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  1. onDeclineCommads:
  2.     command1: broddcast %PLAYER% fails!
  3. onAcceptCommads:
  4.     command1: perm global setgroup Default %PLAYER%
  5.     command2: broadcast %PLAYER% is now a Member!
  6. adminView:
  7.     label1: age
  8.     label2: rules
  9.     label3: message
  10.     var3: message
  11.     var1: age
  12.     return1: 'Age: %age%'
  13.     var2: rules
  14.     return2: 'Rules: %rules%'
  15.     return3: 'Message: %message%'
  16. messages:
  17.     onApplyError: '$dAn error has occured while applying. Please notify an admin.'
  18.     onGuestJoin: '$dWelcome, please type /apply to become a member!'
  19.     notEnoughArgs: '$dYou must supply enough arguments: %HELPMENU%'
  20.     colorVariable: '$'
  21.     onApplicantJoin: '$dWelcome, your application is still under review.'
  22.     onApplyHave: '$dNo need to send two applications!'
  23.     onConsoleSend: '$dYou must be in-game!'
  24.     onAppError: '$dAn error has occured while handling the applications. Please notify an admin.'
  25.     newApplication: '$dThere is a new application from %PLAYER% (%NEWAPPS% applications)'
  26.     onApplyExempt: '$dNo need, you're already accepted.'
  27.     onApplySent: '$dYour application has been sent succesfully, please wait for an administrator to accept or deny you.'
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