Encounter Wth A Spirit 10/21/19

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  1.     We are in the forest not far from Prospect to the north. What were they all called for? Well, Merek doesn't know. He does have on his black longcoat which is trimmed nicely upon the male's form, making his way to meet with the others to see what all were called for also!
  3. In the forest, not far from Prosperct to the north puts them a few miles from Faith and LLeu's place on a stretch of totally neutral roadside where no one can claim that anyone's kinfolk is fucking with anyone else's kinfolk because fuck getting in trouble. And fuck this fucking broke down piece of shit truck that Faith has smacked with a tire iron because it stopped working. Like every otherr piece of technology in a roughly one mile stretch of blob-like space that seems to shift and move from center like a wriggling amobea.
  5. It's current time, and the start of another week. The little cold snap has faded and it seems a bit more like spring now than fall. Paul is always more at home in a non Weaver area, but he's willing to get together with the others wherever, so he shows up happily.
  7. Robert has always straddled multiple worlds. In this case, as magic clashes with science, and the science looses, so to does phone and jeep. The sound of clanging tire iron does carry, and it's as good a direction as any to head. Of course, such a scene may just be repeating itself, as such a 'dead zone' is only going to escalate, as commuters come in, but with no idea as to how to deal with it without their electric gizmos,
  9.     What fate would weave to bring them together, here of all places not far from the highway but still in the wood. Something drawing, and alluring, and yet unexplainable in the same. A mage perhaps drawn by the fickle of fancy, a tinge or a scratch - a sensation unexplainable, and yet tangible just outside of reach. A police officer alert to a noise, an itch at the back of the neck - something stirring and near. The curiosity of a cat-kin, like a laser light drawing across the ground or the promise of something interesting to discover just around the bend. Coincidence, that would lead them three to a point of inexplicit and yet the fundamental dissonance that is now.
  10.     Each drawn to a clearing, from three separate directions, to a clearing no larger than fifty feet in diameter in the middle of the wood. In the center, is a very strange sight indeed. It is lightning, or some small strange flickering version thereof. It moves with a certain erratic flicker, pulsing and waning - like a fading light.
  12.     Merek looks to the lightning, while he lifts his brow in thought, an examination while he stalks about it, his eyes looking along to anyone else that comes about, his longcoat shifting about in a wave while he nods a bit also.
  14. Paul grins as he spots the others approaching, but his eyes are drawn to the lightning. He glances to Merek briefly, "Did you create that?"
  16. The truck is stalled on the side road, and Faith gives up on bullying it into working.. it's then she sees the flickering of light through the scrub and trees. She considers for a moment, just a moment, running back toward the cabin. But alas, she hasn't quite had the wild streak beat out of her yet. She stalks the clearing, and pauses on the edge of the wood. Catching sight of Merek, her posture relaxes as she notes then approaches the two men, her tire iron still in hand. "What did you do now, Merek?"
  18.     The entity is roughly four and a half feet tall, and sometimes up to seven feet tall. It moves with a sluggish rapidity, quick and then very slow. It appears almost two-dimensional, and yet in some manner it seems to have a bipedal kind of gait to how it moves and acts. It is when it turns, and seems for a moment to almost have a face, before flickering and fading out once again, only to surge and seem to split into a three pronged fork and dash towards each of you. Though it snaps back to the point it was at, and continues to arc and dance in that area. Beautiful, and yet also somehow.. sad.
  20.     "I don't have anything to do with that," Merek mentions, while he looks to it, then he nods a bit while he looks to consider it. "Anyway, do you all know what it might be?" he asks.
  22. Paul blinks in surprise at Merek, and then examines the entity again. "If you didn't create it," He watches it curiously, moving along a few steps with it before he looks around, "Maybe someone else did. Unless it isn't magical. But I don't see anything that it could be sparking off of to draw power."
  24. Tuck and roll. Faith crouches about five feet from where she was when the fucker behaved like it was going to ground on them, and she holds the tire iron up for a moment like she might stab someone if they got too close. She's always been aggressive - and there's nothing less so about the woman now. If anything, the Fenrir kinfolk appears more on-edge than last year. It has been almost that long since she's seen either of the two men. Her eyes narrow on the electric-looking thing and she glances at the metal in her hand. She then looks at the leaves on the nearest tree "The 'natural' world is still behaving in in the way it would typically - leaves turning to catch sunlight, blades of grass pricking to ready for twilight dew. That looks like.. dry lightening, but it's like.. a tiny thunderstorm that's trapped here and getting weaker. Maybe it'll die off." She reaches up to touch the talen on a leather strap around her throat - a magic one-shot back to the safety of the kinhouse. She starts to stand up. "Can either of you sense spirits? Just you know.. ruling shit out."
