your blanket and threw your arms around Anon's neck
  200. "I-I'M S-SORRY!"
  201. >You yanked Anon toward you
  202. >He grunted in surprise, very nearly falling on top of you
  203. >He had to place his hands on either side of you to keep his balance, but you barely noticed, pulling him nice and close
  204. >You then buried your face into the nape of Anon's neck, closed your eyes, and cried like the big colt that you were
  205. >It was a good, hard cry
  206. >The kind that had your body shaking and left your face a snotty, teary mess
  207. >But you didn’t care…
  208. >You were sorry
  209. >You didn’t mean to do what you did
  210. >And, if you had the power, you’d do ANYTHING to go back and stop it
  211. >Between your tears and sobs, you began to babble
  212. "Ididn'tmeantodoititwasanaccidentIpromisethatI'llmakethisallbetterI'llbethebesthorsewifeintheworldIPinkiePromisepleasedon'thatemeIreallydon'twantyoutohatemebecauseIreallylikeyouand--"
  213. >Through your barrage of words, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your shoulders
  214. >You also felt a cheek nuzzling the side of your head
  217. >In response your grip on Anon tightened, and your shaking lessened slightly
  218. >You were going to make this better...
  219. >You didn't care what you had to do, you were going to make this up to Anon
  220. >He deserved it
  221. >He deserved it
  222. >He deserved it…
  223. “I… I… I.”
  224. >”Shush, it’s alright. It’s alright…”
  225. “I-I didn’t mean to…”
  226. >”It’s alright, you’re alright. Everything’s okay…”
  227. >Minutes passed
  228. >Your shaking slowly went away
  229. >Your babbling ceased, and so did your tears
  230. >Eventually you just found yourself desperately holding Anon, quietly sniffling and nuzzling the human's neck, coating it and his shirt with your tears, slobber, and snot
  231. >Anon himself was running his fingers through your hair, whispering words encouragement into your ear
  232. >...
  233. >Sweet Luna above was he warm...
  234. >You shakily sighed, pressing more of yourself against him
  235. "...A-Anon?" you whispered, your voice slightly hoarse from all of your crying
  236. >Anon stopped stroking your hair for a moment
  237. >"Yeah, Twi?" he murmured
  238. >You sniffled, untangling an arm from around his neck so that you could wipe the tears from your face
  239. >By Celestia's teats you must look like the biggest baby in the whole wide world...
  240. "I-I'm sorry," you whimpered, leaning against him. "I'm so, so sorry..."
  241. >"Sorry? For the crying?" Anon asked, confusion mixing in with the tenderness in his voice. "Because that's not that big of a deal. I know that girls like to--"
  242. >...
  243. >Crying?
  244. >Why the hay would you be sorry about that?
  245. >It might have made you look like a baby but it wasn’t THAT bad
  246. >...
  247. >Right...?
  248. >Frowning, you pulled away from the stallion so that you could get a better look at him
  249. >Looking into his face, you could see that he looked utterly baffled
  250. >...For some reason...
  251. "N-No, not crying," you interrupted, cleaning your face a little more with the back of your hand. "I was talking about the..."
  254. >Not wanting to speak your heinous crime outloud, you instead made vague hand gestures
  255. >Anon's brow furrowed
  256. >"Talking about what?" he asked
  257. >Your nose scrunched up and you looked down at your lap
  258. "A-About sharing b-breaths with you..." you murmured
  259. >The room lapsed into silence for about ten seconds
  260. >"...Breath sharing?" Anon asked, cocking his head to the side. "What the heck are you talking about? All you did was headbutt me, and that's not even that big of a deal. It looked like it hurt you more than it did me..."
  261. >...
  262. >He doesn't know what breath sharing is...?
  263. >...
  264. >He doesn't know, does he...?
  265. >Eyes widening in realization, you looked up at the human
  266. "A-Anon? Do you know what sharing a breath is?" you asked
  267. >Anon blinked, his brow furrowing in thought
  268. >"...Is it something they do In CRP?" he asked, before his eyes widened. "Wait... you're topless right now..."
