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  1. "objects": [
  2.     {"fireAddress": "1718  Yahara Pl, Madison, Wis.",
  3.     "fireAlarm": "2012-08-14T03:21:00",
  4.     "fireArrival": "2012-08-14T03:26:00",
  5.     "fireControlled": "2012-08-14T03:35:00",
  6.     "fireDetails": "DISPATCH INFORMATION: At 03: 21: 35 on 08/14/12 firefighters were dispatched for Passenger vehicle fireON SCENE SIZE-UP: A witness reported seeing 3 individuals walk by the vehicle. One of them was smoking.  A short time after that, the witness says the vehicle \"exploded\"   Glass was found approximately 15 feet from the vehicle, indicating explosive force. The engine compartment was not burned, but the passenger area was consumed.    A fire investigator was contacted and briefed.",
  7.     "fireLink": "",
  8.     "fireTitle": "Vehicle Fire",
  9.     "fireType": "Passenger vehicle fire",
  10.     "id": "104",
  11.     "latitude": 43.086836,
  12.     "longitude": -89.352971,
  13.     "resource_uri": "/api/v1/fire/104/"
  14.     }
  15. ]
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