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Nov 5th, 2016
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  1. They LOVE being able to relax and be real with you. they can take off the socially acceptable mask and stop acting like a boring, uptight, feminist
  3. When you successfully pull off the "this guy gets it" vibe, women will open up about all their little secrets and games, and will openly confirm TRP truths.
  5. Overall, just be confident in your interactions with women. Don't fidget, don't make them feel uncomfortable, etc.
  7. Women crave leadership and dominance
  9. It isn't "love" that makes you happy in the relationship, but rather the fact that you are fulfilled.
  11. You have to own something to make real money.
  13. Be the leader. Do you. They may follow, they may not. Either way, do you and own your shit.
  15. Don't respond to texts right away. Take some time and let things build.
  17. Live to improve yourself and those closest to you that you care about, whether it be family or best friends. When you do that, the woman thing settles itself
  19. Mix dominance with affection.
  21. Mixing dominance with affection creates a mental cocktail that is an incredibly strong drug to a girl. Learn to balance this and you can bring her to points where she will want to say ìI love youî just from what you are causing her to feel.
  23. Desire takes place at an emotional level. Internalise this. You want to bring a girl into an emotional state where her mind shuts down, slips away, and feelings are what is left. This is where her desire lies. Intellect and rationality actually just overcomplicate something quite simple. Most women, on a biological level, want to submit to men.
  25. Wit, humour, intelligence, and other positive traits women claim to want only matter after attraction has been established
  27. Men love with honesty, women "love" strategically
  29. They're all crazy when you attract them just right.
  31. To have sex, provide an experience.
  33. Remember - she's the girl. Always treat her as such - not in a condescending way, but based on overall dynamics.
  35. The most effective way to punish women is to withdraw attention.
  37. NEVER reward bad behavior, it'll only enforce the idea that she can get away with more in the future
  39. If she brings it up, she wants to talk about it.
  41. Masculinity is needed to evoke feminity and vice versa.
  43. Some women just want to meet their match.. fight wise - the guy who won't take her shit - the guy who can overpower her in those ways.
  45. The best pickup line is to say "hey" and then shut your brain off and do what comes naturally.
  47. When you fuck her from behind, hold her arms behind her back.
  49. Girls want very, very badly to be sluts without judgment from their peers.
  51. While men usually initiate/chase, women definitely chase after the initial open
  53. While she may have loved the way I made her feel, sexually and emotionally, both have far less value with experienced woman
  55. Don't be meta. Be in the moment, present, always.
  57. If she is the one initiating a passive invitation, you're the one that needs to make it real.
  59. Be polarizing and have no fear. I've had a fear of rejection my entire life, and it's gotten me to where I am today.
  61. Women are children. They seek out boundaries. They require the men in their lives to define and enforce these boundaries. And just like children, if women are not given boundaries, they will occupy the space they are given and become terrible, unruly brats.
  63. Girls have 2 brains - their conscious brain, and their biological brain.
  65. As a woman, she wants to do the chasing, she wants to love intensely, not the other way around. It's your job to let her do that by being aloof and stoic.
  67. No matter how many obstacles get in his way, the strongest always survives.
  69. Don't compliment girls, or do it very little, if she really deserves it. Just treat her like any other person. If nothing else it'll be at least intriguing that you don't pepper her with compliments and attention like most other people in her life.
  71. From a woman on reddit: "I don't get off on being submissive. I get off on seeing my boyfriend dominant."
  73. You're either attractive, or you're not. Some people are more attractive than others, but a lot of people are attractive. Think of it as pass/fail, and you always want to be on the "pass" side of attractive.
  75. Never invest emotionally in a chick you're just casually dating.
  77. Men have an odd ability to ignore reason when it comes to beautiful young women.
  79. Attraction is all about figuring out what people respond to.
  81. Waiting to kiss her (like a few dates or so) only works for her if she knows you're an alpha and she knows you're not retarded.
  83. She wants to feel like she needs you. If you can't dominate her in bed, and therefore she doesn't need you to protect her, she doesn't feel like she needs you.
  85. Women's biology is designed to be the receiver of action.
  87. Women are born, men are made.
  89. The days of ladies and gentlemen are over.
  91. No reality can match the fantasy she builds in her head
  93. The trick isn't some super secret game recipe, it's to not be a social retard so you notice when people are interested in you.
  95. Women, especially pretty women, are treated like delicate little flowers their entire lives so when some dude finally comes along and treats her like a human, it's endearing and often feels honest, like they need that kind of honesty in their lives because everyone else comparitively feels full of shit.
  97. Women (and men) who date less attractive people may have a fear of rejection and they think that if they date down that they are less likely to be rejected.
  99. There's a certain satisfaction you get watching a woman's ego deflate when she realizes she's not special to you.
  101. A woman feels safe when she feels owned.
  103. From Reddit: "This is why women despite equal opportunities in education and work still take jobs like secretarial work. If you think about it a secretary doesn't really produce anything. She's simply at the servitude of someone else, normally a man. Personally I think the secretary male boss dynamic is very close to a stable marriage dynamic."
  105. And when a woman is confused and uncertain and unled, her attraction instantly dies
  107. Understanding women is all about filtering what they say.
  109. Women fear being alone on a level men will never understand. They need some kind of man in their lives to be emotionally stable. Women donít simply unattach from one man and walk the lone rode, they transition from one man to the next. For this reason, she ensures she always has some dude to fall back on when things donít work out.
  111. Women often times have no conscious idea that they're aroused. Not only that, they can't explain why they are. They just are.
  113. You have two relationships with a women: One with her brain and one with her body.
  115. A man's love is sacrifical.. so focus on your career.
  117. I think women (or men?) who have a vast selection are a very honest dipiction of how biology has shaped us. Every other type of person is repressing some emotion or personality trait they want to let out, but they can't because they think that no other girl will ever fuck them if they up and leave like they want to. (Elaborate on this!)
  119. Men compete at sports. Women compete for men.
  121. She wants to play the game. She doesn't want it to be too easy.
  123. Gaining respect is easy. Keeping it is the hard part. Once they think you're a joke, once they think you're to be fucked with, you've lost all status in their eyes and they will treat you like shit accordingly.
  125. Marriage was created to benefit society and women, NOT men.
  127. Successful execution of the femaleís hypergamous sexual strategy is being fucked, whether romantically or forcefully, by the most alpha male available to her
  129. 80/20 rule, for every alpha there has to be 4 chumps.
  131. If a girl finds you attractive enough, she will come right over and she will understand that the expectation outcome of this is sex on the first date.
  133. If you just want casual sex, don't take girls out. You run the risk being framed as a beta provider and wasting time and energy on nothing.
  135. Her attraction to you is directly proportional to how petty of a reason she will leave you for. If she's super attracted she'll put up with a lot of bullshit, but if she's not attracted anymore she's pretty much looking for a reason to call it quits.
  137. Let girls squabble and get jealous. Jealousy's a strong indication of investment and a sign that in some way preselects on is at work.
  139. "Closure" to girls is a basis to be unattractive to you. They can't be more invested and just let go. They need something to support letting go.
  141. Especially in the early stages of dating, the goal is just to have fun.
  143. Girls can ALWAYS tell when you're trying too hard, and it's a massive turn off.
  145. A man who gives his commitment away easily is the equivalent of a woman who gives away sex easily. Basically they are both sluts.
  147. Since women are feminine, they want to feel feminine energy - meaning they want to be dominated in bed, they want to be submissive in real life (telling her what to wear when she comes to see you, to put her hair up, etc). Be masculine so she can be feminine.
  149. If you are not maxing out your looks you're a fucking idiot
  151. Every woman wants to be manhandled and fucked like there's no tomorrow
  153. Girl shit tests you with resistance: "Not gonna play games. LMK if you change your mind". Reword it maybe without the games part but "let me know if you change your mind" shows her you have the power to leave.
  155. Be polarizing. It cuts through the bullshit and destroys any ambiguity about your intentions.
  157. There is no need to just do a wham, bam, thank you ma'am, most of the times. By leaving her totally satisfied, and feeling like a completed woman, you come out as the total Alpha King
  159. Girls want to experience things. They want to sit back and watch you do what you do, anything from ordering her drinks to fucking her brains out.
