Quazi-less Emerald Strats

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  1. Note: These notes are for my Uber-Route with the ABSOLUTE GODKIP: DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS INSANE AND GUD!
  2. Start:
  3.     Pick Female Character
  4.     Name 1 Character
  5. Littleroot Town
  6.     Go through opening text scenes (your house, rivals)
  7.     Route 101
  8. Route 101:
  9.     Choose Mudkip as starter
  10.     Acceptable Stats:
  11.         Attack 27+ IV (Yes, this is usable), 20+ IV Plus nature
  12.         Special Attack: 29+ IV (yes, that much), 19+ with plus nature
  13.         Speed: 25+ IV
  14. Littleroot Town:
  15.     Name Mudkip 1 character name
  16.     Head North
  17. Route 101:
  18.     Head North
  19. Oldale Town
  20.     Head North
  21. Route 103:
  22.     Head north, Rival Fight
  23.         Rival: Treecko (Tackles)
  24.     Head South back to Littleroot
  25. Littleroot:
  26.     Enter Lab, Leave
  27.     Talk to Mom, Running Shoes
  28.     Head North
  29. Route 101:
  30.     Head North
  31. Oldale Town:
  32.     Head West (Left)
  33. Route 102:
  34.     Left to Youngster Calvin
  35.         Calvin: Poochyena (Tackles)
  36.     Head Below Bug Catcher, Left, Up (to left of 2nd Youngster), Left above Lass Trainer, grab Oran Berries, enter Petalburg
  37. Petalburg City:
  38.     Enter Pokemon Center, Leave
  39.     Enter PokeMart
  40.         Buy:
  41.         2 Potion
  42.         3 Repels
  43.         2 X-Speed
  44.         2 X-Attacks
  45.     Enter Gym, Wally Sequence
  46.     Leave Gym, Left to Scott, Left out of town
  47. Route 104:
  48.     Either through grass up, or down and around (avoid Youngster Trainer), get Berries
  49.         Before entering 2nd Grass:
  50.         Potion (Oran Berry if less than 14 Damage taken)
  51.         Repel
  52.         Enter Forest (Below Lass)
  53. Petalburg Woods:
  54.     Manipulate Bug Catcher, go up and right to Aqua 1 Battle
  55.         Aqua Grunt: Poochyena (Tackles)
  56.     Up and left to 2nd Bug Catcher, avoid, go up, grab Ether, leave Forest
  57. Route 104 (2):
  58.         Grab Oran Berries (if needed)
  59.     Right, avoid Winston, Up, avoid Double Battle Twins, Enter Rustboro
  60. Rustboro City
  61.     Head Straight up to gym
  62.         Gym: HEAL TO ABOVE 21 HP
  63.         Up and around to first gym trainer
  64.             Trainer 1: Geodude (Mud Slap x6)
  65.         Up and talk to trainer 2
  66.             Trainer 2: Geodude x2 (Waterguns)
  67.         Heal to full, equip Oran Berry
  68.         Left to battle Hiker Marc
  69.             Marc: Geodude x2 (Waterguns)
  70.         Up to Roxanne
  71.             Roxanne: Geodude x2 (Waterguns)
  72.             Nosepass: Mudslap x1 (if low defense), then Waterguns
  73.     Leave Gym, Head North
  74.     Talk to Devon Corp Guy, Head East
  75. Route 116:
  76.     Head down and Right (avoid Bug Catcher and School Girl)
  77.         You need to catch: Abra (Taillow is optional)
  78.         You need to fight: 1 wild battle
  79.     Avoid both trainers of double battle, up and right to Rusturf Tunnel
  80.         Hiker Devon: Geodude x2 (Waterguns)
  81. Rusturf Tunnel:
  82.     Up, Right to Aqua Grunt
  83.         Aqua Grunt 2: Poochyena (WaterGuns)
  84.     Leave tunnel
  85. Route 116:
  86.     Go left and up or down accordingly (Make sure you get Abra)
  87.     Devon Corp Guy
  88. Rustboro:
  89.     Go through Devon sequence, Leave building (unless need to catch Abra still, then go back to Route 116)
  90.         Teleport to Petalburg
  91. Petalburg:
  92.     Go to grass, look 3 encounters MAX for Rock Smash Slave (Maril optimal, Pooch is okay, Taillow option)
  93.     Head left, go to Briney, boat sequence
  94. Dewford Town:
  95.     Head to Granite Cave
  96.         Grab Stardust
  97.         Use Repels, Grab Escape Rope on top floor
  98.     Steven Sequence, Use Escape Rope, Go to Briney, Boat to Slateport