  269. >You sniffled again, shaking your head
  270. "N-No, it doesn't have anything t-to do with CRP," you said, rubbing an eye. "Where I'm from it's--"
  271. >"...You're like COMPLETELY n-naked under that blanket, aren't you? Oh geeze..."
  272. "--a really intimate thing that pon--people do together."
  273. >You sniffled again as Anon, his face red, leaned over and grabbed your blanket, covering you with it
  274. >"R-Really?" he asked, making sure the blanket was securely around you before he bent down again.
  275. >You nodded
  276. "Y-Yes, and I'm sorry. I didn't--"
  277. >"There's nothing to be sorry about!" Anon protested loudly, interrupting you
  278. >You jumped in surprise at the volume of his voice
  281. >Herecomestheyellingholdontoyourbutt!
  282. >Anon cringed, reaching out and placing his hands on your shoulders
  283. >"I-I mean, we don't have anything like that here," he said, his tone now normal, much to your relief. "I've never heard of anything like that before."
  284. "T-That still doesn't make it any better," you weakly protested, grabbing the edges of the blanket and wrapping them tightly around yourself
  285. >"It doesn't make it any worse!" Anon insisted, a small smile coming to his face. "Come on, Twilight, why the heck would I be mad at you for accidentally doing something?"
  286. >He gave your shoulder a squeeze
  287. >"And even if you DID mean to do it, why would I complain? I mean, I should be flattered that I pretty girl like you would even TALK to a guy like me!"
  288. >He took a deep breath
  289. >The warmth in his eyes dimmed
  290. >His smile disappeared
  291. >The sadness that you had seen this morning reappeared
  292. >You sucked in a lungful of air when he tried to smile again, not quite managing it
  293. >"...I mean, look at me..."
  294. >He'slookssad!
  295. >Thesmileinhisfaceisgone!
  296. >Youneedtoprotectthatsmileyoudumbfilly!
  297. >One of your hands shot out from your blanket to touch Anon's face
  298. >He twitched, shying away from you
  299. "Anon, what do you mean?" you asked, leaning toward him. "There's nothing wrong with you."
  300. >Anon's lips just barely managed to curl upward in what might have been considered a smile
  301. >"I know that there's nothing wrong with me, Twi," he said, in a tone that very much contradicted his words. "I just mean... you know."
  302. >He shrugged helplessly, and your stomach tightened
  303. "Anon, there's NOTHING wrong with you," you repeated a little more firmly. "You're one of the nicest, cutest stallions that I've ever met in my life. In fact, I think you’re great!"
  304. >Anon's "smile" became a little more forced
  305. >...
  308. >He didn't believe you...
  309. >He didn't believe you...
  310. >You could see it in his eyes...
  311. "Anon."
  312. >Your other arm slipped out from your cocoon, cupping the human's other cheek
  313. >You gently pulled him toward the bed
  314. >The sadness in his eyes made your heart skip a beat, but you steeled yourself
  315. >There was something wrong with this kind, wonderful stallion
  316. >There was something wrong and he had it bottled up
  317. >And you were going to figure out what it was
  318. "Sit down," you ordered with another tug
  319. >Anon tried to pull away from your grasp
  320. >"Why don't you go a-and get dressed first?" he suggested. "Then we can--"
  321. >You frowned, your eyes narrowing
  322. "Anon. Sit. DOWN."
  323. >Anon's eyes widened slightly at the iron in your voice
  324. >"I, um--"
  325. "SIT."
  326. >You tugged on him, prompting him to sit down right beside you
  327. >The second that his butt had touched the mattress, your arms were around his neck and you had pulled him into a hug
  328. "One of the nicest, cutest sta--”
  329. >Your eyes widened
  330. >“GUYS that I've ever met," you quickly corrected yourself, running a hand through his hair. "I've known you for two days and I can say that with complete sincerity..."
