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Warrior's Letter To His Aunt III

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Jan 19th, 2014
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  1. Most humble greetings to the most honorable Hida Yasu-sama from her most humble nephew:
  3. I, Hida Takao, most formally greet my most revered aunt Hida Yasu-sama. I once again humbly petition you to recall me from the service of Bayushi Masami-sama of the Scorpion Clan. Bayushi-sama is a woman without integrity, honor, or compassion. Her court is filled with fanatically loyal degenerates of the first order. Her female servants are disrespectful and cruel, and her male servants all seem to primarily be here to suffer for the amusement of Bayushi-sama, her court, and her female servants. Her household consist of several women of her own clan, up jumped ronin women, and a particularly cruel woman of the Unicorn Clan. I am treated in a most vile and degrading manner by the women of this household and I request that I be transferred away from this place or recalled. I have heard that Bayushi-sama actually no longer holds any sort of authority or station within the Scorpion Clan and is in fact living here on her lands in exile. That fact alone should warrant my withdrawal from this place, but that combined with my treatment presents a case for removing me from her service that could not be any stronger.
  5. Once again I feel embarrassed and ashamed to put to letter my account of all that has happened to me here, but I truly believe that this is something that I must inform you of so that you will understand the extent of my torments.
  7. Because I have not received a command recalling me from this place, I was forced to obey the orders of Bayushi-sama to please the women of her court. In a true show of her depravity, I found out that I was first to be sent to Bayushi Ikuko-san and Bayushi Ikue-san the two youngest Scorpion courtiers, and as it happens, Bayushi Masami-sama's own nieces. The morning after I was last degraded before the whole court I made my way to the rather opulent chambers of the young scorpion women. I was then told by two older serving women that I was to sit and wait for Bayushi Ikuko-san until she was ready to receive me. She kept me waiting for over half of an hour before I was finally called back into her chamber. When I entered her room I was surprised to find both her and Bayushi Ikue-san waiting for me. Bayushi Ikuko-san was in the middle of the room standing in front of a pile of cushions with one hand on her hip and the other lazily waiving a fan. She had on a short dark blue kimono with red accenting, her face was barely covered by a thin gauzy red mask, she had the same emerald eyes as her aunt with a hint of the souless look that Bayushi Masami-sama has. She appeared to be slightly older than I am and she had a average build save for her wider than normal hips. Her hair was jet black and done in a tail and she greeted me without ceremony and a smile that looked more like a sneer. On the far right hand side of the room her sister, Bayushi Ikue-san, sat on a cushion. She looked to be slightly younger than I. She resembled her sister in build and features, however, there seemed to be some warmth in her eyes underneath the mildly predatory gaze. He mask was similar to her aunt's thin black domino mask and her jet black hair was short and flowed freely. She gave me a small smile and actually bowed her head in greeting. I bowed back to her in turn and I heard her sister make a noise of slight disgust at her sister's behavior.
  9. Bayushi Ikuko-san snapped her fan closed, and then put both hands on her hips. She informed me that she knew about her aunt's orders and found them agreeable. Her younger sister was present in the room so that she could learn by watching and so that when her turn came her big sister could look out for her. She widened her cruel smirk and narrowed her eyes at me explaining that while I was with her I was to obey her as if she was her aunt. She then proceeded to sit down on the cushions with her legs uncrossed and pointed at me with her closed fan and told me that I was to disrobe as slowly as I could. At these words I hung my head in shame, I had truly hoped that during the course of the degrading duties I would be spared such indignity. Still, I obeyed and very slowly undid my sash as Bayushi Ikuko-san licked her lips like a cat eyeing prey and Bayushi Ikue-san raised a hand to cover her mouth as her cheeks began to redden. I then slowly removed my sash and then proceeded to cautiously take of my short and small kimono. Bayushi Ikuko-san laughed as I stood before her and her sister in just a loin cloth, the idea that I had somehow found another one that I would be forced to discard somewhat amused her no doubt. She then waived her fan at me indicating I need to remove it. I slowly undid the knots and I heard Bayushi Ikue-san make a small gasp and then saw her move her other hand to her face as I stood fully nude in front of them.
  11. It was at that point Bayushi Ikuko-san called me over to her and commanded me to kiss her feet. I protested, but she sharply informed me it was not my place to question orders and besides, I had been ordered to please the women of her aunt's court with my mouth. I reluctantly kissed each foot in turn as she giggled at me. As I was doing so, she threw open her sash and quickly undid her kimono. She rubbed a hand against her hip and told me in a low voice that I was to take in the fragrance of her flower before I did what I came to do. She motioned with her fan for me to come closer and then pulled my nose up to her slit and told me to breath in. After doing that for a few odd moments she then commanded that I please her the way that I had her aunt and Utaku-san. Bayushi Ikue-san gasp once again as I buried my face into her sister's womanhood. My ears began to burn and my face began to redden as I performed this humiliating task on a woman barely older than myself and in front of one younger than myself. We are by birth of the same status, we should be peers! I should not be forced to demean myself for their amusement! As I continued, Bayushi Ikuko furthered my humiliation by ordering me to raise my backside in the air and to move forward. She then produced a switch of some sort from underneath the cushions and began to swat at my buttock with it. I was ordered not to squirm as she did so. I continued working on pleasing her for sometime before her laughter became moans and eventually I felt her spasm around me.