  161. She needs to be able to trust you to protect her, to be a man, and to be honest with her.
  163. You always attract your sexual recipricol.
  165. Don't give her a second chance. If you give her a second chance, she will expect you to give her a third chance.
  167. Shut down people's strengths and make them useless to them.
  169. Women love being owned by a man. They adore, respect, and love a man who is in charge.
  171. Err on the side of being a dick because a lot of really hot girls interpret normal behavior as "needy love"
  173. If you want to get a girl to like you, talk to her, be nice to her, joke with her, etcÖ But just donít display the needy love emotions. Treat the girl like any other dude you know. Donít say anything that implies that you ìneedî anything from her, donít stare at her too long, donít follow her around, donít demand her attention, donít do things for her, etcÖ
  175. Think like a sociopath. She sure is.
  177. A lot of people say women don't like to be treated like shit, but everything I've seen says otherwise. They don't want to be abused, but they seem to want to be "put in their place" and dominated by someone more capable.
  179. Rich people know how and when to be an asshole.
  181. Girls don't approach, they put themselves in positions to be approached.
  183. Keeping yourself amused is a worthier goal to pursue than trying to impress someone who doesn't even know you exist.
  185. If you can figure out what a person's incentives are, you have a good chance at guessing how they're going to behave.
  187. A womanís looks will tell you whether she has the discipline to eat right, work out, groom, and maintain herself.
  189. A womanís sexual history tells you all about her impulse control, and how she regards men, love, sex, and relationships.
  191. Women will make it happen if they want it to happen.
  193. When you genuinely want to be friends with a girl it will come across as confident and "normal", not desperate and needy like a guy who's friendzoned or whatever.
  195. Women want men to make them feel "beta emotions"
  197. For attractive women who have people throwing themselves all over them all day, a man who is completely emotionless towards her is a breath of fresh air.
  199. Girls don't understand loyalty.
  201. A man is often secretly oppressed by the role he has to playóby always having to be responsible, in control, and rational, while women pretty much get to go through lives doing whatever the fuck they want with no consequences and with usually some sort of cushion to fall back on if shit hits the fan. Men don't live like this - they have to be responsible for themselves.
  203. You know what women want? Everything. Especially if other girls have it.
  205. You're unbreakable until proven breakable, and once you're breakable, it's over.
  207. It's insane how fast women who have gotten nothing but attention will bend to someone who ignores or disregards them. They're not used to the chase and that sets you apart.
  209. Women hate a man who canít lead.
  211. The more you raise her value, the more you lower yours.
  213. When you're first talking to a girl, she probably won't be very interesting - she has her guard up. You have to unleash her inner self by making her comfortable around you.
  215. Tingles always override any rational thought
  217. No girls resist a chad
  219. Women garner happiness from pleasing men they deem worthy.
  221. Women don't want guy friends. They want boyfriends and orbiters. You can and eventually will be replaced.
  223. Restructure your life to revolve around you and your goals.
  225. Women come in 3s...get a girl interested in you, herd mentality will have a couple of her "friends" vying for you also
  227. It's only creepy if she considers you a beta.
  228. ie "those pants would look better on my floor"
  229. -it's a lame line, but coming from the right guy, it gets her panties soaked.
  231. I'll tell you what to do, and when.
  233. Treat them like shit and watch them stick to you like mud.
  235. So many sluts absolutely get off on being treated like absolute shit and recoil the minute you show them any kindness.
  237. A girl never behaves better than after you Dom'ed the shit out of her for 1-2 hours.
  239. Her: You want me to be your side chick?
  240. Me: That's one step away from being my main chick. Gotta walk before you can run.
  242. Develop your own high SMV, don't try to feed off others'. This can only be done through hard work at the gym, and interiorization and application of TRP principles.
  244. She's going to try to break you, because she's looking for a man she cannot break
  246. A woman hates a man who wonít give her what she wants, but she absolutely detests a man who does, and without a fight.
  248. Give a woman less attention than she wants, and she will desire it.
  250. Work your way in to the top 20% and you'll see it every day. Women fuck all the time.
  252. If you treat them like they are precious princesses they just get mad inside. They think you're a fucking idiot for treating them like something they are not
  254. When youíre a valuable, high-status guy, every single thing you do will be seen in the best light possible ñ even the asshole things.
  256. We human we work off incentives. If thereís a reward for doing something weíll teach our brains to like it. If thereís a negative incentive weíll teach ourselves to avoid it.
  258. Be outcome independant - this is SO IMPORTANT.
  260. Decide whether they are worthy of your time.
  262. Women don't want to be happy. They want to have drama and emotions. They want to keep testing you from time to time and creating drama is a way to fulfil both their craving for emotional swings and to see how you deal with it.
  264. Most women are pleasers.
  266. Quickies: It strokes their ego knowing they got you off quickly.
  268. Trying to pick a woman's brain is pointless. Do shit and appeal to her animal brain. Ie trying to talk to girls about actual shit is and always will be a frivolous persuit.
  270. Briffault's Law: She lives in the moment; She doesn't remember all the good things you've done in the past -You can't negotiate attraction -Watch what she does, not what she says -Never show weakness -Lay good pipe
  272. You have to control your brain, not let it control you.
  274. Decide what you MUST do first and then take care of your wants (when forming a daily routine or planning out your day).
  276. Dress clean - even if it's just a simple buttoned-down shirt
  278. Just as you can soft-next girls, you can soft next guys as well.
  280. How you say it is everything.
  282. The more aloof, the more non-committal you are, the higher your perceived value.
  284. Next anyone who isn't delighted to have you in their life. The harder you work on her, the less attraction you build in the long run. Attraction is not industry or a 9 - 5. It's supposed to be instant, easy, and fun. If it's not, move on.
  286. One of the surest ways to ignite attraction in a girl is to make yourself, to her, a recurring thought.
  288. Women get this sort of power rush when they know they can use desire to mess with the mind of men
  290. The golden rule of getting women to like you, incite those emotions inside of them.
  292. Women just want to find a man to submit to.
  294. Gay men are born that way - Lesbianism is cultural.
  296. "I am too attracted to you to ever be your friend and that I want to fuck you, if you're not OK with that then it's a bye bye"
  298. Cheesy lines are great. For me they accomplish a few things:
  299. *1) They help you weed out bitches who take themselves too seriously. I don't want to waste time with them anyway.
  300. *2) If you can get her to call you stupid and smile you know she's going to be fun to mess around with (and you're in)
  302. Here's where people (betas/pussies) fail. They ask closed ended questions. Questions that can be answered with Yes or No and have the conversation end.
  304. Example: You just moved here, do you like it?
  306. Her: Yep
  308. Now let's make that open ended
  310. You just moved here, where have you been so far?
  312. Her: I've been to blah blah blah blah
  315. Never tell women about your transformation from your unattractive past. You don't want to break the illusion that you are a natural alpha.
  317. Women often just latch on to an authority figure to guide them in most situations. It absolves them of agency and appeals to their feminine nature of being followers rather than leaders.
  319. Women are attracted to confident men who are decisive.
  321. Her: "what are you up to"/"what have you been doing lately"
  322. Me: "this and that. u?" - Fuck real answers.
  324. Your lack of emotional investment will keep you from getting hurt.
  326. Most girls are not willing to directly express sexual interest. It is your job as a man to set the tone of the interaction.
  328. "I was just hoping to take you to bed".
  330. Don't make mistakes. Don't do things out of random. Always have an objective.
  332. Women constantly check whether they're losing their investment or not.
  334. From The Way of the Superior Man: Although your woman seems to want to be the most important thing in your life, she actually can trust and love you more if she is not.
  336. People, especially women, react differently to the men who can tell them NO
  338. Treat women like they're FULL of SHIT. Very often they really are full of shit. Doing this can make them respect/like your more.
  340. If most guys only knew how easy it is to get women, they wouldn't try as hard as they do.
  342. When girls say a guy is an asshole that means they want to fuck him. When girls call a guy nice that means hes a loser (to them)
  344. Don't give into your beta tendancies.
  346. Girls are so comfortable texting, why not call them and make them uncomfortable?
  348. You should put "Right now I feel that...." in front of everything a woman says, in order to understand the woman's statement.
