DF Game Club: Broken Age, Act 1 (part 3 plus devchat)

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  1. (07:03:37) Permafry_42: Hey all! and looking forwards to oliver joining us
  2. (07:03:57) Cheeseness: He says he'll be 5 minutes or so, but I think we should start the stream now
  3. (07:04:31) Permafry_42: k! I'm planning on using oliver's retro mode at some point to show off the feature
  4. (07:04:37) The-Mad-Pirate: Cheeseness So basically network managment is still far from stable
  5. (07:05:02) Permafry_42: Everyone ready for the stream?
  6. (07:05:07) SirSlade: Yup!
  7. (07:05:17) ReverendGumby: Ready and willing
  8. (07:05:19) The-Mad-Pirate: Yup
  9. (07:05:23) Permafry_42: k I'll be starting in 5
  10. (07:05:24) Cheeseness: The-Mad-Pirate: It feels fairly stable at the moment, but we'll continue to add/improve things over time
  11. (07:05:25) Permafry_42: 4
  12. (07:05:25) BadAsp: Yeah
  13. (07:05:27) Permafry_42: 3
  14. (07:05:29) Permafry_42: 2
  15. (07:05:31) Permafry_42: 1
  16. (07:05:47) Fhqwhgod: 0
  17. (07:05:52) Cheeseness: Blastoff
  18. (07:06:02) BadAsp: KABOOM
  19. (07:06:13) The-Mad-Pirate: Ignite
  20. (07:06:23) ReverendGumby: Launch
  21. (07:06:32) asdfasdf [] entered the room.
  22. (07:06:45) MarykateWuzHere: :D
  23. (07:07:00) Fireflower: woho
  24. (07:07:00) Bronsky: Enjoy! it's an order!
  25. (07:07:01) DFOliver [] entered the room.
  26. (07:07:13) BadAsp: We back again
  27. (07:07:15) yama: Oh no! I opened the stream late and missed the first half of Cheeseness's talk. ;_;
  28. (07:07:21) Cheeseness: Aww
  29. (07:07:27) Syd [] entered the room.
  30. (07:07:34) Fhqwhgod: watch the VOD just for that!
  31. (07:07:36) Cheeseness: yama: Here you go
  32. (07:07:37) yama: Good day, Syd.
  33. (07:07:37) Syd: Hey everyone. :)
  34. (07:07:40) Cheeseness: Hey Syd :)
  35. (07:07:41) Fireflower: hey
  36. (07:07:50) BadAsp: IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!
  37. (07:07:51) The-Mad-Pirate: Syd Good afternoon Lady !
  38. (07:07:51) Lightkey: servus DFOliver
  39. (07:07:52) DFOliver: Hi guys.
  40. (07:07:56) yama: Cheeseness, thanks, you're the best. :D
  41. (07:07:57) Permafry_42: hey syd!
  42. (07:07:58) KeithSwanger [] entered the room.
  43. (07:08:11) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver Good Afternoon good sir !
  44. (07:08:19) Tinche: hello
  45. (07:08:19) asdfasdf left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  46. (07:08:22) Bronsky: Hi!
  47. (07:08:23) KeithSwanger: hello!
  48. (07:08:26) BadAsp: Oh hai DFOliver!
  49. (07:08:29) Fhqwhgod: this is all staged and not live? My whole life has been a lie!!!!!!
  50. (07:08:30) ReverendGumby: Welcome Oliver
  51. (07:08:45) DFOliver: Hi all you nice dudes. :)
  52. (07:08:49) KeithSwanger: "slightly shady girl," didn't catch that when i played ;)
  53. (07:08:52) SirSlade: Woo, finally! Twitch issues suck...
  54. (07:08:54) DFOliver: Thanks for the welcome
  55. (07:09:14) Permafry_42: hey oliver
  56. (07:09:19) Fhqwhgod: Ohai DFOliver
  57. (07:09:24) Lightkey: tach auch
  58. (07:09:24) Cheeseness: Hey DFOliver!
  59. (07:09:33) SirSlade: Hello Oliver!
  60. (07:09:34) DFOliver: I liked Chris Remo's version of Curtis
  61. (07:09:38) Cheeseness: DFOliver is Oliver Franzke, lead programmer on Broken Age
  62. (07:09:39) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver ai spratchen datch neitch ( but i don't know what the heck i am saying )
  63. (07:09:51) DFOliver: He did a great job recording the scratch voice :)
  64. (07:09:53) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver Welcome !
  65. (07:09:54) KeithSwanger: Hola, Oliver!
  66. (07:09:54) Permafry_42: thanks oliver for the awesome retro feature!
  67. (07:09:57) Syd: I laughed pretty hard when Curtis turned out to actually be a hipster
  68. (07:09:59) KeithSwanger: lol
  69. (07:10:11) BadAsp: Watch out for snakes!
  70. (07:10:21) DFOliver: Thanks Cheese :)
  71. (07:10:22) Fireflower: black mamba
  72. (07:10:24) SirSlade: Me too, Syd. It's like Tim went to the Mission district and wrote down what he saw.
  73. (07:10:24) Tinche: meh.
  74. (07:10:25) Cheeseness: I liked Greg's Dialog Tree
  75. (07:10:28) ReverendGumby: Why'd it have to be snakes?
  76. (07:10:35) Sven_Q45: I choosed east the first time. :D
  77. (07:10:54) Cheeseness: Oh, it looks like we're doing retro mode
  78. (07:11:02) Sven_Q45: yea
  79. (07:11:03) The-Mad-Pirate: What character's scratch voice did Anna ?
  80. (07:11:07) ReverendGumby: Hehe
  81. (07:11:08) Fireflower: nice :)
  82. (07:11:09) Tinche: so Oliver, have you folks started on act 2 yet? or doing something else at the moment?
  83. (07:11:25) Cheeseness: How long did it take you to put together this effect, DFOliver?
  84. (07:11:37) KeithSwanger: Whoever programmed the retro mode must be an absolute GENIUS
  85. (07:11:38) Fireflower: can you die in this game?
  86. (07:11:45) KeithSwanger: ;)
  87. (07:11:46) DFOliver: Haha... I love the retro mode.
  88. (07:11:47) Sven_Q45: no
  89. (07:11:54) Tinche: you can die of glee
  90. (07:12:01) DFOliver: I really wanted to implement it after working on Monkey Island SE
  91. (07:12:16) BadAsp: Yeah
  92. (07:12:18) DFOliver: I think the first part got done in 3 hours on the weekend
  93. (07:12:25) BadAsp: A lot of the old LucasArts games deserve SE remakes
  94. (07:12:26) Sven_Q45: so you can die in BA?
  95. (07:12:33) Fireflower: was this scene inspired by the scene in Monkey Island where the snake eats Guybrush?
  96. (07:13:07) Sven_Q45: Fireflower I thought that too.
  97. (07:13:49) Cheeseness: lol
  98. (07:13:52) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  99. (07:14:04) Permafry_42: wish we could stream it in retro forever, but with all the wonderful art on display normal mode is great too =D
  100. (07:14:21) Sven_Q45: Permafry_42
  101. (07:14:23) Sven_Q45: dito
  102. (07:14:24) Cheeseness: DFOliver: How'd you come to work at Double Fine?
  103. (07:14:31) Cedric [] entered the room.
  104. (07:14:32) Syd: Twitch's compression does weird things to retro mode, anyway. :P
  105. (07:14:37) Cheeseness: heh, yeah
  106. (07:14:43) Fireflower: is the retro mode a filter or was it programmed separately?
  107. (07:15:03) The-Mad-Pirate: Syd is that why it lags like 20 seconds ?
  108. (07:15:14) luisfcorreia [] entered the room.
  109. (07:15:23) Cedric left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  110. (07:15:39) The-Mad-Pirate: I bet if JP didn't get to do SpaceBase he would have implemented a CRT Mode too
  111. (07:15:40) Syd: That's because of Twitch's dumb new policy regarding stream delay
  112. (07:15:42) yama: I ignore this tree for as long as I could.
  113. (07:15:42) DFOliver: I joined after working for LucasArts for a couple of years. At the time I didn't agree with the direction LA was going so I was glad to join Double Fine.
  114. (07:15:56) Cheeseness: "the pleasure of my sap"
  115. (07:16:01) luisfcorreia: hi everyone
  116. (07:16:08) ReverendGumby: That's the second DF game I've seen use the word "luscious."
