Straddles and Saddles

Sep 12th, 2015
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  1. “Isn’t it beautiful?”
  3. Barry seemed to look at his girlfriend almost on instinct when he heard her soothing voice. He could wake up to it every day, or come home from a busy day at work and just her voice alone would be able to remedy the exhaustion and fatigue he would’ve felt after a long day and be refreshed. Even as they both sat near the cliffside of one of Steelwater’s well known dating sights, the gentle breeze causing the grass to tickle his hand, he was captivated by her looks. Her long blonde hair which seemed weightless as it ruffled and blew in the gentle breeze like a feather. Her fare pale skin looked so soft to the touch that he even had to restrain himself from cuffing her cheek. No, this was no time for lovey dovey stuff; that comes later.
  5. But it was hard to focus when such a beautiful sight sat next to him, caught marvelling at the view. If it wasn’t her looks that would catch his eyes, it was her overall figure. And the white sundress that freely blew in the gentle wind displayed her figure high and proudly. From her slim form to her stripped furred forearms and her puffy paws—paws in which he restrained himself from touching—there was a marvel before him. A gem that glowed in the night. She aimlessly brushed some of her hair out of her face, not even glancing towards him. He could stare at her all day, imprint her very everything into his mind, and still he would be captivated by her.
  7. Her emerald gaze shifted to him, and he almost jumped. Her lips, her soft and kissable lips, curved into a gentle smile. “Are you done admiring?”
  9. “Kind of hard not to,” He smiled. “I mean, you are beautiful.”
  11. “What is this, a badly written romance novel?” She fell backwards onto the grass, gazing up at the stars. “I wasn’t asking if I was beautiful, I meant the view.”
  13. Barry was reluctant to look away, but he had to admit his choice of a venue for the end of their date was a spectacular view to behold. If it wasn’t the twinkle of the stars that hung overhead, it was the beautiful lights of a sprawling city filled with life. The many lights of buildings and stores bathed the landscape in a crescendo of colours, and the blissful silence of the night made the scene such a peaceful sight to behold. Tonight wasn’t also a perfect night for the date, but also for stargazers alike. Billions upon billions of stars hung in the midnight sky, turning what would just be a normal dark sky into an ocean of light. Yes, it was beautiful, Barry had to admit.
  15. But this wasn’t the time for stargazing.
  17. “Y’know,” Barry began, lying down next to his girlfriend. “I’ve been thinking…”
  19. “Careful Bear,” the beautiful woman at his side placed a finger on his nose. “You might sprain something.”
  21. “Haw haw,” Barry mocked. “But I’m serious.”
  23. “I like you when you’re serious.” She moved closer to him, resting her head on his chest. Even through the grey t-shirt and plaid polo, her warm cheek wasn’t enough to calm his heart. Almost on instinct, he began to pet her head, causing her to purr onto his chest. “What’s the Bear thinking about?”
  25. “Well,” Of course it was at this moment he couldn’t find the appropriate words to say. Her slit emerald eyes looked up at him, anxious for him to continue. “I- we have been dating for a very long time.”
  27. “Really? I never noticed.”
  29. “I think we should…” No, Barry said to himself. This wasn’t how he was going to do it. If he had to be as cliché as the movies, then so be it. “Can you get off of me? For a, uh, minute?”
  31. “But I was just getting comfortable!” She wined.
  33. “Two minutes,” Barry assured her. “Then we can get back to the cuddling and the stargazing and…”
  35. “And?” she quoted. Her sultry eyes made his heart skip as she learned closer to him. Even through the breeze he could smell her gentle yet alluring fragrance that reminded him of home. “I sense we’re going to be doing other things than ‘cuddling’ and ‘stargazing’.”
  37. “Okay, maybe a minute,” Barry didn’t hide his shame for almost caving in right then and there. His nethers didn’t argue. “Please?”
  39. “Fine.” She huffed, blowing him a kiss as she got up.
  41. It was at this moment Barry realized his mistake.
  43. There, now standing before him was a sight he couldn’t peel his eyes off of. He couldn’t look away as she walked towards where his feet were, swaying her tail in an alluring fashion that gave him quick glimpse of what was under the frilling and weightless sundress she wore. Glimpse at her soft and bare rear and the glare of some wet area. Once she reached his feet it was painfully obvious that the Eiffel tower had managed to escape Paris undetected and now hit itself within his pants. She the look on her face, the seductive and hungry look as her green eyes set upon the freshly pitched tent made his heart once again skip a beat. She held her paws behind her back, more of a restraint for herself so she doesn’t just pounce on him now and not to make her look any more beautiful than she was now. But Barry knew that it wasn’t the breeze that was making her nipples poke against her dress.