  26. Paul shakes his head at Merek, "I've seen Robert create something similar but that isn't it. I thought maybe Mage-magic, but..." As he continues to watch it he adds, "I get the feeling it shouldn't be here. But it is. It's like it found itself here 'n can't get back to wherever its from. Like it's stuck." He looks over at Faith. "I was gonna ask if it was maybe a spirit."
  28.     "It looks like a spirit, whatever it is it's a piece of the natural world," Merek offers, after a meditation and examination of the being. Then he stalks about to look to the team, nodding a bit in thought, "We should investigate."
  30. Faith says, “Oh yeah, let's just investigate the thing from beyond. Have you ever seen what an electrical burn looks like? Be Careful! I'm not pulling your ass off that thing if it lights you up like a fucking Christmas Tree." Faith steps back a little more and frowns at the sad-looking creature that may be sensient. "I can pop back to the kin house and get a theurge or something. I got exactly jack and shit in the way of special powers and no desire to get rite-named Jiffy Pop."
  32. Paul nods in agreement with Merek, "Maybe if it can think, you think we can communicate with it mentally?" He almost chuckles at what Faith says but shakes his head, "I wasn't intending on reaching out 'n touching it."
  34. "It was reaching out to touch us like a creepy ass AT&T sales rep when I walked up.." Faith frowns again and adds, "Except my cellphone's not working. My truck died too. Either one of you still got a signal?" She takes her eyes off the flickering thing for a moment to look back toward where the vehicle was left.
  36.     "It's a spirit which doesn't have a lot of power," Merek mentions, then he nods a bit to the team, looking thoughtful while he takes a moment to consider it also.
  38. Paul takes out his cell phone and checks it. He shakes his head, "Nope, it acts like I let it run down again. That's the only Weaverish thing I have with me."
  40.     The spirit continues to dance and move, flickering and wavering and then when it gets close to Faith, it stops all of a sudden and seems to tip to the side and dance around her. It can't seem to get close enough, for whatever reason it seems to be trying to stretch itself out towards her - as though she had something that it needed or wanted.
  42. "Whoa-whoa-whoa-WHOA-not-even-after-you-buy-me-dinner!" Faith gives out a little squeal and throws the crow bar away from herself, "Fetch!" She's stepping and jumping and dodging like a god-damned scottish maelstrom of footwork. "It's trying to eat me! Fuck This Shit!" Faith reaches for the talen at her throat and tries to poof herself back to the kinhouse.
  44. Paul says, “Hang on Miss Faith, it's looking for something to help it get back to the spirit world. I don't think it means to hurt you. It musta drawn the energy from the electrical stuff to itself. You are flesh and bone, not electric. You have anything else on you that is?"
  45. Paul thinks for a moment and then adds, "It needs spiritual essence to, something like Gnosis maybe."
  47.     "I mean, we can create ephemera and feed it, if that's all it needs," Merek offers, with a nod to Paul and to Faith, while he looks about in thought, then he seems to think about it also.
  49. "Yeah I carry a nuke-powered-titanium dildo in my back pocket.." hollers Faith as all attempts to trigger the talen fail like a fart at a Silver Fang dinner party. "Gnosis? I'm NOT a spirit battery.. Eye of the Storm thought it was a possibility, but it was just pregnancy hormones. Nothing happened since." She clutches and flaps at the talen again, but nothing's happening. "Fuck, Lleu hasn't even let me leave his god damn side until today. SHIT this is gonna land me in the room with yellow wallpaper." She dodges again and thrusts her hand toward Merek. "Feed her Seymore! Get her off my ass and I'll never put you on traffic duty again!"
  51.     The dry lightning manifestation seems to be mimicking Faith's movements. When she dodges, it moves in the same direction, flickering around wildly and frantic like she tends to. Though the more she moves, the more it moves, and the dimmer the lightning seems to be getting. Then it snaps back to that point it seems to be stuck at, and it seems to shrink a bit more now, down to three feet.
  53. Paul is watching the spirit more closely now, "It sure wants /something/ bad from you, Miss Faith. You aren't blesseed with Gnosis? It's gonna be something." He nods to Merek, "Can they use anything else? I wish Bobby was here."