  117. (07:16:10) Cheeseness: Hi luisfcorreia
  118. (07:16:10) DFOliver: DF has a lot of awesome people, so I had to join them! :)
  119. (07:16:12) The-Mad-Pirate: Syd Looks like a conspiracy theory for NSA to spy every stream first
  120. (07:16:14) DFOliver: Hi
  121. (07:16:28) Bronsky: sad history the end of LA
  122. (07:16:41) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's been pretty hard for people who were fans of LucasArts
  123. (07:16:49) luisfcorreia: broken age is awesome
  124. (07:16:58) yama: Then once I'd axed him, I couldn't stop bothering him every time I went past. =P
  125. (07:17:01) DFOliver: As far as the retro mode goes... it is a simple shader effect, but we are doing some cool stuff like running all of the animation at a slower rate to emulate the old games.
  126. (07:17:20) The-Mad-Pirate: But LA stopped doing adventure games a long time before MI SE y MI2 SE
  127. (07:17:21) KeithSwanger: double fine is full of awesome people, you're right... you know what? i have to work there too. brb sending resume.
  128. (07:17:22) Sven_Q45: Yes but LA didn´t make adv. games since MI 4. :(
  129. (07:17:22) luisfcorreia: LA was great, and had it's time with adventures, but Starwars made way more money
  130. (07:17:31) BadAsp: Shellmound!
  131. (07:17:59) Darthozzan [] entered the room.
  132. (07:18:06) The-Mad-Pirate: LA lost diversity and much of it's appeal
  133. (07:18:09) DFOliver: Yeah they really didn't know what they wanted to make. Changing the management every two years didn't help obviously. :)
  134. (07:18:11) Tinche left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  135. (07:18:35) Cheeseness: DFOliver: What was the most challenging aspect of Broken Age to work on for you?
  136. (07:18:39) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: the tech talk you made about DFA was awesome to listen
  137. (07:18:47) Tinche [] entered the room.
  138. (07:19:32) DFOliver: The most challenging aspect? Hmm... I think it was the overall tech scope and that we had to get it done with a relatively small programming team.
  139. (07:19:39) DFOliver: Our programming team is awesome by the way
  140. (07:19:45) DFOliver: I'm so glad to work with them :)
  141. (07:20:04) DFOliver: Thanks luisfcorreia. I'm glad you liked the talk.
  142. (07:20:07) KeithSwanger: :D
  143. (07:20:07) ReverendGumby: DFOliver, how large of a team would you have preferred?
  144. (07:20:11) yama: Does he mention snake if she hasn't been to the snake yet?
  145. (07:20:21) Sven_Q45: Management changing: I think this was REALY unique.
  146. (07:20:29) BadAsp: And very suspicious
  147. (07:20:36) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: about the MOAI engine, how much is there from it's original code?
  148. (07:20:38) Bronsky: she has
  149. (07:21:17) ZapaMan [] entered the room.
  150. (07:21:29) DFOliver: Team size: No I think we had the right size to be agile and manageable. Once the team hit it's stride there was no stopping us! :)
  151. (07:21:34) Cheeseness: It did feel like Darrell Rodriguez was a breath of fresh air for LucasArts
  152. (07:22:01) DFOliver: MOAI engine: The core is still there. We added a lot of things both on the high and low level
  153. (07:22:02) Cheeseness: DFOliver: How many of the people on the programming team had worked on Middle Manager of Justice/had prior Moai experience?
  154. (07:22:11) Permafry_42: Who was the wonderful person on the programming team that added 8 save files?
  155. (07:22:19) DFOliver: There were a few things missing for a big project.
  158. ---
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  163. (07:22:39) DFOliver: I'll right back... just a sec
  164. (07:22:48) ReverendGumby: They didn't fix my audio glitch yet... ;(
  165. (07:22:50) Sven_Q45: Darrell Rodriguez :) Shame it was for a very short time. :(
  166. (07:22:51) Darthozzan left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  167. (07:23:02) Syd: Yeah, I noticed that it's still inconsistent with Shay's voice
  168. (07:23:06) BadAsp: And we were so close to getting Freelance Police back :(
  169. (07:23:09) Cheeseness: I sort of wish that Shay's voice had've stayed squeaky for as long as his head was small
  170. (07:23:19) Syd: He only sometimes has a squeaky voice when his head is tiny
  171. (07:23:32) Cheeseness: It's only for the first 10 seconds or so
  172. (07:23:48) ReverendGumby: Syd: Was referring to Dune's quiet volume when standing next to him.
  173. (07:23:56) Syd: Ah
  174. (07:23:56) Sven_Q45: BadAsp But in the end we have the great guys of TTG. ;)
  175. (07:24:20) zapa_ [zapa@BE49D5EC.92B6957F.75A456EE.IP] entered the room.
  176. (07:24:32) BadAsp: Sven_Q45 who prefer games with "choices" and no puzzles now
  177. (07:24:33) ReverendGumby: Oops! No headset distortion
  178. (07:24:40) ZapaMan left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  179. (07:24:49) zapa_ is now known as ZapaMan
  180. (07:25:05) Sven_Q45: BadAsp Shame. Try Daedalic. ;)
  181. (07:25:18) The-Mad-Pirate: BadAsp I don't think that's really a bad thing
  182. (07:25:42) ddg [] entered the room.
  183. (07:25:51) The-Mad-Pirate: BadAsp you still have to think hard where you want to steer your moral choices
  184. (07:25:54) ddg left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
  185. (07:26:11) ReverendGumby: Okay, going to behave and stop pointing out bugs... now.
  186. (07:26:18) Cheeseness: I don't know. TTG haven't really done anything interesting with moral choices yet
  187. (07:26:26) The-Mad-Pirate: BadAsp But I guess you are comparing their games to a interactive novel
  188. (07:26:45) Sven_Q45: I like games with story. But there are too much adv. games with nearly no puzzles these days. :(
  189. (07:26:58) BadAsp: I like the name "beast hooker"... it sounds funny XD
  190. (07:27:19) Permafry_42: wolf among us' choices were interesting, though not really deep like other games
  191. (07:27:25) Bronsky: The problem with puzzles is that we already know almost all of them
  192. (07:27:36) Bronsky: so all of them seems pretty easy to solve
  193. (07:27:39) Cheeseness: I'll admit, I haven't played Wolf Among Us
  194. (07:27:44) Babar: the problem with puzzles is that they suck :P
  195. (07:27:57) Sven_Q45: BadAsp But maybe you can understand the word wrong... :D
  196. (07:27:59) Permafry_42: i still have to play episode 2 myself
  197. (07:28:04) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
  198. (07:28:05) Cheeseness: But anyway, Broken Age :D
  199. (07:28:23) ReverendGumby: I enjoyed @TotalBiscuit's label for this game style: "Rub X on Y." But I loves it!
  200. (07:28:39) afg1 [] entered the room.
  201. (07:28:39) Cheeseness: Dead Eye Courtney and Dead Eye Dawn are awesome
  202. (07:28:55) Sven_Q45: Adv games NEED puzzles!
  203. (07:29:03) GameClubFan_314376 [] entered the room.
  204. (07:29:05) Babar: disagreeeeeee :P
  205. (07:29:08) Permafry_42: didn't mean to go that far; guess i have to do all the dialogue now
  206. (07:29:10) ReverendGumby: What does the Dead Eye God see?
  207. (07:29:34) Permafry_42: i love these characters
  208. (07:29:58) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
  209. (07:30:14) ReverendGumby: Permafry_42: Thanks for exploring all the dialog, BTW! I'm hearing new stuff.
  210. (07:30:24) The-Mad-Pirate: a tokio hotek coffin room ?
  211. (07:30:30) Permafry_42: np
  212. (07:30:31) Sven_Q45: Babar So you´re an exception.
  213. (07:30:32) afg1 [] entered the room.
  214. (07:30:34) Cheeseness: I loved that this game had a riddle
  215. (07:30:35) BadAsp: The riddle of Yorn sounds really dark
  216. (07:30:39) BadAsp: And vindictive
  217. (07:30:47) Cheeseness: You don't see many of them in adventure games these days
  218. (07:30:48) Babar: I don't mind puzzles, Sven
  219. (07:30:57) Babar: I just don't think they're necessary for adventure games :D
  220. (07:31:03) Babar: now a look interaction... :P
  221. (07:31:04) Tinche left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  222. (07:31:09) The-Mad-Pirate: i realized the answer because of curtis
  223. (07:31:10) Bronsky: they are
  224. (07:31:13) MarykateWuzHere: sounds a bit like tooth decay... decay is dark
  225. (07:31:16) Cheeseness: BadAsp: Yeah, the tone/atmosphere put on it is great
  226. (07:31:19) Bronsky: withouth them you have a interactive novel
  227. (07:31:21) Tinche [] entered the room.