  99. Route 109:
  100.         Grab Revive, Elixir (Video:
  101.         Talk to Soft Sand Girl, Equip Soft Sand and Teach TM Rock Tomb over Growl
  102.     Head North, Avoid All Trainers
  103. Slateport City:
  104.     Go up to Shipworks, talk to Dock, Enter Museum
  105.     Go To lower level of Museum
  106.         Aqua Grunt 3: Carvanha (Rock Tombs)
  107.         Teach Mud Shot over Mud Slap
  108.         Aqua Grunt 4:   Zubat (Rock Tomb)
  109.                 Carvanha (Mud Shot)
  110.     Leave Museum
  111. Enter PokeMart,     Sell Steel Wing, Buy:
  112.             3 Potions (4 if you only need 3 Repels)
  113.             3 Super Potions
  114.             3-4 Repels (4 if out, 3 if 1 left)
  115.     Leave Slateport
  116. Route 110:
  117.     Head Up to Double Battle (Take each Trainer solo)
  118.         PokeFans: Plusle and Minun x2 (Mudshots all the time)
  119.     Head up, Repel before grass, avoid Youngster, grab Full Heal (
  120.         Rival 2:
  121.         Slugma: X-Speed, X-Attack x2, Wake up, Heal if less than 42-45 HP (defense-dependent), Mud Shot
  122.         Grovyle: Mudshot, Tackle
  123.         Wingull: Tackle x2 if not in Torrent, Rock Tomb if in Torrent
  124.     Head Up, Left, Hit Trainers Separately
  125.         Triathlete: Magnemite (WaterGun if Torrent)
  126.         Psychic: Abra (Tackle)
  127.     Up to Mauville
  128. Mauville City:
  129.     Right House for Rock Smash
  130.     Up To Bike Shop (Mach Bike)
  131.         Teach Rock Smash to Slave, Register and Use Mach Bike, head Right
  132. Route 118: Bike whenever possible from NOW ON
  133.         Battle Youngster: Mudshot all if not torrent, If torrent, Watergun all
  134.     Back to Mauville
  135. Mauville City:
  136.     Heal at Center (Only if NOT used Torrent Strats), Head to gym
  137.         Wally: Ralts: WaterGun (Mudshot if healed at Mauville Center)
  138.     Gym: Up, Left, Up, Right to Youngster, then Left, Up, Right, Up To Wattson
  139.         Youngster: Mudshot both, Water Gun Second turn if 2HKO
  140.         Wattson: Voltorb (X-Speed, Mud Shot)
  141.                Electrike (Mud Shot)
  142.                Magneton (Mud Shot)
  143.                Manectric (Mud Shotx2)
  144.     Exit Gym, Head Left
  145. Route 117:
  146.     Avoid all trainers (up and down, left as needed)
  147.     Enter Rusturf Tunnel
  148.         Hiker: Geodude x2 (WaterGuns)
  149.             Machop (Mud Shot)
  150.         Get Max Ether in top corner, Rock Smash for Strength
  151.     Exit Tunnel out of alternate exit, grab HP UP
  152.         Teach Strength HM over Tackle, Teleport to Mauville
  153. Mauville: Head Left out of town, hit Aroma Lady Rose
  154.     Rose: Strength x3
  155.         Heal at Mauville Center if Statused
  156.     Head Up out of Mauville
  157. Route 118:
  158.     Head North (Grab Elixir above double fight)
  159.     Head North, Rock Smash, Avoid Picknicker and Boy, Repel before grass patch
  160.         Avoid Hiker
  161.     Up through Firey Path, Exit
  162.         Avoid Double Battle, Cooltrainer
  163. Route 119: Repel on Rocks before Grass (Hitting rocks stops momentum)
  164.     Avoid All trainers (tile right above last youngster to avoid double battle
  165.         Grab TM15(Double Team)
  166.         Grab Nugget outside of Fallarbor Town (
  167. Fallarbor Town: Mart Stop
  168.         Sell Stardust, Nugget, HP Up, Double Team (21594)
  169.         Buy:    
  170.             2 Escape Ropes (0 if Dig Strats)
  171.             11 Super Repels (14 if Doing 213 Catches)
  172.             9 X-Attacks
  173.             8 X-Speeds
  174.             8 X-Specs
  175.             5 Guard Specs
  176.             1 X-Def
  177.     Leave town to Left
  178. Route 114:
  179.     Down, Avoid Picknicker
  180.     YOLOGRASS (unless need flyer, then get Swablu and Lombre, Watergun or Mud Shot, respectively)
