The Bloodstone Staff

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  1. [12:42] Putting what's happening behind her out of her mind, because she really doesn't want to deal right now, she focuses on the Oscuri!
  3. The white-feathered stands up tall - a few inches taller then the other, actually, and a warm, friendly smile rests upon her face. A sympathetic sort of enjoyment gleaned from the other's news!
  5. "That's really good to hear, dear! I hope you're enjoying your wanderings. You've never seemed like a particularly violent soul, to me. Even when your lines were not blackened.
  7. And I'm glad the person you're with accepts you for you!"
  9. Asking about herself has her look away for a moment - and spot the waiting Calista that exudes warmth like a raging fireplace! A warm, gentle smile is given to the youth, and she'll reach out to ruffle her hair - and probably find the air is too warm to comfortably do that.Oh well. She'd not burn herself on purpose, but if she turns back she'll give an apologetic smile, as if she's making the girl miss out!
  11. Back to Palamades!
  13. "I'm doing alright, dear. I'm working on several projects so I feel like I'm... Moving forward again. It's easy to get stuck and stall out sometimes.
  15. And I get restless if I'm not doing something, and that can kinda grate on me."
  17. Not to mention getting trapped in her own bleak thoughts that sometimes surface. Work has always been an important means for Magdalen to take her mind off of life! Study. Artifice. Rune-working.
  19. Finally, turning to her little niece, she kneels down a bit to get on her level, smiling warmly and asking;
  21. "And how are you doing, sweetie? May I help you with something?"
  23. Her casual voice turns into that much more sweet, motherly tone she seems to have when talking to kids!
  24. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [12:43] "You probably don't realize how difficult it is to learn if you think me offering it to you meant I didn't believe in you. Then again you've had it pretty rough."
  29. A blink later and Ethan would be right before the cold drakanite - standing before his larger form without one bit of fear.
  31. "Regardless, I'm sorry for thinking you were that way. There are some things you can't really control in life; one of 'em is when you'll get married. Even if the time feels right for you it might not be for the other person."
  33. A bit of answering Aurora's question, and more honest feelings towards a peculiar situation with a certain someone left unresolved. A hand came up to grip the boy's shoulder - emerald eyes sticking to Adrian's own in a manner that may just feel... odd. Especiallywith how far and wide the subject of this argument seemed to bounce. There was something he had yet to address, after all.
  35. "It's my fault for what happened to Lailah."
  37. The drakanite wouldn't have spoken of his frustrations with the responsabilities laid upon him if they didn't make him feel horrible, after all. Ethan could only hope this would bring some warmth to Adrian's cold heart, even if he'd shrug it all off and insult him again.
  39. Pride could easily be cast away for the good of others.
  40. (Ethan Hawke)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [12:48] The radiating heat was successful in deterring a hair ruffle from her motherly Aunt, success.
  45. She patiently waits for her Aunt to finish before responding as she kneels down, slightly patronizing kid voice aside.
  47. "Aunt, would you mind doing some smithing for me... one is a set of mythril armor I have the ore for. The other thing is... I'll tell you somewhere else..?"
  49. Then remembering she was having a conversation she adds,
  51. "When you're finished of course.."
  52. (Calista Shimasu)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. [12:50] Palamades says, "Ah- Dont worry about me dear! Were not particularly talking about anything important."
  56. [12:52] Palamades pulls his hat off, running his hand through his hair, attempting to comb it slightly.
  57. (Palamades)
  58. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. [12:52] Aurora quirks a brow as Ethan grows near, eyes following after the wayfinder as he makes his approach. Why was he doing that, again? She watches in silence as he offers Adrian his excuses-- or perhaps just a genuine apology. It was hard to tell.
  62. Whatever it was, it only manages to earn a scoff and a roll of eyes from the demi-angel.
  64. "It's good to hear that you know that." If there was anyone to blame for her cousin living in Dawn nowadays, then Ethan was that person. He had to be. Well... Aurora speculated that there was also some bad luck involved, along with Lailah making the wrong decision-- but there was no point in diving any deeper into it.