  331. >It took a while to get Anon to say something worthwhile
  332. >For about half an hour, no matter what you said or did, he would insist that everything was alright or try to change the subject
  333. >But you were determined
  334. >You had also read more psychology books in your free time than most psychologists
  335. >It took some trial and error, a few nuzzles here, a probing question there, but eventually you started to get something out of him
  338. >It was a few things at first
  339. >He commented that MAYBE you were exaggerating
  340. >He wasn’t all that great of a guy
  341. >Really, he wasn’t
  342. >But, as what usually happened with this kind of stuff, that small trickle quickly became a flood
  343. >Soon, it was all that you could do to keep your head above it all
  344. >Fear
  345. >Anxiety
  346. >Disillusionment
  347. >He wasn't tall enough
  348. >He wasn't outgoing enough
  349. >He was a weirdo
  350. >His stallionhood was too small
  351. >He couldn't talk with women no matter how hard he tried
  352. >They seemed to speak another language
  353. >People in general seemed to speak another language; one that could turn cruel, mean, and biting at a drop of the hat
  354. >Girls like you didn't talk to guys like him unless it was for a joke or they needed something
  355. >That was how things were...
  356. >That was how they ALWAYS were...
  357. >It was easier to just keep his head in a book, keep away from people so that he could be left in peace
  358. >He'd rather live life a kissless, friendless virgin than put himself out there to get hurt...
  359. >He didn't know why you and Sunset were being so nice to him
  360. >You weren't supposed to
  361. >Your kindness was SCARING him
  362. >You listened to everything he said, holding him close and running your fingers through his hair
  363. >You sometimes asked questions, nudged him in the right direction so that he told you all you wanted to hear, but you just mostly listened
  364. >Every single thing that Anon said was rife with emotion
  365. >Every word came from the heart
  366. >What you were hearing was what this stallion had been carrying around with him for Celestia knows how long
  369. >And it was horrifying
  370. >Beyond horrifying
  371. >In fact, the longer you listened the more you began to feel physically sick
  372. >How could something like this happen to Anon?
  373. >He was sweet, cute!
  374. >Easily husbando material!
  375. >Things like this weren't supposed to happen to sweet, cute stallions like him!
  376. >Back home, he'd have his pick of any herd that he wanted!
  377. >Mares would be beating the cutiemarks off each other just to get a CHANCE of talking to him!
  378. >He wasn't ugly!
  379. >He wasn't weird!
  380. >There wasn't anything wrong with his height and you thought his voice sounded LOVELY!
  381. >And you might not have been his dick but you were positive that it was just as beautiful as the rest of him!
  382. >...
  383. >It wasn't right...
  384. >It was sick!
  385. >It went against everything that you were taught when you were little
  386. >By the time that Anon's flow of words died down, and he was trying his hardest not to cry, there were tears in your eyes
  387. >You felt horrible
  388. >Beyond horrible
  389. >With just a few questions you had turned this sweet, kind stallion into a blabbering, crying mess!
  390. >You, of course, were trying your hardest to rectify this
  391. >You had your arms wrapped around the poor colt, leaning him against you with his face pressed against your chest
  392. >You were nuzzling the top of his head, trying your hardest to make him feel like the best, most beautiful stallion in the whole wide world
  393. >Because he was
  394. >Even if he, and the rest of the world, didn't think so
  395. >"--And I k-know that you guys aren't trying to murder me anymore, but it just feels like somethings w-wrong," Anon murmured, rubbing his cheek against your bare chest with a sniffle. "I mean y-you and Sunset are two of the prettiest girls that I've ever met! Girls like you don't even LOOK at guys like me in r-real life. It just doesn't happen."
  396. >He sniffled again
  399. >You held him all the tighter
  400. >"B-But not only are you talking to me but you're being NICE. Really, truly nice for no good reason other than because you want to."
  401. >Anon looked up at you, very real fear in his eyes
  402. >Your heart leapt to your throat
  403. >"Y-You're doing this because you w-want to, right?" he asked hesitantly. "Right?"
  404. >...
  405. >Sweet Celestia above... how many people hurt this sweet stallion...?
  406. >You found yourself blinking away tears, one of your hands reaching up to cup his face
  407. "A-Ano--"
  408. >You cleared your throat
  409. >Come on Twilight!
  410. >Get it together!
  411. >This stallion needs a rock!
  412. >Since no one else was here, YOU need to be that bucking rock!
  413. >Stroking Anon's cheek, you tried again
  414. "Anon, Sunset and I would NEVER do anything to hurt you," you told him. "You're a great guy. A REALLY great guy."