  350. Women cannot handle rejection. You think guys don't being rejected? It figuratively breaks women.
  352. Women love men who hold them accountable for their actions, because most men just let them get away with everything.
  354. Social proof is hard to get, but works amazingly well. Women value men more if other women want the same man.
  356. To be beta is to be the lowest of the low. Have some self-respect; don't pander to bitches.
  358. Talk decisively - with authority. Don't end sentences with an inflection. You're not asking questions, you're making statements.
  360. Nice guys are simply more likely to let opportunities go to waste because they have lofty notions about sex, intimacy and romance and insist on taking the high road, while the asshole neither puts intimacy on such a pedestal nor bothers too much about using other people.
  362. You can't just look the part - you have to act the part as well. Your appearance will simply get more women interested - you still have to close the deal with your behavior. Looking the part yet acting beta is like getting a fish on your hook but then the fish getting away.
  364. Women are begging to be put in their place by a man who can actually put them in there. Not putting up with her shit is a sign of fitness and experience, so she LOVES it.
  366. If a girl is attracted enough to you, she'll hook up on the first night you meet Most women could care less about a boyfriend, and would rather have short term gratification.
  368. If a girl is in to you. Shes willing to do anything. ANYTHING
  370. Women deal with men everyday who don't give them what they want - who don't listen to what they say. All you have to do is ask them what they want and they'll love that you asked.
  372. If your SMV is high enough, you start getting attention from women.
  374. Women are hypergamous: they can only be attracted to men they feel are superior to them. So any sexual relationship with a woman starts with you at the top.
  376. Sex is about domination, where a female submits her body to a man she deems superior to her.
  378. Women want to submit and give themselves only to a man they view as superior to them.
  380. In order to have a girl become sexually interested in you, you have to treat her as inferior.
  382. Women would rather share a high value male than have a low value one all to themselves.
  384. Once you make a decision with a female in mind, she catches on, loses respect for you, and hops aboard the hypergamy train.
  386. Women don't ask questions for answers. They ask questions to get validation for the decision they've made.
  388. If she's into you, there will be a counter offer.
  390. Not only do you need to project to women that you have other options, you also need to have other options.
  392. Women dont want a nice guy that treats them with respect, they want Chad who treats them like shit.
  394. If you ignore the hot girl, you're the only one who ignores her, so she'll wonder why the fuck you think you're better than her.
  396. If you are experienced enough, you could tell that a woman is attracted to you within 10 seconds by watching her eyes no matter what she says.
  398. Donít trust girls to do the decent thing, they will do the thing most beneficial to them
  400. Always establish dominance as soon as possible in an interaction.
  402. Pass a few shit tests and you're pretty much golden.
  404. Girls don't hear the word "no" a lot, so giving them a "no" in any capacity fucks with them.
  406. Women don't want to be the boss in the relationship. They want you to take charge and be the boss. (This stems from a lack of agency so that she is absolved of all responsibility - a female trait)
  408. Example of agree and amplify:
  409. Her "We're just going out as friends"
  410. Me: "Oh, so I should call off the elaborate marriage proposal I planned for tonight?"
  412. Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.
  414. Girls want things to just "happen". They don't want to feel like they made a conscious decision (or that you did), they just want everything to seem like it flowed into what it turned into.
  416. For women, lack of emotional drama quickly leads to lack of interest.
  418. Every shit test is an opportunity.
  420. Just be real. She might start to think you don't like her and lose interest.
  422. Don't pussyfoot around what you actually want to say. Be direct. Say "NO". People will respect you for it.
  424. The most powerful tool in your arsenal as a man is the word "No"
  426. An example of when to apply radio silence: sporadically so you don't seem predictable (this is important because when your messaging pattern becomes predictable, you seem boring and linear)
  428. Human decision making involves weighing current and future returns when evaluating actions. When there is a perceived low probability of positive returns in the future, actions skew towards immediate gratification.
  430. If you're committed you take yourself out of the game to some extent. A girl, on the other hand, is NEVER out of the game. She just has to maintain a decent appearance and can be approached even when in an LTR and decide on a case-by-case basis whether jumping ship is worth is the risk. She cannot be "blamed" for being approached by guys, whereas you could be blamed for approaching women while in an LTR.
  432. When women come together in a common space, they don't talk about self improvement, they don't talk about big ideas, they fucking gossip.
  434. Women are as shitty as you let them be.
  436. Women are cocky when it comes to the whole boy-girl process because they think that by virtue of them being female that they are experts on the matters of dating and relationships, so when some guy challenges them and fucks them around a little and throws their game off, their tingles start to do backflips.
  438. The Flirting Game: A woman's life, from the end of childhood up to decrepit old age, are spent playing the flirting game. Women set its rules and derive pleasure from it. The great majority of men play this game at a negative psychological cost. The game, in its milder form, goes as follows: ì[She] signals that she is available and gets her pleasure from the manís pursuit. As soon as he has committed himself, the game is over.î
  440. People will take advantage if you if they sense that they can.
  442. Win through your actions, not through an argument.
  444. If you don't step forward, you will always be in the same place.
  446. Girls are much more desperate for relationships than guys because their sense of self-worth hinges on external reinforcement and association with alpha dudes.
  448. A line a guy used at a party: "I have to go to the bathroom and I need someone to gossip with"
  450. Be solid, don't gossip or share other people's information and people will feel comfortable telling you anything.
  452. Sometimes women just want to talk, so just let them talk
  454. There will always be struggle. You just have to pick who you want to struggle with.
  456. If you can discuss emotions stoically, you are captain of the tingles.
  458. Don't give her the slightest sense that these emotions actually have any effect on you or your state of being
  460. Establish that you're above her: "You were doing so well up until that...."
  462. Just as most men are stuck in the Blue Pill World, most women are stuck there too. The difference between men and women in the BP world is that, men will do everything society tells them, and they will not be able to plate a woman. Women will do everything society tells them, and they will live an unsatisfied life, not able to find a guy they like, and end up cheating.
  464. Always, always, ALWAYS pay attention to the subtext (and get better at interpreting it)
  466. Any one woman's own truth is completely subject to her emotional whims and can change at any time to be whatever she wants to be.
  468. A general truth about women with daddy issues is that they really enjoy having men fawn over them.
  470. When she asks if you're a player, what she's really asking is whether or not you're successful with women.
  472. People are attracted to positive personalities.
  474. You gotta take what you want in this life.
  476. About trivial conversation topics when first meeting a person: It might seem boring to talk about a carry-on bag for so long, but this process is essential for making people comfortable with you. People will be happy to talk about their carry-on bag, or the type of coffee they ordered, or anything trivial that isn't personal.
  478. All women are the same, some are just open about their tingles and hypergamous nature, others hide it well.
  480. The greater the Alpha, the greater the female ego prides herself on having broken. When women show off their husbands who backslid from Alpha to Beta obedient, its in effect to say "see that ex-quaterback college/military/drug dealing stud ? The one over there changing diapers for my kid? IM THE ONE WHO BROKE HIM LADIES ".
  482. Conformity for women in groups is appealing because it's VERY easy in that situation for a woman to get ostracized.
  484. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
  486. Be vague and let her hamster do the rest.
  488. When you have zero sources of fulfillment, you are a slave to every potential source
  490. We live in a self-esteem based society. You can damage a person far more by destroying their ego than smacking them. Words are weapons.
  492. Women do not respect a man's time.
  494. Taken women do NOT want or need comfort from their flings. They crave drama and tingles. If you offer the slightest bit of neediness then it's over. They already have that part covered
  496. Stop pointing out your amazement with other people (I do this a lot!) It makes you seem weak, under them, and like a beta.
  498. Game every girl in one way or another
  500. To a woman, emotional infedelity or emotionals in general are so much more valuable than physical infedelity or sex in itself. For example, say you ran into your old girlfriend and she asks about your new girl. It would be so much more damaging to her for you to say "I'm in love with her" rather than her just knowing that you two are sleeping together.
  501. *I think this may have something to do with this: Men take pride in the way they fuck - being good at sex. Women take pride in the way they love and show emotions - the way they pull on the heartstrings of men.