  228. (07:31:24) Bronsky: not an adventure :P
  229. (07:31:32) Sven_Q45: Yes.
  230. (07:31:36) Cheeseness: Bronsky: You still have some exploration aspects without puzzles
  231. (07:31:37) The-Mad-Pirate: but i did have to go back to merriloft to fetch a new fruit
  232. (07:31:44) Babar: :( why does everyone jump between "interactive novel" and "sudoku the game"?
  233. (07:31:44) yama: Memoria from Daedalic has a riddle. :D
  234. (07:31:53) Babar: are puzzles the only kind of gameplay possible in the world?
  235. (07:31:58) Permafry_42: the easter eggs in this game make it go from good game to great game
  236. (07:32:00) Sven_Q45: But I hate time pressure puzzles!
  237. (07:32:10) ReverendGumby: Puzzles are my preferred gameplay.
  238. (07:32:16) The-Mad-Pirate: you can your fruit anytime though
  239. (07:32:19) DFOliver: Alright back.
  240. (07:32:23) The-Mad-Pirate: *eat
  241. (07:32:24) Babar: again, I don't mind puzzles :D
  242. (07:32:31) Permafry_42: i love narrative/dialogue puzzles
  243. (07:32:31) Babar: they're best in puzzle games
  244. (07:32:34) Cheeseness: Welcome back, DFOliver
  245. (07:32:34) yama: Welcome back, DFOliver.
  246. (07:32:45) The-Mad-Pirate: WB
  247. (07:32:47) yama: Cheeseness, hi5!
  248. (07:32:53) Cheeseness: :D
  249. (07:33:07) luisfcorreia: wb
  250. (07:33:09) Cheeseness: I wonder how long they've been guards for
  251. (07:33:19) Cheeseness: DFOliver: Do you have a favourite character in Broken Age?
  252. (07:33:27) Babar: it has been passed down in their family for generations :P
  253. (07:33:55) Cheeseness: Babar: Sure, but when do they find time to date?
  254. (07:34:02) DFOliver: Hehe... other than Redbot you mean? I really like the space weaver or navbot as he used to called.
  255. (07:34:06) Babar: hahahah
  256. (07:34:07) ReverendGumby: DFOliver: Which platform was the most fun to work on?
  257. (07:34:18) Cheeseness: DFOliver: So he IS in Broken Age then? :D
  258. (07:34:27) DFOliver: I probably like it so much because Dave G. gave him that crazy Italian accent in the scratch recordings
  259. (07:34:32) Cheeseness: Hah
  260. (07:34:43) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: about platfoms, why was Linux a p.i.t.a. ?
  261. (07:34:57) Cheeseness: I wish we could have a scratch dialogue option
  262. (07:35:01) Cheeseness: That'd be heaps of fun
  263. (07:35:04) The-Mad-Pirate: I didn't knew redbot was on Autonomous though
  264. (07:35:30) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness: I smell a backer Easter egg
  265. (07:35:32) Sven_Q45: Who has an itaien accent?
  266. (07:35:33) afg11 [afg@ED202861.2471D941.B800FB9B.IP] entered the room.
  267. (07:35:34) DFOliver: I actually really like the mobile platforms, because there is just so much room for improvement. Any little improvement to the workflow is a blessing. :D
  268. (07:35:42) afg1 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 188 seconds).
  269. (07:35:44) DFOliver: I guess it's like the Stockholm Syndrom of tech
  270. (07:35:45) DFOliver: Haha
  271. (07:36:06) GameClubFan_364977 [] entered the room.
  272. (07:36:14) The-Mad-Pirate: IT Alien accent ?
  273. (07:36:24) Sven_Q45: :D
  274. (07:36:26) Cheeseness: Ho ho ho, I see what you did there
  275. (07:36:27) DFOliver: Haha
  276. (07:36:30) DFOliver: Very good
  277. (07:36:30) BadAsp: I like when these guys stack up on top of each other like that :3
  278. (07:36:49) GameClubFan_314376 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  279. (07:36:50) ReverendGumby: DFOliver: what's your biggest mobile constraint? Asset size? Frame rate?
  280. (07:36:52) Cheeseness: DFOliver: So where is RedBot hiding in Broken Age? Is there a chance we can spot him in the stream today?
  281. (07:37:09) fierydrake [] entered the room.
  282. (07:37:15) Sven_Q45: Now who has an itaien  accent?
  283. (07:37:41) DFOliver: No don't think so. He'll make an appearance later...
  284. (07:37:46) Cheeseness: Ah, good good
  285. (07:37:53) Permafry_42: i love the wrong solutions for this part
  286. (07:37:54) Cheeseness: I was surprised to not see him in Shay's toy room
  287. (07:38:00) Lightkey: Aber ick 'abe dock gar kein Auto!
  288. (07:38:03) The-Mad-Pirate: I think everyone expected redbot to be in Shay's "Throphy Room"
  289. (07:38:05) DFOliver: Italian accent: The scratch voice of the space weaver was done by Dave G who chose to give him a accent
  290. (07:38:20) BadAsp: Smelling Salts!
  291. (07:38:24) Tinche: what's a scratch voice?
  292. (07:38:24) yama: I never saw this. :o
  293. (07:38:38) Sven_Q45: Ah.  The weaver is good. :D
  294. (07:38:40) Syd: Scratch voice is placeholder voice
  295. (07:38:55) Cheeseness: Tinche: Temporary placeholder dialogue recorded before final voices are recorded
  296. (07:39:01) Tinche: ah ok, thanks
  297. (07:39:03) DFOliver: Yeah the team records all the lines before the professionals do it
  298. (07:39:06) Cheeseness: (often done by people who wouldn't normally be doing voice acting)
  299. (07:39:25) The-Mad-Pirate: I wonder if The Sims also used scratch voices too
  300. (07:39:28) Tinche: like the DF people did for AF this year
  301. (07:39:33) Sven_Q45: shame that it isn´t in the final game.
  302. (07:39:42) Tinche: that was fun in the videos :)
  303. (07:39:54) ReverendGumby: I don't know. Amnesia Fortnight showed some really strong in-house VA.
  304. (07:39:56) The-Mad-Pirate: I think Anna has a couple of songs recorded
  305. (07:39:58) DFOliver: Yeah we have some pretty talented amateur voice actors...
  306. (07:40:00) luisfcorreia: Cheeseness: aboit voice recordings, did ever a scratch voice made into the final game score
  307. (07:40:17) Sven_Q45: For episode two I WANT an italien voice. :)
  308. (07:40:33) The-Mad-Pirate: I think they were available on iTunes somewhere
  309. (07:40:39) BadAsp: Drucilla, TMI
  310. (07:41:04) Cheeseness: luisfcorreia: I don't think that happens often, though I've heard of times when someone who's done temp/scratch voices has been invited to re-record lines for the final part
  311. (07:41:19) DFOliver: What is your favorite character in BA guys?
  312. (07:41:30) BadAsp: DFOliver ALL of them!
  313. (07:41:30) Cheeseness: I'm fond of the teleporters ^_^
  314. (07:41:33) SirSlade: Knife.
  315. (07:41:37) Syd: Didn't some DF people do the voices in Stacking?
  316. (07:41:39) luisfcorreia: Cheeseness: that sounds like an awesome invitation
  317. (07:41:42) Cheeseness: But everybody loves Nick Jameson's knife :D
  318. (07:41:49) Bronsky: Knife is cool!
  319. (07:41:50) ReverendGumby: Spoon, or Knife. I can't decide.
  320. (07:41:59) Sven_Q45: Nick Jameson is great!
  321. (07:42:06) BadAsp: He rules!
  322. (07:42:07) SirSlade: Will we ever see Fork -- Spoons long lost sister?
  323. (07:42:17) DFOliver: Hehe... yeah the knife and spoon are awesome. :)
  324. (07:42:23) DFOliver: Who knows.