  181.     Avoid all trainers, head to Meteor Falls
  182.         Hiker: (unavoidable) Waterguns
  183.         Super Repel inside Meteor Falls if not used before
  184. Meteor Falls:
  185.     Aqua/Magma Sequence, then leave, Teleport once outside (go right to go out)
  186. Mauville:
  187.     Heal at Center if you DIDN'T after Rose
  188.     Left Through Mauville, up to rock
  189. Route 117:
  190.     Up, avoid all trainers, repel before grass, go right to Lift
  191. Mount Chimney:
  192.     Up, then to left for Magma Battles
  193.         Magma Grunt 1: Numel (watergun)
  194.         Magma Grunt 2: Zubat (Strength)
  195.         Magma Admin Tabitha (Watergun Numels, Strength Everything else)
  196.     Switch Marshtomp with #2 in Party before battle
  197.         Maxie 1: Mightyena (Guard Spec., switch in Marshtomp, X-Attack, Mudshot, Strength)
  198.                Zubat (Strength)
  199.                Camerupt (Mud Shot)
  200.     Head down Moutain (Stay to right as far as possible, avoid all trainers)
  201. Lavaridge Town:
  202.     Left to Gym
  203.         Gym: Avoid all trainers
  204.             Flannery: Numel (X-Attack, then Mudshot if Sunny Day, Watergun if not Sunny Day)
  205.             Slugma (MudShot)
  206.             Camerupt (Mud Shot)
  207.             Torkoal (Mud Shot x2)
  208.     Leave Gym, Enter First building to the right
  209.         Buy: 6 Heal Powders
  210.             All the Energy Roots you can
  211.     Switch Marshtomp BACK TO LEAD, Bike to Route 114 (Desert)
  212.     Super Repel above Picknicker Spinner
  213. Route 114
  214.     Go Right until 2 tiles from wall, down to rock
  215.         Grab Rare Candy
  216.     Teleport
  217. Mauville City:
  218.     Head south
  219. Route 110:
  220.         Rare Candy when Super Repel Wears out
  221.         Avoid all trainers, head to Briney on the beach below Slateport, Boat to Dewford
  222. Dewford Town:
  223.     Down to Gym
  224.         Gym: Avoid all trainers
  225.             Brawly: Strength all
  226.     Boat to Petalburg
  227. Petalburg:
  228.     Enter Gym, go through right door
  229.         Cooltrainer: Delcatty (X-Att., Mudshot, Strength [WaterGun, Mudshot on Great Attack])
  230.     Right door, Heal if below 42 Health (Elixir when you heal)
  231.         Cooltrainer: Slakoth (X-Att., Mudshot X2)
  232.     Heal as needed, Left door
  233.         Cooltrainer: Vigoroth (X-Att., Mudshot x2)
  234.     Heal as needed, Left Door
  235.         Norman: Spinda (X-Defend, X-Att. x4, X-Speed, Energy Root, then Heal Powder until Facade/Psybeam, then MudShot)
  236.         Vigoroth (Mudshot)
  237.         Linoone (Heal if below 40 Health[Requires miss], Strength)
  238.         Slaking (Watergun First Turn, Mudshot, Watergun, Mudshot Pattern till death)[Heal if less than 49 HP and attacking turn]
  239.     Teach Surf over Watergun, Grab Rare Candy
  240.     Head over to Route 104
  241. Route 104
  242.     Surf to South (Catch Tentacool if not Lombre, Super Repel)
  243. Route 105
  244.     Head South to Dewford
  245. Dewford Town
  246.     Head Right
  247.     Surf, Super Repel
  248.     Head Right to Route 106
  249. Route 106
  250.     Surf around trainers until Abandoned Ship
  251. Abandoned Ship
  252.     Head Up, Right to stairs
  253.     Head Left to next stairs
  254.     Head Down to Exit
  255.     Head Up to Random Room
  256.     Grab Storage Key, go Back to Basement
  257.     Use Storage Key, Grab Ice Beam TM
  258.     Exit to Route 106
  259. Route 106
  260.     Head South to Island with Rock (avoid trainer)
  261.     Grab Rare Candy, Teleport
  262. Route 118:
  263.     Bike Right, Super Repel and teach Ice Beam [over Rock Tomb] before surf, Avoid trainers
  264.     Talk to Steven, Head Northwards
  265.     Keep Heading North (watch out for Rangers)
  266. Weather Institute:
  267.     Heal at bed if not heal in Mauville, Hit lower grunt
  268.         Aqua Grunt 1: Carvanha (Mud Shot)