  503. The lower the womans self esteem the more visceral and desperate for your attention she will be.
  505. Don't ever say how you are (in a meta way) - Just be who you are and let everyone else figure it out for themselves. Mystery is endearing. Dont give everything away.
  507. Be vague and let her hamster do all the work - this isn't just true with attraction but with your explanations as well
  509. Give her one or two thirds what she gives you
  511. Let the hamster do all the work
  513. Women don't want someone who's easy to get - they want to work for him
  515. Frame turns a woman on
  517. She has to be able to trust you to make the right decisions.
  519. She does NOT and WILL NEVER need you specifically. she just needs A MAN. Many men can fill her voids (the void in her soul and the void between her legs). You are just the dude that happens to be filling those voids at the moment.
  521. Once you establish rock solid frame, the shit tests become less frequent and less severe.
  523. For men, the best strategy to get sex is to give off AF signal.
  525. Women will do anything for an alpha.
  527. Dread lets the hamster run and gives girls tingles, leave things to her imagination.
  529. Girls respond to who you are in the present, not what you used to be or what you might be.
  531. Nobody wants to be on a pedestal because there's nothing for you to do.
  533. If you offer to let a bitch walk all over you, they will.
  535. Learn to be an asshole women love.
  537. In short, girls never know what they want and it doesn't really matter what you say, but rather how you make her feel.
  539. Don't lie for their validation
  541. Women like men who are unattainable
  543. What she says isn't inherently important, it's what she does that matters.
  545. Without any level of commitment, you aren't required to put up with her shit.
  547. Be outcome independent, just have fun with chicks if you have fun the sex will come automatically
  549. When you move on, either way, you win. Withdrawing your validation is a lot more likely to change her mind than continuing to pursue her. It shows abundance mentality and non-neediness.
  551. Often times we (men) convince ourselves that women are much more interesting than they really are.
  553. Women do not care about what you have done for them. They cannot eat the meal a second time once gone. Women care only about A) what you are doing for them NOW B) getting their alpha fucks.
  555. You don't act desperate for her attention/affection, she has to show it to you out of her own volition.
  557. To a woman, the truth is what she can get away with saying.
  559. Observe reality with absolute honesty
  561. If you make plans with a girl, and she can't make it whatever, say ok and leave it be. Then radio silence. If she' truly wants to hang out and hook up, she'll suggest something or will hit you back.
  563. Women dont WANT people to explain them "why" things happen. they want to be able to explain the things in their life using their fantasy imagination. by explaining anything you just ruin everything for them - thats what betas do.
  565. Don't be an arrogant prick but be assertive and speak your mind without fear of what she'll think of you. Women like Orbiters but they can't handle themselves around a real man.
  567. Best pick up line is that in the middle of the conversation you drop her because you have somewhere else to go to.
  569. Women are fucking ruthless to betas.
  571. **Seduction is the process of making a woman more invested in you than you are in her.**
  573. All women complaints are shit tests.
  575. If she escalates first (ie talks about sex), escalate right back and see how she reacts.
  577. Any needy behavior is unattractive.
  579. On Confidence (my own thoughts): Don't act stupid. Don't make stupid jokes. Don't ask stupid questions. Have conviction and mean what you say. Caring about what the response might be before you say something is a mistake. Be who you are, not who you think people will like.
  581. On Approach Anxiety: Approach Anxiety is your fear of being rejected. It is your lack of confidence in yourself to close a girl. If you have AA, try switching it up a bit by approaching girls with no intent of sexual interaction, and letting the conversation and set go from there. With no intent of trying to fuck, there is no possible way to get rejected. If things are going good and you have a solid read shes into you, go for it. Keep using this method until you feel comfortable enough to go straight in showing intent.
  583. Overall, it is better to be more aggressive and straightforward and have her reject you, then "not enough" in your efforts. Always make your intentions clear.
  585. If you have the balls to actually walk up and talk to a girl you're already beating 90% of the other guys out there when it comes to picking up girls.
  587. Learn how to initiate with girls
  589. Never make a girl feel judged when trying to fuck her. If she senses judgment she will freeze up. Sex should always "just happen" so she can rationalize it away later if necessary.
  591. Sometimes a girl just likes you from the beginning. When that happens, don't overgame
  593. The thing about charisma and charm is that when you employ it, what you are doing is making the other person feel good. And when they feel good, they want to be around you and they don't want to not be around you. And so they will do things that they think will keep you around them
  595. Best to be an asshole and inconsistently do very little. They will appreciate the smallest thing from a man they are chasing and will complain about grand gestures from Billy the Beta
  597. No matter how much you do for a woman, it will never be enough so do what the fuck you want to do.
  599. Women donít love you. They love what you do for them. They love how you make them feel.
  601. Women rely on alphas for physical validation, betas for emotional validation.
  603. Tingles will always override a woman's thought process, they just can't help it.
  605. You validate her stupid text messages by responding in (in kind)
  607. The sex is never worth the wait.
  609. The purpose of shit tests are for her to judge you on your social value, or get a feel for where you stand in the social ladder.
  611. Actions will help you understand more than reading ever will.
  613. When a girl asks you if you have a girlfriend, by 'girlfriend', she means, "Is there a girl in your life willing to have sex with you on a consistent basis?"
  615. Women want to be inferior. They don't want to win - they want a winner.
  617. Women only do what men allow them to do, and betas let them do anything.
  619. Apathy is a powerful tool to use after you have given a girl attention.
  621. No matter what "type" she really likes, it's the guy that does what HE wants that ends up as the winner.
  623. Women respond when you respond to them
  625. Women are never single in the way men experience it - that no one is interested in you.
  627. Don't expect women to be consistent with their reactions to emotions. When they feel 'happy' they will completely be unsupportive of your own.
  629. Girls don't know what they want. They only know what they want in the moment.
  631. Always ere on the side of boldness.
  633. Use your strengths to your advantage, to quit making requests and give orders, and to stop thinking so much about everything.
  635. Be present in your interactions.
  637. Gina tingles > tired, stressed, not in the mood, headache, what-the-fuck-ever.
  639. When an alpha male shows a woman that she is replaceable or expendable she'll do the same thing that beta males do when women show them they are replaceable or expendable... Try harder to not be replaceable/expendable.
  641. Weak men find it attractive when a woman has to depend on them.
  643. Women will do whatever they have to do to feel what they need to feel, especially if they think they can get away with it.
  645. Be strong but not rude.
  647. -Don't apologize for someone getting their feelings hurt
  649. -Know what boundaries you want between you and other people, and enforce it if they encroach upon it.
  651. -Enforcing a boundary without being overly butthurt about (breaking frame), feels good, and you will be respected if you do it.
  653. -If she thinks you're an asshole, she won't tell you, she'll just avoid you.
  655. -Don't complain when working hard. Just work hard and do what needs to be done and you will appear to be a person who both accomplishes things and works hard, easily and naturally.
  657. Hesitating shows weakness. Be direct and sure of yourself.
  659. A submissive woman is an interested woman.
  661. Women live in the now. Whatever they feel or say or do applies only to the present. Any promises they makes about the future are irrelevant and meaningless.
  663. There's no rush. Take your time. Savour it. Savour her. She wants you to.
  665. Women want to feel safe around you. They are shy creatures, so make them feel safe.
  667. Women don't want logic, they want feelz. And they want those feelz from a strong man who is not easily shaken up.
  669. Everything women do is to pull something out of you (emotional investment, etc). It's all a matter of figuring out what it is.
  671. Part of swallowing the pill is the acknowledgement that you need to generate your own validation and happiness.
  673. Women dont WANT people to explain them "why" things happen. they want to be able to explain the things in their life using their fantasy imagination. by explaining anything you just ruin everything for them - thats what betas do.
  675. All women really want are tingles and safety (not necessarily from same man)
  677. She wants to chase an Alpha like the rest of them.
  679. Women know that every relationship is transactional and when they see a sucker they use him, but the guy doesen't know any better.