  325. (07:42:25) Cheeseness: I hope the knife makes it out into Vella's world
  326. (07:42:27) DFOliver: Actually Tim would know :P
  327. (07:42:28) ReverendGumby: My wife says M'ggie.
  328. (07:42:29) Sven_Q45: Dr Fred, Dr Übermann and Max in Hit the Road. :)
  329. (07:42:30) The-Mad-Pirate: I wish I could have interacted with hexagon guys more
  330. (07:42:36) Syd: I like a lot of the characters. I don't know if I could pick a favorite. :P
  331. (07:42:46) SirSlade: Good point, DFOliver :D
  332. (07:42:48) ReverendGumby: She wants to see her and Gus get together.
  333. (07:42:55) Sven_Q45: Syd Dito.
  334. (07:43:06) yama: Aww. No love for Vella?
  335. (07:43:10) SirSlade: I really like Vella's Grandpa too
  336. (07:43:26) Permafry_42: I'd love to see a m'ggie cross over in cq2
  337. (07:43:27) The-Mad-Pirate: I loved spaceship window cleaner hexagon guy
  338. (07:43:37) Sven_Q45: Sirslade Haha, yes.
  339. (07:43:39) ReverendGumby: Also, as she knits, Yarn Pala
  340. (07:43:42) GameClubFan_823851 [] entered the room.
  341. (07:43:45) ReverendGumby: *Pals
  342. (07:43:46) BadAsp: Maybe there will be some Shay and Vella costumes in CQ2
  343. (07:43:46) Sven_Q45: And the space weaver.
  344. (07:43:55) The-Mad-Pirate: Permafry_42 I would love a Dirt Nap cameo on CQ2
  345. (07:43:56) SirSlade: Sven_Q45 I was just going to say that
  346. (07:43:58) Tinche: the yarn pals while on break
  347. (07:44:02) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: By the way, last week during chat, Tim said that the Meriloft maiden was named Twyla
  348. (07:44:17) BadAsp: I was wondering who "Twyla" was in the credits
  349. (07:44:25) The-Mad-Pirate: Permafry_42 maybe a Phineas Ross for President Poster !!!!
  350. (07:44:28) Permafry_42: Neat!
  351. (07:44:46) Fireflower: who made the art for this game? looks nice.
  352. (07:45:04) Cheeseness: Fireflower: It's based on the art style of Nathan "Bagel" Stapley
  353. (07:45:16) Fireflower: who's that?
  354. (07:45:32) Cheeseness: An artist who worked on stuff at LucasArts and Double Fine
  355. (07:45:38) Fireflower: cool
  356. (07:45:39) yama: Fireflower needs to watch the documentary. ;0
  357. (07:45:42) DFOliver:
  358. (07:45:43) Fireflower: :)
  359. (07:45:49) Permafry_42: yama agreeded
  360. (07:45:50) ReverendGumby: I like Jack's lines. Not enough of them.
  361. (07:45:53) Sven_Q45: And I didn´t get the DFA poster. :(
  362. (07:45:56) Cheeseness: heh, and the Kickstarter pitch video which talks about Bagel's art being the focus :D
  363. (07:46:03) Syd: Looks like he's got a Tumblr too
  364. (07:46:12) ZapaMan left the room (quit: Client exited).
  365. (07:46:17) Fireflower: i'm not a backer :)
  366. (07:46:22) Cheeseness: Wait, you're not?
  367. (07:46:26) The-Mad-Pirate: I allways thougth there was a fiery competition for "winining" art style signature during the first episodes of DFA Doc
  368. (07:46:27) Permafry_42: it sucks a lot of people missed these lines; they're awesome
  369. (07:46:30) DFOliver: Sven_Q45: You should contact Greg and we get you sorted
  370. (07:46:31) Tinche: burn the witch
  371. (07:46:55) Cheeseness: I wish I had've gotten my poster signed
  372. (07:47:12) Sven_Q45: No I pedged only $150. :(
  373. (07:47:39) Cheeseness: $100 came with a poster
  374. (07:47:42) The-Mad-Pirate: At least it seemed like Peter Chan really wanted to "win"
  375. (07:47:44) ReverendGumby: So much hidden dialogue!
  376. (07:47:49) yama: I wouldn't have minded a signed poster but I think the signed artbook will be nice to have instead. :)
  377. (07:47:56) Sven_Q45: Cheese: Yes but not the DFA one. ;)
  378. (07:47:57) DFOliver: Oh I see
  379. (07:48:09) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Ohh, Majus' poster?
  380. (07:48:10) The-Mad-Pirate: he has a flickr too
  381. (07:48:23) SirSlade: Oh wow, I missed a lot of dialogue...
  382. (07:48:32) Cheeseness: Hah
  383. (07:48:36) ReverendGumby: Ha!
  384. (07:48:37) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness No the $250 poster.#
  385. (07:48:41) Cheeseness: Poor Twyla
  386. (07:48:41) The-Mad-Pirate: Majus Work is Awesome !
  387. (07:48:42) luisfcorreia: I find DF to be an awesome game company, I would never imagine that one day I would exchange tweets with Tim ( and DFOliver as well, the Borken men:)
  388. (07:48:54) The-Mad-Pirate: Man that Majus guys is so gifted !
  389. (07:48:58) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: It's the same poster, just signed
  390. (07:48:59) Fireflower: i love driftwood
  391. (07:49:08) DFOliver: Aww... thanks luisfcorreia.
  392. (07:49:22) DFOliver: I think everyone at DF really enjoys the open development method
  393. (07:49:24) Sven_Q45: the same? thought another one.
  394. (07:49:25) Cheeseness: :)
  395. (07:49:25) DFOliver: I'm glad we are doing it
  396. (07:49:25) DFOliver: :)
  397. (07:49:28) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  398. (07:49:34) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Nah, I'm pretty sure they were the same
  399. (07:49:45) Syd [] entered the room.
  400. (07:49:46) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: i'm a good beta tester, good at spotting goofs
  401. (07:49:50) The-Mad-Pirate: I believe DMann3D wanted to apply for CQ2 Env Artist position
  402. (07:50:00) Cheeseness: DFOliver: How much more development work do you think there is left for your side of things in Act 2?
  403. (07:50:17) Sven_Q45: I thought it was a special poster from the game.
  404. (07:50:29) ReverendGumby: DFOliver: Ditto. Thanks for you and fellow coworkers for being so accessible and interactive. You're a model bunch.
  405. (07:50:41) yama: As far as I know, there's only one DFA poster. The one with the 2HB.
  406. (07:50:52) Sven_Q45: HB?
  407. (07:50:59) DFOliver: Act 2: A lot! :) Thankfully we have most of the tech in place, so we should be able to concentrate on the actual content production right from the beginning.
  408. (07:51:02) yama: The game was still in the planning stages when we got the posters.
  409. (07:51:33) Cheeseness: yama: There's also the scene with Curtis' house up in the DF shop
  410. (07:51:36) Sven_Q45: yama I know. I too.
  411. (07:51:38) Sven_Q45: ;)
  412. (07:51:46) DFCams [] entered the room.
  413. (07:51:52) Cheeseness: (and there was a matching limited edition one, I think?)
  414. (07:52:08) yama: DFOliver, I thought you already had the programing bit done so there would be mostly scripting needed for Act 2. :o
  415. (07:52:20) yama: *programming
  416. (07:52:23) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness THIS is what I mean. The $250 one.
  417. (07:52:25) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver Do you think Debugging will get easier for Act 2 after all info you gather during Act 1 two weeks backer beta ?
  418. (07:52:49) ReverendGumby: hahaha!
  419. (07:53:12) ReverendGumby: ( @ M'ggie dialog)
  420. (07:53:17) DFOliver: Act2: Yep that's correct. Most of the content work (in terms of engineering) will be puzzle scripting
  421. (07:53:25) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: The signed poster is the same as the unsigned poster (all that's missing is the signatures)
  422. (07:53:40) DFOliver: There is a bit of systems work left for the mobile devices, but that should be it
  423. (07:53:41) Tinche: I guess they mention pits so you'd connect the fruit with the riddle
  424. (07:53:52) DFOliver: Also I think Camden joined
  425. (07:53:53) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams Oh ! Hello Camden !
  426. (07:53:54) DFOliver: Hi DFCams
  427. (07:53:56) Cheeseness: Tinche: There are a whole bunch of clues to the riddle
  428. (07:54:03) Cheeseness: Oh hi Camden!