  45. “Come on, Papa Bear,” Her voice shot him out of his dazed state. “You’re on a time limit.”
  47. Yes, he was indeed on a time limit. Even though he said a minute or two simply because he wasn’t sure how long the ordeal would even take, judging by the arousal of both parties, mainly her, he legitimately only had a minute: A minute to speak his peace before her little nickname she called him would become a reality.
  49. He sat upwards, a feat hindered by the leaning tower of Pisa in his pants which wasn’t leaning any more, and began to search his pockets. No, he told himself, it wasn’t that he forgot where he placed the item, it was more of the fact that he was distracted by the sexual scene in front of him that his arousal was beginning to override his very thought and memory process. Even now, south of the Equator, a war was raging for dominance over his mind. But this wasn’t the time for ravage sexual corpulence—that came later.
  51. No, this was important. This was something he had been thinking of since they met. This was something he had been planning after the ten years they had been dating. Even when she eventually moved into his house and through all the teasing by friends about it, he was finally holding the very by-product that would bring the thought to existence. This was the moment he had dreamed of. And when his hands finally found the item in which he paid a lot for, he was filled with anxiety.
  53. But now, as he stood at eye level, looking into her green eyes, he was once again distracted. He wanted to touch her, to hold her close, to kiss her and fight with her rough tongue which would be doing other things late—no, he had to focus. She watched him, mentally counting down in her mind. But her mental clock stopped when he fell to one knee. Her once swaying and flirtatious tail fell limp when he reached into his back pocket. She didn’t even realize that her puffy paws moved from behind her back until she felt them against her face. Her voice caught in her throat when he presented her with a small box, a small box in which he slowly opened to reveal a beautiful diamond that twinkled and shimmered like the stars in the sky.
  55. “Anna…” His voice caught, but he cleared his throat. This wasn’t a time for failure. “Will you… Will you marry me?”
  57. Anna didn’t know what to say. What was there to say? What could she say? Well, other from-
  59. “Yes!” Her own voice startled her, and her body flinching to her own voice caused Barry to flinch. She covered her mouth to stop her from making another outburst, but tears freely began to fall down her cheeks and drenching her paws.
  61. Barry himself was crying and he didn’t try to hide it. Even though he looked away to not make her see him crying, the twinkle of tears streaming down his cheeks. Joy, happiness, so many emotions were flooding his mind. For a second, he thought that this was all a dream, an elaborate ploy by his subconscious constructing what could happen. But the feeling of his tears on his face, and his own hand wiping some off his face confirmed his mind that this was, indeed, reality: this was actually happening and not a dream.
  63. He looked up at her, their damp eyes meeting, and he smiled. “May I?”
  65. At first, Anna didn’t know what he meant. There was so many thought flooding into her mind that basic functionality and motor reflexes were being shut down to supply energy to her extremely busy mind. From babies, to the future, to marriage and marriage and even marriage, her mind was flooded with it all. But a little thought peaked its way through the crowed, and she obliged to his request by turning around. Even though her body had done what he had asked, she still didn’t know what he was even doing. But her ears perked at the sound of the ring being taken out of the box, followed by the quiet sound of a thin chain, and she was crying in joy.
  67. Alas, the moment of truth was presented to them both. Barry couldn’t ask the size of her the size of her paws or it would let the secret out, plus the fact that he didn’t even think they made rings that big. So he did in secret what he was doing now, and created a necklace for the ring to be on. He stood behind her, watching her pull her hair upwards to display the back of her neck. There was no part of this woman that wasn’t beautiful, and even now looking at a portion of her body that was usually hidden confirmed this thought. He reached forward, draping the necklace over her and onto her chest, catching a glimpse of her blushing face for a brief moment. He wanted to just kiss her on the nape, to let her caught breath escape and move past the wedding into the honeymoon, but he had planned this for years and wasn’t going to toss away all this preparation for the pandering of him nethers. But once he clicked the necklace around her neck and allowed it to hang freely, she was the first to act.