  269.     Upstairs, Hit Double battle trainers individually
  270.         Aqua Grunt 2 and 3: Mudshot or Surf all except Zubat (Strength Zubat)
  271.     Avoid Spinner (Use Rare Candy upon Manip)
  272.         Admin Shelley: Carvanha (MudShot)
  273.                 Mightyena (Surf)
  274.     Name Castform 1 letter
  275.     Head right out of Weather Institute
  276.         Rival 3: Slugma (X-speed, X-Spec, Surf [Mudshot if 2 Amnesias])
  277.             Grovyle (Ice Beam)
  278.             Pelliper (Strength First Turn, Ice Beam, Ice Beam till Kill)
  279.     Before Grass, use Super Repel, Teach Fly to Flyer, Teach ShockWave to Castform
  280. Fortree City:
  281.     Enter Center, but do not heal
  282.     Head right out of town
  283. Route 120:
  284.     Avoid all trainers, head south, run from Kecleon
  285.     Keep south, Grab Rare Candy, Super Repel, Use Rare Candy and Switch Castform during Manips
  286.     Avoid All trainers (Manip Strats), Head to Lilycove
  287. Lilycove:
  288.     Enter Town to set flypoint, then head to Mount Pyre (Super Repel as needed)
  289. Route 120:
  290. Mt Pyre:
  291.     Head to Summit
  292.         Aqua Grunts: Strength Zubat, Mudshot Carvanha
  293.         Aqua Double Battle:
  294.             (MudShot and Shockwave Poochyena, MudShot and Shockwave Wailmer, Strength and Shockwave Zubat)
  295.     Get Magma Emblem, Grab Rare Candy to Right, Teleport to Fortree
  296. Fortree City:
  297.     Head to Gym
  298.         Gym:
  299.         Double Battle  (Strength Swellow and Powder Snow turn 1 [if in torrent, Surf and Shockwave Doduo], Surf and Shockwave Rest of Battle)
  300.         Tropius: (Strength ONCE and Mudshot till Swampert Faints, Kill with Castform)
  301.         Revive Swampert, Heal with Potion
  302.         Winona: Swablu (Ice Beam)
  303.             Tropius (Ice Beam)
  304.             Pelliper (X-Spec. x3, Strength, Ice Beam till Death)
  305.             Skarmory (Surf)
  306.             Altaria (Ice Beam)
  307.     Exit Gym, Fly to Lavaridge Town
  308.     Head Right, then up to lift
  309. Mt. Chimney:
  310.     Head Down, enter Magma Hideout
  311.     Magma Hideout: Super Repel as needed [Elixir at first one], Head to Maxie, avoid all moving trainers
  312.     Strength Zubats and Baltoys only, Mudshot or Surf Poochyenas and Numels
  313.         Hit Double Battle (Surf/PowderSnow)
  314.         Admin Tabitha: (Mudshot, then Surf x3)
  315.         Maxie 2: (Surf Entire Fight)
  316.     Escape Rope, Fly to Slateport
  317. Slateport: Aqua Submarine Sequence
  318.     Fly to Lilycove
  319. Lilycove:
  320.     Up and left, then down, up to Aqua Hideout
  321.         Take double battles together (Surf/Shockwave)
  322.     Aqua Admin Matt: (Surf whole battle)
  323.     Exit Base, Heal Energy Root, Super Repel, Ether Swampy as needed (Surf)
  324. Route 124:
  325.     Hit Lower trainer only (Strength, Ice Beam x2)
  326.     Avoid all other trainers, right to Mossdeep
  327. Mossdeep: Enter Mart
  328.         Buy:    11 Max Repels
  329.                 4 Hyper Potions (Minus Energy Roots left)
  330.                 11 X-Attacks (Note: Many will sit in bag at the end of game)
  331.                 As many Revives as possible
  332. Gym:
  333.     Fight Double Battle Separately (Strength each)
  334.     Do Puzzle (Strength or Surf Challengers)
  335.         Tate and Liza:
  336.                 Turn 1: X-Spec., do anything with Castform, sack Castform, sack Rock Smash slave, bring in Abra
  337.                 Turn 2: X-Spec, (If you have 5 slaves: Switch to Bird, Switch to Water Slave, Switch to Abra)
  338.                         If not, Teleport, Switch to Bird
  339.                 Turn 3: Surf, sack final slave
  340.                 Turn 4 (and 5): SURF ALL
  341.     Leave Gym, Rocket Center
  342.         Rocket Center: Ether Surf(if less than 9), Revive 2 Pokes, try to stay in Torrent
  343. Magma Grunts