  681. Being nice is not a viable strategy for getting laid; it is a viable strategy for keeping at arm's length women who are interested in you sexually, but whom you are not interested in sexually without alienating them or incurring their wrath, however you also have to be careful that it doesn't become a habit or else you'll friend-zone yourself with a woman you actually want;
  683. Don't be a pussy nice guy that supplicates to everybody around him. Find your goal, your mission, your task at hand, and get it done. Don't be caught up in somebody else's frame, create your own and do not be shaken out of it. You will be respected a whole lot more, and be a lot happier.
  685. Women don't want to feel good, they want to feel. That's why drama and validation are so addictive to them.
  687. Women are reactive and they react to YOU.
  689. Girls will treat you better once you get them invested in you.
  691. Women aren't logical and only listen to Tingles.
  693. Their beauty is their power, and a woman without beauty is a woman without power.
  695. Women will view you as literally just a list of their benefits and if these benefits run out or they can get more benefits elsewhere, they will simply up and leave.
  697. Validation is a drug and women only want to be seen enjoying the stylish drugs. They get so much of it they can humble brag about getting so much of it from "creepers" or low value guys who dare to punch above their weight.
  699. In a group setting, if you get "the pass" from one person, group-think mentality will convey to the women that you are attractive.
  701. You know what her drug of choice is? Validation.
  703. Honestly, don't try so hard. Just be who you are - be friendly, non-threatening, just be you. If they like you, they do, if not, they don't and who gives a shit.
  705. Women want you to be an expert at whatever you do. That's a sign of an Alpha male. Women want to be able to point at you and say "look, my man is so much better than all the other men here!" If you turn out to be just okay or not very good at something in public, that humiliates the girl at your side. Social value plummets.
  707. The trouble with "nice guys" is that they're the guys women perceive as weak, and that because they're weak, women instinctively view all their actions through the worst possible lens.
  709. Women gain power by being hyper-reactive, men gain power by being non-reactive.
  711. Men go to strip clubs, women flirt, it's harmless.
  713. You'd be surprised what taken women will do when faced with an interesting attractive man.
  715. Stop caring about women who don't care about you.
  717. Confidence and social proof are attractive to women because they free women from the burden of having to think for themselves.
  719. Remember people's names and use them, people like hearing their names.
  721. Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.
  723. Cut the crap. Text less. Be honest in your intentions. Fuck on the first date.
  725. Polarize early and often is a good rule. Always be escalating. They will either go along with it, or won't. But either way you will have avoided wasting time.
  727. If you're being an asshole all the time it often plays out as you being insecure about something.
  729. Women's attitudes more or less reflect the strongest male role model in their life.
  731. Girls are attracted to their feeling about you, that feeling can be elicited in multiple ways (teasing, expressing passions, dominance) and (this is the key) the way you attract her will determine the quality of your relationships.
  733. Masculine attracts feminine. Everytime.
  735. If she senses an alpha, her vagina tingles like no other.
  737. Don't be a weak bitch and stick around with girls because they will use your weakness to their advantage.
  739. If you stand out from the crowd, in any way that isn't overtly negative, you're already miles ahead compared to the men just sipping their drinks and looking thirsty.
  741. Some wisdom from Sean Connery:
  742. CONNERY: I donít think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a womanñalthough I donít recommend doing it in the same way that youíd hit a man. An openhanded slap is justifiedñif all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then Iíd do it. I think a man has to be slightly advanced, ahead of the woman. I really doñby virtue of the way a man is built, if nothing else. But I wouldnít call myself sadistic. I think one of the appeals that Bond has for women, however, is that he is decisive, cruel even. By their nature women arenít decisiveñìShall I wear this? Shall I wear that?îñand along comes a man who is absolutely sure of everything and heís a godsend. And, of course, Bond is never in love with a girl and that helps. He always does what he wants, and women like that. It explains why so many women are crazy about men who donít give a rap for them.
  746. She needs to see you as an infallible rock in order to respect you. Once you open up to her and show your insecurities, she loses all respect for you.
  748. Act like a bitch, you will get treated like one.
  750. Win the battle before it starts, if a woman sees you weak before you say a word to her, you will never have success with her.
  752. Start monitoring how you carry yourself throughout the day. If you carry yourself with dominance you will be dominant.
  754. Our (especially women's) brains are partial towards instant gratification rather than always thinking about the long term goals."
  756. A women is validated by the amount of attention she receives
  758. 11 Hard truths learned after taking the red pill -
  760. Shit tests are meant to make you lose frame. Once you get angry or get butthurt, you're giving them that power over you - you've shown yourself as weak and easy to provoke.
  762. Just "nah". No explanations, no effort to smooth things over, no tells, nothing for her hamster to chew on. Deliver a good "nah", and you can make a bitch obsess for days over what you meant and how you felt.
  764. If a girl is bringing up the thought of sex and you in front of you, that means she is thinking about it, but she needs to test you first, to see if you are the real deal. You weren't.
  766. Women (generally) do not know their own nature.
  768. Nostalgia is a hell of a tool in the seduction game.
  770. Be the biggest baddest alpha in the room and your popularity will grow.
  772. Women have no respect for any man who needs them.
  774. For her to RESPECT you, you have to be willing to drop her at a moments notice and walk out the door.
  776. Women need somebody to draw boundaries for them, or they'll push.
  778. The girl only gets to stay with the alpha if she's good enough for him. Not the other way around.
  780. **A problem I have is CONSTANTLY empathizing with people - "Oh how does she feel about me saying that? Did I come across as rude? etc. I need to get out of this habit of empathizing and caring so much about women.**
  782. Display your alpha traits by telling a woman what to do and passing her shit tests.
  784. When a woman shit tests a man she is offering a challenge, the outcome of which will determine his testosterone levels. If he passes, they rise, along with her attraction. If he fails, they fall, along with her attraction.
  786. "Frame" is: you have always been known as the top-of-the-line alpha, and "breaking frame" is when you give her reasons to believe you are actually a beta who is faking.
  788. Women are obsessed with status
  790. Women see the world short term
  792. In any interaction, there will be one person who is spending more energy than the other. You want to be the guy who is spending the LEAST amount of energy.
  794. Women can't take rejection because of the constant validation they receive.
  796. Women don't plan for the future because they don't know how they'll feel in the future.
  798. Hold your frame. Always. Women are weak to confidence. If you don't budge on something, maintain frame, they'll pretty much always cave. And in this way you can get a woman to do basically anything.
  800. **Women donít feel remorse for their actions. They only see consequences.** Women are instinctively amoral and without the restraints of social peer pressure or a conservative moral agenda, they will do whatever it takes to get what they want.
  802. Alpha means being confident, and being confident means being relaxed and comfortable.
  804. Any woman whose identity includes the notion that someone must be capable of handling her is not LTR material.
  806. The "Alpha" of any situation is always the person who is the most relaxed and comfortable
  808. If you're the man available at the right time, and you get out there and make yourself available, you will sleep with them.
  810. Don't be committed or dependent on girls. Assume they will drop at any moment.
  812. Social proof is important. If other girls find you hot, she'll start seeing you as hot too.
  814. She will throw you under the bus in a minute if it helps to make her feel better about herself.
  816. Display short bursts of strong qualities, then let her imagination fill in the rest.
  818. Never orbit.
  820. Make yourself into the prize.
  822. Chad Thundercock is no oneís slave. He does what he wants and as a result, people want him.
  824. The way you have acted towards girls your entire life is how they will act towards you when you raise your SMV.
  826. If you can master the art of teasing, you'll know exactly how to flirt with women. Teasing is one of the best tools have in your kit if you want to stand out from the 99% of people who put her on a pedestal.
  828. Confusion is very, very related to attraction.
  830. Even a 7/10 gets bombarded with compliments all the time. It's nothing new to her. Stand out.
  832. One of the overall rules of attraction is that you always have to be a little bit cooler than the girl
  834. What most men don't realize is that the more you throw your toys out of the box (throwing a tantrum), the more value you lose in her eyes. This makes it easier for her to rationalize that you were shitty all along and that she deserves better. **This is what happened with Sam**.
  836. Playing it (a breakup, a fight, etc) icy is also more likely to make her flip her shit.
  838. When you break up with a girl, do it calmly and without emotion. Don't make a scene. Don't give her drama as a parting gift. They crave that emotional climax. A big finale. Don't sacrifice your frame/dignity just so she can have her closure.