  66. It was simply the reality they lived in, after all.
  67. (Aurora Elisheva)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [12:53] The doting aunt glances over at Palamades, nodding at his words, her gold-tainted eyes looking back to the girl before her! A nod follows her words, pulling herself to her feet and stretching arms to the air!
  72. "Of course, dear. Follow me!"
  74. And with that, she'll stride away, a wave given to the Oscuri!
  76. "I'll chat with you later, dear!"
  78. And with that, Magdalen's gone!
  79. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  80. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. [12:53] Palamades says, "-Nod-"
  83. [12:53] Palamades says, "Take your time."
  84. [12:54] Palamades crosses his arms and drops his hat over his eyes. The man the flicks a cigar into his lips, and lights it up with a match he had resting between his ear and head. He was going to stick around for a little bit, to make sure nothing stupid happened.
  85. (Palamades)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [12:58] Unslinging a bag of mythril she sets it on the floor, enough for a full set of armor.
  90. "There is the mythril.. enough for plate and legs I think.. now for the other thing."
  92. She removes a bit of canvas from her back to reveal... a sword! One made of precious arcanium at that. From a smaller bag she removes a few its of orchilicum.
  94. "Do you think you could turn this into a staff..? Or make it work like one..?"
  95. (Calista Shimasu)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [12:58] {Item} You drop Mythril x15.
  99. [12:58] {Item} You drop Orchilacum x3.
  100. [12:58] {Item} You drop Arcanium Sword.
  101. [13:07] {Item} You drop Rucksack.
  102. [13:09] {Item} You picked up Rucksack. Dropped by Magdalen Elisheva. .
  103. [13:13] Gathering up the ore, the white-feathered would bring them to a table, examining each bar of metal with a soft hum-hum of contemplation. The orichalcum comes next, the Gilded Artificer looking over that in turn...
  105. But then, she's given that arcanium sword! Surprise is had, paired with a smile... Until she notices that while the parts are exceptional, the craftsmanship is rather... Uninspired.
  107. Her bag need be cleared, as she drops a booster for her dear niece!
  108. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  109. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  111. [13:14] {Item} You picked up Vitality X. Dropped by Magdalen Elisheva. .
  112. [13:15] Sienna hues watch her aunt take the materials and place them in her bag, even as she follows her to the table taking the booster.
  114. She wasn't sure what comes next, so she simply waits.
  115. (Calista Shimasu)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. [13:40] The white-feathered flips open one of her older notebooks, leafing through it until a proper schematic for armor is found! Specifically, her early experimentations into the use of mithril in armor-making!
  120. This page, written by a younger Magdalen, is actually legible, before she began her nearly encoded writing style she favors to this day - using runes to convey meaning itself, amid incredibly fine, compact lettering.
  122. Striding over to the forge, the beginning is easy. The rune-lined thing is heated properly, and warmth fills the room. Magdalen's heavy cloak is abandoned for now, as she covers hands in thick, insulated gloves.
  124. Rhythmic hammer-blows resound, once metal is properly heated. Then, a wedge-shaped chunk of cooled metal is used with the hammer to shear off square pices from the bars of the heated mithril. Subdivided, with those pieces pounded into disks, she continues shaping, ensuring that each disc has a little holes punched around them...
  126. A mannequin is set up for armor-fitting purposes, as bit by bit her lames are made - and once to they're made to her liking, they're immersed in an oil bath. Mythril chain links come next, fine little twisted wire of metal made, cut, and shaped. Over and over.
  128. Components, after painstaking work, take shape and are finished, meticulous detail given to even the smallest part. Files and gentle ball-pointed hammer strikes finishing the later lacquered plates and glimmering chain-links!
  130. Pieces that are paired together over that mannequin, bit by bit. The links are woven through the holes in the plate, to make lamellar - armor akin to scale-mail, layered over eachother intricately.