  69. He was prepared for a kiss but not one that was so vigorous. As if all the pent up sexual frustration she would have if they didn’t have sex for a whole year was being let lose all at once. Even as he clutched her waist and held her close, both his erected monolith and her busted floodgates met, and it wasn’t long before they were both on the floor, still locked in the kiss. For the small second they broke the kiss so she could fully take off his shirt, they were back on the attack as if nothing happened. Through the moans and the sound of her rubbing her crotch onto his leg, their tongues danced. He didn’t care if her tongue felt rough; this was his wife to be, and his hand cuffed her cheek when they broke the kiss for the second time.
  71. Through the pants of a cat in heat, Anna was the first to speak. “I love you…”
  73. And through the pants of a lovebird, Barry responded. “I know…”
  76. THE END
  80. “Ugh.”
  82. The lights to the theatre began to fade back to life and the credits began to roll on the large movie screen. Dozens upon dozens of couples began their descent down the steps out of the large room, arms locked and eyes filled with lust and thoughts of multiple children.
  84. But there were three patrons to the movie who stayed seated. Maybe it was their large size that usually forced them to wait until everyone left, or maybe the varying expressions on each face made them stay seated as they scrounged for words to rate this lovey dovey romance movie that the three had just witnessed after paying for overly expensive movie tickets and equally expensive movie food caused them to stay seated. But the three centaurs seated in the centre of the theatre stayed in what could be called ‘a seating position’, watching the once crowded room begin to dissipate.
  86. “What’s wrong?” The first one asked, seated in between the two others. Her bubbly yet awestruck voice fitted her gentle and calm look. From her pale white fur which matched her white sundress to the small straw hat that sat on her lap, to even the veil that clipped to her long half braided blonde hair: this centaur was the epitome of purity, if the horn on her head didn’t say enough. Her blue eyes looked at her friend who was on her left, curiosity in her misty eyes.
  88. “Please don’t ask her what’s wrong. She’ll complain all day.” The second to speak was the one on her left, who looked as if she just came from a gothic convention. She wore a dark smoky purple hoody which covered her short black hair which poked out from the sides of her cheeks. Both strings which hung from the small slit holes on her hoodie sat limply on her flat chest, the ends looking as if they were little earphones. Judging by her facial expression and the dark circles underneath her eyes, she really didn’t want to be here, let alone watch what they had witnessed.
  90. “Oh don’t be mean, Katherine.” The beaming example of purity hushed, placing a hand on her shoulder. Kat placed the earphones into her hidden ears.
  92. “Your funeral, sis.” Kat mumbled. She reached into her hoodie pocket, taking out what looked to be a 3DS and turned it on. Right above the headphone jack was a little scythe sticker.
  94. “Why thank you, Cathy,” The third one smiled. “Good to see that at least ONE OF US is nice.”
  96. Kat didn’t even give her the satisfaction of a glance.
  98. The third and final centaur looked as if she would rather be doing anything else but exposing her brain to such a bore feast of a movie. Although she was beautiful, with fare skin and an equally faire bosom in her name, she was, in fact, the other side of the coin of the pure and impure. From her split horn to her tank top that lazily hung on her, exposing not only her shoulder but the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was enough to tell a person that this girl would rather be in the bathroom stall pleasing a man who went on a bathroom break while this movie was showing than to actually watch the thing herself. There was no shame in what she wore, and she lacked the shame to even care. As every couple passed, she would flick her tail, and by the heated glares each Mamono gave her, it was clear what she was doing.
  100. By the blush and seductive grin on her face, she loved it.
  102. “Now, why don’t you like it, Cat?” Cathy asked, actually wanting to know why her sister disliked one of her favourite films.
  104. This wasn’t the first time she had seen it after all.
  106. “Well I think it’s sh-“ Cat caught her mouth, looking at the pure and untainted eyes of her sister. “Bad. Really really bad.”
  108. “But why? The whole movie was a masterpiece!” Cathy began. Her tone gave off the indication that she was, in fact, beginning. “The entire tone was beautiful, the visual and camera work were Oscar Worthing. Both performances of the actors were spot on with the characters of both Barry and Anna. Even the script was so in tune with the novel that it was… It’s like a visual novel!”
  110. Kat looked at her sister by the corner of her eyes at the mention of a VN.
  112. “Not only was that, but the atmosphere, the beauty and magic of the relationship of both Barry and Anna just so beautiful to witness!” Cathy continued. “Him being a professor at the college she used to go to, she being a dropout who with her love of him and his guidance turned around from her drug problem and becoming a better person. Ahn~ It’s so romantic~.”