  344.     Grunt 1: Strength
  345.     Grunt 2: Ice Beam x3
  346.     Grunt 3: Strength
  347.     Grunt 4: Surf
  348.     Grunt 5: Strength  
  349.     True Double Battle
  350.         Maxie+Tabitha: Guard Spec., X-Spec., Surf All
  351.     Go to Steven’s House (Above PokeCenter), get Dive
  352. Route 127:
  353.     Catch Dive slave if not yet
  354.     Teach Dive to slave, use Max Repel
  355.     Head South to dive point below shallow water islands
  356.     Dive, Aqua Hideout
  357.     Strength/Rock Smash, avoid Trainer, head up
  358.     Strength/Rock Smash Left, then up
  359.     Water Puzzle: Left, left, right, up
  360.     Strength Puzzles 1 and 2
  362.         Archie: Mightyena: Guard Spec., X-Spec, X-Speed, Surf (Torrent)
  363.             Crobat: Surf
  364.             Sharpedo: Surf
  365.     Leave Hideout
  366.     Head South, Left towards Pacifidlog Town (Repels as needed, Avoid ALL trainers)
  367. Pacifidlog Town:
  368.     Set Fly-Point, Teleport to Mossdeep
  369. Mossdeep:
  370.     Surf/Dive (Repel as needed) to get to Sootopolis
  371. Sootopolis:
  372.     Head Straight to Steven after cutscene
  373.     Talk to Wallace, Escape Rope, then Fly to Pacifidlog Town
  374. Pacifidlog Town: Surf Left and up, right, up to Sky Pillar
  375.     Go to top of Pillar, Send Quazi to Sootopolis
  376.     Fly to Sootopolis
  377. Sootopolis:
  378.     Cutscene, Enter PokeCenter and HEAL
  379.     Go to Gym Island, Talk to Archie and Maxie, Enter Gym
  380.         Gym:
  381.         Gym Puzzle, Battle Juan
  382.                 Luvdisc: 2x X-Att., X-Speed, (Heal Confusion) Strength
  383.                 Rest of Team: EQ
  384.     Exit Gym, Fly to Mossdeep
  385. Mossdeep:
  386.     Max Repel, Teach WaterFall to slave
  387.     Head South, Right to reach Waterfall for EverGrande City
  388. Victory Road:
  389.     Head Up to First Ladder, Wally
  390.                 Altaria: Ice Beam
  391.                 Delcatty: EQ (25% chance of living with neutral and 27 IV)
  392.                 Magneton: EQ
  393.                 Roselia: EQ
  394.                 Gardevoir: Strength, EQ
  395.     Follow Puzzle (
  396.     Cooltrainers:
  397.         1: Roselia (EQ)
  398.         2: Claydol (Strength, Surf [CosmicPower creates a range])
  399.         3: Sandslash (Surf)
  400.            Ninetails (Surf)
  401.            Tropius (Ice Beam)
  402.         4: Cacturne (Ice Beam)
  403.            Pelliper (Strength, Ice Beam x2)
  404.     Exit Victory Road
  405. Elite Four:
  406.     Grab Full Restores
  407.         Sydney: Mightyena: Guard Spec, X-Spec., X-Speed Surf
  408.             Absol: Surf
  409.             Shiftry: Ice Beam
  410.             Crawdaunt: EQ, Surf
  411.             Cacturne: Ice Beam
  412.     Heal, Elixir, Give Soft Sand to Swampert
  413.         Phoebe: Dusclops: 2 X-Att., EQ
  414.             Dusclops: EQ
  415.             Banette: EQ
  416.             Sableye: EQ
  417.             Banette: EQ
  418.     Ether EQ
  419.         Glacia: Sealio: 1 X-Speed, 3 X-Att. (2 if Plus Nature) EQ
  420.             Glalie: EQ
  421.             Sealio: EQ
  422.             Glalie: EQ
  423.             Walrein: EQ (1/3 Chance of living on 27 IV neutral, could use 3 X-Att.)
  424.         Drake:  Shelgon: Guard Spec, X-Speed, X-Spec., Ice Beam
  425.             Altaria: Ice Beam
  426.             Kingdra: EQx2
  427.             Flygon: Ice Beam
  428.             Salamence: Ice Beam
  429.     Heal HP
  430.         Wallace: Wailord: EQ, 5 X-Att., 1 X-Speed, Heal, Strength (If 27+ and Plus Attack, 6 Att., Strength is 50% on Gyara)
  431.             Ludicolo: Strength
  432.             Tentacruel: Strength
  433.             Whiscash: EQ
  434.             Gyarados: Ice Beam, Strength
  435.             Milotic: EQ
  437.     -After Credits, Check time for Elite Four Victory (Trainer Card after loading save)
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