  415. >You smiled, leaning in to nuzzle his face
  416. "When I came here, I was really nervous about talking to guys since I'm not... very popular with them back home..."
  417. >"B-Bullshit," Anon automatically said with complete sincerity. "How the heck would a girl like you NOT have to beat guys away with a stick?"
  418. >A smile wormed its way into your face, and Anon got another nuzzle for his efforts
  419. "It's a little different back home," you explained. "A lot of girls are lonely, trying to find someone to love.”
  420. >Your smile diminished slightly
  421. “They all work really hard, trying to find someone, and a lot of them unfortunately never find that special someone.”
  422. >You chuckled dryly, trying to ignore the tightness in your chest
  423. "A lot of them go their whole lives without so much as kissing a stall--guy."
  424. >The tightness in your chest was replaced with a pleasant warmth when you saw Anon's look of utter disbelief
  425. >"So... you haven't had your first kiss yet?" he asked quietly
  428. >You nodded
  429. "Yep. I've never kissed a guy before."
  430. >Anon's face scrunched up and he looked away for a second
  431. >"...Have you kissed a girl before then?"
  432. >Doesthisbuckingcoltthingyou'readyke?
  433. >You resisted the urge to boop the stallion in your arms, instead shaking your head
  434. "Nope. I haven't kissed a boy or a girl," you admitted. "I've never had my first kiss."
  435. >Anon's face scrunched up again
  436. >He opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again
  437. >This happened four more times before he found his words
  438. >"...Really? You've never kissed anyone before?"
  439. "Nope."
  440. >"...Really-really?"
  441. "Really-really."
  442. >Anon took in a deep breath before releasing it with a bewildered expression
  443. >"...But really though? I've never kissed a girl before but that-thmp!"
  444. >You didn’t think...
  445. >Your body moved on his own…
  446. > Placing your hand under his jaw and lifting his head up as you leaned down
  447. >Before Anon could finish his thought you lips were already pressed against his
  448. >Your eyes fluttered as Anon's eyes widened in surprise
  449. >It was a simple kiss, a little peck on the lips, but when your lips connected it felt like fireworks were going off in your chest
  450. >You had gotten your first kiss
  451. >You had also given Anon his first kiss
  452. >Holding it for a moment or two, you pulled your lips away from his
  453. >You then leaned back for more
  454. >You stole Anon's second, third, fourth kiss in rapid succession
  455. >Grabbing him by his collar, you then took his fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth
  456. >At the ninth he began kissing you back
  457. >By the fifteenth you were pushing him into his back and straddling him
  458. >By the twenty-fifth Anon had tears in his eyes
  459. >Happy tears
  460. >The same kind of tears that were in your eyes as you ran your fingers through his hair
  463. >His lips were soft
  464. >His eyes were bright
  465. >Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine...
  466. >A happy mewl escaped your throat when you felt Anon's hands wrap around your back
  467. >You pressed yourself against him more firmly, deepening your thirtieth kiss
  468. >Your legs intertwined as you began to grind yourselves against each other
  469. >Thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four
  470. >You tugged at his hair, your heart beating at a mile a minute
  471. >This felt like a dream...
  472. >You didn't want it to end...
  473. >Thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight...
  474. >You wanted to lay on top of this stallion, kissing him until Celestia's sun burned out
  475. "Hmm~"
  476. >Breaking the fortieth kiss, you leaned forward and pressed your forehead again Anon's
  477. >The two of you were breathing hard
  478. >Your faces were red and your bodies were warm
  479. >The two of you were also smiling
  480. >Smiling bright, happy smiles
  481. >Don’t think about what you were doing…
  482. >If you thought about it you’d freak out and throw up…
  483. >Just keep kissing him and smiling…
  484. "Anon?" you murmured
  485. >"Yeah?" Anon asked breathlessly
  486. >You rubbed your nose against his, just taking a second to marvel the colt underneath you
  487. >...
  488. >Sweet Luna how did you get this lucky...?
  489. "Do you want to see how we share a breath back home?" you asked, cupping his face with a hand
  490. >Anon's eyes widened slightly
  491. >"S-Sure, I'm love to," he said with a few quick nods
  492. >You giggled, wiping away your tears
  493. "Good. Now hold still~"
  494. >Stroking his cheek, your placed your lips half an inch away from his
  497. "Now, when I breathe in you breathe out, and when you breathe out I'll breathe in, okay?"