  429. (07:54:03) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams didn't spotted you before
  430. (07:54:04) BadAsp: Hi DFCams!
  431. (07:54:06) DFCams: Hey guys
  432. (07:54:15) Permafry_42: messed up by giving him the fruit XC
  433. (07:54:17) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: I bet you can't show us the scripting code for a small part of a puzzle, right?
  434. (07:54:25) ReverendGumby: Permafry_42: nooooo! :)
  435. (07:54:47) DFOliver: For those who don't know Camden is our audio dude extraordinaire!
  436. (07:54:58) DFCams: Haha thx Oliver
  437. (07:54:59) DFOliver: Who did a fantastic job on BA :)
  438. (07:55:05) Tinche: hi Camden!
  439. (07:55:05) luisfcorreia: DFCams: hey dude! love your work!
  440. (07:55:05) DFCams: man watching this is really great
  441. (07:55:09) ReverendGumby: Dude
  442. (07:55:12) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams is a Senior Audio Technician from Double Fine Productions , he worked on Broken Age Audio too
  443. (07:55:21) Fireflower: fruitbat
  444. (07:55:35) Tinche: damn I could really go for a smoothie right about now
  445. (07:55:47) Fireflower: fruitbat smoothie?
  446. (07:55:52) ReverendGumby: DFCams: Did you do any of the foley work in BA?
  447. (07:55:54) Sven_Q45: I have so much adv posters hanging on my wa.
  448. (07:55:56) Sven_Q45: lhehe
  449. (07:56:10) Permafry_42: hi df cams!
  450. (07:56:13) DFOliver: As requested here is one line of game-play script: self.rGirl.CoVoice:playDialogSet( 'WetUseTowelOnSelf', RESOURCE('Dialog/GirlTown/MaidensFeast.lua') )
  451. (07:56:22) DFOliver: Haha... emoticon
  452. (07:56:23) Fireflower: he wants wood
  453. (07:56:26) Permafry_42: love the stool gags
  454. (07:56:26) DFOliver: Expressive Lua
  455. (07:56:30) luisfcorreia: the best phrase of the game
  456. (07:56:44) luisfcorreia: "i feel a stool coming up '
  457. (07:56:46) DFCams: ReverendGum: Yes, the whole team worked on the foley. Brian Min, Brian Correia, Paul O'Rourke and myself. There was a lot hahaha
  458. (07:56:53) BadAsp: That girl must be traumatized... having to watch a man doing his business in front of her
  459. (07:57:10) Tinche: she seems to like his stool
  460. (07:57:20) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams Amazing work on spatial voice
  461. (07:57:28) ReverendGumby: DFCams: It's very well selected and mixed. Sounds fantastic.
  462. (07:57:28) luisfcorreia: DFCams: Brian Correia is probably a relative of mine
  463. (07:57:34) Bronsky: greatest elevator of all time
  464. (07:57:34) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams Specially Big tree puzzle
  465. (07:57:37) DFCams: Thx guys
  466. (07:57:38) Sven_Q45: BadAsp :O :D
  467. (07:57:46) Cheeseness: ^_^
  468. DFCams DFOliver
  469. (07:57:56) Cheeseness: What was your favourite aspect of Act 1 to work on, DFCams?
  470. (07:58:03) DFCams: Honestly Oliver and the programmers did the heavy lifting in this game. was a joy to work on
  471. (07:58:12) Fireflower: this is a bit like Zak McKracken
  472. (07:58:16) BadAsp: That was a puzzle I had trouble with when I first played the game too
  473. (07:58:19) GameClubFan_546854 [] entered the room.
  474. (07:58:32) The-Mad-Pirate: I think Anna worked mostly with FMod Audio implementation
  475. (07:58:34) DFCams: Cheeseness: hmmmm probably space, Meriloft was the hardest for concept
  476. (07:58:47) Permafry_42: Vella is pretty mean to the tree XD
  477. (07:59:01) BadAsp: #savethetrees
  478. (07:59:09) DFOliver: DFCams is too modest. We just provided the hooks... :)
  479. (07:59:21) Tinche: hehe love Vella's eyes here
  480. (07:59:21) Fireflower: tree torture
  481. (07:59:31) DFCams: haha well you were doing a few other things as well Oliver
  482. (07:59:35) Cheeseness: Vella doesn't really seem to care much about anything but chasing down Mog Chothra. She's a litte like Guybrush in that regard - she doesn't seem to fussed about the consequences of her actions
  483. (07:59:51) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams Did all audio team had to do a lot of brainstormin to succesfully mix all subtle audio in Merriloft ?
  484. (07:59:54) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: thanks for that one liner, it is probably instantiating a coroutine
  485. (08:00:04) BadAsp: Don't mind that tree, he's a real sappy guy
  486. (08:00:13) The-Mad-Pirate: Cheeseness I love Chaotic Neutral characters :)
  487. (08:00:18) Permafry_42: was this part inspired by walle?
  488. (08:00:24) DFCams: I mostly mixed the game, but was constantly relying on the teams ears for feedback and direction
  489. (08:00:44) Cheeseness: Aww, poor spoon ;_;
  490. (08:00:45) DFCams: Meriloft was hard because the whole environment was made of air. Tricky.
  491. (08:00:50) Lightkey: DFOliver: like providing comic relief, wonder why Tim did not fire you after "the talk"
  492. (08:01:16) Tinche: knife noooo
  493. (08:01:22) Bronsky: Godspeed great warrior
  494. (08:01:28) BadAsp: That does sound like something Max would say XD
  495. (08:01:29) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams I bet Victor , Daniel and rest of QA Team did an amazing job. Spotting Audio bugs is SO HARD.
  496. (08:01:53) BadAsp: Yay, Gary's useful!
  497. (08:02:01) SirSlade: Sound /is/ hard to see
  498. (08:02:04) DFCams: Ha! This my favorite sound in the whole game. The voice of Grabber Gary. It was made with a guitar and a broken distortion pedal. Too fun.
  499. (08:02:43) Cheeseness: Tim said last week that he believed that the team was full of good people who wanted to get the game made and so wasn't afraid to let people see the team facing hurdles or conflict. I think that shows a lot of faith not only in the people at Double Fine, but also in the community
  500. (08:02:49) The-Mad-Pirate: hahahahah
  501. (08:02:55) Cheeseness: Has it been hard to work with cameras over your shoulders? Do you think it's changed the way that you work?
  502. (08:03:13) Cheeseness: Grabbin' Garry is the best :D
  503. (08:03:17) DFCams: Cheeseness: Yes. And...yes.
  504. (08:03:23) The-Mad-Pirate: Tim seems to have a magick eye for talent spotting
  505. (08:03:31) Fireflower: iron maidens
  506. Peder Permafry_42
  507. Peder Permafry_42
  508. Peder Permafry_42
  509. (08:04:21) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams I am glad your hopes for "Double Fine to become an even better place to work" became true
  510. (08:04:26) Permafry_42: I still prefer spoon over garry, but garry is a close second
  511. (08:04:53) ReverendGumby left the room (quit: Client exited).
  512. (08:05:06) DFOliver: As far as the cameras go I actually very often don't notice anymore. It was strange in the beginning.
  513. (08:05:39) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: unless you're hooked into Oculus :)
  514. (08:05:50) Sven_Q45: It´s ike in I´m a celebrety get me out of here. :D
  515. (08:06:04) Tinche: so how often were the 2PP folks there with the cameras? every day?
  516. (08:06:26) Tinche: or was it like a weekly thing
  517. (08:06:53) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Haha true
  518. (08:07:03) DFCams: Cameras could be around at any point. I think Oliver had it more than I, since he is on the main floor.
  519. (08:07:12) DFOliver: Tinche: It depends on how much is happening with BA.
  520. (08:07:30) DFOliver: Right now they are helping out with a lot of other projects too
  521. (08:07:39) DFOliver: But they are there for every meeting and stuff like that
  522. (08:07:53) DFCams: And every mistake hahaha
  523. (08:07:57) Tinche: thanks
  524. (08:08:09) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver I bet all unedited material works for project documentation too
  525. (08:08:22) Fireflower: there's no solution to the riddle
  526. (08:08:27) Tinche: does it up the pressure for taking better care of your hair and attire? :p
  527. (08:08:59) DFCams: Well Oliver always looks good
  528. (08:09:04) DFCams: and has the best socks
  529. (08:09:06) Tinche: I admit sometimes my hair can look wierd at the office
  530. (08:09:09) BadAsp: BEST.  RIDDLE.  EVER.