  840. You're doing it wrong if you're over analyzing everything a woman does. It's all a ride. Be fucking awesome and they will come.
  842. For women, sex is a source of power. If you take away their ability to choose who to have sex with and who to reject, you make them feel powerless.
  844. Estrogen makes your emotions more swayed by what others say
  846. Become way more aloof and stop giving a fuck about a lot of things you used to worry about.
  848. Women are too comfortable. They need drama to live and have a nagging unquenchable need to spout out nonsense to test men.
  850. Women are genetically programmed to behave in certain ways. They're constantly bombarded by men so their sole job is really to narrow down the pool to the most suitable candidates possible. It's nothing personal.
  852. Tingles overrule everything.
  854. Women are incapable of complex thought. Give them tingles and women will love you reguardless of what you do or say.
  856. You cannot argue against womanís feelings, only manipulate them.
  858. Women will always put feelz b4 realz over honor/loyalty/obligation.
  860. Women overexaggerate the effects of things on them
  862. The emotions and tingles are always > everything else. Always.
  864. Mean are the idealists, women are the realists. You will always love her more than she loves you.
  866. The main thing when talking to women is to never be serious. Never break the frame of being the aloof guy with no problems and always fun. Chicks don't care about you having to take your dog to the vet, or that you put new wheels on your car. Their world is "me, me, me". Your job is to convey that your life is way better than theirs without saying it. That you can do anything you want but choose to just be a cool guy that loves to laugh and experience new things.
  868. Men do. Women react.
  870. Much of a man's social respectability is based on the number and quality of the women that he fucks.
  872. In the mind of a woman, only bad and undesirable people say things they dont like.
  874. No one likes to hear a grown man whine.
  876. Don't make a habit of hanging around women who have no interest in being with you.
  878. Women are shameless in asking for free shit. If there's nothing in it for you and you know the person won't reciprocate out of the goodness of their own heart, then say no.
  880. A woman's life is like having a ticket to an amusement park, and a man's life is like having a membership to a gym. A woman EXPECTS certain things from her life and since she has a ticket to the amusement park, she feels ENTITLED TO SUCH EXPECTATIONS. A man has the OPPORTUNITY to be the best man he can be, and then surely he can enjoy the benefits as he works to upkeep his awesomeness , but he doesn't ever think becoming awesome will just happen.
  882. Women view men emotionally.
  884. Most women are really boring to talk to.
  886. The worst thing you can do is try to become friends with a girl to warm her up to the idea of dating you.
  888. Women are immensely confident in their assessment of others, and are SHOCKED when they are incorrect.
  890. Women would rather share an alpha than have a beta all to herself.
  892. Women that surround themselves with thirsty male attention are generally incredibly vain people as they are constantly validated and pedestaled by a loyal legion of sex hungry men waiting patiently for her to put out.
  894. The more convenient a woman's story, the less likely that it's true.
  896. "Breaking frame" is when you give her reasons to believe you are actually a beta who is faking.
  898. Women base everything off The Feelz
  900. Women donít want advice, they want agreement.
  902. When talking to women less is more. Mystery is good. Her imagination is your best friend.
  904. Its not game if they can spot it.
  906. Texting is a way for a woman to obtain attention and validation, for minimal time and effort, with absolutely no risk of getting suckered into anything that you actually want.
  908. When girls say "it's about personality", it refers to how he makes her feel - tingles, does he make her want him, does he make her chase him and need him, etc.
  910. Sluts never fuck down. Sluts can get a man a full order of magnitude more attractive than a good girl, they just don't get his commitment. It's like how a man can orbit a girl who's an order of magnitude hotter than he can fuck; he just won't get sex.
  912. Game without intent is not game, it's just socializing. You have to make sure she knows what's up, even if that means taking risks of rejection or making the situation awakward. Better to show intent uncalibrated then never show it at all.
  914. Don't do something if you can't handle the possibility of it blowing up in your face.
  916. Most good looking girls will always have a white knight in shining armor somewhere in the background. It's what these bitches thrive on!
  918. Don't be afraid to offend her.
  920. A strong frame is essential to maintaining the woman's attraction to you.
  922. If you're not pushing the envelope with her, if you're not flirting or being sexual, you're being pushed into her friendzone.
  924. There's no better way to get a woman bored than to be completely available and devoted to her.
  926. Girls don't sleep with the nice guy.
  928. Women only truly desire the alpha, the Casanova who will never commit to her.
  930. If you try to debate with someone whose mind prefers emotion to reason, you will engage in a grand exercise of futility that exhausts the patience. As such, do not argue with women. It is pointless. You cannot argue with feelings, you can only manipulate them.
  932. With the dominant man, making him happy makes her happy.
  934. The average man is ignorant and misled. His mental construct of women is far greater than anything the typical woman aspires to.
  936. Women are addicted to emotion.
  938. It is better to have a woman to have strong opinions about you than no opinion about you. It is better to go too far in your interactions with women than try and toe the line to avoid offending a woman
  940. There is nothing that will drive chicks away more than putting all this effort into caring what they want. Show a lack of interest, go about your life. If you live a good life women will come.
  942. Putting yourself first is the real way to succeed in life
  944. Be AF. Beta bucks is not the place to be.
  946. Women judge each other on relationship history, like men judge based on sex.
  948. Men get friendzoned. Women get slutzoned.
  950. Being aloof does very little if you don't first have somebody's attention.
  952. Women will come up with whatever horseshit they can to negate accountability for their actions.
  954. If you've spent years looking for mrs. right without seeing any, she's not going to appear unless you change something.
  956. Great sex will keep you in a woman's head long after you leave
  958. Women will hamster reasons to justify there wrong-doings
  960. Women cannot appreciate the sacrifices you make on behalf of them.
  962. Do not be outcome dependent. Don't take shit women say personally (or seriously).
  964. Women hate being in charge. They don't want to win; they want a winner. When women are the boss, they think they have to be mean. Women don't want to run things. Women want men to run things because they want to say, "damn, that's my man." Women think in terms of "us." Men think in terms of "me."
  966. Women do not understand context in an argument.
  968. To play a game, you have to be willing to lose.
  970. Men must take responsibility for how their women act.
  972. Women hate being in charge.
  974. Women think the world should be given to them.
  976. Women have to think you're better. They have to think you're the shit.
  978. Do everything a guy who's not attracted to her would do.
  980. You have to check them. Take a deep breath and think, "did she really just do that?"
  982. Women want men that will lead them where they need to go.
  984. Never give with the expectation that you're getting something back (outcome independence)
  986. Introduce fucking as soon as possible on the date. Give the woman the option to leave or stay, but man must let them know what they're buying.
  988. Talk slower and deeper.
  990. Women don't want what they can have.
  992. Don't live by the ABC's of life.
  994. Being too nice sets off alarm bells for women.
  996. Nothing gives a woman tingles quite like knowing her man is desired by other women "but he chose me!"
  998. Dread game - She will attempt to outdo them by amping up the sexiness or feminine charms to keep you around.
  1000. As a man, your word is as valuable as gold. If you make a promise, make sure you go through hell and back to keep it.
  1002. People will respect you a lot more when you're clear with your demands, and when you're someone who demands for others to treat you the same way. Time is the most valuable asset you have, don't waste it by pussyfotting.
  1004. I don't waste my time on girls only interested in my validation and not my dick - and neither should you.
  1006. Make her have a good time - and she'll want to be around you more.
  1008. Be your own man with your own opinions. Nobody respects a people pleaser.
  1010. People are not special or complicated, no matter how much they think they are.
  1012. If you run into someone from high school and they said they had crush on you back then, they are probably still attracted to you.
  1014. Pay close attention to non-verbal communication.
  1016. When women are truly attracted to you they want to please you.
  1018. Pedestalizing a woman dries her up pretty fast.
  1020. Women will bring up other guys as a shit test to see how nervous and worried you are about competition. Ignore it.
  1022. Silence after bullshit texts. Do it. Command respect.
  1024. Be stoic, respectable, serious, straightforward and all other redpill characteristics and see where that gets me with women. Being cute and confused and childish isn't working and never will. Just be the kind of man who women respect and want to know. See where this gets me.