  132. Layering that's joined by the gentle addition onto each plate of rune-work. A scoring knife making the correct marks, while a softer metal - likely the tiniest bit of orichalcum - is pounded into that scratched surface, adhering to it, and allowing that knife to trim off excess.
  134. Runes that draw mana from the wearer, with the goal of dispersing the energy of a spell or strike along its surface, instead of letting such a thing penetrate into her dear niece!
  136. Leaving nothing but rune-lined components on the inside of this gleaming scale-mail that's light and durable. The greaves can't be finished to that same level, as Magdalen looks really tired after all this work! She'll take a break, allowing that intricate armor to hang waiting...
  137. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  138. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. [13:48] She had no clue how smithing worked, or any craft really. She watches her aunt, a master of two crafts, at work.
  142. She wasn't sure how Kitsune's could smith, the heat didn't bother her in the slightest, though the noise was terrible. Every hammer blow making her ears flick back.
  144. She watches as each plate and chain link were made and placed onto the mannequin, before her aunt even enchants the plating. She had planned to bug her about that, but after a later time.
  146. She waits until she sits once more, the Kitsune offering a soft smile to her, one of the rare soft ones.
  148. "Thank you.."
  150. She waits for the plate to cool before trying to grab it, leaving it where it is for now.
  151. (Calista Shimasu)
  152. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  154. [13:56] The white-feathered can't help but smile back at the niece, a big, genuine, motherly look given her way!
  156. There's a lot of things she wants to say, but opening by saying that she's so happy to meet the child of Reito and Isaac - to whom she was pretty close to bugging them both about when they're going to have kids, would be weird!
  158. She focuses on the girl before her, leaning in and looking at her read eyes, that same silly smile upon her face as chin rests atop arms!
  160. "You've very, very welcome, my dear. May I ask how you're doing, my dear? I'm really happy to have some time to chat with you!
  162. Oh! And you mentioned something else you'd like me to help you with, hmhm?"
  164. The softly-smiling Magdalen can't help but have her little feathered wings give a tiny ruffle!
  165. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. [14:00] How was she doing..? She should be more concerned for her aunt, who had lost her daughter, her cousin.
  170. "Well I guess. Father is teaching me to use crystals like he does, I really want to learn to do it that way.
  172. How uh.. how've you been..?"
  174. Likely there was still a spot of blood on her kimono from her earlier ordeal.
  176. "And yeah... that sword. I have the orchilicum, can you reforge it into a staff please..? If that's possible."
  178. She had no wings to ruffle! Though her tail swished softly behind her.
  179. (Calista Shimasu)
  180. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  182. [14:22] Due to their sitting positions, she doesn't notice that tiny spot of blood upon the other... Just yet. Earnestly curious about the other girl, the maybe-somewhat-clingy Magdalen gives a little nod the way of the other's learning.
  184. A soft 'ah' is given at the reiteration of that past request! She'll listen to the other, hopping to her feet and nodding!
  186. "I'll try my best, dear! I just thought it was something else-
  188. Also, I'm okay, dear. Thank you for asking. I've been keeping myself busy with a number of large projects!"
  190. To the anvil, Magdalen brandishes that sword. Considering it for a time, she sets it down on the anvil, pulling out one of her new notebooks, and explaining aloud;
  192. "So, dear... What I'm thinking is that I'll take the arcanium blade, and how I'll reforge it would be untempering the blade, heating it thoroughly, and utilizing my particular technique - pattern welding - to fold it in with orichalcum.
  194. When making a sword of arcanium, the particular quirks of the metal are an incredible capability to keep an edge, paired with an extreme light weight and a amazing ability to channel mana through the metal!
  196. So, what follows is that most of the blade will be arcanium - I see that this blacksmith who made this weapon did such as a simple alloying process. Amateur. Oh well."
  198. Assessing the blade, she's a little displeased at the alloying process, but regardless, the pommel, handle, and crossguard - all mithril - are removed and set aside, and one of those heavily gloved hands grab the blade at the tang, bringing it to the furnace and heating it.
