can i get a uhhh

nikonii Aug 31st, 2019 (edited) 9 Never
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  2. before starting, gotta write this just incase, since some players share the same goalhorn; to avoid possible confusions:
  3. - Sailor Moon has her own goalhorn button, but it should only be used for her first goal. After her first goal just press the regular goalhorn button.
  4. - World Shaking, Deep Submerge, Dead Scream and Goddess of Death share the same goalhorn, but to avoid having a large name on rigdio i only named it "WORLD SHAKING/DEEP SUBMERGE". These 4 should use that button as goalhorn.
  5. - Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer share the same goalhorn, it's specified in the 4ccm as "Sailor Star Fighter/Maker/Healer" (posting this one just incase)
  6. The rest are pretty straight forward.
  7. Also this team has many chants, so pls rember to play chants.
  10. start p2, sub manually by condition non-medals. If black lady has better condition than chibi moon sub her in instead of chibi moon. LB takes the left CK and RB the right CK.
  11. if losing at HT turn on centering targets
  12. anytime before 70': if losing by 2 turn off ddl and turn on centering targets and memenpress and go +1.
  13. subs at 70': go p3, change all out defense for frontline defense and sub all OOP CB players by actual CBs
  14. have fun
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