  13. When she finished with her shivering, she sighed deeply and told me to stand up and face her sister. I did so reluctantly with my head hanging to hide my red face and with me shoulders lowered. I heard Bayushi Ikue-san gasp and try to suppress a giggle of excitement as her sister began to poke at and gently tap my manhood with her switch, all the while telling her sister to not worry because despite my apparent reluctance I was clearly enjoying myself. My head dropped lower at these remakes about my body's own betrayal of what was in my heart. Bayushi Ikuko-san then ordered me to go over to her sister and knell before her and ask her to allow me to bring her pleasure.
  15. I once again shamefully obeyed. Bayushi Ikue-san's face was completely red and she was sweating. She nervously and very politely asked me if wouldn't mind pleasing her with my mouth and then bowed her head to me. her sister laughed and shock her head and ordered me to remove her younger sister's sash and under wrappings, gently. I slowly and softly undid Bayushi Ikue-san's sash as she cringed slightly under my touch and squirmed as I began to undo her under wrappings, all while her sister softly reassured her in a low voice. Once her trembling womanhood was exposed before me I with great care began to go about my loathsome task. Bayushi Ikue-san I could see was completely flushed, covering her face and fidgeting as I moved my tongue up and down her slit. However, as I progressed she eventually started to make a cooing noise and moved her hands down to gently caress my hair and my face. Eventually much like her sister she began to spasm, though to my shock and disgust, she released more fluid when she did so.
  17. Bayushi Ikue-san actually thanked me when I finished and gave me a small but genuinely warm smile. I returned it for a second before her sister harshly called me over to her. She told me that I had performed acceptably at my task and thus should be rewarded, and that besides she need to show her sister something up close. I was told to lie down in the middle of the floor on my back. I complied as Bayushi Ikuko-san sauntered over to me with one hand on her hip and the other flicking her hair out as she was chuckling to herself. She then knelt to one side of me and ordered her sister to the other side. After Bayushi Ikue-san timidly took her place, Bayushi Ikuko-san without ceremony roughly grabbed my manhood. I felt a coldness and a pain when she did so, and noticed to my horror that she had on the same type of metal nail coverings her aunt favored. She began to stroke and manipulate my manhood, seemingly intentionally scratching me at regular intervals. The younger sister seemed in awe of this and leaned in closely to watch. She even, to my shock, lewdly took in a deep sniff of my manhood as her eyes seemed to glaze over in pleasure. Bayushi Ikuko-san however, had a look of strange determination and only seemed to smirk when I wince slightly in pain when she scratched me. This continued until my body betrayed me and I spurted my seed onto myself. The younger woman squealed with delight and actually clapped her hands together as her sister informed her that I was feeling intense pleasure that was actually heighted by my pain. I wanted to say something but felt such shame at self loathing I could only hold my tongue. I finally sat up as Bayushi Ikuko-san stood up placing both hands on her hips and told me to go into the receiving area to get cleanup up and dressed, she then undid her fan again and started lazily fanning herself and walked away. As I rubbed my sore jaw and looked down at myself to see to my horror that I had some scratches on my manhood where blood actually had been drawn, Bayushi Ikue-san smiled widely at me bowing her head slightly. Much to my shock she then leaned in and kissed my cheek. She then whispered in my ear that she was so very glad her aunt had gotten me and hopes to play with me more in the future.
  19. I bowed my head and thanked her politely as I proceeded to make my way to their receiving area to clean and dress. My heart however hung low as it seemed that the younger sister, who I thought perhaps was actually a caring person, was merely a shy young woman who viewed me as less than a person, just like all the other women here seemed to. I dressed in the sisters' receiving area in front of the two older serving woman who seemed particularly amused by watching me clean myself off and then walk away rubbing my jaw.
  21. Hida Yasu-sama , Bayushi Masami-sama is a cruel degenerate. Not content to just wallow in her debauchery, she is actively corrupting her own family and heirs to be more like her. It is clear that even Bayushi Ikue-san who has something of a gentle disposition, has been perverted and twisted by her aunt's teachings. I have not, and will not, be treated with any degree of respect in this place. It is my deepest wish to leave, as my honor cannot tolerate this humiliation much longer. I can only hope that your recall is already on the way and will reach here before I much make the rounds before each woman of Bayushi-sama's court. I must once again humbly beg that you respond to this letter with a transfer.
  23. Humbly your obedient servant,
  25. Hida Takao
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