  1026. Women don't think on their own, they are reactionary. They watch the emotions of others and feed off of them.
  1028. Females are biologically ingrained to be disgusted by everything which doesn't radiate aggressiveness, dominance and masculinity.
  1030. Soft nexting them is removing their attention, which is very powerful.
  1032. Be a man and control yourself.
  1034. The women who don't cook, clean, or suck dick always ask "where are all the good men?"
  1036. Inexperienced guys don't pick up on subtle cues, and using touch to figure out how fast he can escalate is perfectly OK.
  1038. Some girls are ready to sleep with you in minutes but others take a few hours.
  1040. Be firm and authoratative without creating a conflict.
  1042. Women are turned off by being verbally asked for permission.
  1044. Shit tests are her way of figuring out what she can get away with with a person and how she should or can/get away with interacting with them.
  1046. Know your alcohol limits and never get too drunk. If you're too drunk, you lose control.
  1048. The red pill is already accepted by women. For them it's innate. It just takes some anonymity for them to express it.
  1050. Don't give her approval. An example of this would be:
  1051. Her: Wow you're really smart
  1052. You: You seem really smart too
  1053. -That is an example of giving her approval. Don't. Make her work.
  1055. The last thing you want is to look like she, or what she did, got under your skin. That screams beta and low SMV.
  1057. Holy shit. I just figured something out. Just be YOURSELF.. It's a overused concept, but I think how it's supposed to be interpreted is this: Don't come across as fake. Be genuine, because you never know who you'll connect with on a completely honest level.
  1059. Part of being attractive is always looking like everything is effortless to you. Behind the scenes, you work hard ñ you work like a fucking fanatic.
  1061. Trying hard is unattractive.
  1063. If she ever says she "wants to be friends" say "I've got enough friends".
  1065. Bluepill thinking leaves you with absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic expectations of women.
  1067. Making a first impression from a position of authority puts you in the drivers seat.
  1069. If you're in shape you're gonna meet women, they'll make sure of it.
  1071. If you don't say hi to her, the impression she'll get it that you're too boring to even say hi, or more broadly, too shy/unconfident to initiate conversation.
  1073. Women can easily adopt your mannerisms and verbal tics, which causes you to assume that their brain works just like yours. But it doesnt. They're just using your words.
  1075. Women may laugh when a guy acts like a clown, but their panties stay dry. They can tell he's looking for laughs ñ and when a guy is seeking a reaction, it's a turnoff. It's far better to be fun, chill, interesting, and intriguing than it is to be over-the-top, outlandish, and hilarious.
  1077. Most women have spent their majority of their lives learning one skill above all others: How to attract and manage men.
  1079. Dont' emit beta behaviors. Just don't - even if they're funny.
  1081. If she escalates first (ie talks about sex), escalate right back and see how she reacts.
  1083. Without competition or the inherent knowledge of knowing you will leave (dread game) the amount of sex in any relationship will drop.
  1085. If you haven't seen someone in a while, you can always make a really good second first impression.
  1087. They want to put up a fight, but they want you to win.
  1089. Women emulate their environment.
  1091. A women will seek guidance and direction from the strongest male in her life.
  1093. Women emulate the man they fuck; even the most hardline feminist can be turned into a docile traditional little female child with a good hot dicking.
  1096. The man giving her the best dick is the most powerful man in her life. Never forget that.
  1098. Donít be a bitchís plan B, be her plan A
  1100. Women crave male energy, be that intellectual or otherwise.
  1102. AWALT, some just hide it better than others.
  1104. The Red Pill works. It's takes a little time to get the ball rolling but once you do you will see every interaction with women differently, and can assess yourself more objectively for better results
  1106. Women can get sex incredibly easily. Women can usually get attention incredibly easily, however it is in your power to take this away from them. Once you do you can easily see the attention for sex dynamic that pervades every male-female interaction.
  1108. "I can tell you want to kiss me."
  1110. **She just wants to know that you'll hold frame and not bend to her bullshit.** SO IMPORTANT!!
  1112. All of their actions can be explained as a response to a need for attention.
  1114. "Not giving a fuck" does not mean be a hard ass, being a hater, or being Mr. James Bond. It means being carefree, unreactive, and self amusing.
  1116. Be nice all you want, but youíre not going to give them tingles. Attraction comes first. Comfort later.
  1118. Don't feel sorry for women, exploit them to your advantage.
  1120. Silence, Posture, and Eye Contact.
  1122. Serial position effect: The tendency of a person to recall the first and last items in a series best, and the middle items worst
  1124. Never do anything out of hunger
  1126. Women hate being ignored, they hate feeling unwanted or being rejected (as they are so used to being fawned over) that they will do anything to win you back.
  1128. Don't take anything women say seriously.
  1130. Weak men are despised by both men and women
  1132. You are under no obligation to play by the rules of the people who view you as an acceptable loss.
  1134. Last minute resistance is a woman talking to herself, not to you.
  1136. In social settings where you are a relative outsider to a close-knit group, you have to demonstrate you are not a weirdo or sperg and this means building rapport and comfort and demonstrating some social saavy.
  1138. Frame tests are not an insult.
  1140. The hardest part of all this is really getting the pussy off of the pedestal, after that it's relatively easy
  1142. Frame your relationships on your terms.
  1144. All girls have the potential to act like sluts, you just need to be the right man at the right time.
  1146. All girls shit test. Passing shit tests increases your SMV in her eyes.
  1148. Maintain a sociable disposition. Speak slowly, make eye contact and listen to what others have to say. Don't reveal your insecurities and maintain frame.
  1150. The more of an asshole you are, the more favorably the girl will respond.
  1152. When dealing with such women, the most valuable thing you can do for them is to draw attention to them, and the most punishing thing you can do to them is to modulate or withhold your attention.
  1154. As a man, when you meet a pretty girl, your game is that you win when you fuck her. Her game is different, she wins when a man wants to fuck her.
  1156. Women crave leadership and dominance
  1158. Rejection is most certainly better than living with "what if's."
  1160. If she says ìIm not going to fuck youî, her hamster is trying to tell her tingles no.- The thing is, everyone on RP knows the tingles always win.
  1162. If she mentions sex, sex is on her mind
  1164. Girls only think the shit you say is creepy if youíre lower SMV
  1166. Seperate yourself from her in your eyes.
  1168. Don't try to make a hoe into a housewife.
  1170. The Art of Whore is displayed by women who harness their sexual power and unleash it with stunning accuracy on the men at the top of the social hierarchy
  1172. Women need drama filled lives to be happy, they need the emotional roller coaster from a partner.
  1174. Not only are your emotions UNIMPORTANT to women but they detest the weakness in the man that has the need to emote to her about ANYTHING
  1176. Don't be one of her boys - be the man who rocks her world.
  1178. Though women don't take White Knight informational support seriously, they still welcome it as a form of attention and comforting.
  1180. Being fearless in social settings allows you tremendous power in relationships.
  1182. You do not earn respect by respecting others. You earn respect by respecting you.
  1184. Women lie constantly. To others AND themselves. Women accept no responsibility for anything they do and its pointless to expect otherwise.
  1186. Men are aroused mostly by a women's physical attractiveness. While women are aroused mostly by an alpha frame.
  1188. "I haven't decided yet" is a great line to use on a girl, even if you already know the answer. It makes them think about what they want the answer to be and maybe even makes them anxious to know the answer.
  1190. Girls would LOVE to have you as their orbiters. You must maintain frame at all times-- as soon as a girl sees you as an orbiter, as a sexless beta friend, you've lost. It's all over; you'll never fuck her.
  1192. The person with the most power is the one that needs the other the least. This applies to relationships, jobs, and economics.
  1194. Show that you have options in any department in your life. Always be willing to walk away if it's not on your terms.
  1196. Be a super genuine good guy but be firm with what you want. This gets you a ton of respect but endures you're not just the office bitch.
  1198. Making her wait conversation:
  1199. [she texts you]: hey whats up
  1200. you: taking my dog for a walk whats goin on
  1201. her: oh, I'll leave you to that - text me when you're done
  1202. you: k
  1203. -You make her wait in angst for you to be done and get back to her.. The shit test here is that you'll be willing to ignore her - saying "oh it's fine we can talk now" = failing the shit test.
