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  1.     Hello. My name is Asian on v3rmillion.net. I would like to be a "Mr Crew" on your discord. I am Asian, young, and pro. I am only daily and go through the forums for a couple hours a day. I just bought my first exploit, Memehax. I've already had 3 copies of me (Skype and Discord). I've been on v3rm for a year now but I quit due to being cbed 150 USD. Now I've recently came back and wish to be known as I did before.
  3.     I deserve to be picked because I am a active asian on this community that will never stop his grind on buying and selling (in my genes pfft). I reply instantly to messages when I'm home and can do buy and sell deals on my phone as well.
  5.     I will contribute to the community by MMing and Selling/Buying. I've already been selling for a year now with atleast like 75 vouches or more (honestly never counted). Like I said I am active and had imposters of me. So yeah, thanks.
  7. my v3rm : https://v3rmillion.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=33410
  8. and this was a trusted mm list way back then : https://v3rmillion.net/showthread.php?tid=86267
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