  55.     "We will look into it," Merek mentions, while he frowns a bit with Paul's open conversation, looking to Faith, then it's back to the spirit. He whispers to himself, likely to the point no one will note it well, while he considers. Then he nods a bit, "We should get it back to its side."
  57. The Fenrir kin looks a little pale as she watches the sad thing shrink back in on itself. "Dammit." Faith pushes her sweater up her arms and watches Merek, then Paul. "The last time I touched a spirit I spent what felt like an eternity in hell, then blew up a house to get away from it." She eyes the little electric thing again. "That was a bane.. but from what I understand spirits that aren't real powerful don't tend to pick sides - they just kinda. How do I know that won't happen to me again if I touch it? I don't wanna go back to Hell guys. It really sucks." She takes a half step closer to the thing and makes another face. "Why are we not just letting it die, again?"
  59. Paul glances around and sighs, "I don't know except it seems the right thing to do. It's suffering and needs help. I don't want to see you harmed though, so if you think you shouldn't touch it, don't. Maybe we can come up with a different way to help it."
  61.     Merek looks to the being, then he seems to consider it a bit. "We'll see about what we can do," he mentions, "Even if we make sure it's back to the Umbra, it will need guidance and possibly isn't supposed to be in the forest."
  63. The right thing to do? Paul pulled that phrase straight out of the 'how to steer a Faith' manual, page 12, paragraph 4. The young woman moves a little closer. "If something shitty happens, you two better bail and get help. I know something went down that has the sept elders' balls in a twist about your folks - but I never cared much for the whole us versus them bullshit." She looks at Merek and exhales.. "I've got worse directional sense than a buzzing top." She reaches out with a fingertip toward the flickering thing. "Fuck this is like bad idea #362.. I know it..."
  65. Paul sighs but then smiles warmly at Faith, "There's been a problem between some of the Mother's Blessed Ones but I don't jump on bandwagons. That's how wars get started." He watches Faith, concern written across his face. He obviously wants to help but he is also worried about her. "Maybe I should call to Jasper. He's my Spirit Guide."
  67.     Merek nods a bit to the two, not getting involved in politics of that while he watches.
  69.     Things seem to slow down somehow, as Faith begins to reach out towards the sentient being. As her hand gets closer, there is a slight ozone smell that touches the air, and then all of a sudden a flicker and a pop. The sound is muted, but the light that dances between Faith and the spirit is bright all of a sudden. As though something passed from her to it, to her, then back.. and some streaming sense of energy ultimately seemed to pulse and flow from her and into the spirit entity.
  70.     A flicker, and its form seems to mirror her form, as though they were both reaching down to touch the same spot and then there is a bustle of energy and everyone's hair stands up on end and cellphones recharge and the sound of a truck's engine turns over and this dissipation of crackling energy seems to flow and swim all around. Then, it seems to dematerialize and fade away and is gone.
  72.     "Well, it looks like that fixed it," Merek offers, with a nod to the two and offers a light smile. He then shifts his attention to the place.
  74. Paul's eyes widen and blinks rapidly, and his eyes sparkle with interest and curiousity. They shoot from Faith to the spirit and then to his pocket as he hears the sound of his cell activate. Then the truck. His mouth opens slightly and then he grins at Merek's words. "You did it, Miss Faith, you helped it!"
  76. The kinswoman just stands there, her hair still fritzed as her left eye twitches at the corner. "You might have thought about Jasper before I tried to touch like 300,000 volts of electricity." Faith's voice is almost fragile, she's clearly shaken. She elects to sit down right there in the field and stares at the toes of her boots. "Would you guys mind taking me home? I don't think I should try to drive."
  78.     "Ya, I can assist," Merek offers, with a nod while he offers a smile as well.
  80. Paul's skin darkens, "I'm sorry Miss Faith. He stays out around Sunhome mostly, 'n I wasn't thinking. Are you okay? I have a healing potion with me."
  82. "Don't be sorry.. please. I'm just a cranky bitch.. ask Merek. Will you please come back to the hangar with us? I don't want to take anything unless LLeu says it's okay. I'm still not sure what exactly just happened." Faith looks up and raises her hand to get a boost off the ground.
  84. Paul looks to Merek, "We'd love to see you more out at Sunhome. We should talk soon." His eyes follow Faith, and then he heads off with her.
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