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  1. hey man, don't worry about not getting any work done. you shouldn't feel guilty about it. i went for months on end barely managing to do any work at home when i was finishing my A-Levels, and i still ended up with ok grades at the end. i mean i was literally doing no work at home because i had no motivation and no energy and i was so depressed. also, since i started uni in january, i'll just be honest and say i did no work outside of the lectures. like, zero. sometimes i would open a book and find it impossible to read. even if i force myself, it takes an hour to read one page. sometimes if we were given homework i would manage to do the minimum so i don't get a penalty, but outside that, i have read 0 books and done 0 independent learning for my course, which is more than expected when you are getting a degree. oh, and just by the way, i actually dropped out of uni a week or two ago.
  3. which brings me to my next point, don't worry about not having plans. i didn't have any plans when i finished school, i left without an aim and just sat at home doing whatever. honestly when you leave school you will realise how simple life really is, and how complicated people make it. i still dont know what i want to do, which is why i started a uni course back in jan and just dropped out of it now, in september, because i realised its not for me. there's no real need to find a career now, yes you can feel that pressure when you are in school, but its fake, you never have to have an answer. i still don't. i might find a nice plan for my future soon, but if i do, it's happening on my own time, which is the right way to go about it.
  5. lastly, i just want to confirm that you are a better friend to me than people i've known since i was like 11.  yeah, i'm talking about james and spencer. fuck those guys. they never speak to me unless i speak to them. they're hardly my friends. you took time out of your life to come and visit me for two whole weeks. meanwhile, i haven't seen either of those guys once, this entire year. i even messaged spencer three whole days ago to say "hey man, how you been doing, let's catch up" and he still hasn't answered me, the sack of shit. lol, sorry for diverting and talking about them, but i just wanted to put things into perspective. we're friends with you because you're genuine and real. so what if you think you are "bringing the mood down" or if you say sorry 100x a day, that's normal, its just you being you. that's why we're your friend, because it's obvious to see who you really are, it's obvious you care about us, and you are just a genuine, authentic human being.
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