  498. >Anon nodded eagerly
  499. >"A-Alright!"
  500. >You giggled again
  501. >Harmony above was he cute...
  502. >You exhaled, looking into Anon's eyes
  503. >As you did that, Anon inhaled
  504. >He then exhaled
  505. >Feeling butterflies in your stomach, you inhaled
  506. >Don’t think about it…
  507. >Don’t think about it…
  508. >Sweet Celestia above don’t think about it...
  509. >For what must have been five minutes the two of you shared your breaths, and each one was sweeter than the last
  510. >...
  511. >You were going to have to take Anon home somehow...
  512. >Take him back to meet Spike, the girls, mom and dad...
  513. >You giggled at the thought
  514. >Your mom would probably probably pass out if you brought a stallion like Anon home...
  515. >Dad would be bouncing for joy you'd bet...
  516. >The girls would be jealous out of their horseshoes…
  517. >...
  518. >It would take a bit of work...
  519. >The portal needed to be tweaked so that he could visit for more than a few days...
  520. >He might not want to turn into a stallion, so there was also that to consider...
  521. >Another giggle escaped you as Anon's hands slid across your bare back
  522. >You might be getting a LITTLE ahead of yourself though
  523. >You still need to cement your relationship with their stallion right here
  524. >Show him that you're the kind of mare that he can love, marry, have a bunch of foals with
  525. >...
  526. >But how the hay did you do that...?
  527. >Even though you didn't stop sharing your breath, the question did cause your brow to furrow slightly
  528. >You've never had a coltfriend before...
  531. >You had NO idea what a relationship REALLY entailed...
  532. >And what about the whole business of you being a pony?
  533. >Would Anon freak out if he learned that you weren't a real girl?
  534. >Would he want to go to Equestria at all?
  535. >What if he didn't turn into a stallion when he went through the portal?
  536. >What if he turned into a squirrel? Or a dog? Or some kind of slug or fish?!
  537. >The warm, fuzzy feeling that had been filling you to the brim was quickly replaced with icy realization
  538. >You had no idea what you were doing...
  539. >None
  540. >Nada
  541. >Less than zero
  542. >...
  543. >You needed help...
  544. >You needed to bring someone in on this...
  545. >Someone who already knew enough about human stallions that they could ease Anon here into EVERYTHING...
  546. >...
  547. >...
  548. >...
  549. >SUNSET!
  552. >You found yourself sitting up and looking around the room, panic and urgency making your skin tingle
  557. >You looked over your shoulder toward the door
  558. >You were about to get up, when a hand wrapped around your lower back
  559. >Whipping your head back around, you looked down
  560. >Anon was looking up at you, nervousness and confusion on his face
  561. >...
  562. >Anon was still there...
  564. >SHIT!
  569. >Quickly leaning back down, you pressed your forehead against his yet again, making sure not to accidently brain him
  570. "Anon, I know that we were both really liking the kissing, Celestia KNOWS that I did, but I need to get up for a second," you told him, not able to help yourself and giving him another peck on the lips. "I need to talk to Sunset about something important."
  571. >You kissed him again, bringing your kiss count up to forty-four
  572. "I promise that I'll be back up here as fast as I can--
  573. >Forty-five, forty-six
  574. "--then we can lie here as long as you want--"
  575. >Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine
  576. "--I'll be RIGHT back," you promised, kissing his nose. "Don't go anywhere. Please. Pretty please.”
  577. >Kissing him one last time to round your kisses out to an even fifty, you hopped off of the stallion--who would hopefully be YOUR stallion in the very near future--and made a beeline toward the door
  578. "You'reareallygoodkisserandyousmellreallynicetoo!"
  579. >Anon, still lying flat on his back, picked his head up and looked at you as you threw open the door
  580. >"W-Wait, Twilight! You're n-naked right now!" he called
  581. >You barely heard what he said, racing out into the hallway as fast as your feet could take you
  582. "I'llberightbackIloveyouyoursmilebrightensupanentireroombye!"
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