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  1. Spell List of Blood Magic
  2. Melee
  3. Earth
  5. Default: Causes the blocks around the projected point to fall like sand
  6. -Power affects range
  7. -Potency affects radius
  9. Offensive: “Smashes” blocks – converts stone to cobble, gravel, sand
  10. -Power affects range
  11. -Potency affects radius
  13. Defensive: Teleposes blocks on the projected block to rise up like a wall in front of the user.
  14. -Power affects range
  15. -Potency affects size of the wall
  17. Environmental: Cracks open registered ores, creating their respective dusts (x3)
  18. -Power affects range
  19. -Potency affects radius
  21. Fire
  22. Default: Sets entities on fire
  23. -Power increases duration
  24. -Potency increases number hit and range hit
  26. Offensive: Causes the hit entity to have the “Fire Fuse” debuff, causing them to explode after the timer ends
  27. -Power decreases duration
  28. -Potency increases strength and range
  30. Defensive: Sets the world on fire in a line in front of you
  31. -Power increases length
  32. -Potency increases width
  34. Environmental: Evaporates water at the projected point
  35. -Power increases range
  36. -Potency increases radius
  38. Ice
  39. Default: Decreases the hurt resistance time of the entity, effectively allowing the enemy to be hurt more quickly – can be chained together
  40. -Power not used (potential bug)
  41. -Potency increases range and max hit, and increases amount deducted
  43. Offensive: Launches the hit entities into the air on a pillar of ice
  44. -Power increases velocity
  45. -Potency increases number hit
  47. Defensive: Creates an ice wall in front of you
  48. -Power increases dimensions
  49. -Potency increases how far it is from you
  51. Environmental: Gag spell – causes snowfalls to be created randomly that targets the entity
  52. -Power number of snowballs
  53. -Potency number hit
  55. Wind
  56. Default: Launch the entities towards the player
  57. -Power increases the strength
  58. -Potency increases number hit + range
  60. Offensive: Shoots the entities away from the player
  61. -Power increases speed
  62. -Potency increases number hit + range
  64. Defensive: Launches the entities vertically into the air
  65. -Power increases speed
  66. -Potency increases number hit + range
  68. Environmental: Grabs all items within its range of influence
  69. -Power increases range
  70. -Potency increases radius of sphere
  72. Self
  73. Earth
  74. Default: Pulls up blocks underneath the player so that they can form a bridge – mainly useful for when falling to pull the earth to you
  75. -Power increase the plane that is pulled up
  76. -Potency increases the vertical range
  78. Offensive: “Smash” blocks underneath the player
  79. -Power increases horiz radius
  80. -Potency increases vertical depth
  82. Defensive: Adds a health boost buff and “Heavy Heart” debuff to the player
  83. -Power increases duration
  84. -Potency increases potency of the effects
  86. Environmental: Applies a strong weakness debuff to entities around the caster
  87. -Power increases radius and duration
  88. -Potency increases… potency
  90. Fire
  91. Default: Sets the player on fire – might be useful to be on fire for some things…
  92. -Power increases duration
  93. -Potency increases duration
  95. Offensive: Adds a “Flame Cloak” to the player – when hit, the attacker is set on fire, and nearby enemies are also set ablaze
  96. -Power increases duration
  97. -Potency increases potency
  99. Defensive: Causes all air underneath the player to turn into flowing lava
  100. -Power increases horizontal radius
  101. -Potency increases vertical depth
  103. Environmental: Sets blocks ablaze and also smelts in-world items to in-world counterparts if possible – sand to glass, cobble to stone, etc
  104. -Power increases fire radius
  105. -Potency increases smelting radius
  107. Ice
  108. Default: Launches the player upwards on a pillar of ice
  109. -Power increases velocity achieved
  110. -Potency is not used
  112. Offensive: Entities around the player receive a slowness effect
  113. -Power increases number affected and range and duration
  114. -Potency increases potency of effect
  116. Defensive: Creates an “Ice Cloak” around the player, which freezes blocks around the player – use it to cross rivers with ease!