  531. (08:09:15) Tinche: if I knew I could be on camera.. :)
  532. (08:09:25) Cheeseness: I think a lot of people appreciate being able to see that you guys are real people who are capable of making mistakes. There's not a lot of transparency in the industry, and it feels like many still believe that it's beyond them when perhaps they shouldn't
  533. (08:09:28) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams well ... Steed's horse particle BFG gun bug was definetly funny to watch
  534. (08:09:55) Fireflower: space - the final frontier
  535. (08:09:55) DFOliver: Tinche: I wish that would be true :)
  536. (08:10:05) DFOliver: DFCams: Aww you old charmer :P
  537. (08:10:12) Cheeseness: :D
  538. (08:10:49) DFOliver: Cheeseness: I agree.
  539. DFCams DFOliver
  540. (08:10:53) Tinche: I love glimpses of the unexpected in the videos
  541. (08:10:54) DFCams: This is a special technique I have: "Always compliment the programmers for future programming audio karma."
  542. (08:11:11) DFOliver: Haha... that's how you get stuff done. :)
  543. (08:11:12) Tinche: like the time one of your animators rushed out "gotta move my car, gonna get a ticket"
  544. (08:11:16) The-Mad-Pirate: I am amazed how David G. , Andy Woods and Jeremy upgraded their personas due to PP2 cameras
  545. (08:11:23) luisfcorreia: Marek voice is the best one in the whole game
  546. (08:11:24) Tinche: in one of the AF videos this year
  547. (08:11:52) DFCams: I do miss the Marek scratch audio. It was Lee Petty.
  548. (08:12:01) DFOliver: The programming team may look good, but the audio teams sounds best!
  549. (08:12:10) DFOliver: I guess that leaves smell for the art team
  550. (08:12:11) DFOliver: :)
  551. (08:12:12) DFCams: And Dave G's Navbot was AMAZING
  552. (08:12:44) Cheeseness: So, I'm curious. How many people had spotted that the "creatures" match the maidens' outfits?
  553. (08:12:52) DFCams: Someday Oliver I hope we can do a Scratch Dialog easter egg. If only.
  554. (08:13:04) Tinche: Cheeseness: I didn't
  555. (08:13:04) The-Mad-Pirate: I would have loved to hear Isa's computer mom scratch voice
  556. (08:13:18) SirSlade: Cheeseness: I totally missed it too
  557. (08:13:28) The-Mad-Pirate: I missed that one
  558. (08:13:38) Cheeseness: Here's Vella
  559. (08:13:45) Cheeseness: She has the three things poking out of her hair
  560. (08:13:58) BadAsp: I love how you grabbed the third one quickly when she's harder to grab than the second
  561. (08:14:01) Cheeseness: There was a fat blobby one and a taller tentacled one just now
  562. (08:14:21) Permafry_42: lol its the easy mistakes that i mess up on
  563. (08:14:22) Tinche: a nice touch
  564. (08:14:28) DFOliver: I'm glad you didn't spot it right away :)
  565. (08:14:31) DFCams: Yeah little details like that...this is why I love working on Tim's stories and games. For my medium at least it is so fun to explore.
  566. (08:14:32) DFOliver: It was very important for Tim
  567. (08:14:57) DFCams: His stories always have many levels to look at.
  568. (08:15:09) Cheeseness: I think that having the Meriloft encounter first helped make sure that people didn't catch taht at first
  569. (08:15:29) Fireflower: is this the end?
  570. (08:15:33) Cheeseness: I was hoping we'd sync this part up so that we'd see Shay go outside after Vella had defeated Mog Chothra
  571. (08:15:37) Permafry_42: nope still have vella now
  572. (08:15:55) Cheeseness: I haven't seen if there are any differences if Shay finishes first
  573. (08:16:00) Cheeseness: finishes second^
  574. (08:16:08) Cheeseness: I've always done him first on my playthroughs >_<
  575. (08:16:18) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  576. (08:16:32) Sven_Q45: I finished Shay first too.
  577. (08:16:33) yama: I feel so stupid because I didn't catch any of the hints at all throughout the game. It wasn't until the end that I made the connection. ^^:
  578. (08:16:56) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: here's a line for you, as a hint "self.tOrganizedAnimList.Immediate = {}"
  579. (08:17:19) Tinche: I thought the stories were time shifted, basically
  580. (08:17:31) Cheeseness: DFOliver, DFCams: What do you think makes for a "classic" adventure game? The Double Fine Adventure campaign was based around trying to make something that fit with games that are recognised as such, and there's a bunch of debate about whether Broken Age qualifies
  581. (08:17:38) BadAsp: Yay, it's Alex!
  582. (08:17:41) Tinche: like Vella was in Shay's past
  583. (08:18:03) Cheeseness: Personally, I don't think that "retro" and "classic" are the same thing, and there is definite progression between the titles that we do recognise as being classics
  584. (08:18:31) Taekon [] entered the room.
  585. (08:18:32) Cheeseness: Broken Age feels like a direct continuation of that progression to me
  586. (08:18:36) Cheeseness: Hey Taekon!
  587. (08:18:43) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Did you see it during the documentation? :)
  588. (08:18:45) DFCams: Cheeseness: I am not sure I am qualified for that debate. For me "classic adventure" games always transport me, and this def qualifies for me.
  589. (08:18:46) Taekon: Hey hey!
  590. (08:18:57) DFOliver: Cheeseness: I agree retro and classic are different things
  591. (08:19:05) Taekon: Overslept so hard, thought this was over :D
  592. (08:19:19) Cheeseness: Taekon: There's still a little left!
  593. (08:19:21) DFOliver: Personally I think BA has classic/traditional gameplay, but looks contempary
  594. (08:19:23) Sven_Q45: My first project. I backed cuz I love adv. games!
  595. (08:19:27) DFOliver: And I think it works well together
  596. (08:19:32) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: actually, I got it after some... erm... tinkering... :) (I did the same with Psychonauts)
  597. (08:19:32) Cheeseness: So this is Alex Riggopoloulolololous
  598. (08:19:37) Cheeseness: (one day I'll remember his name)
  599. (08:19:50) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Got it. Excellent. :)
  600. (08:19:54) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Make a mod! :)
  601. (08:20:01) ReverendGumby: I'm glad you guys didn't make a purely retro game. The new technology is too beautiful to ignore.
  602. (08:20:24) Cheeseness: Doesn't Shay's ship AI refer to it as "Project Dandelion"?
  603. (08:20:32) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: lol, I wish I was THAT good, and I can't "put it back together"
  604. (08:21:05) DFCams: Yeah Broken Age doesn't fall into a category easily for me. It's just beautiful and fun and multi level story. I am a true fan.
  605. (08:21:24) Cheeseness: I agree
  606. (08:21:26) ReverendGumby: Cheeseness: correct
  607. (08:21:52) flesk [] entered the room.
  608. (08:21:54) Cheeseness: I wonder if we're going to discover that there's been a shift between "Operation Dandelion" and "Project Dandelion"
  609. (08:22:06) SirSlade: Man, I never heard that before. But being tall is really cool
  610. (08:22:19) yama: Hm. Since there's no obvious day/night cycle for Shay, it makes me wonder how long he sleeps each night. Could it be for years in that bed?
  611. (08:22:19) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Hehe.. I bet you can figure it out! :)
  612. (08:22:23) Cheeseness: The light effects in here are nice
  613. (08:22:29) Cheeseness: As is the ambient audio
  614. (08:22:48) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: yes, but after, I would feel kinda dirty
  615. (08:22:48) Kor [] entered the room.
  616. (08:22:55) Kor: Hi everyone
  617. KeithSwanger KillerB Kor
  618. (08:23:00) flesk: Hi.
  619. (08:23:01) Cheeseness: Hey Kor
  620. (08:23:05) Cheeseness: Hey flesk
  621. (08:23:22) Sven_Q45: And don´t forget the great music througout the game!
  622. (08:23:22) Cheeseness: We've got Double Fine's Oliver Franzke (Lead Programmer) and Camden Stoddard (Audio Lead)
  623. (08:23:27) flesk: Hi Cheese. Completely forgot about game club today. :/
  624. (08:23:30) Cheeseness: (for anybody who joined late)
  625. (08:23:36) Ham [] entered the room.
