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  1. I've been mulling over the Cult of Morr the last few days. Their utter failure to recognize Borisnacht or Van Hel in any way, their utterly lackluster recognition of the Magpie Code, and frankly my lack of trust in them to do anything. I think the tipping point for me personally was him talking about how he didn't care about princes and patriarchs after a prince was literally strangled by a ghost. Though it could also be, again, the whole reason this got set up without him: Because he wasted a perfect opportunity, didn't even mention it.
  5. Triumph and I have been talking about the possibility of reaching out to dissatisfied elements of the Cult of Morr (There's gotta be a number) and building up support for internal reform and potentially forcing out the current Custode. At best, receiving complaints from his priests might convince him that his low influence isn't just because 'I don't do politics' and actually do his job. At worst, even an NPC Custode we could at least rely on to do things like 'prepare Ostland for potential vampire invasion' or 'maybe send some priests to Borisnacht'.
  9. Unfortunately, the Knights of Raven and my Knights of the Black Rose (I suspect the former are best placed to do this) are full up influence wise, as we're spending a lot of influence building up knightly chapters and such. I know its unlikely, but if anyone involved her has influence to spare, putting it toward our knightly orders would give us influence to spend toward using our connections with the Cult of Morr to maybe make it suck less.
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