  117. -Power increases duration
  118. -Potency increases range
  120. Environmental: Creates an ice bridge in front of the player
  121. -Power increases length
  122. -Potency increases width
  124. Wind
  125. Default: Extinguishes the player and resets fall distance
  126. -Power not used
  127. -Potency not used
  129. Offensive: Launches the player in the direction he is facing
  130. -Power increases velocity
  131. -Potency not used
  133. Defensive: Causes entities in range to be affected by “Heavy Heart”
  134. -Power increases radius of influence
  135. -Potency increases potency
  137. Environmental: Launches entities around the player away
  138. -Power increases speed
  139. -Potency increases radius
  141. Projectile
  142. Earth
  143. Default: On impact with tile, break the blocks without a drop
  144. -Power increases radius
  145. -Potency not used
  147. Offensive: When it hits an entity, drops the entity into a hole – the hole is formed by breaking mundane blocks such as stone, cobble, sand, gravel, grass, and dirt
  148. -Power increases horizontal radius
  149. -Potency increases depth
  151. Defensive: “Smashes” blocks on impact
  152. -Power increases horizontal radius
  153. -Potency increases vertical radius
  155. Environmental: Digs up blocks in a bounding box around the projectile
  156. -Power increases radius of box
  157. -Potency increases max number of blocks broken
  159. Fire
  160. Default: Sets blocks on fire when impacting – broken in current version – Also adds +potency damage to projectile
  161. -Power
  162. -Potency
  164. Offensive: Causes the air underneath an entity to become flowing lava – combine with the Earth spell that creates a hole and the wind spell that prevents flight for fun effects!
  165. -Power increases horiz radius
  166. -Potency increases vertical depth
  168. Defensive: Smelts in-world blocks i.e. sand to glass, etc on impact
  169. -Power increases radius
  170. -Potency increases plume of fire when hitting an entity
  172. Environmental: Evaporates water around the projectile on update
  173. -Power increases radius
  174. -Potency not used
  176. Ice
  177. Default: Creates a plume of ice blocks on hitting a tile
  178. -Power increases horizontal radius
  179. -Potency increases vertical radius
  181. Offensive: Causes the entity hit to become slow
  182. -Power increases duration
  183. -Potency increases potency
  185. Defensive: Freezes water blocks on impact and creates snow
  186. -Power increases horiz radius
  187. -Potency increases vertical radius
  189. Environmental: Freezes water blocks on update
  190. -Power increases horiz range
  191. -Potency increases vertical range
  193. Wind
  194. Default: Flings the entity hit away from the player
  195. -Power not used
  196. -Potency increases velocity
  198. Offensive: Casts “Heavy Heart” on the entity
  199. -Power increases duration
  200. -Potency decreases duration, increases potency
  202. Defensive: Causes broken blocks to be broken via silk touch
  204. Environmental: Picks up items near the projectile and sends them to the caster
  205. -Power Increases horiz radius
  206. -Potency increases vert range
  208. Tool
  209. Earth
  210. Default: Allows the tool to function as a pickaxe
  211. -Power increases dig speed
  212. -Potency increases harvest level (default of iron level)
  214. Offensive: completely destroys mundane blocks, causing them to not drop
  215. (Includes stone, cobble, sand, gravel, netherrack, dirt)
  216. -Power and potency not used
  218. Defensive: Allows the tool to function as a shovel
  219. -Power increases dig speed
  220. -Potency increases harvest level (default of iron level)
  222. Environmental: Increases the digging radius
  223. -Power increases plane size
  224. -Potency increases depth
  226. Fire
  227. Default: Auto-smelts items that are mined
  228. -Power not used, nor Potency
  230. Offensive: Adds Fire Aspect to the tool
  231. -Power increases duration
  232. -Potency currently not used
  234. Defensive: Adds "Unbreaking" to the tool, allowing it to last longer per cast
  235. -Power increases time
  236. -Potency currently not used
  238. Environmental: Adds "Magma Plume" which converts stone into lava source blocks when mining
  239. -Power increases radius and decreases cost slightly
  240. -Potency increases chance of occurance per-block
  242. Ice
  243. Default: Adds "Frost Touch" which slows down the enemy
  244. -Power increases the potency of the spell
  245. -Potency increases the critical rate added
  247. Offensive: Adds sharpness
  248. -Power increases sharpness level
  249. -Potency increases critical rate
  251. Defensive: When summoning the tool, the surrounding area is covered by snow and monsters are slowed
  252. -Power increases the horiz radius
  253. -Potency the vert radius
  255. Environmental: Adds silk-touch to the tool
  256. -Power and potency do not affect
  258. Wind
  259. Default: Allows the tool to function as an axe
  260. -Power increases dig speed
  261. -Potency increases harvest level (default of iron level)
  263. Offensive: Casts heavy heart on the hit entity
  264. -Power increases duration
  265. -Potency increases the potency, lowers duration
  267. Defensive: Adds knockback to the tool
  268. -Power increases the speed
  269. -Potency increases the vertical trajectory
  271. Environmental: Picks up items near the block broken
  272. -Power increases the range
  273. -Potency not used atm
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