  626. (08:23:42) Cheeseness: Hi Ham
  627. (08:23:43) Taekon: What! I never noticed "your lazer... thing" animation Vella did. That's so cool!
  628. (08:23:44) BadAsp: flesk
  629. DFCams DFOliver
  630. (08:23:59) Ham: Hello
  631. (08:23:59) DFOliver: Hi guys
  632. (08:24:01) Fireflower: death ray time?
  633. (08:24:04) Syd: Death ray! Yay!
  634. (08:24:06) DFCams: Hey guys
  635. (08:24:14) Tinche: death ray time.
  636. (08:24:16) Cheeseness: DFOliver, DFCams: Have you played though the game since release?
  637. (08:24:22) ReverendGumby: How did they sense him??
  638. (08:24:25) DFCams: Man...Alex actually did a great job on his dialog.
  639. (08:24:26) Ham left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  640. (08:24:30) Kor: I watched a LP of this game a few weeks ago, I loved it so much I watched the entire playthrough in a day.
  641. (08:24:35) DFCams: Cheeseness: Yes. Many times.
  642. (08:24:37) Permafry_42: i love the orchestrated music during the credits
  643. (08:24:37) BadAsp: Poor birdie :(
  644. (08:24:47) DFCams: Especially to get ready for Act II
  645. (08:24:55) Cheeseness: :)
  646. (08:24:55) Fireflower: grilled seagull
  647. (08:25:01) DFOliver: Yep. It's always fun to see the completed experience.
  648. (08:25:15) Kor: I'm gonna have to buy this :P just strapped for cash atm
  649. (08:25:15) Cheeseness: Do you find that there are surprises that you didn't notice?
  650. (08:25:34) Cheeseness: Well, don't watch the stream. We're about to finish Act 1 :D
  651. (08:25:44) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: DFCams : my first play took me 5 whole hours without skipping any dialog
  652. (08:25:48) fierydrake left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  653. (08:25:57) Syd: There's a big plot reveal at the end, might be best if you don't see it before you play. :P
  654. (08:26:23) ReverendGumby: Ah one, ah two...
  655. (08:26:27) DFOliver: Yeah there are some lines that I complete missed. Probably because I spent a lot of time with the low level tech and not as much time in the game-play code. :)
  656. (08:26:53) Cheeseness: Hah
  657. (08:26:56) Cheeseness: Marshal Dune
  658. (08:27:07) DFCams: My favorite part of the game still is hearing that many people were not expecting what happens at the end. That was really good to hear. A lot of thought went into it.
  659. (08:27:16) Kor left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  660. (08:27:20) Cheeseness: It's been interesting to watch people try to work out what to do during this part
  661. (08:27:40) Taekon: ... I actually figured this bit out accidentally
  662. (08:27:49) ReverendGumby: DFCams: It was an amazing jaw-dropping reveal experience.
  663. (08:28:00) Syd: I had my suspicions as I played through, but they were all totally wrong. I was completely taken by surprise by the ending, and then I thought back to all the little hints that lead up to it.
  664. (08:28:06) Sven_Q45: I needed long for this to find out.
  665. (08:28:07) Taekon: I aimed for the eyes but my mouse messed up and hit the tentacles
  666. (08:28:26) BadAsp: Die, monster!  You don't belong in this world!
  667. (08:28:29) DFCams: Here we go. Leave if you don't want spoilers.
  668. (08:28:38) BadAsp: Well, I do
  669. (08:28:39) Taekon: I personally try not to speculate during playing, since being surprised by a story's twist is super fun :D
  670. (08:28:45) BadAsp: (Probably because I've completed the game)
  671. (08:29:03) Cheeseness: DFCams, DFOliver: How much did you know about this reveal prior to seeing it in the game?
  672. (08:29:04) KeithSwanger: this was such a "holy shit!" moment for me
  673. (08:29:21) DFCams: Peter really nailed this music piece.
  674. (08:29:31) GameClubFan_412395 [] entered the room.
  675. (08:29:37) GameClubFan_412395 left the room (quit: Quit: GameClubFan_412395).
  676. (08:29:40) Fireflower: :O
  677. (08:29:47) Sven_Q45: That was a surprising scene for me!
  678. (08:29:51) Cheeseness: Shay feels much less... polished than Vella here to me in terms and rendering
  679. (08:29:52) Permafry_42: Well, that's the end =D We're going to end it by showing THE ENTIRE CREDITS now
  680. (08:29:57) Taekon: DFCams agreed! This was the really intense bit in the documentary too
  681. (08:30:10) Cheeseness: heh, The mouth still hasn't closed for us, Permafry_42
  682. (08:30:24) Permafry_42: ah ok
  683. (08:30:34) KeithSwanger: epic ending.
  684. (08:30:39) yama: Definitely.
  685. (08:30:41) Bronsky: yep!
  686. (08:30:42) BadAsp: DUN DUN DUNNN!
  687. (08:30:45) Sven_Q45: the end was great.-
  688. (08:30:45) Tinche: love the mirroring of the initial and ending scenes
  689. (08:30:52) ReverendGumby: Win win win
  690. (08:30:52) Permafry_42: well my favourite part of the credits besides the music has the be the search function
  691. (08:30:54) Bronsky: hey! I'm in the credits ;)
  692. (08:30:55) Fireflower: thx for the stream
  693. (08:30:59) Permafry_42: *to be
  694. (08:31:06) Fireflower: have to go. cya
  695. (08:31:09) BadAsp: I wish I had donated more money, or else I'd be in the credits too
  696. (08:31:11) Permafry_42: thanks to everyone for joining us!
  697. (08:31:12) yama: I'm in there somewhere, too. ^_^
  698. (08:31:15) DFCams: Thanks guys! Thanks Oliver! This was fun!
  699. (08:31:16) Taekon: Haha I love how the scales from the left side of the screen connects to the right side of the screen ever so slightly
  700. (08:31:20) Cheeseness: I sort of wish that you could jump to the start of a particular letter in the credits more easily
  701. (08:31:24) Permafry_42: BadAsp Same
  702. DFCams DFOliver
  703. (08:31:29) Taekon: (scale of the mog I meant)
  704. (08:31:40) Sven_Q45: I´m in the credits. :)
  705. (08:31:40) DFOliver: Have you tried typing your name?
  706. (08:31:44) Cheeseness: Thanks for joining us, DFCams and DFOliver! You're very welcome to join us any time you like
  707. (08:31:50) Fireflower left the room (quit: Quit: ).
  708. (08:31:55) Sven_Q45: Was a long search to find me. :D
  709. (08:31:57) DFOliver: Thanks guys
  710. (08:32:02) Permafry_42: yup i didn't show up in the credits from what i can tell
  711. (08:32:06) Tinche: yeah, thanks you guys
  712. (08:32:10) Cheeseness: And you're most welcome to hang around for as long as you want ^_^
  713. (08:32:13) DFOliver: Thanks for having us and thanks for playing Broken Age! :)
  714. (08:32:17) Sven_Q45: Search function in the creds? Didn´t know.
  715. (08:32:19) Cheeseness: DFOliver: That doesn't help for people who have names which are commonly included in other people's names
  716. (08:32:20) yama: Thanks for coming, DFOliver and DFCams. :D
  717. (08:32:22) luisfcorreia: thanks for showing up DFOliver and DFCams
  718. (08:32:27) DFOliver: AND thanks for being awesome supporters of DF!!!
  719. (08:32:30) Taekon: Yeah thanks for joining us DFCams! DFOliver! Even though I missed 90% of it :P
  720. (08:32:30) Cheeseness: :D
  721. (08:32:39) SirSlade: Thanks for joining Oliver & Cams. And for streaming Permafry, organizing Cheeseness.  I gotta get going though, have a good one everyone
  722. (08:32:47) BadAsp: Thanks a lot DFCams and DFOliver :3
  723. (08:32:47) ReverendGumby: Thanks for being an awesome inspiring company!
  724. (08:32:57) Permafry_42: i might search for my name when it's done showing everyone how the search function works
  725. (08:32:57) DFOliver: Cheeseness: True. You can use Tab or left and right to cycle through the search results.