  200. Then, pounding, beatng the blade flat, until it's a simple bar of metal, utilizing simple metal wire to tie her orichalcum bars to the arcanium flat-blade. They'll melt off, but it doesn't matter, because she'll aim to heat and adhere the heated metals together.
  202. Paired with those small, elongated bars, all three bound together and heated, Magdalen clamps the arcanium-orichalcum section to the side of the forge, and uses a large pair of tongs to grab the heated length and... Twist.
  204. Heat. Clamp. Twist. Heat. Clamp. Twist.
  206. Such a process produces veins within the material of that arcanium and oricalcum rod, slowly shaped. Hammer blows even the shape of the metal, attempting to force it into that of a pole. She'll motion for the other to come closer -
  208. "Mind conjuring or providing a crystal for me, dear? Something I can place on the old tang - that's now the head of your staff, so as to give your it a magic focus!"
  210. She'll await that part, motioning to the protruding piece of arcanium at the end - what once held the pommel, handle, and crossguard!
  212. It's now rod-shaped, and still cooling, waves of golden orichalcum mixed with the delicate green waves of arcanium moving through the haft!
  213. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  214. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  216. [14:23] {Item} You picked up Mythril Leg-Guards. Dropped by Magdalen Elisheva. .
  217. [14:23] {Item} You picked up Mythril Lamellar. Dropped by Magdalen Elisheva. .
  218. [14:33] She watches her aunt take the blade, flattening it, the wire binding the orchilicum rod to the flat piece. What was all of that for..?
  220. Then she begins to see, as her aunt repeatedly heats and twists the metals. Arcanium and orchilicum being woven together, she wasn't sure how many smiths could do such a thing.
  222. Reforging another work, even though it seemed the original smith was barely capable of working with the precious metal.
  224. The hammer falls once more, the Kitsune's sensitive hearing a bane in this case, her ears flattening against her head. She steps forward once requested.
  226. She needed a focus..
  228. Hmm. A crystal.
  230. Her aunt likely didn't know about the particulars of her training, so what came next would likely be quite the surprise!
  232. Rolling her kimono up she reveals the hole in the side of her stomach, just barely bound with a bit of crystal healing. The spar earlier having knocked it loose.
  234. It had soaked for a few months.. maybe she would be able to make it work this time..? It soaked in what would seem to be a better placement..
  236. One hand is held flat just under the hole, and she focuses. A mental hold grabbing the shard. Slowly, without a glance at Magdalen, the end of the shard breaks skin scarcely after a moment.
  238. Blood falling... regrettably onto the floor. Should've thought of that.
  240. Though the Kitsune was having trouble focusing, wracking pains in her body, the feeling of bliss that came with overwhelming her. Her eyes seemed to flutter, though she manages to maintain her hold.. carefully..
  242. The roughly five inch shard emerging from her stomach, the blood flowing so much more now that it was out in its entirety. The ruby glowed with an intense crimson, casting light around the room. Carefully passing the blood covered thing to her aunt she was doing her best not to fall to her knees.
  244. "D..does this"
  246. She could feel her connection to the ruby, stronger than even the first. The power within, the passion. The things that embodied the stone.
  248. (Calista Shimasu)
  249. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  251. [14:41] The grisly display for a child has Magdalen look surprised - she's a doctor and such a sight doesn't turn her stomach... But it does have her blink about a dozen times!
  253. This isn't the first time she's worked with a blood-crystal, oddly enough, though could Taiga's artifact, found inside of an elder vampire, count as such a thing?
  255. "Oh dear... It would work but let me see to you first..."
  257. Regardless, immediately she'd take the item, carefully setting the bloodsoaked thing upon the anvil, and gently reach out to hold the girl upright with careful arms. She looks terribly worried, and unless the injured girl resists, she'll be swept up into a bridal carry, brought to the bed, and have the wound examined, disinfected, and then covered in heavy compression bandages, wrapped in a tourniquet.
