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  1. <Darkbuilderx> ?
  2. <Tarlach> We're about to release a brand spaking new product that is WAAYYY out of our typical paradigm.
  3. <Darkbuilderx> What is it?
  4. <Tarlach> We're calling it a CESP
  5. <Tarlach> Corporate Espionage & Sabotage Platform.
  6. <Darkbuilderx> Helps out spies?
  7. <Tarlach> Codenamed "Psycho"
  8. <Tarlach> Lets you spy from home basically.
  9. <Tarlach> Its a virus.
  10. <Darkbuilderx> Wow, that's awesome
  11. <Tarlach> A rather nasty one too, designed to collect data for as long as the user wants, and then trashes the system.
  12. <Darkbuilderx> Woah.
  13. <Tarlach> We're running it off of a Steel Monkey based AI.
  14. <Darkbuilderx> So, once it's done it's job the system goes haywire?
  15. <Tarlach> Well, a Steel Monkey AI will run it, but the virus itself was made by Impendus subsidairies.
  16. <Tarlach> It makes AIs go Psychotic, hence the name..
  17. <Tarlach> his is true: Our original paradigm has been that of a primary industry in the gathering of resources and materials for manufacturing and research firms. But that leaves us at the mercy of other corporation's wants and desires. If an embargo were to come down on a corporation based around Gathering, they would be crippled in a matter of months. We foresaw this, and began to plan ahead. Thus, the idea
  18. <Tarlach>  for Psycho was born.
  19. <Darkbuilderx> Sounds like it will sell good.
  20. <Tarlach> This is a snippet from the press release I'm going to ask Carbonite to put out.
  21. <Darkbuilderx> This may provoke corporations to send human spies to take the virus and try to create a program that can stop it
  22. <Tarlach> Exactly why I nullified the need for that.
  23. <Tarlach> Know how information regarding AWI was "leaked"?
  24. <Darkbuilderx> How?
  25. <Tarlach> Well I asked the news to put that out there, to put AWI on their heels
  26. <Darkbuilderx> Wow.
  27. <Tarlach> Then, when they decide to relax, I give them an offer they cant refuse.
  28. <Tarlach> I give them the tools to make a defense against psycho.
  29. <Tarlach> And in exchange, they don't do anything like lobbying, or inciting corporations into war against us.
  30. <Darkbuilderx> Sounds fair
  31. <Tarlach> While he rakes in the cash, we can remain at peace knowing a coalition of corporations isnt beating down our door.
  32. <Tarlach> Because he'll have the tools to defeat Psycho's attempts at entry.
  33. <Tarlach> Now here's the kicker.
  34. <Tarlach> Psycho's AI handler, will update the code in realtime.
  35. <Darkbuilderx> Sp if it gets blocked, they adapt it to get around?
  36. <Tarlach> So its only an ILLUSION of security, while we let Psycho do its jobe
  37. <Tarlach> job*
  38. <Darkbuilderx> oh
  39. <Tarlach> There you have it. Impendus's master plan.
  40. <Tarlach> Arent you glad you work for me now? :3
  41. <Darkbuilderx> This is amazing, Impendus can have the secret of any corporation's success
  42. <Tarlach> Exactly.
  43. <Tarlach> Not to mention, we can sell Psycho to other people who want it, for a KILLING.
  44. <Tarlach>  And psycho has safeguards so we will never be hacked.
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