  726. (08:33:00) Cheeseness: Don't forget to pop an opinion in the forum thread! I'd love to see some ratings for Broken age using our rating guide template
  727. (08:33:31) Taekon: Thanks Permafry_42 for the stream \o/ and Cheeseness for organizing stuff
  728. (08:33:50) Permafry_42: and thanks to everyone for coming, and especially to double fine for the awesome game and helping set up df game club in the first place =D
  729. (08:33:52) GameClubFan_546854 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  730. (08:33:56) GameClubFan_183889 [] entered the room.
  731. (08:34:03) DFOliver: Yeah thanks for organizing this!
  732. (08:34:12) Cheeseness: It's my pleasure ^_^
  733. (08:34:24) Cheeseness: We're doing the Book of Unwritten Tales next week
  734. (08:34:31) Cheeseness: (starting next week)
  735. (08:34:37) yama: I've seen so many awesome games I never thought to play myself before they were featured in the club here. :)
  736. (08:34:37) DFOliver: The back credits will take a while... :)
  737. (08:34:38) Sven_Q45: Cheese Yeah!!
  738. (08:34:40) Permafry_42: Also it's amazing to think of just how many awesome people helped make this game possible when looking at the size of the credits
  739. (08:34:54) Cheeseness: It's really awesome to have been a part of making this game happen :)
  740. (08:35:15) The-Mad-Pirate: DFCams DFOliver Thanks for joining us you guys !
  741. (08:35:20) Sven_Q45: I´m in Melee Island on Apri 26th and 27th..
  742. (08:35:35) ReverendGumby left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  743. (08:35:44) Taekon: I wonder how many put in words that are better off censored
  744. (08:35:44) jfrisby: :D
  745. (08:35:54) Taekon: for their backer's mention I mean
  746. (08:36:04) DFOliver: Not that many actually
  747. (08:36:05) DFOliver: :)
  748. (08:36:18) Cheeseness: Were the backer credits "managed" at all in that regard?
  749. (08:36:41) DFOliver: Yep we had to do some modifications if the text didn't follow the code of conduct
  750. (08:36:57) luisfcorreia: and those as "just" the $250 and up
  751. (08:37:02) luisfcorreia: or $150
  752. (08:37:08) Cheeseness: $100 and up
  753. (08:37:11) jfrisby: There's me  :D
  754. (08:37:12) Cheeseness: (there was no $150 tier)
  755. (08:37:14) DFOliver: Also we contacted people with messages to other people to make sure they still wanted it
  756. (08:37:19) Cheeseness: We've passed me as well
  757. (08:37:32) Sven_Q45: My backer history is on the DF forums. ;)
  758. (08:37:34) Cheeseness: There were some proposals in the credits IIRC
  759. (08:37:45) Taekon: Oh yeah
  760. (08:37:46) KeithSwanger left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  761. (08:37:54) Taekon: I wonder how those went
  762. (08:37:57) Cheeseness: I wonder if there were people who ended up waiting a bit longer than they'd expected
  763. (08:38:02) Permafry_42: To this day i wish i had backed at the $100 level or higher, but i didn't have the money at the time unfortunately =c
  764. (08:38:12) GameClubFan_151891 [] entered the room.
  765. (08:38:33) Sven_Q45: Permafry_42 DFA was the first one for me. So it was just $150. :D
  766. (08:38:38) Taekon: I missed the original kickstarter and has been kicking myself for missing the awesome shirt (and credits!) :(
  767. (08:38:43) Taekon: have been*
  768. (08:38:53) GameClubFan_151891 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  769. (08:38:54) GameClubFan_183889 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  770. (08:38:56) jfrisby: I hope there's some more of the Full Throttle-credits-jokes type stuff in the final game...  
  771. (08:39:00) Cheeseness: DFOliver: Last week, Tim said that he'd set you on the task of working out how many floppies Broken Age would need to be distributed on. How's that going?
  772. (08:39:06) yama: I'm wearing my T-shirt for this session as well. ^^
  773. (08:39:19) Taekon: Boo yama
  774. (08:39:19) Taekon: Boo I say
  775. (08:39:30) Cheeseness: Ha ha, go yama
  776. (08:39:40) Tinche: alright guys, thanks for the stream
  777. (08:39:46) Cheeseness: I wore my Massive Chalice *and* my Broken Age shirt when I appeared on the Amnesia Fortnight stream
  778. (08:39:50) Tinche: until next week
  779. (08:39:50) Lightkey: wish I got mine from the Humble Bundle, got ripped off :-/
  780. (08:39:53) yama: I might see about getting one of those slacker backer T-shirts as well if they ever make them.
  781. (08:40:09) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: what was so difficult with linux build?
  782. (08:40:09) Tinche left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  783. (08:40:17) DFOliver: Cheeseness: I'm still copying .ARJ files to 1.4 HD floppies
  784. (08:40:18) DFOliver: LP
  785. (08:40:28) Cheeseness: :D
  786. (08:40:38) Permafry_42:  This is slightly off topic but Has Double Fine ever considered going to one of the Canadian game and comic expos like Fan Expo?
  787. (08:40:53) DFCams left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  788. (08:41:02) Taekon: DFCams was there any tracks that didn't make it into the game? Or were all of them refined to ...
  789. (08:41:03) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver I hope BASF or Verbatim sent you a big crate of floppies
  790. (08:41:07) Taekon: Nevermind
  791. (08:41:09) GameClubFan_364977 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  792. (08:41:16) Sven_Q45: Ony the massive chaice t-shirt is on e-bay!
  793. (08:41:30) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Nothing bad really. In fact I really liked working on Linux. There were a few things during development with compat but other than that.
  794. (08:41:42) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Oh and that mysterious Steam compilation issue
  795. (08:41:47) Permafry_42: ooo... i forgot to show the search feature =c ah well
  796. (08:41:59) yama: I only backed MC at the $25 level because I don't think it's a game I'd play so much but I have been immensely enjoying their teamstreams. <.<
  797. (08:42:05) DFOliver: Permafry_42: Not sure. That sounds like a question for Greg
  798. (08:42:08) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: I use Fedora Linux, any issues, let me know :)
  799. (08:42:28) DFOliver: luisfcorreia: Thanks dude!
  800. (08:42:36) DFOliver: Alright guys. I'm off.
  801. (08:42:44) DFOliver: It was fun hanging out with you guys!
  802. (08:42:44) luisfcorreia: bye DFOliver !
  803. (08:42:48) Permafry_42: alrighty cya DFOliver!
  804. (08:42:48) BadAsp: Bye!
  805. (08:42:54) luisfcorreia: DFOliver: same here!
  806. (08:42:56) BadAsp left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  807. (08:42:57) yama: DFOliver, you're welcome here any time. :)
  808. (08:42:57) DFOliver: Again thanks for organizing this. :)
  809. (08:42:57) Permafry_42: feel free to join us any time!
  810. (08:43:13) Bronsky: bye DFOliver
  811. (08:43:15) Taekon: See you DFOliver o/
  812. (08:43:19) Cheeseness: Thanks heaps for coming, DFOliver!
  813. (08:43:22) Taekon: Oh wait
  814. (08:43:38) Taekon: Was going to ask confirmation for Redbot in Autonomous
  815. (08:43:41) The-Mad-Pirate: DFOliver Thanks for coming !
  816. (08:43:44) DFOliver: Bye and 'machts gut'!
  817. (08:43:45) Lightkey: auf wiederchatting DFOliver
  818. (08:43:47) Cheeseness: Taekon: Tim confirmed that last week
  819. (08:43:54) DFOliver: Taekon: Yes. He is in there.
  820. (08:44:04) Taekon: Oh I thought Tim was wondering himself
  821. (08:44:10) Taekon: Sweet! Now I have to find him...
  822. (08:44:21) Cheeseness: Nah, Tim was wondering if he'd found his way into Broken Age
  823. (08:44:33) The-Mad-Pirate: Taekon He is supposed to be on a trash can
  824. (08:44:34) DFOliver left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  825. (08:44:52) luisfcorreia: see ya guys! greetings from Portugal!
  826. (08:44:58) Syd: I gotta head out as well. See you all around. :)
  827. (08:45:03) Sven_Q45: Ciao al
  828. (08:45:04) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  829. (08:45:06) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, Syd
  830. (08:45:09) Permafry_42: cya everyone! thanks again for joining us!
  831. (08:45:11) Sven_Q45: who leave.
  832. (08:45:16) Cheeseness: Thanks again for streaming, Permafry_42
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