Kamachi Kazuma’s 10 Year Structure (1/17)

Mar 18th, 2016
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  1. To Begin With
  3. I started this project because I wanted something Kamachi Kazuma-y other than novels now that I have a webpage of my own.
  4. I’m guessing the people who visited the site for a specific author rather than Dengeki Bunko as a whole or a specific series might want to know the structure that I use. And I guess that means I really am obsessed with novels. If I’m going to talk about anything, it’s going to be novels.
  5. This is what I came up with when I was gathering my opinions and thoughts on various novels.
  6. This will be fairly focused on actual technique, but before getting to that, there is of course the more emotional side of wanting to write a certain story or wanting to have a certain character go on a rampage. But if I started passionately discussing that portion based in “love”, I doubt I could continue writing coherently, so I’m going to focus on what I can actually put to words.
  7. If you get a cold impression from all this, I apologize.
  8. Also, I will be listing out my ideas on the ideal way to create a story, so my actual works won’t always reflect this. Sometimes it’s necessary to break the basic rules once you’ve gotten a firm grasp on them.
  10. Not only is this for people who want to know my structure for writing, but you might be find it useful if you want to write a novel or if you’ve thought about it but don’t know where to start.
  11. But if you’re using this as reference for your own work, let me give a quick word of warning.
  12. What I am about to reveal is only what I’ve decided is the right answer for myself. I believe there is no absolute correct answer when it comes to writing a novel.
  13. So while you’re perfectly welcome to use this advice, please don’t just accept it as the absolute truth.
  14. I hope you can peer in at it like it’s a junk shop, dig out what you think you can use, and absorb those as your own skills.
  15. This could also help you figure out what not to do. If you find yourself saying you’re different or that you’d do it some other way, I think that can lead to a new form of originality.
  16. When you get down to it, this is an old methodology, so it could also be useful in deciding the different direction you want to go in.
  17. Lastly, I think the biggest hurdles toward writing a novel are not being embarrassed and not assuming you’re bad at it.
  18. You can take this advice or disparage it, I don’t care which. Use it however you want as long as it gives you the chance you need to overcome those hurdles.
  20. Now, then. If you want to know my structure, if you’re interested in writing a novel, or if you’re just trying to kill some time, I hope this will be useful to as many people as possible.
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