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  1. #I have always been a dedicated person.  I have overcome many hurdles in the search of a career.  I had a scholarship to play
  2. soccer in college, until I tore my ACL my senior year of high school, and I asked myself what else do I enjoy. I left for college where four
  3. years later I would recieve a degree in Bio-Chemistry.  I searched for jobs out of school, and focused on rock climbing.  During the job
  4. search I ended up trying my hand at cooking and found that my understanding of chemistry and love of food made me a dedicated
  5. and enthusiastic cook.  I continued to rock climb while, I climbed the ranks of the kitchen for the next 7 years.  
  6.   After 4 years progressing in my career and climbing, I was hit by a drunk driver late one night, I injured my lower back and
  7. was forced to give up climbing, but I loved cooking enough to hang on for the next 2 years.  The long days constantly
  8. on your feet started to wear on me so I decided to look to the future and see what other interests I had.  I decided to try my
  9. hand at a childhood passion, and recently had my first gallery show, where I hung some of my ink and pen, as well as a few oil paintings.
  10. I realized that I enjoy art but needed to find something more challenging logically and that is how I found Turing. I tried programming
  11. for the first time during one of their try-coding weekends and was hooked.  I am now learning how to code and training for a
  12. half-marathon, life is good and I'm excited to see where this new adventure takes me.
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