  114. “Blech,” Cat spat. “Romance.”
  116. Cathy actually seemed downtrodden by her older sister’s response. “What’s wrong with romance?”
  118. “Here we go.” Kat sighed.
  120. “It’s boring! It’s just so boring!” Cat groaned. “Every romance movie is always the same :guy meets girl, girl falls in love with guy, dates and romance blah blah blah, SUDDENLY DRAMA, drama resolved, kissy kissy, huggy huggy, END. Same sh- stuff over and over and over again!”
  122. Cathy placed a hand on her chin in thought. “You do bring up a point…” She looked to her sister, curiosity in her eyes. “What would you change?”
  124. “Don’t-“
  126. “SEX!” Cat said the doing of two loved ones loud and proud. Even as many looked at her in varying degrees of disgust to arousal to even agreement from a Hellhound in the back, she didn’t give in to the pressure. “They should just have sex. Whole scenes of sex. None of that fade to black stuff, just SEX. RAW SEX.”
  128. “B-But that’s…” But even though Cathy held her blushing face in embarrassment, mostly from the concept of raw sex on the screen than of the lookers, she was right. Sex would make it better. “B-But they can’t just show sex on the screen! Sex is something reserved for two lovers in the privacy of t-their home. S-Sex is a sacred ritual that only two lovers should do privately, a-and not publicly. I-I mean, for Anna and Barry to h-have sex o-on that cliff… W-What if someone saw! I-I mean, i-it’s a popular place, a-and there would be a-a lot of onlookers a-and-“
  130. “Who cares about onlookers?” Cat scoffed. “In my opinion, onlookers makes it more arousing~”
  132. “First-hand experience I take it?” Kat said under her breath, giving neither her slutty sister nor her burbling pure sister a glance as she continues playing what looked like MH4.
  134. Cat’s right eyebrow arched upwards as she smirked, giving her youngest sister a look. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
  136. “Pass.” Kat said dryly. Cat chuckled.
  138. “I’m telling you, those—what are they called, VN’s? They can take you so far.” She pointed a thumb at herself, puffing her chest outwards as if she was proud being what she was. “Once you get exposed to it, you’ll be tossing those out for the real thing.”
  140. “I’d rather not get some Demonic Energy Disease, thank you.” Before Cat could retort, Kat turned up the volume on her 3DS, causing the centaur to give her a scoff. Kat gave her a look, gesturing at Cathy with her eyes.
  142. “-A-And then to p-put his p-penis inside her v-vagina on the b-big screen-“ She was still going.
  144. Reluctantly, Cat sighed. “…But other from that, I think it was a pretty good movie.”
  146. And just like that, Cathy was back to her bubbly and perky self. “I told you that you’d like it!” She quickly shifted her attention to her gaming sister. “And what about you, Kat? Did you like it?”
  148. Kat felt her eyes on her, but decided to ignore her.
  150. This turned out to be her mistake, for the increasing grin on Cat’s face, and the decisive look in her eyes made her feel a brief chill.
  152. “Oh yeah, she loved it!” Cat deceived. “While you were on your tangent, she said that she absolutely adored the film. Why, everything you liked she LOVED!”
  154. “Really?” Cathy was ecstatic to hear that her dear secluded sister loved her favourite film, and gave her the biggest hug she could muster. The action startled the focused Kat, and her being shook around didn’t give her any favours in the game she was playing. “Oh I’m so happy you liked it! I should introduce you to my other movies! OH and my books! I have to loan you my books! And-“
  156. “Ahhh stop stop stop!” Kat cried as she was being shaken in Cathy’s embrace. Cat laughed at her sister’s displeasure, causing her to glare at the Bicorn with malice and implied revenge.
  158. But even through the conflict, Cathy’s smile filled them with a sense of warmth that made them both smile.
  161. FIN
  168. “So,” Cathy sighed, placing a hand on her chest to calm her energetic heart. Kat was fixing her hood as quickly as she could, hiding her shorn and unkempt hair while Cat was wiping away the tears in her eyes. “What movie do you guys want to watch next time?”
  170. “Fifty Shades of White!” Cat blurted out
  172. “There are fifty shades of white?” Cathy asked in confusion.
  174. “We are not seeing your dirty film!” Kat barked, tossing the empty bag of popcorn at her older sister.
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