  1205. Pussy only has as much power as you give it.
  1207. It's never a good idea to show emotional weakness around a woman as it is exactly what they don't want in a man.
  1209. You can always be the most powerful presence in any room or situation. Why? People need to be led. That's why leaders are few, followers are many.
  1211. If you have options (other women) she is not only less-likely to break your heart, but less likely to leave.
  1213. If youíre beta, it does not matter how good you are to women, women will never respect you.
  1215. Women are attracted like flies to social status and higher SMV
  1217. Don't be an orbiter.
  1219. Women want to feel desired. They want you to throw them around the room and plow them like a caveman. They want you to spontaneously walk up to them at a bar, woo them over with sexually-charged conversation and bang them in the back of a burgundy í03 Mazda Speed-6.
  1221. Rather than take the time to get to know, let alone build up, a promising prospect, a modern woman would rather focus all her energies on the fully formed "good man"óon whom, of course, all of the energies of all of the other women in the area are already focussed.
  1223. To a modern woman, a man is useless until he is exactly what she wants
  1225. Lead by example. It's a simple overused quote but it's so true. Don't talk about it - be about it.. and don't brag about it.
  1227. Being on Team Gurl means being a constant support group for your sisters. They mutually feed each others' hamsters, making it easier for each other to buy their own self-deceptions. No, you aren't a slut, you were just having a good time that one time those 17 times. It's okay that Evan left you because he's an asshole and you can do so much better than him. You look so beautiful even though you're 400 pounds. Etc, etc.
  1229. Give that hamster a workout.
  1231. Because women hate their weak emotions, they are attracted to masculinity. They admire anybody who is calm, collected, unemotional, focused, ambitious, motivated, unshakeable, confident, powerful, and happy. They also like people who are disciplined, live by rules, and have strong boundaries ñ because those things break weak emotions.
  1233. Women donít want their problems ìsolvedî ñ they want to be in the presence of masculinity so they can forget their problems.
  1235. "We need to talk" is a thing women do. Men should act and let the women do the thinking.
  1237. Seeking the approval of others enslaves you to them.
  1239. Story from a guy - If she says "just as friends" - Grow some balls here. On Wednesday I was at a party and pulled a blonde who does glamour modelling. She was very interested. So I texted her to say I'd take her out next week. She went "just as mates though." I went "no, I've got enough mates." It's your terms, if she wants to be friends, or use you, or she's golddigging, just say "forget it." Funnily enough she called me "mean" and "a bastard" and mins later "but I love your confidence, ok then, lets go for a sexy drink :)." Stand up to the ones that give you shit. If it's not on your terms, there's the door.
  1241. If you do your job right, the girls will chase you.
  1243. Girls will relax if you are relaxed
  1245. Waiting to respond to a text message does, in fact, increase your desirability. (It's a gradual growth of desire - she's constantly waiting for your response and unsure about whether you'll respond right away).
  1247. Be the guy people want to be around.
  1249. Your Game sparks her desire and it's your ability to induce tingles that places you squarely in the Lover category
  1251. Men get big boners that let them know exactly what turns them on, but women have covert arousal, covert even from themselves. Their own attraction triggers are rarely even known to themselves in concrete sense that can be verbalized. . that is why SEDUCTION advice can only be given by men with lots of experience seducing women of all different types.
  1253. Once you find out what the person wants you don't directly give it to them, you make them work for it.
  1255. Give her the emotional rollercoaster that she really desires while not riding it yourself (you're a rock remember?), but within the bounds of self-respect and morality; don't put in too much energy.
  1257. Often times you showing self-respect will be the very thing that induces the allegedly "bad" feelings
  1259. Watch what she does, not what she says
  1261. If you're physically unavailable, I'm emotionally unavailable.
  1263. Someone has to be a rock in a relationship and if it's the girl, you are in trouble.
  1265. Feminine women naturally seek the approval of a dominant male, and if you are constantly one foot out the door, she will work to keep your attention.
  1267. Those who seriously strive to reach the top <10% have learned to ignore those who do not
  1269. There's only two types of girls. Girls who will fuck me easily, and girls who will fuck other guys easily but not me. The first type I can deal with but the second type can GTFO.
  1271. No matter how much women consciously want to be appreciated for their minds, another subconcious part of them wants to be objectified and lusted after for her body.
  1273. Women are physically and emotionally weak. Lying is how women get by.
  1275. Once you learn to walk away, the world will be yours.
  1277. Frame is everything. Don't ever break it.
  1279. Shit tests come from every woman. Maintain your frame. At all times.
  1281. Not escalating is precisely the same thing as telling her you don't want to fuck her.
  1283. Lay out the situation factually and briefly as possible. Leave no room for misinterpretation
  1285. Women love not getting what they expect. It keeps them on their toes and gives them a thrill on that emotional roller coaster
  1287. Always maintain an air of mystery. Girls dry up once they figure you out.
  1289. Whatever a woman says with her mouth, her brain will always be willing to put out for a smooth alpha who feeds her silly emotional brain. Women don't use reason, they go with feels, so always, always play their feels.
  1291. How You Make Her Feel Determines How She Treats You.
  1293. As long as you invest in yourself, your life will constantly improve and so will the women in it.
  1295. Be bad. Be very, very bad.
  1297. Don't ask women why they do what they do - why they cheat, why they make the decisions they do - they'll justify everything to themselves later, and they don't need to talk it out and possibly reconsider, although you can definitely help them justify it for them.
  1299. Be more interesting than the next guy.
  1301. Women suck at empathy. They really, really canít put themselves in another personís shoes or imagine any viewpoint except their own. This makes women experts at girl things.
  1303. You have to let them know what kind of guy you are. Then they'll know what kind of girl to be.
  1305. Dominance affects your whole life. You really need to understand that every single interaction with absolutely everybody you meet has some dominance aspect to it.
  1307. Always be focusing on your physical appearance and make it the best that you can, this will make your life easier in all areas.
  1309. Women have little sympathy for weak men
  1311. Stop feeling guilt with women - stop being a nice guy - even if she's only hooking up with you for stupid reasons, it's not your place to point that out and "take the high road" by not fucking her. Just do it if it feels good.
  1313. 2 steps to become alpha:
  1315. 1) Love yourself
  1316. 2) Do whatever the fuck you want, and live by it
  1318. There's nothing wrong with filling her with a little uncertainty.
  1320. Girl comes up to you confused, frantic after spending time together:
  1321. Her: What do you want from me???
  1322. You: I want to sleep with you.
  1323. -Blunt and straight to the point. She might get shocked and SEEM angry at first, but after that settles down and she has some time to think about it with a clear head, you may get to fuck her. If nothing else, she'll admire your no bullshit attitude.
  1325. Women stick around when men lay down the law. This is like the male version of a shit test - if she sticks around, she passes. If she doesn't, then she fails by showing her true colours as a princess.
  1327. A human beingís power in society is primarily defined by one ability: the ability to exclude others.
  1329. A man leads.
  1331. When a woman identifies a beta, she can readily behave like her true self around him because she knows she can get away with it.
  1333. Swallow the Red Pill. Embrace it. Change into the person I want to be.
  1335. Be unapologetic.
  1337. The anger phase is great because in it you work to improve yourself and your status rather than waste time trying to pick up women. Upgrading your SMV is key; the bitches are secondary, and they will flock to you once you better yourself.
  1339. If you don't make them respect you, they won't respect you.
  1341. Donít underestimate the extent some women will go to make shit go the way they think it should.
  1343. The basic rule of TRP is that instead of the woman, you, the man should be the prize.
  1345. Always maintain your frame. Your frame is your principles, beliefs, expectations of others, intentions, values, etc. Maintaining frame is not letting others impose their frame on you. You stick to your guns, so to speak. You don't give in to peer pressure trying to get you to go against your frame. You hold people to a strict set of boundaries, keep people accountable. You don't let outside influences affect your self-image or emotional state.
  1347. An attitude of "who really fucking cares right?" is so much better than an attitude of "Oh god oh god oh god I'd better say the right thing."
  1349. All you can control is yourself.
  1351. You don't have to sit and take the bullshit that comes your way.
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