  259. Such work is fast for practiced hands, takingadvantage of the materials she has on hand, heavy gloves stripped off! Once she's been safely put in bed, Magdalen asks softly;
  261. "This is your father's blood magic, my dear? It looks awfully dangerous... There's a lot of delicate and extremely vital blood vessels weaved about one's core, and if you strike one with your crystals, you could bleed out quickly..."
  262. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  263. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  265. [14:46] She sure didn't want to be carried about like a doll, but she didn't see the point in fighting it, plus her legs were more than a little weak anyway.
  267. She let's her aunt do her medical menstruations before she finishes and speaks. Her aunt likely didn't know she would rather keep the pain, but oh well.
  269. "He's teaching me.. and a medic is helping me place some of them.. that one is the biggest."
  271. Referring to the one removed.
  272. (Calista Shimasu)
  273. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  275. [15:01] Still, those words don't exaaactly soothe the worried mother, but, regardless, her wounds are covered and the bleeding stopped, Magdalen returns to her place before the forge!
  277. Taking the newly made rod, she'll heat the tang in the furnace, once measurements have been taken of the blood-shard with delicate calipers! Tang heated, it's hammered and gently curled into a small spiral, setting the bloodied shard amid that spiral, before delicately and slowly bending the heated metal via careful hammer-blows to fix it around that shard, before immersing both in that oil-bath of hers, to set it!
  279. The blood-shard holding staff is set atop the anvil, the master runeweaver's work begun to improve it. Oncemore, delicate lines of the paint-brush begin to run over the device before her. Atop the staff, a radial glyph traced around where the crystal focus is, to allow that to power the device, such a thing resonating with Calista herself!
  281. Those lines run down the rod, tracing painted little marks - a supporting weave to improve the staff's ability to help the niece summon crystals from such a weapon! As much as she wishes to weave a small enchantment to have her pain be numbed - pain is clearly not the issue here. Not a complaint was given when she went through extreme pain, so, instead, Magdalen traces those runes-
  283. Crystalline runes are newer, this magic having been a rarity. Part earth - Magdalen's expertise, to assist in forming together particular glassy, crystalline stone - and then energy to charge those same stones.
  285. And finally, simple parameters are drawn close to the bottom of the staff - to activate as Calista needs it to activate.
  287. Though, the work has only begun. Again with the scoring knife, marking up the rod along those lines she painted. Scratches that give way to heated metal, that orichalcum hammered gently, tiny, thin wires used to illustrate the drawn runes in glimmering golden, mana-conductive material!
  289. And not until each is damascened, that Magdalen begins to clean the staff gently, getting rid of the paint, and letting the glimmering, gilded, bloodstone-topped weapon sit upon the anvil for now, needing some time to allow the mana of the five-inch-stone to permeate the object...
  290. (Magdalen Elisheva)
  291. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. [15:01] Magdalen Elisheva says, "Just be really careful, my dear. Don't want to see you hurt."
  294. [15:06] From her perch on the bed she watches the master crafter resume her work, slowly fitting the crystal that had been soaking for months in her blood onto the staff.
  296. She had hoped it would hold, not crack and fade like the last one had, and it seemed to be doing so. Though she hadn't done anything with it besides hand it over.
  298. "Thank you Aunt Magdalen.. for both the gear stuff.. and patching this up.. I appreciate it."
  300. Her eyes glance at the luminescent stone, the first 'success' of her training. It's own power resonating with her own even from here.
  302. "I will do my best to be careful... but I have to do this to get stronger."
  304. Her eyes were solid, determined, all else aside this was something she would do and succeed at.
  305. (Calista Shimasu)
  306. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  308. [16:13] Magdalen Elisheva exclaims, "I'll hold onto it for a bit, dear! Just to do some final tests and ensure it's working properly!"
  309. [16:14] Calista Shimasu says, "Alright.. thank you."
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